“ what does she think of herself? I just tried to help her and she slapped me Infront of everyone” says zayn in an angry tone. When someone puts a hand on his shoulder zayn turns around and is surprised to see his old buddy . “ Oh my God ! Arnav . What are you doing here.” says zayn while hugging arnav . Actually arnav is zayns best friend since they were in high school. “ I missed you soo much. Actually dad shifted here so I am here and then I got to know that I am in the same uni as you so I came to meet you . But dude why are you so angry?” says arnav.

“ remember I told you about sanjana” asks zayn. “ Oh your girl friend” says arnav while laughing, zayn gives him a light punch and says “ no she is not. Actually she slapped me Infront of everyone . I just helped her and saved her from that drunk man and look what she did. Dude she is crazy she slapped me beacause I pushed her best friend while fighting with that man” arnav smiles and says “ come on she did good by slapping you I mean she is protective about her best friend and buddy you say you don’t love her but look you care for her soo much” zayn rolled his eyes and says “ forget it . Let’s go I have met you after a long time, come let’s enjoy.”they both go but zayn was still thinking about arnav words.

“ hmm sanju you shouldn’t have slapped zayn Infront of everyone. He just tried to help you” says Neil to sanju while she is applying band aid on his forehead and says “ Neil please stop it . Don’t defend him. Look what he did to you, I know he was helping me but he should have been more careful” “ okay sorry” says a laughing Neil. “ Neil you will never change” says sanju while he continues laughing . Sanju goes to bring coffee for Neil and when she comes back she sees zayn and arnav laughing with Neil . “ Neil” says sanju. “ Oh sanju meet zayns best friend arnav” says Neil while arnav turns and eyes sanju “ arnav. You here ? How?” says sanju smiling widely. While zayn and Neil are boggled at what’s happening “ hey sanjana . I didn’t know it’s your house” says arnav and goes to hug sanju while sanju looks at zayn who gets a bit jealous seeing them so close “ how do you know her arnav” ask zayn in a cold voice.

“ I met her in the new York Fashion show . And then we used to hang out everyday when I was in new York” replies arnav. “yes we had a blast and I am glad I met you again .” Says sanju . While zayn rolled his eyes, sanju and arnav keep on talking. “looks like they know each other since childhood” says zayn in a cold tone. “ Haha yes but dude you seem jealous” says Neil. “of course not . Why would I be jealous seeing them together ?” asks zayn. “ ask yourself zayn. I know you both will end up together.” Says Neil . “ no way” replies zayn while Neil sighs and nodds. After a while arnav and Neil leaves from there. Zayn was going inside when sanju holds his elbow “ zayn I need to talk to you.” “but I don’t want to so leave me” says zayn in a cold tone. “ please don’t go” Sanju says slowly . She hugs him tightly while he shocked but doesn’t hug her back he want to but doesn’t hug her go due to his ego. “ I am sorry.

I didn’t meant to slap you at the ball. It’s just that I got angry and just slapped you . But please I am apologizing” says sanju with tears in her eyes. Zayn moves back and smiled while sanju feel’s relief that he has forgiven her but he says “ its not okay this time. You have crossed your limit”. Tear’s roll down sanju’s face while zayn turns and goes inside his room . “ I am also sorry sanjana for hurting you but this time I really felt bad” says zayn to himself . While sanju keeps on crying remembering the slap and zayn words .

Sanju came to attend her class with dark circles under her eyes, hair messed up and red eyes. “ you okay sanjana ?” asks Richa. “ yes. Don’t worry” says sanju giving a week smile. While zayn keeps on looking at her, when sanju looks at him he turns his face and talks to T. “ zayn I want to meet you tonight and tell you something really important.” Says T . “ okay but you can Tell me now.” Asks zayn . “ no not now. Patience baby” says T, zayn keeps on thinking what T wants to tell him. Principle calls sanju for some work she goes and when she comes back she makes an announcement “ Guyzz we are having a camp trip for a week so the people who wants to go can take this form, fill it and give it back to me so that principle can make arrangements.” “ who are you to order us ?” says T in her annoying way. “well T, I am the in charge of this whole camp thing as well as tani and dhruv so mind your own business and yeah it would be good if you don’t take this form” says sanju while everyone laughed at T. Sanju gives the forms to everyone .

“ so tell me T. It’s been an hour but still you didn’t told me what you wanted to say?” asks zayn. “ ahh wait I’ll just come” replies zayn. T comes with her phone and starts a recording.

( it’s a voice recording of Neil and sanjana)
“ Neil I have told you soo many times I don’t love zayn but you know what last week I am dependent zayn drunk and send a girl with with and guess what he got intimate with him. I have pictures of them and you just wait and watch how I ruin zayn ‘s image and life. Well and I’ll also lie and call girls and asks them to lie they zayn forced them and rape them . Then MR.ZAYN MALIK you are finished.” Says sanju in the recording . “ yeahhhh!I am with you. Let’s ruin zayn together” says Neil in the recording.

( voice Recording ends)
“ zayn I know you are shocked but believe me sanju.. she is really bad,she also ruined me, my whole life and today she is on that position in university on which I am supposed to be” says T with a smirk . “ you are right T. Sanjana get ready to be destroyed. She doesn’t deserve what she have . You wait and watch sanjana .” Says zayn angrily throwing the glass of wine.

Hello everyone. I jut want to thank all of you who wrote such comments that touched my heart. Once again thank you soo much for the love and support . Well, I know you guyzz are thinking about the recording but you will see in the up coming episodes whats the truth.. and this is all T’s plan.

If you like the story so far please comment down if you u like it or not.

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