Sanju goes inside leaving zayn in the car. She goes to the kitchen to get some juice and finds dhruv and tani hugging “oppss I didn’t saw anything.” Says sanju covering her eyes. Tani and dhruv both backed off “ its not what you are thinking” says a shy tani “oh come on its okay, it happens” say sanju smiling. “ then why it didn’t happen with you” replies tani taking a bite from her sandwich “ because I am never good enough for them” Sanju says and goes from them with tears in her eyes while zayn notices that. “ why do they always do this with me? Why am I not good enough for them” says sanju to herself while crying in her room. “ I don’t care about them, forget it sanju and I think I should practice for the dance .” Sanju starts practising but she feels pain in her hand, when she feel a hand on her shoulder slowly going downwards towards her hand and entwining his fingers with sanju’s fingers. “ zayn you..” “ no don’t say anything” replies zayn turning sanju towards himself and wiping her tears “ I know your hand is hurting we will practice slowly. Okay?” Sanju say okay . They both start dancing slowly sanju’s head on his chest and zayns hand on her back giving her comfort. “ I know you won’t tell me but please tell me I want to know. Why do you hate boys I mean you don’t talk to anyone except Neil and a few more. Why don’t you let them love you ?”asks zayn moving slowly with her. “ because I am not good enough for them and ..and he ..he” her voice breaks down in the end not speaking the whole truth with tears rolling down her pink cheeks . Zayn hold her face in his hands slowly cupping her cheeks “ its okay don’t cry. You should take some rest” Sanju nodds while zayn goes. It’s 7 in the evening when sanju come’s downstairs and sees zayn in stylish clothes and asks with a smile on Her face “are you going somewhere ?” zayn replies “ Oh yeah. Tonight is gonna be the best night of my life. Remember I told you I am going out with T . Our date.” Sanju’s smile vanished and she fumed and says in a cold tone “ yeah of course . Go and enjoy with your stupid T” She throws a cushion on him and leaves from there leaving everyone confused while zayn smiled . “ what does he thinks of himself? He thinks that I am dependent on him and he can do anything . NO! Go enjoy with T I am also coming with Neil . Let’s see how you react.” Says sanju in her room. Sanju goes to change.

Sanju and Neil reach the same restaurant in which T and zayn are present. Zayn is shocked to see sanju there but doesn’t show it, he is mesmerized to see her looking so beautiful wearing black skinny jeans with a great shirt with a delicate stamp that hugged her body perfectly and a black leather jacket . She looked beyond lovely that night. “ wow” said zayn . “excuse me?” replied T “ Oh I mean wow you looks so hot tonight “said zayn to T who smiled . Neil offered sanju to sit while they both were sitting holding hand in hand and smiling to each other . when he sees them holding hands this zayn fumes and he takes T hand and kisses it. He gifts T a bracelet which sanju liked when they went to shopping a few days ago . While he puts the bracelet around her wrists , sanju feels really bad . By noticing this Neil offers his hand for a dance “ no Neil I don’t want to dance right now” said sanju sadly “ Oh come on babe. Show him that you also don’t care” answered Neil while sanju nodds in a yes. Zayn and T also dances . Zayn sees sanju dancing so close to Neil and feels jealous . “ hmm sanju if you don’t mind do you like zayn, I mean if you want to tell me.” Said Neil. “Neil you know after what happened in the past and I don’t want to love anyone.” Answered sanju “ hmm not even me ?” asks a laughing Neil. “ you know how much I love you Haha” they both were laughing and giggling all the time while zayn was getting more and more jealous thinking his plan to jealous sanju backfired on him. Zayn left from there leaving T there alone . “ what the heck zayn come back !” T shouted while everyone looked at her . Zayn stormed outside the restaurant with T following him. “ leave me alone T” said zayn while T pushed him and went away.

Sanju and Neil reached home hand in hand laughing and giggling. “ so how was the date?” asked tani. “ ughh I have told you so Manny times it was not a date . “Come on whose gonna date this idiot” replied sanju . “ heyyy! I am not that bad” shouted Neil . Sanju saw zayn coming downstairs , “how was your date zayn with T” asked tani. “ huh asked sanju she knows how my date was” replied zayn. Tani arched an eyebrow . “ just kidding we had a great night after restaurant we went on a walk a romantic one.” Said zayn. While sanju was shocked at his words and felt a lump in her throat . “ hmm I am going to sleep actually it’s the ball tomorrow” said sanju. While zayn looked at her suspiciously. The whole night sanju was awake thinking about zayn words and thinking what might have happened between those two. It’s 8 in the morning, sanju comes downstairs . “ did you even sleep last night” asked sanju’s mom because of seeing sanju’s red eyes and a tired face “ no just a bad night. But I am okay” replied sanju looking at zayn while he looked at her worriedly . “ hmm zayn we should be in the ball before 5 so I hope you will be ready.”said sanju . “ I am always on time . You don’t have to worry” replied zayn in a cold tone . Sanju rolled her eyes and went outside. It was 4 pm when sanju was getting ready for the ball . She was wearing a beautiful long red dress with a black loose chain belt on her waist with black heels. Tani was helping her in getting ready but she went out to attend a phone call. “ Oh no my zip! Tani di plz help na. My zip it’s stuck.” Said sanju to tani but tani was not present in the room. “ come on hurry up” said sanju again. While at that time zayn was passing by her room and heard her. He comes inside to see if there is something wrong. “ come and help me with the zip” says sanju. Zayn approaches to her. “ tani di hurry up” says sanju . Zayn keeps his hand on sanju’s bare back to pull her zip up. Sanju feels weird and turns her head over her shoulder to see who it is and is shocked to find zayn there. “ zayn? What are you doing here ?” asks sanju “ let me help you I promise I won’t do anything.” Replied zayn. He put his hand on her waist pulls her zip up while sanju eyes are closed. Zayn slowly turns her around and she eyes him lovingly. He pulls her closer and kisses her hand he leans in more closer to kiss her but just then she hears Richa shouting at her to come soon. “gotta go..see you” says sanju giggling and pushes zayn on the bed while zayn smiles.

The ballroom was decorated beautifully with red heart shapes balloons and marvelous decoration . Everyone came with their pairs while there was a photographer clicking pictures of all the pairs coming inside .
“ well. Attention everyone let’s wlecome the lead pair sanjana and zayn. Please welcome them with a huge round of applause .” Says coach shah when zayn and sanju enter. Sanju loops her arm around zayn’s arm . Everyone starts dancing . Zayn extends his hand to sanju and she gives her hand. They both start dancing romantically lost in each other’s eyes preforming awesome steps. When their performance ends they still keep on looking at each other when everyone claps seeking their attention. Sanju excuses herself. “ zayn I’ll just come in a minute . Need to go to the toilet” says sanju. “ don’t go. It’s good having you here” replies zayn. Sanju smiles and leaves. While sanju is waiting to go inside the toilet she sees a drunk man near her and she steps back. “ hey wanna get lucky tonight. Come on you are so beautiful” says the drunk man. Sanju just ignored him but he comes near her . Sanju tries to move but he holds her hand trying to force her. “ leave me” shouts sanju. When on the other side zayn worries why is it taking so long. He asks Neil and they both go to check when they see the drunk man trying to touch sanju. Zayn gets angry and starts hitting him . “ stop zayn stop.” Shouts sanju but zayn doesn’t stop. Neil stops zayn.“ are you out of your mind leave him” says Neil holding zayn but zayn pushes him and Neil gets hurt . Sanju is shocked and gives a tight slap across zayns face. “ are you crazy ? Look what you did to Neil . Go away zayn I don’t need your help or your fake concern” says sanju and she goes to help Neil while zayn storms out of the ballroom and goes to his car.

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