Sanju,Richa and zayn reached home, while sanju walked to her room without answering anyone. She threw herself to the bed burying her face in the pillow, and she allowed her tears to stream down her face. Just then Richa came and heard her sobbing she quickly got next to sanju stroking her hair “no don’t cry like this,you know zayn is stupid. He doesn’t know what happened in the past, you are not a one night stand but T is, she just influenced him because you know she hate’s you since childhood because you are always ahead of her in everything.”
( This is also the reason of T hating sanju because of her jealousy toward sanju and the other one which I’ll tell you guys later on, which is the main reason)

Sanju stood on her tiptoes wiped her tears and said “ you are right why am I being a coward, I should not forget that it is T who says bad about you . But I am not crying of what T said I felt bad because of zayn’s words and I don’t why.” Richa hugged her “ you felt bad maybe because you are having a soft corner for him in you heart.” “ of course not !! Plz come on I mean no way ,me and falling for zayn never . Got it ?” Said sanju angrily. “ okay okay, now plz don’t cry you look really bad” Said Richa laughing. Both of them hugged and went downstairs. Everyone was sitting when zayn appeared and said “ hmm sanju if you don’t mind can you please come with me? I need to talk to you” Sanju couldn’t say no because her father said that “ yes, why not”. They both went outside, zayn held sanju’s hand “ I am sorry, please I never meant to hurt you, actually ..” but sanju cut him in the middle “ please I don’t wanna discuss anything neither your explanations nor excuses so leave me alone I already had a rough day” Said sanju ignoring his gaze. “ Look at me please I am really sorry.” Said zayn cupping her cheeks but sanju jerks him away “don’t you dare touch me and I don’t want to talk to you so get lost”. She pushes him and walks out remembering his harsh words toward her. She was angry because the hole in her chest came again, and she couldn’t take it anymore .

Sanju and all her friends reached gym. They walked inside when they found different props and dresses . They all were checking those beautiful gowns when coach shah appeared with the boys including zayn. “ hello girls! I know you must be surprised by this but these dresses are here because we are going to have a ball so for that we need to make dance partners and much more to do so come on get ready to be paired up”. They all were excited but sanju wasn’t . She was going outside the gym when coach called her “ sanju where are you going? You are really important because you are the head of all this the main dancer come on you will be in the front” Sanju denied but coach shah didn’t let her decide . Coach started paring everyone he made many pairs and at last he chose the main pair for the dance. “ okay everyone so my main pair will be sanjana and zayn.” Listening to this sanju was shocked she told coach not to do this but coach denied and asked her to practice, while zayn was happy because he started liking sanju . While T fumed at was happening . Coach shah paired them up on purpose because he could see the love in their cute fights . They started practicing.

Zayn extended his hand and sanju gave in. They both started dancing but after all zayn was not such a good dancer sanju tried to teach him some steps but he was really bad at dancing . At last sanju gave up and burst out laughing “ God! you are really funny, oh noo… haha”. Zayn smiled at her thinking how cute her laugh was and yeah it was the first time he saw her laughing this hard. “ I am glad I amused you. Your laugh is cute and I want you to laugh like that always.” ZAYN tried to hug her but sanju stopped him and was serious “ don’t think I’ll talk to you” said sanju rolling her eyes . Zayn sighed and said “ okay but I am sorry for..” Sanju cut him off “ I think we should concentrate on the dance “, zayn nodded in a yes. This time zayn was pretty good and ready for the dance. He held her hand brought her close to his chest,put his hand around her back and started dancing. He turned her with her back touching his front, they both were lost in each other oblivious to others . He could smell her scent a sweet one, with his chin on her shoulder near her neck, he gave her a kiss on her neck but this time sanju didn’t move. He slowly entwined his fingers with sanju and kept on moving slowly with the romantic rythum. He made her spin several time’s and in the end lifting her up completing the last step of their dance but they were still hugging each other when suddenly all others clapped at their marvelous dance. They realized they hugging each other and backed off . Zayn could see sanju’s pink cheeks and smiled while sanju realized what happened and couldn’t believe it .

After some time coach shah came in the gym asking sanju that someone has came to meet her and when that person came in sanju couldn’t believed what she saw “ NEIL !!! Oh my God “ she ran and gave him a tight hug “ I missed you soo much” said Neil. She held his hand and introduced him to others “ Guyz this Neil my best friend who was abroad for the past 4 years , but Neil I am really angry you didn’t came to meet me even once” said sanju. “ aww sorry sanju but now I am here and I am in ur uni also so we are gonna have a lot of fun”. Sanju hugged him and was really happy but when she looked at zayn she could see the hatred and bitterness for Neil . She was boggled why ? . They all went to change their clothes . “ boyfriend ha?” said zayn In a cold tone. “ I guess you don’t have ears, I said Neil is my best friend and what’s ur problem if he is my bf or not ?” said sanju smirking. Neil jumped in and said “ sanjuuu!!! You never told me you had a boyfriend ?” said Neil . “ heyyy get off me , first off he is not my boyfriend and second off you know I am not interested.” Said sanju annoyingly. “ oppsssss sorry” said a laughing Neil while zayn walked Away.Neil asked “ is he always like that a bore and yeah why is he so serious ?” “ how would I know ? I hate him more than anyone” said sanju.” “ come one you know hatred Is the first step to love right ?” “ no I am never gonna love zayn and btw he hates me “ “ how do you know “ asked Neil “ahh! stop driving me crazy plz let’s go” . They both went to their car holding hands when they reached the parking area zayn saw them and sanju could see the bitterness in his eyes for a moment she felt bad but them remembered his harsh words and ignored him.

Neil met everyone and talked while zayn reached home. At night everyone were discussing about the dance “ who is your partner?” asked rohan from zayn. “ hmm, sanjana” all of them were shocked and giggled “ but how? When ? Why ?” asked aryan laughing “ dude I told you you love my sister.” Said rohan laughing. “ plz bhai you know sanju doesn’t love anyone , you keep on saying this because you love PRIYA “ said aryan giggling. While PRIYA blushed and rohan was hiding his face with a pillow . They all talked and went to sleep but zayn saw sanju alone outside and joined her “ hi” said zayn . “ you shouldn’t have done that.” Says sanju avoiding his gaze. “ what?” said zayn leaning a closer to her with an inch difference between them . “ in the gym while we were dancing and..” “ hmm you liked it. You want me to do that again?” said zayn placing his forehead oh hers. “ no of course not” said sanju with her heart skipping a beat and she could feel her heart beating soo fast that it was gonna come out any second. He put his hand on her waist getting more closer “ why? I know you liked it, plus you smell so good.” Said zayn whispering. “ let me go” Sanju murmured. He pushed her closer giving her a kiss on her neck and entwined there fingers and kissed her hand. He leaned in closer to kiss her but she pushed him and said “ don’t do it again you get it never “ .

He was shocked at her reaction , she rushed to Her room and Locked the door and said to herself “ no sanju don’t let anyone else play with your heart. You know love doesn’t exist. I am sorry zayn but I can’t Do this .” She cried. While on there other hand zayn was angry and frustrated at her reaction and said “ what does she thinks of herself . I think what T said about sanju was true “. One week passed both sanju and zayn ignored each other they didn’t talked to each other.

All the ball participants went inside the gym coach was already there “ Guys tomorrow is the ball and I hope you all ready for your performances, zayn and sanju how is your prepation you guys are our main pair I hope it’s good .” “ coach it is good but I don’t know about sanjana” said zayn “ yes my practice is good “ said sanju in a cold tone . “ heyyy sanjana what happened to your hand” said coaching calling her again . Sanjana actually had a little sprain in Her hand while practice . Zayn looked on worriedly but didn’t show his concern to her . He was eager to know what happened. “ no nothing big just a little sprain” said sanju. “ okay take care of it hope you are okay” coach replied . All started practicing. When zayn and sanju were practicing sanju was in pain because she lied she actually was really hurt and zayn could see it. “ ouch” cried sanju . By that time they were alone in the gym. “ you okay? Why did you lied to coach you could have told him that you are hurt look now what happened how will you dance?” said zayn worriedly. “ its okay I can dance. I don’t want to disappoint coach “ “ no you are not come here” zayn took her to the chair and brings and an ointment. “ I’ll apply this, you will feel better .” He said avoiding her gaze “ hmm no thanks I’ll do it myself” says sanju “ its not a big deal I’ll help you.” He applies the ointment while she looks at him lovingly . “ouch” says sanju “ I am sorry I …” zayn replies . Sanju starts laughing “ I was just kidding” He smiles watching her laugh while she notices his and stops “ you better rest for the day and ur hand will get fine till tomorrow.”says zayn . “ okay. Would you plz drive me home you know I can’t drive right now” asks zayn. “ okay come” replies zayn. While they were going T came to zayn, zayn stops and goes to her hugs her and looks at sanju who looks at them bitterly.

Zayn notices that. “ would you like to go with me tonight for dinner ?” asked zayn from T who smiled evilly looking at sanju . She leaned closer and said “ why not baby. Why don’t we go now ?” . “ I wish we could have but actually I have to drop someone .” replied zayn. “ hmm okay but is that person more important than me baby?” said T . “ Oh no! Of course not she is no one in front of you .” replies zayn . And sanju turns her face tears rolling down her cheeks but she quickly wipes them off and turns to zayn “ can we go ?” “yes” replies zayn. They both sit in the car, zayn keeps on talking about T how hot she is etc to sanju but she looks outside the window crying. They reach home while getting off from the car zayn grabbed her elbow “ why were you crying ?” says zayn. “ I was not and leave my hand . I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, btw you look great with T so go and enjoy with her” says sanju and she jerks his hand away and goes inside.

Thank you soo much everyone for those good comments on the last chapter .
I hope you like this chapter as the last one.

I imagine sanjana as kristen stewart and zayn as zayn malik. Check them out if you agree with me tell me. And yeah plzz also give your suggestions on how you imagine sanjana and zayn.
Love you all soo much ???

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