Sanju drops aryan and reaches the mall, goes inside and meets her best friend Richa whom she knows since childhood. They both did shopping etc . While going outisde she bumps into a young boy with manly and defined features ,for a few seconds she got lost in his deep dark brown eyes and the curves of his long eyelashes. But suddenly he jerks her away saying “Are you blind or what? Can’t you see when you walk?” he literally shouted. Sanju was shocked but then she snapped and said “ Excuse me! You should see before you walk. Look you broke the guitar. Are you mental?”. The boy arched his eyebrow and gave her an angry look “ look I didn’t broke your guitar,you were the one who bumped into me, so please stop seeking attention from me. Or shall I say boys?” Sanju was going to slap him but Richa dragged her by her arm to the car . Sanju shouted “what are you doing? I am not gonna leave him. He broke the guitar I bought for uncle malik, and it was the last piece” tears almost running down through her pink cheeks . Richa hugged her “oh! Don’t cry, we will fix it. Come on let’s go to Starbucks.” Listening to Starbucks a sparkle came in her eyes, of course she loved Starbucks. They were drinking coffee but she kept on thinking about that guy . “ huh! What am I thinking.” Sanju said in her mind. The way he looked at her she felt as if he can reach through her soul and she was boggled about what was happening to her.

“ hello everyone. I am back with lots of gifts for uncle MALIK’S family .” They all found the gifts really good .it was 6 in the evening, sanju being a bookworm was reading a book in her room when she heard some noises and rushed downstairs, she could’nt believe her eyes , finally they were here. “ Heyyyy sanju “ said PRIYA . Sanju ran and gave a tight hug, she hugged and greeted everyone but when she looked at the entrance she was shocked to see the same guy there, he was also shocked thinking what she is doing here?. “ Oh! Look, zayn has come, he was abroad so you could not see him”. Sanju said in her mind “Noo! He can’t be uncle’s son, salt and sugar never match, I am sure he is adopted.” ZAYN greeted everyone and hugged sanju and whispered “ hmm, I never thought I would see you again.” She is pinched him “Me too”. They both showed fake smiles to everyone so that no one doubts on them. Only Richa was the one who knew about this. They all at dinner, while both sanju and zayn were passing daggers to each other,like they were going to kill each other. “ sanju listen ! I completed all the formalities, so zayn will be going to uni with you from tomorrow, and aryan misha will go to college with you, best of luck and good night .” The elders went to their rooms, sanju said “ God knows why dad want him to be with me, such a person who Is so egoistic and arrogant” .” huh! Same here , and drama queen do ur drama’s Infront of someone else”. Said zayn , while everyone were laughing on them expect tani and dhruv who were lost in each other eyes,a shy smile playing on her lips but zayn coughed to wake them up, sanju angrily looked at him and he said “ what just saving my bother from love”. Sanju rolled her eyes and talked to misha, but from the corner of eyes she could see zayn looking at her when rohan throws a cushion on him and says “ hey bro, don’t tell me you fell in love with my sister?” “ what, no,never I am never going to fall in love with her ,come on look at her.” Said zaid with a smirk on his face , sanju just ignored him while rohan said “ come on love can happen anytime with anyone or maybe from childhood.” He said looking at PRIYA while she smiled and blushed . It was 7 in the morning, sanju woke up with a smile on her face just to tell the world that she was okay because she wanted to hide her pain , she didn’t wanted the world to see the sanjana who laughed into a sad sanjana . She dressed up into cool shorts and t-shirt pairing them with some cool jewelry .she made her downstairs and looked at zayn who was looking really good and his clothing suiting him perfectly. But then she said no we only have a hate relationship,while going towards the table her feet slipped and she landed in zayn’s arm he was looking at her with his fixed on sanjana but he didn’t move . sanju tried to move but he was completely lost in her. Zayn she said many times but no respond “ ZAYN!! Leave me you are hurting me .” Sanju shouted. He realized he was hurting her by holding her wrists tightly , he let her go of his grip . Sanju sighed and rolled her eyes while he looked at her with mix feelings hatred and something he could not put his finger on. After breakfast , they were leaving when aryan asked misha “ hey! Wait you want to go with me I’ll drop you as we are in the same class,” misha nodded and went with him while sanju realized that she is also in the Same class as zayn. She made her way to her car and zayn called her “ can I go with you ? my car is not here, don’t worry my car will come till tomorrow.” She nodded . While driving she could see from the corner of her eyes zayn looking at her while his phone rings “ hey! How are you ? You don’t know how much I have missed you. yeah of course I love you…. Yes babe more than anyone …….okay bye take care” zayn kept his phone in his pocket and saw sanju looking at him “ is she your girlfriend?” “ hmm why are you asking that? Don’t tell me you are jealous” Said zayn with an evil smile on his lips. “ of course not!!! Why would I be jealous of you or your stupid girlfriend” Said sanju . “ ahan as you say so.”

Zayn and sanju walked inside the uni until they were stopped by none than the other but tanushree ambulkar but calls herself ‘T’. “ hey sanjana, I hope I will be successful this time for taking my revenge”. Said T smiling shamelessly, while zayn laughed and sanju rolled her eyes. “ WOW! Hot ha? Looks like you are new here, btw hey I am T , we both will look nice together call me anytime.” Said T “ or I guess he should call you tanushree” Said sanju but zaid said “ don’t be rude drama queen, and T babe you are so hot , hope you are in my class.” Sanju’s jaw almost hit the floor, and she didn’t say anything but stormed out of the cafeteria . She didn’t know why felt like that but she was feeling angry that T was close to zayn . They went to attend their first class, it was going good but sanju noticed zayn looking at her and made an angry face. He smiled at her tantrums. After class sanju was sitting with Richa when zayn and T joined them they kept on talking but sanju didn’t spoke to zayn, he tried but she didn’t respond. He was angry at that time. When sanju was going to attend her other class someone grabbed her by the elbow to a corner when she turned around she saw zayn with anger in his dark deep brown eyes . “ why are you ignoring me ?” Said zayn holding her tightly by her waist and pushed her towards the wall and blocked her way by his hand “ I..I .am.. I am not” She said silently looking down. “ don’t lie, I know you are and will you tell me why ?” He said in a cold tone and tightened his hands on her waist. A tear came down through her pink cheeks “ zayn” She sighed “ you are hurting me, please let me go”. But this time he didn’t .he looked at her with cold looks which made sanju really uncomfortable “ tell me.will you ?” He shouted and let his hands off her .
“fine don’t, I think you are single because you can’t be with one guy right ? T told me everything.she was right about you” said zayn. Those world hit her heart and she remembered T saying about revenge etc . And she rushed from there leaving zayn angry .
As the classes were over, Richa was coming with sanju holding her hand but sanju was waking like a lifeless peroosn until Her professor came to talk to her about how her health was now . When she looked at the professor, zayn looked at her eyes which her red and her hair all messed up, no smile on her face . He was angry at himself for what he did . They went toward the car and zayn said looking at sanju “sanjana, listen to me “ but sanju ignored him and asked Richa to driver her and zayn home. They sat in the car and left for home .

I hope you like the story ..☺☺

I chose the name the masquerade because sanjana is not the way how she looks like, she is hiding her pain which I will tell you guys in the up coming epsiodes.

Thank you soo much to those who like’s this story so far

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