There are moments in your life where you look on like what the hell is happening. You stand there boggled , confused , surprised and etc. Yeah , I’m dealing with that situation right now. First , Myra standing there in shock. Second , him calling her Myra Armel. Third , the punch. And now I lose my balance.

“Myra!” I warn her seeing her standing there with her eyes glassy and I sigh. “Are you still that powerful?” the man lying on the ground asks and I look on boggled. “Shut the f**k up your moron” Myra yells and I grabbed her hand. “Myra Armel?” I asked surprised and the tears in her eyes flow down making me feel bad.

Before I could even respond Myra turns on her heels and runs towards the opposite side like a maniac. “Myra!” I shout running behind her but no use , she is running like she’s in a marathon and wants to win the first prize. “Myra Stop!”

She stops running and slows down in an empty old burnt up store and collapses on the floor sobbing. “Myra..” I whisper but she cries harder. Suddenly , my mind buzzes on the surname that man called her and I frown. Myra Armel. Myra Armel. That’s right , that’s what her surname was. Why couldn’t I think about this before.

“Myra what’s with the surname?” I ask and she stands up moving towards the car but I grab her hand as she faces me. “Le-let me g-go” her voice is broken and I shake my head.

“Tell me what’s wrong!” my voice raises up and she pulls away breathing heavily. “What’s with that man and your surname?” I yell and she backs off , terrified.

“Tell me what’s wrong?” I yell shaking her by the shoulder. Don’t test my patience Myra. Just don’t. Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll help you. “Myra!” I yell again.

“He’s a f**king rapist. You get it? A rapist. He raped me. Happy? Glad to hear that are you? Now just get lost and leave me like everyone did” She yells and my heart twinges in pain.

She was raped , her book. Writers always leave their words in their books. Why couldn’t I understand her. Her state was related to Sanjana , but she wasn’t raped and My Myra was. I immediately hug her as she cries harder.

“I won’t Myra! I won’t.” I chanted but she shakes her head not believing my words.

I know how she’s feeling right now. Miserable, hopeless and helpless. We stayed there for a long time until she stops crying and clutches tightly on my shirt. “Wanna go somewhere?” I mutter and she nods as I pick her up in my arms.


“Thanks..” She merely whispers , her voice weak and broken. “Myra I..” I begin but she shakes her head. “Let me tell you Aarav” She wipes her tears and takes a deep breath.

“Nobody knew about the sadness and hurt I had been carrying behind the smile. I was a happy person to everyone. I had problems in my life Aarav. A lot of them. Everyone thought my parents loved me. Huh! They didn’t.

Because I wasn’t a guy who could take of their business. When I used to come back from school I was beaten up. Why because I want a guy. Remember the day you left New York , that was the worst day for me. The lady who I considered as my mother was a beast Aarav. Drugs , partying , alcohol was what suited her.

She used to make out with everyone who came to her party in our house. Yeah , everyone used to taunt me about the perks of being born in a rich family. The boys from my mother’s get together or parties would force me to…but I locked myself in your room until all that shit was over.

My dad , huh, I never knew where he used to be. The day when it was your flight , I was asked to bring some groceries from the shop despite all the workers. I went alone , walking in that silent place until someone grabbed me by the elbow and… that was..” She stops and begins to sob and I pull her towards my chest rubbing her back.

“That wasn’t the end. I was lying there helpless , I was raped. No one knew. I heard someone giggling and laughing until their eyes landed on me. Two ladies , your mom and my mom. Not the one who gave birth to me but the one I consider to be my mom now. They took me to the hospital as I was in a shock. Hurt , my pride taken away.

My parents came to the hospital as they were informed that I was raped. But they did the expected. ‘She’s a dirty trash bag. We don’t need her’ those were the words my dad said. ‘Don’t show your face to us you whore’ is what my so called mother said. I was 11 , 11 and raped.

That’s when Hira took me to her house and accepted me as her daughter. She never married anyone but considered me as her life.

Your mom and my mom saved my life Aarav. Hira mom being a doctor took care of me. It took me a year to recover Aarav and then there he stands Infront of me. Calling me Myra Armel. No I’m Myra Dhillon not an Armel”

She buries her head in my chest and sobs quietly. “You are a strong woman Myr! A strong one. I’m sorry..that all..” She cuts my words and stares at me with her hurt eyes and I hug her , not getting enough of her. “I need you to distract me Aarav” She whispers and I nodded.

“I don’t care what people think about you Myr! You are a clean hearted and the most sweetest person ever. No matter how much your punches hurt” I blurt out and she chuckles.

“Wanna eat some ice cream?” She asks and I nodded. “Let’s go..” I hold her hand and walk towards the ice ream parlour. “Promise me you won’t leave me ever?” She asks and I stop on my tracks smiling like an idiot.

“I promise Myr!” I kiss her forehead and she smiles. That’s what I want , her smile , beautiful and gorgeous just like her.


Myra went to sleep after we reached home as I stood there in the kitchen looking at mom and she grunts. “Er..why are you looking at me like that?” Mom asks and I narrow my gaze at her. “You never told me about Myra” I blurt out and she closes her eyes.

“Mom!” I call out her but to my surprise tears flow down as I hug her. “Shh…Sorry I won’t asks again” I mutter and she nods before pulling away. “Do you like her?” She asks with a weak smile and I look away. “No Mom! She’s a friend” lie Aarav lie.

You don’t like her.

No , I do. Ugh! Whatever. “Better watch out with your words” She winks and I smile. “Goodnight Mom” I mutter so she doesn’t start her mental preparations for the weddings and all.



“Come on! Spill it out” I tickle her and she laughs madly begging me to stop. “No way..ah Haha..Aarav stop it” She yells but no use because Mom is outside and Aryan is sleeping. “I ..I hate you Aarav” She yells and I stop tickling her.

She looks a me worriedly and groans. “Don’t be so pathetic Aarav. Fine! I’ll say it” She mumbles and I grin. “Come on!” I mutter and she let’s out a high dramatic sigh.

“Aarav’s body is worth worshiping” She says with a bored expression and I laugh madly. “No! Say it like those girls in the university does” I play around and she puts her hands on her hips.

“I’m not ! They are so weird. Disgusting! And that Nicole. She was sticking to you and I..” she stops upon realizing what she was going to say.

“And you what Myr?” She turns around feeling flattered and I smile. “Woah! Myra Dhillon is blushing eh?” I ask and she turns rolling her eyes at me. “Stop it!” She warns but I chuckled.

“We are gonna be late for university” She says adjusting her bag strap on her shoulder and walks towards my car. I quickly open the passenger seat for her and she smiles. “Gentlemen ha?” She smirks making me smile.



“I don’t think she’ll be the winner” Ame says and I look smiling at how my friends are arguing about who’s gonna win this year’s Crystal’s show. The Crystal’s show is basically a type of contest consisting of pairs. The first round is the ramp one. The second is about how much you know about your partner. And the last one is the dance round. Like the salsa one.

“I am sure Myra is gonna win this” Clara says passing me a wink and I wriggle my eyebrows in confusion. “You know that I’m not interested in this” Yes , honestly , I’m not at all interested. “You don’t have any choice this year” Ame smirks as we stop near our lockers.

“What do you mean?” I ask and she sighs. “She means you are already entered” I turn around to find an amused Aarav and then it hits me.

“No No! Tell me you haven’t done it” I beg but what’s the use I know he did it. “Come on Myr! I know we are gonna win this” He smiles and there it goes , melting my heart as Clara clears her throat.

“Fine..” I mumble annoyed and we four walk towards our literature class. “Myr..” He buzzes in my ear but I ignore him. “I love you Myr!” tell me he just did not say that. Oh My God! I’m gonna faint. Right now!

Before I could even respond he bursts out laughing and leans on the lockers for support. “Oh My GOODNESS! Your face was worthy to watch” He laughs and wipes the tears away and I roll my eyes. “Guys! Hurry up” Clara yells and I give Aarav a glare before matching my steps with Clara and Ame as Aarav walks behind.

I give a small smile looking at the ground thinking about his words. No , don’t Myra. He was just playing around. He can’t be serious specially with me.

We enter the class and everyone seems to be busy gossiping about some new guy. Couldn’t they just give it a break. No they can’t.

“Have you seen his eyes?”

“His lips so soft and plump”

“His hair…amazing”

“His muscles”

“He’s a prince charming”

“I bet he’s got a lot of girlfriends”

Yeah you are thinking right , this is what those girls were talking about. I don’t sit near Aarav , annoyed from his as he keeps on passing me cheesy smiles. He greets his friends before coming towards the seat next to me but to my surprise someone else sits there.

I watch him as he settles himself on the seat smiling at me. His got those beautiful green eyes , hypnotizing. His hair spiked up and the dimples on the left side completing his marvelous face. “Hey! I’m Sebastian”

“Oh Hey! I’m Myra!” I greet him and he let’s out a soft laugh. “Of course I know” He replies leaning back on the seat. “Who doesn’t know Myra Dhillon” He plays around and I chuckle. “I like your book”

“Thank you. I thought that wasn’t the boys type” I blurt out and he laughs. “Just kidding” I smile back and there my gaze locks with Aarav who didn’t seemed to be too pleased and something I couldn’t put my finger on. “Hey!” I hear someone and I look up to see Aarav standing there , with a smile. That’s not the genuine sweet smile he gives everyone.

“Hello” Sebastian greets him. “I was wondering if y-“ Aarav couldn’t complete his sentence as the professor arrives. To be honest , the class seemed to be too boring without Aarav. Yeah Yeah I’m admitting it.


“Thank you for the ride Clara” I yell and she waves before going towards her home. I didn’t saw Aarav anywhere after literature and I already miss him. This is so awkward, these all feelings. Ugh!! I need to yell.

“How was your day?” Aunty asks and I smile gulping down the water. “It was fantastic” I lie, I couldn’t tell her that your son wasn’t there that’s why I got bored. “Mom!” It’s Aarav’s voice. He didn’t told me that he was already home. “This guy is never gonna grow up” Aunty chuckles and I nodded.

“He’s going out of New York for a two days and I bet he can’t find his charger” She smiles before walking towards his room. I spit out the water in shock.

What? He didn’t told me that he was leaving and I need him. More than anything right now. Because after all what happened yesterday and seeing that moron , I felt scared.

After a couple of minutes, Aarav runs downstairs with his bag as I watch him wearing his shoes. “You didn’t told me you are going to New York” I whisper but no response. “Aarav..” I call him but no response.

He meets his mom and Aryan before going outside. “Have a save flight. I could have dropped you” Aunty says but he dismissed her. “I’ll be fine. The boys will take me to the airport” He clears out and walks outside. He didn’t looked at me. Not even once and I was gawking at him.


University is not the same without him. I tried hard that these two days can pass easily and then Aarav would be back. Finally , today Aarav was gonna be home. I quickly went downstairs to meet Aryan but he was sitting there in shock.

What happened to him. “Are you okay?” I ask tapping on his shoulder and he hugs me. “Aryan what happened?” I continuously kept on asking but he wouldn’t answer. Suddenly the door opens with Clara , Ame and the rest of the boys running inside. “What happened?” I am feeling uneasy. They better spit it out.

“Aarav’s plane had a crash” Jayden says and before I could even react , I lose my balance.


“Is she okay?” I hear murmurs and whispers as I try to open my eyes. “Myra! Thank God you are fine” It’s Jayden’s voice. My mind couldn’t think of anything else. Aarav and only Aarav.

“Aarav..” I whisper as Clara hugs me. “We had been trying to contact the airlines and they’ll try to track him soon” Martin says and I sob in Clara’s arms.

“I have to.. I have to find him.” I whisper crazily but Ame and Clara hold me back. “Please..” I beg but they shake their head in a no. “I know someone would could help us” I mutter slowly and they all look on.

“Sebastian! His brother works in the airlines” I speak , yes Sebastian told me about his brother being in the airlines. “Let’s go!” Jayden says and we all hurriedly rush downstairs.


After 20 minutes of a long ride , we stand there Infront of the university dorms. “I want to speak to him alone” Jayden and Clara nodded before sitting in the car. I couldn’t bring the rest of them. We aren’t going for a war. I quickly make my way towards where Dorm room No. 113 is and knock on the door.

“Hey Myra!” he seems to be much more surprised and I get inside telling him everything. “I’ll help you. Maybe we could get some details” He gives me a weak smile before going on his phone. “Just call me” I bid him goodbye and hug him before going towards the car.


“You people are idiots” it’s Aarav’s voice. “Isn’t this Aarav’s voice?” Clara asks as we three are standing outside the door ringing the bell.

Yes , it’s Aarav’s voice. Ame opens the door with a huge smile on her face and I run past her seeing an absolute healthy and smiling Aarav in front of me.

“Myra. I told you Aarav will be okay” Ali smiles and I look on shocked. “But your plane” Jayden mumbles still boggled. “This is all because of this idiot Martin. He was wrong about my planes information” Aarav speaks and I could see him looking at me. “You are back!” Jayden hugs me as I still stand there my heartbeat brought to normal.

I thought I lost you Aarav. “And Myra had been going all crazy” Ame laughs and I look away embarrassed. Suddenly my phone buzzes and I look at the caller ID.

“Hello Sebastian” I greet him in a weak tone.

“Yeah he’s okay. Thank you so much Sebastian” I reply.

“Yeah see you tomorrow in university” I greet him and cancel the phone.



I know she’s hurt , a lot. But I never wanted to see her like this. I just got too infuriated seeing her so close to somebody but then again she’s not my property. “We are gonna go home” Jayden yawns and I nodded as they all go outside.

I turn around seeing Myra and Aryan on the couch watching TV. “Aryan can you get my phone. It’s upstairs” I wanted to talk to Myra. “Sure.”

“Myr” I call out but this girl would never respond. I know. “Myra!” I singsong and she rolls her eyes. “Myra talk me to me” I say out loud and she groans.

“Get lost okay? Just like you did two days ago” She says harshly and I shut my eyes. Don’t lose your temper Aarav. “It didn’t even matter to you” I reply in the same tone as she let’s out a sarcastic laugh.

“You are kidding me right? Didn’t matter to me. It did. Two days without you. Do you even know how I felt” She shouts and storms out of the living room towards her room. I call her but she’s wouldn’t respond. “Your phone.” Aryan passes me the phone and gets back to TV.

“Open the door Myra” I say quietly but why would she. I quickly grab the extra keys and open the door. “What the heck? How did you even came in?”

“My house. Remember Myr” I mock and grumbles nonsense. “Did you miss me?” I smirk locking the door and she backs off looking at me with those big Brown eyes of hers. “Huh! No way” She gives me a bored expression making me sigh.

“Come on Myr! Enough of your tantrums okay?” and that’s where she smiles. “It’s a week break from University right? Pack up, we are going on a road trip” I tell her as her eyes widen in amazement. “What? Road trip? How? I mean like..” she begins panicking and I shut her mouth

“God! You speak to much Myr! We are going after tomorrow” I tell her and she nods. “Great! Goodnight” She smiles and I nodded before leaving her room.




“It’s gonna be so fun!” Ame jumps excited for the trip and I nodded. “Right! I wanted to ask Aarav who’s going with us” Clara states.

“Oh Crap! 5 minutes for history class. I don’t want Brandon to explode so hurry up” Panting the three of us run towards the class and take our seats. As usual , I sit on my old spot but Aarav still hasn’t arrived yet. I hear Nicole’s evil laughter , well , according to me, her laugh is evil , as she steps inside the class her arm looped around Aarav’s back.

It might sound weird but I feel the urge to rip off her teeth which are shining brightly right now , imagine Nicole without teeths and smiling. Unknowingly , a chuckle escapes my lips imagining that. “What’s so amusing?” Jayden whispers behind me and I turn to face them both.

These two would never split apart , not even a second if they are together. “Just imagining Nicole without teeths and smiling” I blurt out as Clara bursts out laughing and so does Jayden.

“Excuse me?” Oh No! She heard it. Good for her. “Oh Hello!” I settle back in my seat unwillingly smiling and she raises her eyebrow.

“Hey! Actually I was thinking if you could just give me your spot” She says in her bitter sweet tone , smirking at me and her body still stuck with Aarav’s, who is smiling to me. Seriously Aarav? He always used to sit beside me and now? Huh!

“Sure Nicole! I would love to do that. Just give me a second to breathe. You made it difficult to breathe so yeah” I reply back as her jaw hits the floor. I could hear some of them laughing but I ignore the rest and give a look at Aarav before taking a seat next to Ali.

I could feel Aarav’s intense gaze on me but I shake my head and take a deep breath. Play it cool Myra play it cool. Brandon enters with his usual new style. He’s obsessed with trying new clothing from each country or movies.

“I’m gonna try something and then let’s see what’s the result” I whisper to Ali and he looks on boggled. “What exactly?” He asks smiling.

“Mr. Brandon. They Tom Cruise look is marvelous. I bet they would have chosen you instead of him in the movies” I blurt out and there it goes , melting him like strawberry ice cream. Everyone’s looking at me if I have gone mad.

“Really? OH MY GOD! Thank you Myra” He speaks in his sweet tone and blushes frequently and I pass a wink at Ali. “She’s right. I would actually loved to see you. And I bet that you can win an Oscar” Ali plays along and I purse my lips trying not laugh.

“Oh Boy! Thank you so much. You know what, you and Myra can submit your essays after the one week break instead of today” He smiles and this time Ali passes a wink to me. “Thanks Mr. Brandon” Me and Ali speak simultaneously and he nods smiling.

Unfortunately , I look at Nicole who was fuming , ready to stab me anytime and there was Aarav with an expression I couldn’t place my finger at. For the first time in history , the history class was amazing. SHOCKING!


“Girls you were AMAZING” Ali hugs me by the side as we all step out of the class. “He’s expression was worth watching” Jayden laughs. “I wish that idea could have struck me” Nicole blurts out and we turn around to see her leaning onto Aarav. Don’t let her affect you Myra Don’t.


“Do you even have a brain?” Clara smirks and Nicole crosses her arms across her chest. “Guys!” Aarav warns and I snort. Possessive. Whatever!!

Ignoring her , we make our way towards the food area. I was about to sit but my jaw literally hits the floor at the current scene. NICOLE , sits at the place where I used to sit next Aarav. Everyone look on boggled as I could feel Ame exploding right now.

“Hey!” She speaks , trying to sound sweet but fails miserably. “Did your plastics ditched you?” Martin asks harshly as Nicole grunted. “What’s up?” Aarav jogs towards us but seeing Nicole on my place gives him a shock too. I sit next to Ali and he smiles.

“Why’s she here?” Martin asks pointing his forefinger at Nicole as Aarav rolls his eyes . “Martin chill! She’s also going with us on the road trip” Aarav scowled and everyone looks at him angrily. They all started opposing or arguments.

“Guys Shut up!” I say out loud and then there is a pin drop silence. “Nicole don’t hesitate to come with us” I pass her a smile and she’s taken aback by my words. Play it cool Myra. Don’t be affected.

“Thanks Myra” Aarav says but I don’t answer him and get back talking to Ali. I could feel his heated gaze upon me and I swear I was hardly able to swallow my food.


(Love yours parents and give them a bear hug from my side. I felt bad for Myra’s childhood! Her parents are were like beasts, but I’m blessed. Love your parents)



How are you all?

So back on the chapter ???

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How are you?
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  5. Hey MIsha
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