I wonder if I have gone mad or maybe not because to be honest , the sudden , no not the sudden. Since I had left New York and visited Military School , I have missed her since that day. Missed all her tantrums and her love for barbies. Maybe because I had a huge massive crush on her. But that brings me to the other point , she hates me because I acted as Douchebag to her So yeah!!

There’s something , no actually , everything about this girl is different. She wouldn’t care if anyone would step over her but when it comes to her friends or family her fangs show up. And oh yeah! How can I forget the punches. I had been in those lucky boys to get the punches though. But then again , I’m the only one whom has the worst image of their personality in front of her.

She thinks about me of course as a NIGHTMARE , BULLY , JERK , THE ONE TO SCREW UP WITH ANY GIRL AROUND ! OR TO GET CARRIED AWAY! She’s hell WRONG ! Yeah , I totally agree I have showed the people my playboy’s side and the one to be easily screwed up with. In essence , they don’t know me yet.

I wonder what bothered Myra so much upon the name of her parents that she would actually start up a fight with me. Well, I know we both were never on good terms with each other but still I want to know what’s haunting her. So , maybe I could help her.

“Did you listened to what I said?” Myra’s voice stopped my thoughts and I look on boggled. “Pardon me?” I ask and both Aryan and Myra roll their eyes. “You meant you weren’t listening to what we just said?” Aryan asks and I shake my head giving him a ‘So what’ look. “Come on..tell me” I nudge Myra by the shoulder and she cracks up.

“No way! You should have listened to what we were saying to you” She replies going through the paintings in the hall. “That’s not fair” I whine crossing my arms and she stops In front of a room.

“What’s in there?” She asks and I give a ‘Don’t you dare’ look to Aryan. He smirks at me before showing off his puppy face. “Do you want to see?” He asks Myra who looks on confused at me.

“S-Sure..” She plays with her hair weirdly and I block there way. “No!” I tell her standing in of the door and she rolls her eyes. “What?” She asks bored and pushes me aside and they both run inside the room leaving me shocked. NO! NO! NO! MYRA IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THAT ROOM!! BECAUSE no one goes to that room expect ME.

I enter there annoyed and cross my arms seeing a shock Myra with her hands covering her mouth. “This is unbelievable” Myra says her eyes showing the impossible sign and I look at my shoes, embarrassment inside me increases. Shit! I’m gonna stuff your mouth broccoli after this Aryan. Well , even he doesn’t knew about this.

The room is painted black with golden strips on each side. Basically , known as the paint room. There is a separate table on each corner. The one on the left has different buckets consisting of Airbrushes, Pastel, chalks , markers and crayons. The other table is stuffed with paints , acrylic ones , the oil ones. There are sand papers , card stock, Charcoal , scratch boards and glasses. Much more beyond my explanations.

Then the room is filled with canvases painted with which caused Myra the shock of her life. “Ho-How??” She is still in shock and I clear the lump in my throat. The reason is because the canvas laid there are filled with the memories , or shall I say the pranks I did on Myra.

“This is the one when…” She begins but I speak up. “The time you ate the brownies that were drugged” I completed and a smile forms on my lips remembering that day.

Okay , let me get that straight , these not only include the scenes of the pranks I played on her. There are many paintings of those days when she acted some what crazy. And my favorite one was the one when she ate those drugged brownies. I remember the time my friends gave her a dare to steal the brownies from the French teacher.

She, along with her friends ate those and after a few classes she started behaving strangely. Probably making kissy faces to the male teachers. Or mixing the dog poop with the cupcakes and feeding it to the staff , Hold on , she did that because she was on drugs, that’s why. “You just did not painted all these” Her voice brings me back to Earth and I gasp.

“Umm…” I can’t find the words to describe as she places her hands on her hips and frowns. “Did you just had to paint the embarrassing moments only?” She asks and bursts out laughing and I purse my lips embarrassment increasing.

I rub the back of my neck as she tells Aryan the meaning of every painting there. Some were about me and my friends too , including Jayden , Martin and Ali.

“This one is Flawless” She points towards the canvas where I painted Jay and Clara hugging and she smiles. “Oh My God!” She bursts out laughing and I smile looking at the one I painted today of the professor at history class. “His hair is…hilarious” Aryan says laughing and I move towards them closer.

“You are incredible!” She mumbles as I stand behind her placing a hand on the small of her back. She shrieks back and I smirk. Aryan looks on confused but I smile. “Mom was calling you” I lie , so that I could talk to Myra alone. “Sure..” He mumbles and walks outside.

I turn to see Myra with her hands on her hips and frowning. “What?” I ask smiling awkwardly and she points her finger towards the paintings. “What are these?” She asks annoyed and I shrug my shoulders. “Paintings you empty head”

“Don’t play around Aarav. I know they are paintings but mine?” She asks and I groan. “That’s not yours” I blurt out and she let’s out a sarcastic laugh. “You are trying to say that these paintings and sketches aren’t of me?”

“Yes. They aren’t” I reply harshly and she shuts her eyes. “Now you are trying to say that there is a freaking person with the same face of mine , who had came across the same incidents as mine?” I must say this girl is genius! Stop it Aarav. Focus Aarav Focus. “Yes that’s what I’m saying”

“Stop lying” She says out loud and I snorted. “Why would I lie?” I ask , I don’t know myself what I’m saying Myra. I wish I could just disappear right now. “Fine..Get lost” She throws her arms in the hair, frustrated and walks out of there.


“Have some more” Mom says to Myra who was lost in her thoughts moving her spoon in her soup. “Myra..” She calls out again causing Myra to pop up her imaginary bubble. “Sorry.. I just got lost..the soup is amazing” Myra says , liar! She’s hasn’t even tasted it.

“Oh thank you” I am telling you my mom is crazy over those who compliment her food and I chuckle mentally. “Do you have a car?” Mom asks Myra who shakes her sadly. “I’m planning on buying one next year” She replies and mom nods. “I feel left out!” Myra’s mom pouts and I laugh.

“I’m there! We both are in the same territory” I wink at her and she chuckles. “Sweet!” She pinches my cheek and I smile. “I’m with Myra” Aryan winks at her who smiles gracefully and I beam. “You are always with Myra! Obsessed with her cliché book” I say and he sticks out his tongue at me.

“Stop you two! Myra dear, Aarav would drop you to university everyday” Mom says and I smirk. I love you Mom. Just great. “Uh..No it’s totally okay” Myra shrugs and I give her smirk and she purses her lips. “Nah! No problem for him. Right Aarav?” She kicks my feet under the table and I grumble.

“Yeah mom” I reply. What was the need to kick me Ow! I was already happy huh!!



“Myra..” Mom says in her soft sweet whisper and I smile. “Good morning, mom” I yawn and she smiles. “Morning, love. Get ready, Aarav will be here in 10 minutes” She mumbles and closes the door to my room. Yeah perfect words to ruin my happy morning. Yayy life!

I quickly changed into some black jeans and a pink crop top with a beige colored cardigan on top. I quickly shove my feet inside my pumps and grab my bag rushing downstairs.

“Easy Easy muffin” I snap my head to see who called me that and there he stands with his blue denims and blue colored button shirt and his shades in his right hand. His brown hair brushed up and the usual cheesy smile on his face.

“Are you done checking me out muffin?” He asks and I turn my head away. “Don’t call me that” I snap and he laughs. “You look like a Santa Claus while laughing” I giggle and his laughter dies. (JUST IMAGINE A SANTA CLAUS LOL. I’M GONNA DIE LAUGHING)

“What?!” he asks shocked and rushes behind me and I make my way towards the kitchen where mom is. “Bye mom” I give her a quick hug and so does Aarav. “You look beautiful” Aarav winks at her and mom smiles.

I am grateful to Aarav just because he makes mom laugh and smile. Else Mom’s always busy with her work so she could provide me with a shinning bright future. I love her , no matter what others think about her. I’m alive just because of her.


“Oh God!” Aarav shakes his head as we both take a seat on the same chairs we had been sitting since this week. “He hates us” I whisper to Aarav. Yup, you are right , we are in history class. Me and Aarav have many classes together except one. “I bet he’s gonna throw you both out today aagin” Jay whispers and Clara giggles.

I’m happy for Clara because Jayden makes her happy. “I know right” Aarav replies annoyed and I pinch his cheeks. “You know I hate it when you do that” Aarav says annoyed and I lean closer. “Sorry..” I mumble but he smiles causing the same intense feelings. Ugh! Hate you creepy mind.

“Ahm..ahmm” Clara clears her throat and grins. “Make your pairs everyone” Brandon, the history professor states and me and Aarav laugh at his voice. We both are gonna be dead. “Hey you two” shit shit shit! “I want your project to be completed in two weeks” He yells and I roll my eyes.

“But you said a month for the rest” Aarav says in an angry tone. No calm down Aarav. “Aarav..” I pull him down before something serious happens. “And you stop being a mess. I see you are already irresponsible and a messed up case”

He blurts out and I feel my eyes moisten a bit. Don’t cry. “Mind your own business you fu-“ Aarav begins but I shut him up. “Sorry for that Mr. Brandon” I whisper and he gets back to his work.

The class ends with Aarav being in an annoyed and angry mood the whole time and I grunt. “Thank you for the two weeks Mr.Brandon” I tell him with a tight smile and walk out of the class following Jay, Clara and the grumpy Aarav.

We all take a seat in the food area with the rest of our friends joining us. It’s been a week since we all have became friends and me and Aarav don’t fight like we used to.

“Aarav come on. You know how he is” I place my hand on his hand and he frowns. “But he had no right to do that” He mumbles and everyone cooed. “You okay?” He asks and I smile as his muscles relax and he leans back on the chair smiling at me.

My phone buzzes and I smile looking at the caller ID and slide the green button. “Hey mom?” “Hey Myra dear” She says in a tired tone and I frown. “ everything okay?” I ask and everyone look on suspiciously.

“Yeah..actually..I’m going to Iran today”

“What?! But why?” I ask in a soft whisper and Aarav looks at me worriedly. “I have to. They have handed over a big project to me. Called the Wish project” She tells me everything and I nodded. Though she can’t see me.

“Till when will you be there?” I ask , “Two weeks or maybe more than that” She replies and I frown silently. “I’m gonna stay alone?” I ask and she chuckles. “No! You are staying at Aaruhi’s place”

And then it seemed like the world stopped. What what what?? No way! Please tell me it’s a dream. “She’ll take care of you. I don’t want to take the risk of leaving you alone” She says in a weak tone and I remember the time years ago. “I understand..” I whisper as those memories still haunt me. In dreams or in reality.

After taking to my mom I hang up and look at all of them. “Mom’s going to Iran for a project. So I have to stay at Aarav’s place for two weeks” I clear out and they all give an ‘ohhh’ as an answer. I look at her Aarav who was smiling looking at the ground but then looks at me as I look away.

I just want to cry out and cry never stopping myself. Why does that night roams around my head like the blood. “You okay?” He asks placing a hand on mine and I smile but him being a good friend doesn’t drag it.


It’s been four hours since Mom left and I’m lying there in the guest room of Sain’s house looking blankly at the ceiling. The door opens with a bang and I sit straight frightened! “You scared me Aarav” I mumble and he smiles. “Sorry..”

“Get up. We are going somewhere” He says and I frown. “I don’t want to Aarav” I lay down on the bed as I feel two hands on my waist. Aarav makes me stand on my feet and I lean on his chest. “You are such a lazy puppy” He whispers and I slap his chest playfully. “Am not” I mumble as his scent hits my nostrils as the butterflies in my stomach are knocking now. Look they are patient and has manners too. I’m crazy!

“Come downstairs in 5” He says motioning outisde. “5 years?” I ask grinning and he stops. “Don’t make me wait that much” He speaks and my heart does a flip flop at his words. “5 minutes” be mumbles and I nodded. What’s with the words he just said?

I quickly brush my messed up hair and wear my shoes running down the stairs. “See you soon” Aunty waves her hand and I smile.


“Are you serious?” I have been asking that since the past 5 minutes and Aarav nods. “Yes I’m.” he parks the car in the parking lot and I grin. “Thank you..I really needed to be here” I mutter as he grabs my hand and we both walk towards the book store.

“Me too” He says looking at me and I wriggle my eyebrows. “You like books?” I ask surprised and he smiles nodding. “I finished reading your book yesterday” He tell me and I stop on my tracks , surprised. “You said you hated cheesy books” I mumble and he smiles.

“The name itself was too attractive. You don’t want me to start with the book though” He winks and I blush frequently. What’s happening to me? I’m reading to many cheesy books and watching chick flicks. I need distraction. Yup ! I do need it.

He begins to open the door and I thought he was gonna leave my hand , don’t leave it. Huh! What am I thinking and I was right , he didn’t.

“So you liked it?” I ask and he nods. “Loved it. It felt real” He whispers in his s*xy tone. Wait what? s*xy ? You need a brain transplant Myra. Wait again. Is there anything called the brain transplant.

I know I’m crazy and I know it. “Let’s find some books” we both look for books and he hasn’t left my hand still. To be honest,it feels good. I got to know Aarav better this whole week. He’s not the same one. “The girl with the dragon tattoo” I point towards the book jumping happily and run towards the section of that book.

I run my fingers on the covers as I feel someone behind me. I turn around but I trembled a bit and like the cheesy scenes he pulls me up. “Easy Muffin” He whispers softly and I could feel the raise of my heart beats in such silence. His baby blue eyes piercing into me and I look away looking like a tomato already.

“…found a book?” I ask and he nods showing me the bag full of books. “They are plenty” I laugh and we both begin to search for some more. “Aarav!” a familiar ear-splitting tone hits my ears as we both turn back to see who it is.

“What a pleasant surprise” she says with her fake accent. She moves towards Aarav flipping her hair back as her hips swings from side to side. “Hey Nicole” Aarav says in a smooth tone and they both hug. 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10…..30 , 32. That was a 32 seconds hug. What the heck. I’m not getting jealous! No! I’m not. Okay , maybe.

Aarav looked on to her as they both talked and laughed at pretty certain things. Was I invisible to them? Or they were ignoring me? I felt like a left out person in front of both of them. Specially , Nicole. She was perfect in her own way. Her short tight peach colored dress finely defined her curves as her grey silhouettes heels finished it with the perfect touch.

Her hair was tied up in a tight high ponytail. As that exposed her evil face, well to me. She had issues with me since we were in school and after my book being published it became a disaster. In essence , ladies and gentleman She’s Nicole johns , and what all I can say is that she’s a mental case. That’s all. Thank you.

And look at me standing there in grey leggings paired up with a purple hoodie and my favorite black converse. Nothing as compared to her but I’m me. Who cares but seeing her so close to Aarav made me furious. They are so oblivious to the fact that I’m here. Suddenly my phone vibrates and I take it out.

AME ♡ : Chill girl! The flames are visible in your eyes. You look s*xy in that outfit.

My eyes widen in surprise. What does she means.

To Ame : what? What are you talking about?

Ame ♡ : I swear she looks like a tootsie Myr! And it’s pretty visible right now about how much fuming you are seeing them so close.

“What’s she doing here?” Nicole’s fake sweet tone , yuck , I feel like throwing out everything right now. “She’s here with me” Aarav says looking at me but I look away. “Oh..What are you doing with her?” She asks, disgust and irritation visible in her tone.

“She’s living with me for a while so we both came to buy some books” Aarav says and I could feel Nicole exploding right now. Hahaha amazing. I wish she could explode right now. Couldn’t Aarav see the jealousy in her voice? “Yeah she is” it’s Ame’s voice and I smile giving her a bone crushing hug as Martin too joins her.

“Hey Martin!” Aarav hugs his best friend and I look away. Just don’t wanna look at Aarav right now. “Oh Hey Nicole” Ame says and Nicole gives her a tight , forced smile before greeting Aarav and walks from there. Finally, I could breathe.

“What are you two doing over here?” Aarav asks and I could feel his gaze on me but don’t look at him Myra. “Ame wanted a book for literature that’s why” Martin speaks up and I smile at him and so does he.


I haven’t talked to Aarav still after leaving the book Shop and the silence in the car is killing me. Aarav honks again and again and keeps on cursing the person before us. He’s pissed. He tighten his grip on his steering as his knuckles turns white. “Why aren’t you talking to me?” he asks and now there is no traffic here on the road.

“I’m..” I merely whisper and he laughs bitterly. “Don’t lie..” his tone is not that same. I clear the lump in my throat and look outside the window. He stops the car in an abrupt halt and I squeak. I turn to find us standing in front of a restaurant. I’m not hungry. I’m not. Okay I’m.

“We aren’t going home until you tell me what’s wrong” He speaks up. Oh well, we aren’t going to that lovely food place. “You are hungry?” He asks. What? Did I say that out loud. “No..”

“Lie again.” He says and I leans backs on his seat. “I wanna go home” I whisper and he shakes his head. “Tell me what’s wrong?” He asks and I grunt. “Fine. We play this game. The one who wins has to answer the others question. Deal?” He also and I laugh. “What game?” I ask and he giggles.

“Deal or not?” He asks again and I shake his hand. “Great! So the game is pretty simple. We go to random people and say ‘hey you are a doctor right? Or enginner? Or a business man’ we just have to guess their profession and if it turns out right then you get a point” He says in one breath and I nodded.

“That’s a pretty lame game though but it’s okay” I chuckle and he rolls his eyes.

“One condition. If you let me record it” I say and nods. “Its gonna be fun” He says as he parks his car.

“Okay. So ready?” He asks rubbing his hands and I nodded grabbing my phone. We both run towards the nearest buss top finding an old couple. “You are a doctor right?” Aarav asks and I begin to giggle. “Excuse me?” the old man asks and I chuckle. “Are you a doctor?” Aarav asks and he shakes his head.

It’s my turn as I rush towards the lady sitting inside the coffee shop with Aarav running behind me. “You are a dancer right?”I ask the lady and she smiles. “Yeah…how did you know?” She asks but I smile and grin at Aarav who frowns. “I get one point!” I yell and we motion towards the restaurant.





“Make up artist?”

“Oh yes!”


“You creep!”




“Are you mad?”


“Shut up!”


“Haha yeah”

And those ladies and gentleman were the questions and their answers asked by Aarav Sain. “I score two” He jumps like a two year old and I grin. “And you?”

“I score 18” I grin and his jaw hits the floor. “You what?” He blurts out and I laugh. “Your questions were creepy” I giggle and he grunts. “Yeah whatever” He says

“Last chance okay?” I ask and he nods. “There.” He points towards a girl with her back facing us. He taps her shoulder as she turns , her phone on her right ear. “Yes?” She asks in a dumb tone and Aarav looks at me boggled. She’s dressed up in black shorts that barely reach her thighs with her pink blouse exposing her cleavage.

Her hair straightened till her waist and her face caked up. “sl*t?” Aarav more says than to be asking and she fumes. “You douchebag! You called me a sl*t?” She frown and yells with her eyes bloodshot.

She begins to punch him but I stop her hand in the midway. “You dare touch him and I swear I’m gonna punch you in those fake upper part of yours” I blurt out and she backs off terrified.

“I’m not gonna leave you both” She groans and I laugh. “Better hold us first” I smirk and she grunts before turning on her heels and rushes out from there. I turn around to see Aarav there beaming at me and I roll my eyes giggling. “You are awesome” He mutter before pulling me into a bear hug and I smile.

I wrap my arms around his waist as his scent hits my nostrils. He pulls me closer and I rest my head on his chest before pulling away. “Your turn” He smirks and I nodded. “Pick up a young man” He orders.

We both look around for 5 minutes until my eyes land on a tall figure standing at the corner of a phone booth. We both slowly move towards him as his face is hidden in the night with the lights above his head , it was pretty visible he was on his phone. We stand there and I clear my throat to get his attention.

I begin to feel uneasy as he looks up , a boggled expression on his face. His dark brown eyes roam around my body with his back hair brushed up. My heart twinges in pain as I see the same smirk given by him to me. My knees go jelly as I lose my control but I feel someone’s hand on my back.

“Myra..Are you okay?” Aarav says in a slow whisper and I look at him , my eyes glassy and he narrows his eyes. “Myra Armel!” and we both look towards him as tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Surprise Surprise! Saw my little baby after a long time!” he grins in his so called unpleasant tone and I breathe heavily. “Excuse me?” I hear Aarav but before he could ask anything I punch that moron hard on his face as he lies back on the ground cursing.






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