“Clara , make it clear” I say slowly so that at least she’s able to hear. “He-…he..ju-just..” All I hear is her sobs and ‘he just’ from the past ten minutes on the phone. “Seriously? You are crying over a pu**y?” is what comes out of my mouth , unlucky I’m , because by profession she’s a doctor but with me she acts like a freaking jailer.

“Language , Myra!” She , the jailer I had saying is Mom. “Okay… I’ll just meet you in an hour at University, okay?” I ask , my best friend as she sobs and I sigh in relief. Well , are you confused? No , don’t be. She’s just a normal girl , okay? Sorry if I sounded too mean? I’m a bit short tempered.

Okay , you got me. People say I’m really short tempered , like really really really. But only when someone gets on my nerves , specifically , a jerk from my childhood. Let me tell you a shot story. When I was in 6th grade, all obsessed with barbie dolls , I know so embarrassing. We were in art class , as usual I was drawing my barbie , stupid barbies , the hate I have for them Ughh! You’ll know why that is later.

So back in the art class , I was drawing my barbie , all happy and humming the poem ‘Humpty Dumpty’ Again , how embarrassing. The chorus stuck half way at my tongue as I felt something sticky going down my hair and slowly to neck like slime. My face , hair and neck and probably clothes were covered with paint , that’s because I touched it so basically got to know that it’s paint , genius am I ?

A series of laughter continued and I look on shocked. I turned around to see him smirking at me and I grunted like a bull , just the need of a red cloth was that lacked. “Oh My God! OH MY GOODNESS! Myra has got her period” is what the girls were shouting and that time I wanted to dig a hole and hide in there , crying my heart out.

I don’t know how the red paint dropped down to the cream colored skirt I was wearing. I remember each and every detail. That was the worst day of my life. The smirk from his face was gone as it turned to a more dull now. His baby blue eyes showed the amount of guilt it was carrying and he gazed at everyone to see them laughing at me.

“Oooo!” one of them boys were smirking , fine , all of them were. Cheap dirty minds. My eyes teared up as he took a step towards me. “I’m sorry Myr!. I didn’t..” He was about to complete his sentence as I punched him hard across his left jaw and he fell to the ground groaning. “What the heck!” He grunts in pain but I just run away , feeling humiliated. Not because of the punch but because of , you know it….

“Myra!” Mom snaps and I shake my head trying to get rid of the memories of that bully. “Are you okay , dear?” She asks with a hint of concern and I nodded. “Don’t roam around with your friends after University , we have got a dinner to attend” She says and I frown. “You know I don’t do that a lot” I whine and she shrugs.

“Whatever! Where are we going?” I ask and she smiles , a wide one , a toothy one. “The house on the left side” She says and I look on boggled. “You made friends with them that fast?” I asked surprised , because usually mom hate all those women gossiping around and chatting non-stop.

“Nah! Guess what? That’s Aaruhi’s house” She says and I choke on my food. “W-What?! How come I didn’t knew about it?” I ask pouting and she let’s out a soft laugh. Mom and Aaruhi aunty had been best friends since mom became a doctor , as they both are Doctors, working in the same hospital , so yeah basically makes sense right?

I just met her once in the hospital when I was in the worst condition of my life , not wanna talk about it. She had two sons is what mom says. But I have never met them because I have been really busy with my life. And Mom’s right. I have to start interacting with people.

So , yeah back the topic , so today I would be finally meeting her family. “But you never told me that she was our neighbor?” I ask munching on my breakfast and she rolls her eyes. “Have you ever tried to step out of your territory?” She mocks and I grin sheepishly at her.

“Or let anyone inside your territory?” another mock and I laugh out loud. “Nice one” I wink and she smiles shaking her head side by side in disbelief. I take a look at the time and- Oh Freak!! “Mom! Clara will kill me if I don’t reach on time” I run towards the doorstep but stop in my tracks and rush back to give Mom a quick peck on her cheeks. “I love you Mom” I yelled and ran outside.


“What’s with her?” is what I ask for like 100th time from Amelie but why the heck would Clara even bother to answer. “Clara! You are freaking me out” I finally give up and she steps back , still sobbing. “Is it something related to Jayden?” I blurt out and Wow! There she goes bursting out crying as if she lost her cat , bad one Myra bad one.

“Yes!” Amelie confirms and I snap. “Huh! Knew it , I told you” I say out loud and she cries hard. Clara has been the one who never ever dated a boy , neither did I , you know just as Mom said , I was in my own territory. But then this Jayden boy shows up and gave her hopes of bringing the stars and moon to her. FREAKING CORNY! I did warned her because after all he was considered as a playboy.

“What did he do?” I ask my blood boiling right now. It’s the worst I have seen Clara till this day. She had never ever been like this. No , like seriously never. Her cheeky smile was gone. Her blonde hair was tied up in a messy bun and her creamed colored skin had turned pale.

“I don’t know how can Jayden cheat her, I mean for the first time I saw that playboy in love. But then last night Clara saw him making out with another girl on Clara’s bed. Like f**king crazy dude!” Ame yells and some of the passing by people in Uni stare at her as if she has gone mad.

“Get lost. Before I show you my fangs” Ame says to the guy who had been drooling her. My hands turns into fists and the image of them making out pops , Ewwww Ewwww get lost. “He’” I say in between gritted teeths and my friends look at me because they know exactly what I’m gonna do.

Before they can even oppose I turn on my heels and storm towards where I know he will be. “Myra! No” I feel them calling me but I run as fast I could. I storm inside the café as where he was , his face scanning his food and a dark appearance on his face. Get ready Jayden.

Ame and Clara too enters the Food area at University as they look on horrified. I motion towards the table they were and stomp my hand. Jayden looks up and so does his three other playboy’s. They are like the band of Devils. “Umm…H-Hey” He waves at me awkwardly and I grunt. “What do you think you are doing?” I ask , in a slow tone so no one would probably hear us.

I see Ame approaching towards me and Clara at the back , sniffing her nose. Jayden looks away a hurt phase on his face and I frown. Maybe he’s hiding something but how can I forget he’s the playboy. “I think I had enough talk about this with Clara” He says in a low tone and that’s it.

“Talk? You showed it to her!” I say out loud and he looks around but luckily no one seem to notice. Because probably , they would be stuffing their mouths with food or in other case in each other’s , DISGUSTING!

“Myra , I don’t want to talk about it” He says and I groan. “Hold on to yourself! You think we are dying to talk to you. Just f**king tell me the reason” Ame speaks up in a threatening tone and Jayden rolls his eyes. “Just go away” his friend , the other playboy I told you , speaks up and I roll my eyes. “Why did you do it Jayden?” my voice is filled with venom and he looks at me blankly.

“She couldn’t fulfil my desires” He blurts out and Woah! I guess Jayden hasn’t experienced how much my punch hurts. I told you I’m short tempered right. As I clench my fists ready to punch him it stops mid in the air. “Easy! Easy Girl!” is what the punch stopper says and my heartbeat stops listening to the voice.

His 6’1 height makes me feel so humiliated as I’m 5’7 still looking at shoes as his grip on clenched hand in the air isn’t lessened. My heart’s beating fast as if a horse is on drugs and probably getting hyperactive. What the heck am I even saying? I look up to meet the same baby blue eyes , his dusty brown her in the perfect shape they ever can be. A smirk playing on his lips and I frown making him chuckle.

“Aarav Sain…” I mutter and he wriggled his eyebrows. “Woah! You remember me?” he says in a soft whisper and I roll my eyes hitting him in the same spot. Sensitive spot! Ouch! “Just the way you remember me!” I mock back and he groans in pain. “You insensitive Myr!” He grunts and I let out a snort.

“You have pea sized balls , so I bet it’s hardly gonna hurt” I taunt as his eyes widen in horror. I hear people laughing and I curse myself mentally , shit we are in a crowd. And I totally forgot I was here for Jayden to speak up not to meet the nightmare of my life.

“Hey! I don’t have pea sized balls” Aarav warns and I shove him away. “You better hurry up before I lose it” I warn Jayden and he looks at me blankly , still that same expression. “Lose what? Oh look insensitive Myr is horny!” Aarav plays around and I mentally slap myself for blurting that out in front him.

“Hell with your nasty head! And it’s not Myr it’s Myra” I say crossing my arms and try to wipe off that stupid smirk on his face. “But I love Myr” He whines like a child and I shut my eyes , don’t explode right now Myra! Just take a deep breath and ignore that after years he’s again in front of me with that same shit in his mouth. If I had fangs , I would have probably bit him by now but- Wait No! Having fangs means touching his neck and Ewwww! No way…. NO NO ! I would rather be laying down in an ICU than touching him.

“Jayden! Five minutes , outside the food area” I tell him and he nodded. I give a stare to Aarav who looks at me amused and I shove past him grunting as loud as I can. “Myra! Hey Myra!” I hear someone calling me and I stop on my tracks outside , the cold breeze hitting me and I feel damn cold.

“Clara…” I breathe out and we both take a seat on the wooden porch outside with Ame joining us. “You okay?” Clara asks me and I nodded. After a couple of minutes I see Jayden and his group waking out with the rest of the Devils and the biggest , largest Devil Aarav , the smile never fading away.

I begin to say something but Aarav stops me. “Before you get your fangs , let me explain” He says and I roll my eyes. Whatever! “It’s not only your best friend whose heartbroken. Have a look at Jay first. To be honest, I never expected him to be so truly in love. Like yeah, he’s known as the playboy but not after your bestie did black magic on him” Aarav says and I give him a warning look.

“I mean love magic” He says chuckling and I take a look at Clara who was looking down at her shoes , feeling flushed. My heart broke at how much pain she was in. My gaze stopped at Jayden with the same look but his eyes on Clara the whole time. Why did he even cheated her. “Can I speak?” Jayden asked an a non stopping Aarav who grinned at him.

“I know I acted as a total Jerk! But trust me I never wanted to. I was just afraid because I thought I might cheat. You were the School’s good girl and on the other me , the bad boy. You never noticed me because I knew that you hated boys like me…” He says in a weak tone and Clara was about to burst out crying any second.

“It’s was hard to get you but you don’t deserve me. You deserve someone better. But then the selfish me knocked again…” He says chuckling at the last sentence and Clara giggled in between crying. “That’s why I just did that act of making out with her….So you could hate me…” He begins but is stopped as Clara keeps his hand on his chest and pushes him away.

“You thought that would make me hate you, Jay?” She asks annoyance in her tone and I purse my lips together. “Maybe…hey don’t hit me” Jayden said when Clara keeps pushing him. That was totally an Oscar winning scene. Haaa!!

“I loved you so much..” She cries out and Jay hugs her rubbing her back. “I love you and I’m sorry” He says and we all grin as they totally forgot we were there. Aarav cleared his throat and grinned at both of them. “Sorry…just got carried away” Clara says wiping her tears and gives me a bone crushing hug.

“Thank you Myr” She winks at me and I roll my eyes. “I guess we should be going towards our classes right?” Ame asks and I nodded. Aarav keeps beaming at me and I swear I want to smash him just right now. I wish I was not inside University. The Aarav Sain is back with the Devils , the Devils included Jayden too , and to my hypothesis he’s gonna be probably everywhere were Clara will be that’s includes that sneaky NIGHTMARE too. AHH!

Yayyy life ^^^



The Aarav Sain in my history class?? Why?! Why?! Remember , guys?? The paint guy? It’s none other than him? My childhood curse? None other than him? The nightmare?? None other than him. The root problem?? None other than him…. None other than Aarav Sain… How are girls fond him? He’s got no good looks , I mean , fine yeah I know he’s a good looking person but there are a lot of others too. Stop it Myra! Concentrate on your phone…

The girls are probably gonna faint at how much hot he is. “Ah! Look at his muscles” One of them says behind my seat and I drop my head to my hands. “His lips! Perfect to be kissed!” One of them literally moaned. YUCK! DISGUSTING!!

“Why’s he motioning towards Myra’s seat?” is what I hear from one of the girls and I look at my side to him sitting there , grinning at me. “You can’t sit here” I snap and he frowns. “Chickenpox?” He asks and I roll my eyes. “No!” I almost yelled and he chuckled.

“Why are you even back?” I mutter and he sighs. “Heard ya” he blurts out and I take a deep breath. “I guess military school couldn’t get hold of me” He sighs , Hell yes! Someone like you to be in control. Nah!

“You missed me didn’t you?” He asks and I snorted. “Hell No!” I shrug and he nods. “Okay..” is what I hear , a hint of sadness in his tone. “I was leading a happy life that Aarav Sain wasn’t in my life but the hopes crashed seeing him again after a long time” I say as my hand goes down like a plane crashing and he laughs.

“You haven’t changed!” He says shaking his head laughing and I groan. “Whatever! Atleast I don’t have sl*ts in my room each day” I say with a smirk and he rolls his eyes. “I didn’t knew you were bis*xual” He smirks and I hit him with a notebook.

“I hate you from here” I point towards my heart and he holds his grin. “From your boobs?” He asks and I shut my eyes tight. Myra! Again he did it. “You are filled with so much nasty things” I say out loud and hit him on his back with his book and he laughs.

“You two at the back! Get out my class right now!” the professor yells and I look at Aarav a mischievous smile on his face. “I’” I say in between gritted teeths.

We both walk out of the class and I let out a huge breath I had been holding on. I stare at Aarav who was carelessly munching on his bubble and I feel the urge to punch him. “He asked me to get out of the class” I say out loud and he gives me a bored expression.

“He asked me too” He replied , a stupid reply. “That’s Lame. I had never been like this” I say in a sad tone and he looks on boggled. “You are so boring” He blurts out and I crossed my arms. “Boring? Seriously, being thrown out of the class is what you consider boring?” I ask literally yelling and he snorts.

“Your Mom and dad must have gone deaf by now” He says harshly and I step back , his words were like needles thrown across my heart that stabbed me hard. Hard enough that my punch even wouldn’t hurt that much. His features softens and he moves towards me concerned. “Myr! You okay?” He asks in a soft tone and I look at him , his words echoing in my mind.

“Don’t touch me” I snap and shove away his hand. “What happened Myr?” He asks again and I turn away. “Just move back before I punch you” I tell him and he let’s out a bitter laugh. “I don’t care. Tell me what’s bothering you Myr!” He turns me around and I grunt.

“You are no one to me. Get it? Get your hands off me. Right now!” I say out loud and he steps back hurt. Why’s he affected on how I treat him. Wasn’t he always harsh to me. Why did you had to come back to my life Aarav? I didn’t missed you not all. Yes , I didn’t miss him okay? Who would miss their bully!!! NIGHTMARE….


Mom gave me 10 minutes , like freaking 10 minutes to get ready for the dinner. Just because I came home late 30 seconds , yeah hell , she’s not that strict. But just because it’s her best friend’s dinner I wasn’t supposed to be late. And I am! Just because of Aarav because I had to catch up with the notes I missed in history class.

I was not in the mood to change into something fancy or put on tons of makeup and look like those plastics. I know they look good but I’m not like them. I quickly changed into a pair of jeans with a white T-shirt and had my cheque shirt up on. I was about to wear my converse when I heard Mom’s voice.*xy-plaid-outfit-with-converse-shoes.jpg&*xy-plaid-outfit-white-converse-shoes%2F&docid=Tbwqy0Pp6C3NsM&tbnid=MgRiECgBQfQ44M%3A&w=236&h=354&client=ms-android-samsung&bih=560&biw=360&ved=0ahUKEwj5j_6YmNzMAhVG7xQKHXVLAUoQMwg5KBUwFQ&iact=mrc&uact=8

“I’m going , honey. You come there in 5 minutes” She said and I sighed. Thanks Mom. I quickly got my phone and made my way downstairs. I took a quick sneak peek of myself and Hell yeah! I’m better than before. I marched towards the house , the neighbors, my Mom’s best friend Blah blah blah. It took me literally 10 seconds like , 10 seconds to reach there because we were so close.

I pressed the bell button and taped my feet waiting impatiently for someone to open the door. The door opened as I saw Aaruhi aunty beaming at me. “Hello..” I greeted awkwardly. MYRA! YOU HAVE TO START INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE , OKAY??

My inner voice said and I shoved it away. SHOO SHOO you alien voice. Huh! Finally.

“Hi Myra! You have grown up to be a beautiful women” She says clasping her hands and I smile gratefully. “Thank you” I mutter and she hugs me and closes the door as we both move inside. “Make yourself at home” She taps my back and I smile. “I will”

“Let’s go where the boys and your Mom are” She says and I follow her to the large room where hung were infinite paintings. “Guess who’s here?” She asks and I step forward to see but- Wait what?

“Myra!” is what that person says and I almost collapsed due to the stool there. His mouth was half open as he blinked his eyes rapidly. “Aryan!” I exclaimed in happiness and he rushed towards me giving me a bone crushing hug. “I can’t believe Myra Dhillon is in my home” He says pulling back and I grin.

“I never expected to see you here” He says and I purse my lips. “Neither did I” I wink and he laughs. “Any explanations?” His mom asks grinning and I nodded. “Mom! She’s Myra Dhillon. The one I told you about. The writer of the Masquerade” He almost yelled and I chuckled.

“Are you serious?” his mom asked mine and she approved. “You never told me your daughter was a New York’s best selling writer, Hina” Aunty laughed with Mom and I smiled. “I’m proud of you” She kissed my forehead and smiled. “Myra…” a smooth voice entered my ears and my smile fade away.

I turned around meeting those same hypnotic blue eyes full of surprise and amazement. “You never told me you are a writer..” his voice was low with a hint of sadness and I don’t why but I felt bad. Ugh! Go away you feelings. “You didn’t asked” I replied honestly, I didn’t wanted to be rude.

“You two know each other?” his mom asked and Aarav sighed. “We are in the same University” we both blurted out simultaneously and they all grinned. Mom passes me a wink and I bet she’s mentally naming her grandchildren. Too bad Mom too bad.

“Myra! Come with me” Aryan holds my hand and we both run towards his room. “Wow!” My jaw dropped on seeing the bookshelf and Aryan grinned. “Seems more for a 16 year old?” He asks sheepishly and I laugh. “Not really” I say and he chuckled. We both talked a lot , about our favorite books , writers and a lot more. “What’s th-“ I begin but I’m cut off my someone.

“Hey buddy! Can you give us some time alone?” I snap my head back to see Aarav leaning onto the door frame with a straight face. We both haven’t talk after whatever happened in history class. “Sure..” Aryan happily replies and I gulp. Actually , a bit feeling uneasy. I turn around scanning the books on the shelf but his heated gaze is unbearable.

“Why are you ignoring me?” he asks and I can’t answer him because my words dry out on the tip of my tongue. “I’m not..” I finally say in a whisper and he let’s out a bitter laugh. “You suck at lying” He states the obvious and I roll my eyes. ARROGANT !!!

I turn around but shriek back as he’s standing in front of me. His cold breath fanning on my face and I clear the lump in my throat. “Careful” He whispers placing his handon the small of my back and thousands waves of tingles passing through my spine. STUPID HORMONES!

“Don’t speak…” He says placing his forehead upon mine and I shut my eyes. I thought of him bursting out laughing or mocking at me but nothing happened. My heart was hammering across my chest and I felt the sudden urge to push him. It can be a prank again! And so much closeness of a boy to me wasn’t good.

I pushed him back , far away as I could. He looked at me hurt and I was about to tear up. “Don’t touch me” I mumbled running my hands through my body , afraid. No of him , the close proximity of his body. My state was next close to Sanjana , yeah a lot more than her.

I ran past through him towards the bathroom and stood there in shock. I gave pain to Aarav Sain , pain which he doesn’t deserve. I come back wiping my tears as he stood there Infront of me his arms crossing across his chest. “I don’t have any stamina right now” I say in a low whisper and my Mom came there.

“Oh here you are! Myra I forgot the bags in your room for them. Can you please bring them?” Mom asks and I nodded , thanks mom so that I could go and cry out there. “I’ll go and help her bring them” Aarav spoke and my breath hitched in my throat.

“That would be really nice of you” Mom says and I grumble motioning outside. We both walk in silence with him after me. I take as big steps as I can and open the door to my house. “Stay here. I’ll get the bags” I say and rush upstairs. “So many bags?” I question myself and I groan as suddenly the door of my room closes and I shriek back afraid.


AARAV (POV) | Finally , right?|

I closed the door and she took a few steps back. I don’t get it , why’s she afraid of me? I step closer and again she steps back. “I need to talk to you” I say and she shakes her head in a no like a stubborn kid shaking their head to hand over their candies. Yeah , me though.

“Myr! What’s wrong?” I ask , because I know something had been bothering her since I left New York. “Nothing okay Nothing” She shouts and I smile. “Angry…are we?” I ask and groans. “Brian less…are we?” She mocks and I chuckle. “You look cute when you are angry” I say and boom she’s blushes.

The Myra Dhillon blushed. I tap my back and say , “Keep it up Aarav Sain! You made Myra Dhillon blush” and she laughs out loud. Her nose crinkles as her cheeks turn red and she leans on the wall giggling. “You are crazy!” She adds and I smile. “I’m…” I approved and her jaw dropped to the floor.

“Myr..” I begin but she gives me a huge smile. “Aarav I promise I’ll tell you on the right time” She says and I smile , atleast she trusts me that much. “Thanks..” I whisper and to my surprise I feel two loose arms around my neck. She’s hugging me. She’s hugging her worst enemy.

“Myra!” I blurt out but she buries her face in my chest. “Don’t talk..” She giggles and I smile. Glad I could make her smile , I have missed her , missed her so much. To be honest , it’s the first time I’m hugging her and it feels good like really good. Crap! Don’t get to creepy!

She pulls back beaming and we both go towards my home , with the bags and me with a great weight off my shoulders. That I am now not on bad terms with Myra Dhillon!










How have you all been?

So So how was the chapter?

Did you liked Myra and her Mom’s closeness?

And what about Myra’s character? I would like you to describe her! She seemed all bubbly and cheeky in the last chapter ? And BOOM now she’s like a firecracker right?

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Love you all ???

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      1. Hey Misha dear,
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