Chapter ● 16 ~ REALITY…..


There’s something that’s bothering Zayn , else why would he be so possessive. Something’s on his head that’s haunting him.. I wonder why would he hide it from me. Maybe , it’s just my prediction or something. We all sit to have dinner as I grab Zayn’s head. “Is everything okay, Zayn?” I ask as he sighs , squeezing my hand lightly , assuring me.

“Yes , don’t worry. As long as you are with me, everything would be okay” he assures me as I smile. Suddenly , my phone buzzes causing my attention to draw towards it. It’s Laura. But why’s she calling me now. “I’ll be back” I tell the rest. I come back having a talk with Laura. “Guys! There’s someone who has invited us for lunch tomorrow” I tell them as they all look at me blankly. “Who?” and etc etc questions arises as I shhh them all.

I tell everyone about Grace and her mom Laura. “Wow! That’s nice” Tani says as I nodded. “You are not going there” Zayn says out of the blue making me narrow my gaze at him. “What?!” I ask surprised and astonished. “Why would you even say that?” I ask in a dry tone as he let’s out a faint laugh. “You won’t go there and that’s it” he says in an annoyed tone. “Calm down!”Dhruv warns him as he rolls his eyes.

“I’m going there. Plus, what’s wrong if I even go there?” I ask him as he shuts his eyes. “I said you won’t go there” he says pushing the fork aside. “But why?” I ask the curiosity growing more inside me. Why wouldn’t he want me to go there. What’s the problem if I even go there. Has he gone nuts or what.

“Don’t argue Sanjana” he says harshly as he has ever have. God , he’s totally gone mad. “You know what, it’s useless to talk to you. Just have your food” he says and I roll my eyes. “I’m full , goodnight” I mutter and set back my chair. I feel them calling me back but I run towards my room. If once , for once you tell me the problem then I won’t go. I lay down on the bed for a long time as the door slowly opens. Someone sits by my side as I face the person’s back.

“Sanjana…” Zayn whispers and I grumble. “I’m sleepy..” I mumble , and he let’s out a sarcastic laugh. “Just listen to m-“ he begins but I stop him. “Why can’t you just tell me the problem ? I have been noticing you since a few days” I cry out and he sighs. “There’s nothing to say” he mutters and I grunt. “Sure, goodnight then” I turn away to my side and shut my eyes.


“Wake up!!” I yell at Aryan for the 10th time and he doesn’t move. blo*dy idiot. “Wake up Aryan , else I swear I’m gonna throw a bucket full of iced water on you” I groan and Neil laughs , amused at my reaction. I give him a warning look and he steps back. “Fine!” I say in between gritted teeths. I rush downstairs and grab a bucket full of ice motioning towards his room. I enter the bathroom filling the bucket with water and wait for it to get full.

“I’m telling you for the last time” I warn him but no response. Okay , then. Here you go. I pour the whole bucket on him and Neil cracks up. “What the f**k!” Aryan shouts out loud. Woah! Everyone must have heard him. “What happened?” Tani and Emily comes in as they join me to laugh at Aryan. “Oh my poor baby” Tani singsongs and and and Neil just cracked up again. “Why would you that?” Aryan asks and I snort.

“I warned you” I tell him and he stands up. “I’m not leaving you” he yells and I run away. “Someone save me” I yell on top of my lungs as Aryan runs behind me with a small bottle in his hand. Everyone’s just laughing at us. “Stop it you idiots and help” I groan as they shake their head. “Army! Capture her” Aryan yells and I look on boggled. ARMY??

Suddenly , Neil and Emmet grabs my hands and I stand their helpless. “You are such a moron!” I yell , “Who’s gonna save you,now ha?” Aryan laughs in an evil way and I roll my eyes. “What do you think you are doing?” I ask Tani as she gives the same bucket to Aryan , filled with water and ice. “Trying the same trick” they say simultaneously and I try to remove Neil and Emmet but ugh!! “Any last wishes?” Aryan asks and I let out a faint laugh. “You have a pathetic army” I yell as everyone crack up.

“Ready?” Aryan asks wriggling his eyebrows in amusement. “3…2…1” I shut my eyes as the water splashes across but I don’t feel wet. What exactly happened ? I open my eyes to see someone standing in front of me , all wet. “Zayn! You ruined it” Aryan groans and my eyes widen in astonishment. Zayn? “Sorry mate” Zayn replies as Neil and Emmet back off giggling.

Zayn turns around running a hand through his wet hair as they water droplets dribble down on the marbled floor. He shirt sticks to his chest as I clear the lump in my throat. “You okay?” he asks motioning towards me but I step back. How stupid of me! I run past him towards my room feeling embarrassed. He saved me so I don’t get wet and I just ignored him. Ugh! Crazy ain’t I?

I feel the door open and I sigh , pretending to be working. I could feel steps approaching towards me and I shut my eyes. His warm breath hits my neck as he presses his chest on my back wrapping his arms around my waist. I shiver as his cold body sends shivers down my spine and water droplets dropped down on my neck. “Y-you should change” I mutter and I could feel him smile across me.

“What if I say no?” he asks , his voice husky and I sigh. “I don’t know…you can leave me” I tell him and he let’s out a soft laugh. “I can’t do that. And you know it” he whispers and I roll my eyes smiling , jerk. “What do you want?” I ask , the whole temperature rising up to my cheeks. “Hmmm…” he mumbles his nose touching my neck. He turns me around so that I could face him. “Don’t tell me you were blushing?” he asks beaming and I grunt.

“No way” I tell him and try to step back but I’m not the strong next to him. “Why did you came in front of me when Aryan was gonna splash the water on me?” I ask stupidly and he breathes out. “I don’t know” he mutters and I sigh in defeat. “Fine. Let me go , I have to change” I tell him and he narrows his gaze. He moves back , realizing where I am going and turns away. “Zayn , please tell me what’s the problem?” I ask but he shoves me away.

“Talk to me when you agree with me” he replies harshly and I let out a sarcastic laugh. “And talk to me when you get over this madness” I grumble shoving past him. Stop testing my patience Zayn , if you would tell me that would be better for me. And at least better for our relationship.


“Guys! Come on. Move your butts” T yells and I lay down on the couch , waiting for the rest of the idiots to come downstairs. “This one or this one?” Aryan asks showing both the shirts and I roll my eyes. “Geez! It’s not your wedding okay? It’s just lunch” I yell and he laughs , sticking out his tongue at me. “I wonder what will he do at his wedding” T says and I laugh as Misha pops up.

“Who’s wedding?” she asks sitting beside me and me And T and I pass each other a smirk. “Aryan’s wedding” I say causally as her eyes lids pops out , I mean literally. “What?” she asks in an annoyed plus innocent tone. “Yeah! Probably , yes. Go and inquire” T tells her and she rushes away from there. “Huh! Innocent Aryan” T sighs and we burst out laughing. Misha storms out of the room after a couple of minutes and I purse my lips not to laugh.

“Misha! Listen Misha , why will I get married, Mish?” Aryan yells running after her and she motions towards us annoyed. “What did you tell her?” Aryan asks and me and T pass each other innocent looks. “What will we tell her?” T asks trying to control her grin but fails miserably. “Why are you blaming them?” Misha asks and we finally laugh aloud. “Okay Misha , that was just a joke” I tell her and she grins.

“Nice one” she passes me a wink and Aryan looks at us irritated. “Zayn! Better warn your girlfriend not to mess with me” Aryan says loudly to Zayn who seems to come downstairs. I hear footsteps approaching us and I look away. “Which girlfriend?” Zayn asks and I try to look at him but can’t. “Dude! Her. My sister” Aryan says, probably , pointing towards me and I sigh.

“She’s not my girlfriend” Zayn says and this time I gather up the courage to look at him. “Zayn!” Misha warns but he let’s out a faint laugh. “Guys , enough. It’s our personal matter. Right, sanjana?” he says in a mocking tone and I clear the the lump in my throat. “Yeah..” I merely whisper and blink my eyes rapidly to get rid of the blurred vision. “I’ll see you all outside” I mutter and rush away from there.


“Shall we go now?” Niki asks and I nodded. “Everyone here?” She asks and I examine. “Great then let’s go” she says and I stop her. “Guys , you all go and I’ll join you” I tell them and they nodded. I rush back inside heading towards my room upstairs. I enter inside to smell something burning. “Zayn?” I say out loud to see him smoking there. “Are you serious?” I tell running towards him and snatching the cigarette from him.

“You are smoking?” I ask not believing at what he was doing. “So? Why is it affecting you?” he taunts and I roll my eyes. “Stop behaving like a two years old” I shout on him and he snorts. “We are over and it’s better if you get over it” he says and I look on shocked. “That’s stupid of you” I grumble and sit on the bed , covering my face with my hands. “It’s over” he yells and I sob quietly.

“Yy-you can’t s-say tha-t” I say my lips trembling and tears flow down. “I’m sorry” I tell him and lean down on the side of the bed. “I’m s-sorry..” I whisper and rush out from there. I run downstairs settling myself. I walk on the beach as Laura’s house is not too far. How could Zayn say that! We can’t split apart. I know he’s angry but why?

“Feeling lonely?” an ear-splitting voice, familiar voice hits me and I roll my eyes. “Stop following me” I grumble and he let’s out an evil laugh. “Come on babe , I’m not that bad” he says and I roll my eyes. “What happened? Can’t your boyfriend fulfil your desires?” he mocks and I stop midway.

“I better can fulfill your desires by beating the shit out of you” I hear a husky voice and I turn to look at him and grunt. No more drama. “Oh! Here is your prince charming” He taunts and I begin to walk , ignore him and Zayn. “Sanju!” He calls me and I stop turning back to see Zayn angry and I roll my eyes at how that moron Aditya called me. “f**k yourself. You dickhead” I yell at Aditya and he laughs.

“You haven’t changed a bit. Expect Yeah , hmm looking better than you used to” Aditya mocks and I roll my eyes. “Shut your mo-“ Zayn begins my but I prevent him. “Don’t interfere” I tell him and he stops back. “Ooo! I like it. Plus , I still have to repay back for the punch you gave me yesterday” Aditya says and I shut my eyes. Shit! Zayn’s here.

“What?” Zayn asks and I sigh. “Get lost. I told you don’t come near me again” I shout on him as the waves sound blocks my voice. Suddenly , Zayn punches Aditya as he falls back groaning. “Zayn!” I yell covering my mouth as he doesn’t stop beating Aditya. “Leave him Zayn” I yell but why would anyone listen to me. “Zayn leave him” I yell as he finally backs off. “I f**king won’t leave you” Aditya yells and I roll my eyes.

“Only if I’ll let you come near her again” Zayn shouts and I drag him alone. I pull him with myself. I drag him all the way to the beachhouse again. I shove him inside as my phone buzzes. “I’m sorry Emily! Tell her I’m sorry but I’m not feeling well” I say on the phone as Zayn looks on boggled. “You are not feeling well? Why didn’t you told me?” he asks and I roll my eyes.

“Yeah okay! Tell her sorry for that. But I’ll meet for sure” I say and cancel the phone. “Are you not feeling well?” he asks again and I grumble. “Why do you care?” I mock and he sighs. “Come here…” he gestures and I let out a faint laugh. “Zayn , remember , you said it’s over?” I ask as I emphasize on the word over and he shuts his eyes letting out a deep breath. “Why did you lie to me about him?” he asks and I shake my head.

I ignore his question and ramble towards the kitchen. I begin to drink some water but he shoves the glass away as it shatters on floor. “Zayn!” I yell shocked , he’s behaving strange. “What the heck is wrong with you?” I shout and he blocks my way. “Let me go! I’m thirsty” I whine but yeah as usual no response. “Answer me first” he says harshly and I purse my lips together.

“Fine… I met him yesterday by accident or not. I don’t know. Happy now?” I ask crossing my arms. “It’s not the entire thing” he says and I groan. “Did he hurt you?” he asks his voice low and I let out a sarcastic laugh. “Hurt? No, but you know who has hurt me the most. It’s you” I point my finger towards him and he narrows his gaze.

“Sanjana…” he begins but I shut him. “Don’t Zayn! You have hurt me the most. Over? Are you serious? I never thought you would even say that and you-“ I begin breaking down into sobs.



She breaks down and I mentally curse myself for whatever I ever did. “Sanjana..shh..I’m sorry” I try but she shoves me away. “Sorry? No way Zayn. You say sorry because you just broke our relation in a matter of seconds?” she asks and this time I lose my temper. “because I didn’t wanted you to see her” I yell and she narrows her gaze at me.

“See whom?” she whispers and I leave her hand. “Danielle” I mumble and her eyes widen in surprise. “Danielle?” she asks confusion visible on her face. “She’s laura’s sister” I tell her and she backs off. “What?” she asks boggled. “I..I saw Danielle before yesterday and then when you took Laura’s name” I clarify , telling her why I was restless all this time.

“And you thought I would break down or Danielle would break me?” she asks crossing her arms and I nodded. To my surprise , she giggles softly and I look at her boggled. “Seriously? You think I’m that fragile? I smacked that moron yesterday” she clears out , not pleased with the situation and I let out a soft laugh. “No…I just..I don’t know” I groan and she frowns walking past me.

“I’m sorry….” I mutter as she takes a seat on the couch and let’s out a deep breath. “I hate you…because you said it’s over between us” she mumbles quietly and I mentally curse myself for blabbering that much. “You know I didn’t mean it” I try to clarify tapping my feet and she stands up , her hands on her hips. “promise me you won’t do that again?” She asks and I smile , embracing her in my arms.

“That’s good” she whispers in a husky tone and she backs off , a bright smile on her lips. “What?” she asks giggling and I shake my head , placing my lips on hers and so does she. I place my hands firmly on her back , pulling her towards my chest as a soft moan escapes her lips and I deepen the kiss. Her soft clutch on my hair makes it more perfect.

She pulls back to breathe and I pout making her giggle. “If they come , they are again gonna start with that PDA thing” she mumbles and I chuckle. “Great then” and before she can response I pull her for another one , this time a more compassionate and rough one , her hands on my left jaw.



“We are back!” the door bursts out open and we snap our head back from the TV to see them all entering turn by turn. “Oh! I see your sickness” Aryan smirks seeing me and Zayn on the couch in a cuddled position. “Whatever!” Zayn grumbles , embracing me more towards himself. “How was it?” I ask and they all place a hand on their stomach.

“Great! Laura has a sister too” Misha says settling back on the couch as I feel Zayn tense up. I rub his hand and he smiles. “Danielle” Neil says and I nodded. “Wasn’t she awesome?” Emmet asks probably munching on something. This guy has got issues.

“What?” Niki asks annoyed and he rolls his eyes. “Are you getting J?” Neil asks and I laugh softly. “Why would I get jealous? And for God sake , what’s J!” Niki groans and Zayn laughs and I chuckle. How stupid of them? Fighting over J and jealous?

“Because Emmet likes Niki” Aryan singsongs and I try to hold my grin as Niki gets flattered, feeling as if they whole temperature is rising up to her cheeks. “Goodnight!” Misha says yawning as some of them head towards their room.


“It’s been such a long day” I grunt laying down on the bed and Zayn smirks making me boggled. “What if I say it will be a long night too?” he asks grinning and I roll my eyes. “Jerk! Cliché! Corny!”

“Hey! Watch out with what you say!” he warns and I shake my head in disbelief. “I’m not afraid of you” I stick my tongue at him and he nods, presumably , agreeing on my words. “Fine then” he says and grabs my hand , making me stand on my toes. “You are not?’ he emphasizes on the word you and I smile brightly. He leans down and I feel his icy lips on my neck and I shut my eyes , looping my arms like a band around his neck.

“You do smell good” he mumbles his nose brushing mine and I blush , feeling flushed. I stroke his lower jaw , as he draws random patterns on my arm and back. “Are we gonna stand here all night?” I ask in a whisper and he wriggled his eyebrows. “I don’t know” he whispers back. “Okay..” I whisper again , “Why are we whispering?” he asks again in a whisper and I reply “I don’t know!” that was a whisper too.

Suddenly we both bursts out laughing and pull back , falling on the bed. “That was lame” I say and Zayn chuckles.


We all were in the hall in the morning as the door bursts out open. “What’s up” an ear-splitting tone hits the atmosphere and I look at the back to see Aditya standing there. “What the f**k are you doing in here?” Emmet asks shoving the plates aside and I hold my breath to calm down myself.

“Relax! Chill mate” Aditya says and I roll my eyes. “Get lost” Neil groans and I stop him. I move towards him crossing my arms and he grins sheepishly. “What do you want?” I ask in displeasure and he smirks. “Well..” he walks past me taking a seat on the couch and I frown. “Get lost before I lose it” Niki warns and he raises his hands in defense.

“Lose what? Don’t forget that you are my sister” he points out to her and my blood is literally boiling right now. “And you don’t want to lose me like our parents right?” he asks and I feel Niki tense up . “Aditya!” I warn and he snorts. “Moron! Asshole” Emmet curses as he punches Aditya hard across his face and I step back in horror. “Emmet!” Niki mutters in shock and I feel my eyes tear up.

“Get out of here” I yell as Neil holds on to Emmet. “Won’t you ask why I’m here?” Aditya asks , rubbing the place where Emmet hit him. “Certainly not! So , get out before I rip off your balls” I warn him and he gives me his stupid smirk , which is to be honest the words most annoying one ever. “Ooops! I’m afraid!” he dramatically adds , placing his hand on his heart and I groan.

“Won’t you ask where is your baby?” he asks and moving towards me leaving me boggled. I look of confused as Neil begins to move towards him but I give him a stare. “Let me clear it out , babe. Guess where he can be?”

I let out a faint laugh and shrug. “Nonsense!” I mutter as he laughs wickedly. “Well , mind to check?” he asks and I nod at misha who rushes upstairs to check on him. I tap my feet impatiently waiting for misha as she rushes downstairs , guilt and sadness covering her eyes as she shakes her head in a no. I feel my blood boiling as I hold his collar and beat the shut out of him.

“Where’s he?” I yell as he pushes me back and my back clashes at Emmet’s chest who holds me firmly. “Where’s Zayn?” Neil asks grabbing his collar and I cry in Emmet’s arm. “Get your f**king hands off me else you’ll regret it” Aditya warns and I shout at Neil.

“Leave him!” I wipe my tears and stand in front of that bastard. “What do you want?” Niki asks in disgust ad he let’s out a soft laugh. “Oh baby sis! Chill” he chuckles and I shut my eyes. “Well not that much…just an awesome night” he declares and I roll my eyes. I knew it , I really knew it. “f**k yourself” I says out loud as he shakes his head.

“Cursing…are we?” he says and I roll my eyes. “Loosers…are we?” I mock back and he smiles. “Spit it out” I taunt and he sighs. “Well just a nice and warm company…with…” he points his finger at me but moves it across from mine. I snap my head back to see who it is and my eyes widen in shock. “Zayn’s baby sis , right?” Aditya asks her and I shut my eyes fighting back the tears.

I open them to see Misha holding on to Tanu and this time I realize how much I forgot about her. She must be feeling the same pain as I am and- “Aditya!” is what I hear and I turn around to see Aditya on the floor with a raged up Aryan on top of him. All this time, I could see Aryan standing at the corner watching Aditya with frustration and now , oh God!

“I love her and if you even get your nasty hands on her , I’m gonna rip you off” Aryan yells as Neil holds back Aryan who breathed heavily. I wonder why didn’t Aditya replied back to anyone of us by hitting us. Something is there.

He motions towards the door and before he steps out he says what left more disgust about him. “Sheretton! Sharp at night!” he says passing his wicked smile and I collapse on the couch , tears rolling down rapidly.


“Misha won’t go anywhere” Aryan yells and it’s the 100th time he said this in this 1 hour after Aditya left. I hold on my frustration and speak up the first time, “Aryan! For God sake, I won’t do that ever” I yell and this time his muscles relaxes. “We are back!” Tani enters the hall back from her shopping with Dhruv as they both were not there since all that drama started.

“What happened? So much silence?” She asks as her eyes land on me , and she groans. “What state are you in? Messy hair , scrambled clothes , and wait- where you crying?” she asks concern in her tone with a hint of annoyance. I hug her tightly as she rubs my back.


“Nobody even bothered to call us?” Dhruv asks angry and I sigh. “Niki…we smashed your brother and-“ Emmet begins as Niki let’s out a sarcastic laugh. “Brother? He’s not my brother” she says in a broken tone as Emmet rubs her back , and she sobs. “I’m sorry…” I mutter and their heads snap at my direction.

“Where can Zayn be?” Neil groans in frustration and I sigh. “Danielle!” I shriek and everyone look at me. “What?” Dhruv asks and I nodded.

“Aditya can dig information about anyone! Because he got to know about us being in Miami! He got to know about everything , he kidnapped Zayn because he wants revenge , revenge from me. And he must have tried to find out about Zayn’s past too. And yeah actually ,Zayn dated Danielle but she dichted him and maybe Danielle can be involved , I know it doesn’t make sense but a try?” I say everything in one breath as their mouth opens and I roll my eyes.


“DANIELLE!” Laura yells on to her sister as Danielle sits there , her gaze lowered and not meeting mine. “Are you involved in this?” Laura asks again and I impatiently wait from her answer as everyone watch Danielle with anger. She bursts out crying and I sigh.

“Danielle , please tell me where he is? Please. Think if you were in my place” I tell her and she looks at me tears flowing down as the guilt eats her. “Please…don’t trust Aditya. I don’t know what he told you but think what if I kidnap your boyfriend” I tell her and she breathes slowly sobbing and I rub her back.

“You love him so much?” she mumbles slowly and I clear the lump in my throat. “Yes..” I reply , my voice broken and weak “I’m..sorry..” she cried out and I smile , a broken smile. “It’s okay…What did Aditya say to you?” I ask slowly and she breathes hard. “He would..he would harm Grace if I…if I wouldn’t…I’m so selfish” she covers her face and cries hugging me.

“No! You aren’t.. you thought about grace. But you could have told Laura and us?” I ask and Laura gives a light squeeze to my shoulder. “Grace is Danielle’s daughter…she left Zayn because Danielle already had grace and I took care of Grace as she was young and she didn’t wanted to play with Zayn’s life” Laura clears out and I nodded , shocked and guilty about how much me and Zayn were wrong about her.

“I’m sorry Danielle” I whisper and she shakes her head hugging me again. “I’ll help. I promise” she sounds firm and I smile as everyone gives us a group hug.


“So , where has he even kept Zayn?” Neil asks as my curiosity increases. “Come with me” she says and we both go upstairs to see she what she was going to say. She inserts a USB into her laptop and we all impatiently await for what’s she gonna show us. “Sit here” she tells me and I take a seat on the chair , everyone surrounding me. She plays the clip and backs off , sorrow in her eyes.

“Oh Hi” An irritating voice hits the silence from the video as Aditya’s face appears in the clip. “Basically , I’m recoding this…you’ll see why” Aditya begins as he walks over to a large room even beyond my explanation. “Oh! Here’s Zayn!” He yells and my heartbeat stops at the exact moment and I could feel everyone’s sight on me this moment.

The clip now shows Zayn , laying down on a pile on rocks , his hands and feet tied up. “Zayn…” I mumble as my eyes becomes watery. His whole face is bruised , his arms and my heat aches. “Ohh! Make sure you show it to Sanjana after my work is done , Danielle” Aditya speaks in the clip and I could feel Danielle sobbing right now.

“Hey Zayn! Wanna say something to your Girlfriend?” Aditya asks and Zayn groans in pain. “Oops! Sorry Mate. I went to your beachhouse and to be honest, she is so strong man!” he says and I roll my eyes. “Bet she must have swore to rip off your balls” Zayn speaks and I smile at him but my smile fades away as Aditya hits me and I cry.

“You are a looser!” Zayn groans and I shake my head at that bastard. “Any last wishes” Aditya smirks and Zayn let’s out a faint laugh. “Well , I know I won’t be dying but yeah to satisfy you , then sure” Zayn says and again another hit. I’ll pay you for every hit you hit him , Aditya.

“Hey , Sanjana….I know when you’ll watch this you are gonna cry. But I don’t want you to , you are not that sensitive right? I’m not gonna die because I’m not gonna leave you and you know that. Else who’s gonna irritate you till the end of the day. I miss you , babe. Your warmth , your hug , your kiss..” Zayn smirks as Aditya groans in anger.

“I’ll always love you , no matter how crazy you are. And yeah , I know you all must be feeling jealous but guys I love you all. And Dhruv don’t bother Tani much , Tanu don’t make Neil pick up those shopping bags of yours , and yeah Emmet tell Niki what you feel for her because I know you both do. And yeah , Aryan don’t hurt my baby sister ever else I’ll rip off your balls , it’s not your sister who does it always and tell Richa I miss her…” he chuckles and my head drops to my hand as Aditya beats him again.

“It’s all because of me” Danielle mumbles and Emmet rolls his eyes. “We don’t have time Danielle , it’s 7:30 , we have to reach there before 9” I hurry up and they all nod.


“Are you sure?” I ask Danielle and she nodded. “It’s the same hotel he asked misha to come” Niki blurts out and I frown. “That means , Zayn’s here?” I ask but she Danielle shakes her head. “Down there!” she points towards somewhere and I groan. “Let’s go then”

Only me , Neil , Emmet , Niki and Danielle are her as the rest are at home , who were acting stubborn to come. Geez! It’s not a war , well maybe , not less than one. “Is Aditya alone in there?” I mumble and she nods. “What if we get caught?” Neil asks and I frown.

We reach the place and it’s behind the hotel. It looks much like a burnt big , expanded room. “Where do we go towards the inside?” Niki asks and Danielle points towards the door. She quietly opens the door and we all get inside. First there is narrow hall as we walk past through it in all darkness and then we turn left to another narrow hall.

There comes another turn and then a door to which Danielle stops. She takes a deep breath and open the door quietly and we all follow her. “Aditya is not here” she sighs in relief and I nodded. “But shouldn’t he be here?” I ask , “He’ll be here any minute…let’s find Zayn” she replies and I nodded. This is such a big room with old burnt up items and rocks.

“Zayn!” I yell and take a deep breath. I ramble across searching behind every piece there as I hear a mumble. “S-Sanjana” my heads spinning right now. Emmet points at the side and we all rush towards him. “Zayn..” I blurt out and he manages to keep his eyes open.

“I knew…you’ll be here” his voice tired as he smiles. I cover my mouth , shocked and hurt at his state and back off. Emmet and Neil help him up as I stand in a distance , the guilt that I’m the reason of his this state , increases. “Give me the water bottle” Emmet says to Danielle who hurriedly grabs the bottle from her bag and passes it to him.

Neil helps him drink it as Zayn gulps it down and I stand there in shock. “Sanjana…” Zayn mumbles motioning towards me but fails miserably. I want to hug him and cure him but can’t as my inner voice haunts me. ‘It’s your fault Sanjana’ is what it says.

“Nice play , Danielle” we all tense up as Aditya’s voice breaks the silence. “So , you found out where the lover-boy is” Aditya says leaning on the door and claps laughing wickedly. “Why do you love hurting me always?” he asks me tugging me by the arm, his hand on my neck.

“Leave her” Neil yells rushing towards me but he stops him. “Don’t , else I’ll kill her” He warns , his hands firmly on my neck as he compresses it. I struggle to move but cant. “Fine..I’ll be a little nice…I’ll give you some choices , first, Zayn will be killed. Second, you. Third, leave him and be mine” he says and I shut my eyes preventing the tears.

“Fine. You can’t chose so I’ll tell you. Confess you hate Zayn , and you love me. And then kiss me right now. Else Zayn’s gone. And you know that” he whispers in my ear and I cry. “Sanjana! I don’t know what he told you but don’t listen to him” Zayn says and try to breathe.

“I hate you Zayn!” I say as it’s been the world’s most difficult thing ever. “don’t do it” Zayn whispers running towards us but Aditya’s hold gets tighter around my neck. “Move back or I’ll kill her” Aditya warns as Zayn stops a few meters away from us. “Speak up” He whispers in my ear and I breathe heavily.

“I hate you Zayn , I…I love Aditya” I copy what Aditya whispers in my ear and Zayn let’s out a faint laugh. “You don’t.” Zayn mumbles shaking his head but I yell , “I love him not you” I tell Zayn as he shakes his head still not believing my words. “Tell him you can prove it” he whispers. “I..I can prove it” I mutter and Zayn looks at me , hurt , hurt and only hurt. “See” Aditya smirks at Zayn and his hold loosens around my neck.

Zayn find the opportunity to run towards me but Aditya grabs a gun from his hand and shoots. I shut my eyes and yell , “No!”

“Don’t come near us , or I’ll kill her” Aditya points the gun at me , his arm around my waist and my back , pressed towards his chest. I feel his icy lips on my neck and I grunt. “See….she loves me..she didn’t opposed it” Aditya says and I shut my eyes feeling disgusting.

“Don’t” Emmet yells and I signal him to shut up , else he would shoot them. “Tell him you don’t love him!” Zayn shouts and I shake my head. “Ooohhh! Let me prove it to you” Aditya says , his hands roughly going everywhere on my sides but I don’t let the tears roll down.

“I had been dying to tase your lips” he laughs out , turning me around and clashes his lips onto my mine and I shut my eyes , him hovering all over me , already going to faint any minute. All I hear the last is a shoot and my head spins unless I land in someone’s arms.


My head aches badly as I hear murmurs and I groan in pain , stretching my arms and holding my head. “Hey…Take is easy” it’s Tanu’s voice and she helps me up. I blink my eyes rapidly to get rid of the blurred vision. “Finally, you are up” Aryan with a smile and I clear the lump in my throat.

Suddenly, my mind is averted towards Zayn. Where’s he , and how am I here? “Zayn…” I mutter getting out of the covers but Tani holds me back. “Easy…he’s totally okay..there” she points towards the balcony door and our gaze locks , I find nothing except , how hurt he is. “Zayn..” I mumble , my eyes becoming teary and my breath hitches in my throat.

“How…I..don’t..” I mutter softly and Neil grunts. “When he was holding onto you…suddenly we heard a shoot and it was Niki who shot him to our surprise. You fainted and yeah obviously landed in your lover-boy’s arms…” Neil adds grinning and I shake my head. “And Aditya?” I ask , what if he’s dead. “He’s in the hospital. He’ll get well and then he’ll be in the right place where he should be , that’s prison. For molesting two girls , for kidnapping , for going to the extent of killing people…” he says and I nod.

“You should rest..we’ll meet you at dinner” he adds and they all leave. There’s a complete silence filled inside the room as my gaze never leaves him , but Zayn he’s not even bothered if I’m there or not. He sits outside on the wooden porch in the balcony with a book in his hand.

I slowly get out of my bed , my head not hurting that much now. I take a few steps towards him to see him there obvious to the fact or maybe acting that I wasn’t there. I watch his bruises , some of them band aid and I my heart twinges in pain. Just because of me , I’m responsible for all this. “Zayn..” I keep my hand on his knee as he abruptly shoves it away.

“Zayn! Please , don’t do this” I cry out but no response. “Zayn plea-“ I begin keeping a hand on his shoulder but he shoves me away harshly. “Get out of my life! I have been facing troubles since you are in my life” he yells at me and leaves from there , and there it goes , shredding my heart into pieces.


“What the heck were you even thinking?” Tani yells on the phone and I sigh in defeat. She cancels the call on me and I groan rolling in my bed. Yes , my bed ,my room. I’m back in LA without everyone. I booked my ticket the second Zayn says he doesn’t want me because I can’t hurt him. If my absence gives him happiness then it’s fine with me.

I told about the whole truth to everyone as ever time dad to my surprise , would curse Aditya always. It’s been a day since I’m back and I feel so alone and empty. I need you Zayn.



I drive towards home , coming from the library to get some new books and University is gonna be opened tomorrow. Well , the trip to Miami was a disaster. Plus , no one remembers my Birthday and maybe because I was outside home the whole day. Huh! Zayn didn’t even send me a text , but why would he even do that.

I enter the house to see its pretty dark inside and I hit something. “Ouch!” . Suddenly , the lights hits on and everyone jump out shouting in sync. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and I smile feeling happy. I was so wrong. “how come you all here?” I ask surprised to see everyone in front of me and smile. Everyone hug me one on by one , receiving wishes from friends and all. My eyes are desperate to see him but he’s no where.

I was expecting to see Zayn here and he would be the first one to hug me but I guess I think too much these days. “Happy birthday” Richa yells and I hug her. Missed her so much. “I’m glad you are back! Missed you so much” I tell her and she grins. The whole house is decorated just the way I wanted for my 21st birthday but I feel nothing is complete because the person is not here. Zayn is not here.

I turn my head to see him leaned over the pillar , arms crossed and lips pursed. A smile forms on my lips and I move towards him. No smile , no happiness just bitterness and hate in his eyes. Suddenly , he smiles and for a second I thought it’s for me but he walks past me and I turn to see him looping his arm around a blonde girl there. My heart twinges in pain and I gulp hard , trying my best to fight with the tears.

Thanks for the best birthday gift ever. The elders are not here , as they went for some dinner , asking me to enjoy the party. “Girl! Time to cut the cake” the whole crew , I mean my close friends and relatives in front of me as the other friends are dancing or enjoying , except Zayn everyone’s in front of me. “I don’t want to” I mutter and everyone laugh.

“Stop acting as a kid and come on” Aryan groans and I shake my head. “Drag her..” they say and without any warning I’m pushed towards the center , the big cake in front of me. “Guys!! Time to cut the cake” Niki yells and everyone rushes. I could feel Zayn in front of me and his heated gaze is gonna make me collapse.

“Make a wish and blow the candles” Misha cheers and I purse my lips. “I don’t have any wishes” I mutter and complete silence fills the whole house. “Don’t be silly! Make a wish. And and and you have to make it loud else we won’t let you go” Emmet says and everyone cheer. I keep protesting but give up.

“Fine…My whish is…” I begin and shut my eyes. “That I want everyone of you in my life forever…specially…” I begin but stop as Emmet pouts. “What was the name after specially?” Niki tries but I shake my head. “Nothing…let’s cut the cake” I say and Niki drops the matter consuming something is wrong.

They all sing along as I cut the cake. “Happy birthday” I hear a familiar voice and everyone turn their head to see who it is. “Arnav!” I say out loud in excitement and run across everyone giving a bone crushing bear hug to him. “It’s been so long” I pull back and he grins at me. “Missed you cry baby” he pokes my nose , his hands firmly placed on my back.

I step back and hit his arms playfully as he pouts. “I’m not!” I complain as someone clears his throat , our attention back to everyone. I introduce everyone to Arnav as some of them knows him since he is in the same university as us. In all this time , my gaze locks with Zayn as he didn’t seemed happy to see Arnav , what’s with him. Arnav is his best friend , right?

“Let’s cut the cake” Arnav says and I nodded.


The party has been brilliant so far , I got in that broken lover mood again but Arnav would do something that would make me happy. “That was a bad one” I reply laughing my heart out and he pouts. “What? How can you even say that?” he asks trying to sound angry but fails. I see Zayn approaching towards us and I tense up.

“I need to talk to you Emmet” he tells him without even bothering to look at me . Why would he, he hasn’t even wished me or hug, huh! That’s a far one. “Let me try one on Zayn” Arnav whispers to me and Niki , I begin to protest because what if Zayn reacted. “Hey Zayn! Oh My goodness , is there a spider on your…”

but before Arnav could even respond Zayn starts jumping everywhere yelling and shoving his hands on his shirt. “Where? Oh my God! Where?” He shouts and we’ll all burst out laughing and I totally cracked up.

“You thought that was funny?” Zayn says , upon knowing that we were joking. “Yeah..” Emmet replies and I could feel Zayn burning up. “You..” Zayn begins towards Arnav but I get up with a jerk from my seat. “Hey! That’s my favorite song. Let’s dance” I lie so there shouldn’t be any fight. Arnav grabs my hand and pulls me towards the dance floor.

We dance like maniacs as the music suddenly stops and we all groan. “Ladies and gentleman” It’s Zayn’s voice and we all turn our bodies to see him on the stairs smiling brightly. “I thought the time is running that’s why I decided to pour my heart out as soon as possible” he says and I look boggled. “So, I had been finding this perfect opportunity to ask this girl out on a date” he says and a hint of happiness covers me up.

Niki holds my hand smiling brightly at me. “So, will you go on a date with me, Chloe?” and yeah , I thought it only happens in movies but that was for real. The whole world seemed to disappear and everything turned mute. Then I realized it was because everyone was silent , no voices because they knew I was his girlfriend and he asked…

Zayn moves towards the same blonde and I breathe heavily , my chest moving up and down. She looks at me awkwardly and I feel to tear up right now. She smirks at me before handing her hand out and I shake my head. b*t*h!

“The party is over” Neil says as everyone seems to go out. “I’ll see you tomorrow then” that b*t*h says passing a wink to him and me before going away. “What the heck was that, Zayn?” Dhruv yells on him and I am literally shivering.

“He was right…Aditya was right. I deserve no one. I’m so stupid. RIGHT?” I say out loud moving from side to side on the center. “I’m such an idiot. A stupid desperate person. How could I even believe that I deserved to be loved? Plus , I should have understood that who would love a HALF RAPED GIRL” I yell and Emmet or Tanu or Neil or anyone would try to come near me but I stop them.

“Sanju!” Aryan says and I yell at him. “LET ME SPEAK! I’m tired. I’m so tired. I wish I was never alive , never ever. Because of me Zayn was about to die. Because of me everyone had to suffer. Because of me Misha was in trouble. I’m a whole big problem. And after Aditya , I..I thought that someone would love me. Why did I even broke the walls? Why did I?” I collapse down on the floor saying last words and two pair of arms surround me.

I don’t look to see who it is. “No! I love you the most” It’s Misha as she mutters those words. “Get away. I might hurt you” I mumble but she surrounds me more firmly.

“You are such a looser Zayn! Such a big Looser. Because today , you lost the world’s most amazing person. You don’t know Zayn how much you have hurt her but Sanju loved you back , loved you more than anyone. Remember the times you hurt her , but did she complained? No never! She saved your sisters f**king life. She saved my life” Misha shouts and my eyes widen in amazement.

“No! Don’t Misha” I plead but Neil stops me. “What do you mean?” Neil asks and I shut my eyes. “Remember when I was injured badly in an accident , and the kidney donor was Sanju” Misha says and I cry remembering the time she was in pain.

“What?” Tani asks and Misha nods. “You don’t deserve her love. If you are mad at her , just because she said that she hates you when Aditya was nearly gonna kill her just to save your life Zayn. He abused her. You were there , it happened in front of you. He kissed her so badly and you are acting rough on her, you disgust me” Niki asks in disgust and I sigh.

“ENOUGH!” I yell wiping my tears. “No one would say anything to him” I blurt out never meeting his gaze. “I’m sorry Arnav , you had to see all this. It ruined my mascara didn’t it?” I try to calm down everything as he smiles.

He hugs me , taping my back and I smile. “Seriously guys? It’s my birthday! Cheer up” I smile and they nod. “And I need food right now” I stomp my feet and to my surprise everyone surround me in a group him. “We all love you” they say in sync and I giggle.

“Look we completed your wish of a big fat group hug” Tani mumbles still on the group hug. “It’s incomplete” I mutter and they all pull back. “Wait..” I tell them and turn on my heels and walk towards Zayn. But still I don’t look at him. I can’t , I don’t have the courage. I grab his hand and I could feel him staring at me. “Now it will be complete” I say and they all back off giving me uninteresting looks.

“stop it you drama queens” I say and pull them all as they all squish me with Zayn. I feel his hand on my waist but I shove it away and we all pull back. “Let’s have some Food” Misha says and we all nodded. “Wait! Where are my birthday present’s?” I ask crossing my arms and they all laugh. “You will never change” Arnav puts his arm around my shoulder and I grin. “Whatever!” I groan


“This food is so awesome” Emily says munching and I grin at her. Suddenly , Arnav’s phone rings and I grin at the caller. “Oooo!” I say and Arnav passes me a glare. “It’s…it’s..shall I say who’s it?” I ask him a smirk on my lips and he rolls his eyes smiling.

“Girlfriend?” Emmet asks grinning and I correct him , “Boyfriend” I say and Emmet chokes on his food. “W-what? Man are you gay?” He asks and we burst out laughing as my gaze fells on Zayn , who was looking down at his plate , the food still untouched. I feel to hug him right now but should I ? ‘Go for it’ my heart says and but I sit back.

“No way..he’s blo*dy gay” Arnav says and I nod. “He’s so annoying…” I say and my eyes shift towards Zayn , again eyes on his plate and food untouched. He suddenly starts coughing and I look on boggled. “Can-..pass me the glass..” he asks Misha still coughing but no one even responds. I run towards him and offer him the glass as he gulps it down.

I rub his back and he let’s out a deep breath and I look on across the table with everyone watching me. “Guys! Stop the shit you are doing! If anyone of you do this again seriously I know karate” I tell them and they hold back their grin. “Fine..” is what I hear and I smile.


“WOW! THAT’S PRETTY” I say opening the gifts and smile at how much perfect they were. “This one too” I say pointing towards the perfect shaped dress. “What did Zayn got you?” Richa asks but then shuts her eyes as she realized what she said. “I’m sorry..” she says but I smile. “Where’s Zayn?” Arnav asks and I look around but no sign

“I’ll be back” I say and turn on my heels towards his room but again no sign. I walk towards my room to get my phone so I could call him. I enter searching for my phone , as two pair of arms loop around my waist. I breathe in , feeling the same familiar scent and breathe out. “Happy birthday…” he whispers and my heart starts dancing with happiness.

But then , I shove his hands pretending nothing happened and he chuckles. “You look cute when you are angry” he says and I roll my eyes. “Not angry , hurt..” I mumble and he sighs rushing towards me. “Sanjana…I know sorry is not enough. But is there anything else I can do…I know I acted as a totally dickhead…I’m sorry…please…” he rubs my knuckles and tears fells on my hands , his tears.

“Just look at me once…I’m not forcing you to accept me back , I just want you to look at me once , at least I would know you have forgiven me” he whispers but I don’t look back. “You have hurt me so much. So much…so much…I loved you so much…so much..I missed you so much…so much..” I whisper not meeting his eyes.

“I’m..sorry..” his voice broken and I find the urge to hug him but I don’t. “Just look at me once..” he whispers and I let out a faint laugh. I shove past him but he holds my wrist. “I love you..” he mutters and I shake my head. “If you would have loved me…you wouldn’t have behaved that way” I mumble and rush out of there so I don’t burst out crying.


“It’s been an hour…Where’s Zayn?” tani asks as we finish opening the last gift. Neil’s phone rings and I look on , who can it be this time. He ends the call and look on tensely. “We have to go” he says hurriedly and I look on boggled. “What??” everyone starts questioning but he pulls my hand and we all rush outside. “Get in the cars..” he says and before I could say a word he shoves me inside and drives with the rest of the cars following us.

“Where the heck are we going?” I shout ,the cold breeze hitting my face but Neil grins , no response. After 10 minutes , he pulls the car and I look on confused at so many cars and people surrounded it the middle. “What’s happening?” Emmet asks and Neil groans. “Sanju..get on top of that car” he says and I back off. “NO HELL NO!” I yell and Neil pulls me by that waist and makes me stand on the white jeep. What the f**k.

“Is she here?” says a loud voice , probably someone on the mike. “What’s happening?” I ask and everyone look on boggled. The crowd slowly moves from the center revealing Zayn standing on top of his car. I look on boggled and roll my eyes. The whole crowd yell in happiness and I give a death glare to Neil.

“Hey!” Zayn says enthusiasm in his tone but I don’t look back. He’s having a mike in his hand but I don’t look at his eyes. No way! “Guys..this is the girl I had been talking about” Zayn begins and I look at everyone , a large host of people smiling or grinning at me. Am I an alien?

“Sanjana! I was telling them about how much beautiful , caring , loving and beautiful you are” he says and I roll my eyes. The crowd cheers and Zayn laughs , jumping from one car to the other then the other and then the one in front of which I was standing.

“I’M SORRY FOR HURTING YOU ALWAYS! I KNOW I DON’T DESERVE YOUR LOVE BUT I’M SELFISH! I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!” he yells on the mike and I laugh lightly shaking my head at how cute he must be looking because I can’t look at him. “I LOVE YOU. YOU HAVE CAPTURED MY DAMN HEART” he shouts , why’s he even shouting. I blush hard and everyone cheer at me to forgive him.

“Just look at me once…” he pleads but I look at my shoes. They are pretty , what the f**k am I doing. Huh! I cursed again . I slowly get down from the car and Zayn sighs. “Don’t go” he says through the mike and I shake my head. I settle my clothes and walk towards the car he had been standing and climb up through it. “Well , I can’t jump from one car to the other” I mutters finally succeeding to get up.

I look up at him and he smiles , the one I had been dying to see. “I love you..” he says without the mike and I smile , a toothy one. “I LOVE YOU ZAYN” I say snatching the mike and he hugs me tightly.

“That was so lovely…I adore you both that’s why I tapped everything” Emmet says and I give him a small slap across his head. “Goodnight guys” I tell them and they all move towards their homes.





“Did it hurt?” is what he asks the thousand time and I groan and lay my head back the couch in our room. “Zayn! You are making it hard for me. It’s about 4 years ago” I cry out and he sighs. “Sorry…I wanted to kill that moron Aditya when he was all hovering over you…” he says and I smile at him. “You can cure it..” I smirk at him and he grins. “Sure…” he says pulling me towards himself and I lean my head but back off.

“What?” he asks pouting and I smile. “I’m not in the mood to kiss you” I tell him and he rolls his eyes before clashing his lips onto mine and I can see him smile through the kiss. I feel his hand going towards my back , and I let out a soft moan before pulling away. His lips finds his way towards my neck and I purse my lips trying not to sound that desperate.

His cold lips presses my neck as his hand goes inside my shirt and toward the back of my small back and this time I gasp. He turns me around with me facing him and I smile at him before I hold the hem of his shirt and pull it up. I run my fingers through his perfectly shaped body and he smirks. “Are you checking me out?” he asks and I roll my eyes smiling.

“I have the right so…” I tell him and he grins before pulling me onto another long and passionate kiss. He gaze locks with mine as he stops before pulling my shirt. “Zayn! It’s our wedding night and you are asking permission?” I ask in disbelieve and he laughs.

“I’m happy we could make it…” he says and I nods. “You are beautiful” he mumbles and I blush , smiling like an idiot. He picks me up as we both lay on the down and he kisses the life out of me. We pull back to breathe and laugh in sync. He plants kisses in my neck totally over everywhere and I shut my eyes to prevent those butterflies in my stomach.


“Are you sure?” he asks and I sigh. “More than anything” I reply and nods as I hint of pain surrenders inside me as he looks at me apologetically. “Sorry..did I hurt you?” he asks and I shake my head smiling, to put him on ease. We both get immersed in each other like there is no tomorrow.



I wake up as the cold breeze hits the room sending shivers down my body. I smile as the memories of last night flashes upon my inward eye and I smile. I look up to see the balcony door opened , with her standing there in my shirt and I smile. I walk up towards her and loop my arms around her as she chuckles turning to face me.

“Morning…” she says and I kiss her temple as the whole temple rises up to her cheeks. “God! You blush so much…” I tell her and she buries her head in my chest and giggles. “the past four years had been the best years of my life and last night too” I whisper and she slightly hits me. “Jerk!”

I laugh lightly and she pulls away smiling sheepishly. “Yeah…we had fights , then we would make up again” she adds laughing and I nodded. “I love you” I whisper rubbing her knuckles and she giggles. “I love you and I always will” she adds before clashing her lips onto mine as we both get immersed in our heated up session.

Life had been great to me , or shall I say amazing to me…

Tani and Dhruv married 3 years ago having a 2 years old years old baby. Like all the couples they had fights and arguments but again they patched up.

Neil and Tanu …..huh the sudden love couples married the same day as us….

Emmet and Niki , are the most lovely couple ever. They are gonna get married soon , but still their arguments never ends…

Aryan and Misha are the world’s most cutest couple ever. Surprisingly , they never had a single fight in their life….

Me , huh , I’m really lucky. Sanjana is something which I can’t describe , because sometimes some things are out of your imagination. I feel that she’s a dream and will fade away any moment but she’s isn’t…

And she’s mines…we read in fairy tales or in movies…everything going on smoothly and perfectly but no…

Not everything is perfect , we have fights like normal couples do..

I love her and I’ll always love her…

I was almost gonna lose her years ago but I made it..we made it…

Love is not always having a cliché story or like the ones movies show…

It should be real…you have to feel have to trust it…

I know we are gonna have many arguments ahead in life but I’ll not act as a dickhead…shit I cursed again…sorry for that…

So , never ever let someone go…

Don’t be hard to get…

Do hurt someone intentionally…

Understand your partner whether be it your friend or girlfriend…

Sanjana was like a mystery to me….Her MASQUERADE phase made me fall for her…

So , my last words will be….





Happiness and a hint of sadness enters me as I finish my book. My first ever book , I’m literally jumping on my seat right now. I’m at the same seat right now. The same seat where I first wrote my first page of my book at the same café. This was a dream come true….

I know my book is all my fascination , I know I can never come across such amazing people but I have some of them in my life. My friends , my life . But a love story like Zayn and Sanjana is next to impossible right? They were so….so deep in love…I wish I could have the same…

“Oh My GOODNESS! That’s Myra Dhillon” someone shrieks and I look up to see Two teenage girls standing in front of me with wide grins on their faces. “Hey…” I greet them and they probably were gonna faint or so. “Take a seat.” I offer them and they quickly sit beside me giggling. “How can you be here?” the blonde one asks and I let out a soft laugh.

“Why can’t I be?” I ask letting out a soft chuckle and they shake their head laughing. “I’m such a big fan of yours” She says and I smile. “Thank you…Did you liked the story?” I ask taking a sip of my shake as she smiles. “Like? We both loved it?” they say simultaneously and I grin. “Which was your favorite character?” I ask and they begin to think. “Mine was Aryan!” the blonde one says and I nodded.

“Umm…obviously Zayn” she says in a dreamy tone and I grin. “What’s are your names?” I ask and they introduce , “I’m Sam” the blonde on says and the other one , “Gabby” the brunette replies and I smile widely.

“Great! I have a surprise for you. We’ll , today’s my third meet and greet. So wanna come for assisting me in the third MAG of THE MASQUERADE?” I ask and they both look at me as if I had said something out of the world. “Hell Yeah!” they say in sync and I give them a thumbs up. “So , how’s University going on?” Sam asks and I let out a deep breath.

“Pretty busy with all the MAG and the assignments , let’s see how it goes” I tell them and they nodded approving how busy it is.

Sorry about the lack of etiquettes in my personality , I’m Myra Dhillon a university student and this week I had been awarded New York’s best selling writer for my first book THE MASQUERADE and I’m so much happy. But yeah after all this , my privacy. Wait no Privacy to me because of the paparazzi. Geez! Get a life.


“How did you got the idea about the story?” the host asks and I sigh. “Well, it’s just struck my be honest..I used to get ideas probably in chemistry class” I say and the whole crowd laughs out loud. “Pretty interesting, eh” he says and I nodded. “Shall we start with the meeting?” he asks and I nodded passing a wide grin to him.

“Hey…” I meet the 49th person in front of me and he stands there grinning. He gives me quick hug and smiles , he’s probably around 16. “What’s your name?” I ask him and he gives me sweet smile. “You won’t believe it though” he says and I keep my hands on hips smirking . “Come on…can’t be that bad” I nudge him and he sighs. “Aryan!” is what he says and I give him a kiss on his cheek.

“That’s fantastic. You liked the book, eh?” I ask and he nodded. “Well , yeah and obviously it was a love story so mostly girls are here. But to be honest , it’s the first love story I have read in my life and I have read it about two times” he says and I smile feeling proud that I could ever do this. This boy is so sweet.

“Thanks a lot. I’m sure you are gonna do something of your own too” I assure him and he smiles at me , a worth waiting smile and I chuckle. “ was nice meeting you” I add having a talk with him for a couple of minutes.

Huh! So tired. The meet and greet was awesome but I’m hell tired. And yeah , thanks to mom we have already shifted to our new house. “I’m home Mom!” I says out load and stop in the hall as the familiar , sweet scent hits me and I smile. “Are you cooking brownies?” I ask like a five year old kid on Christmas and she passes her signature smirk to me.

“I’m sorry” she mutters placing the tray in the baking oven and I frown. “For what?” I ask boggled and she sighs. “I missed your MAG but I had work at the hospital. You know the perks of being a doctor” she passes me wink as my phone buzzes. “See the perks of being a writer” I wink back at her and she grins.

“Bonjour!” is what the caller says and I laugh. “Geez! Talk in English , French Girl” I mock at her and she laughs. “Désolé , fille Indienne [Sorry for that , Indian girl]” is what she says and I giggle. “You know that I didn’t get a single thing at what you said” I says and she sighs. “Okay! Are you coming tomorrow , right?” she literally yells and I roll my eyes.

“Yes I’m” I tell her and she sighs dramatically. “Fine. See you , tomorrow , goodnight , love you” she says in one breath and I laugh out loud before hanging up. “Amelie is crazy!” I chuckle and mom grins. “But isn’t she sweet, ha?” mom and I sigh in defeat. “You win, mom” I tell her and she gives me a thumbs before we both take a seat to have our dinner.



Huh! Look at my French today…

How have you all been?

Without any further blabbering let’s talk about the story right?

So , How was it all?

A big one?

On of the longest chapter I have ever written?

Did you liked it?

Was it satisfying?

What about Aditya?

Finally , he’s gone right?


Their marriage?

The ending?

The shock that it was all a book?

How do you find Myra?

Interesting or boring?

Who do you think her love interest is gonna be ?

Because , hey I’m not leaving you all that easily….

Because here we are gonna start a new journey…

A totally different one!

Basically, different from Myra’s stories and her life story.

Let’s see who’s written in her fate and let’s see does she gets someone like Zayn?
Or not?

The other one would be introduced in the next chapter.

But before that , do you all want me to continue and write about Myra?

Where are all my friends? Comment so I would know…!!!!

And thanks to those who commented on the last chapter.

Check out my other stories if you want:

“Roommates (nesam)”
“You went away”

And I hope you liked this chapter.

Myra’s love interest will be , simply on word

! BADASS ! You get it???

Comment down below and share your views because this time I worked hard on it.. just kidding but yeah this chapter took more than 4 hours or maybe more….I’m tired…

And and and and is my story different like you get the shock that the story you had been reading was actually a story itself in the book? Did you get it? Hahaha that’s confusing…

Yeah I know that the masquerade was not that good to be published as a book but the book in the story wins for best selling just because it’s my idea…

Take care and loads of love to everyone.

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