Waking up is the world’s most crucial and bothersome work , right? I stretch my arms, admiring the world’s most admirable and graceful person in front of me. I beam as Zayn gets hold my hand , brushing his nose in his sleep. He looks so adorable and delightful , well , everything.

“Wake up apathetic , comatose , dopey , energy less…” I begin as zayn’s eyes widen in amazement and awe. “God! Have you gone crazy?” he asks, moving back in horror. I let out a soft giggle , whilst he pulls me towards himself. “Well , guess what. I’m and I was” I tell him , making him laugh. “Whatever…now come on. Let’s go” he says whilst I shake my head. “Only if you’ll leave me” I tell him , as he narrows his eyes.

“Never ever say that” he says , as a disappointed shade crosses his face. “Sorry… I didn’t meant that…” I reply caressing his face. “It’s okay… now come on. Else , we’ll get late” he says as we both get up. Changing up into a simple white shirt with my ripped jeans , I tuck my feet in my white converse.

I rush downstairs , Ooops I’m late. “Wow! Aren’t you pretty early?” Aryan asks , bothered and irked. “Well ,no doubt I’m” I tell him , passing a wink. “Ugh!” He grunts as we move outside. “That should be everything” Neil slams the cars truck shut as I stare at him tiredly. “Cheer up, sanju” Emmet slaps my back, causing me to fall forward. He holds me back before I can.

“I’m knackered” I groan, leaning on to zayn. He chuckles and motions me onto the car. “Go on in , take a nap if you must” he tells me. I grumble nonsense under my breath and slide into the car , leaning you head back on the cushioned seats. “I’m hungry” I hear Emmet complain as he takes a seat with me in the back. “Can we stop for some food?” he asks, whilst Niki giggles as she sits beside him.

“bl**dy hell , Emmet” zayn grumbles , sitting on the front as the driver starts the car for the airport. “And how is that my fault?” Emmet retorts. “I agree with Emmet” Niki says.


After couple of hours of a long flight , we finally reach Florida. “Guys… We’ll go the beach house tomorrow , for now, let’s stay at a hotel” Zayn says as we all agree. After the whole discussions of the rooms , we go to or respective rooms. Me and zayn are staying at the room, Thank God.

“I’m so tired…” Zayn mumbles, laying down on the bed. “Yeah. I know , me too” I tell him laying down beside him. “Come here..” he says, looping his arm around my waist. “Yes?” I ask, grinning. “It’s been such a long time…” he says amusingly. “Long time?” I ask , teasing him. “Huh!” he grumbles , loosing his arm around my waist.

“Okay , then. Goodnight” I tell him, trying to hold back my giggle. “No!” he hurries whilst I pretend to act innocent. “Why?” I ask, fluttering my eyes like the wings of a butterfly. “Because..” he smirks pulling me towards his chest. “Yes?” I ask , impatiently.

I hesitantly looked up at him. The swirls of emotion I saw there made me gasp. Lust and desire. However, before I could ponder about it further, he yanked me to him and covered my mouth with his in a hungry kiss. As our lips crushed together, I felt like i was walking on air. It was magic, the way his lips connected with mine. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than I could have imagined and I opened my mouth with a low moan.

We both release breathing heavily. “I love you..” I whisper , placing my forehead upon his. “I know , come let’s go to sleep” he tells me , as I nodded sleeping next to him.

What if this is all a dream. I can’t loose him. The fear tears me up and I can’t handle it. I shut my eyes hugging him tightly. “What happened?” zayn asks, as he draws random patterns on my back. “Will you ever leave me?” I ask, as even the thoughts horrify me. “No..never” he hurries as I bury my head in his chest. “Thanks..” I merely whisper until my vision gets black.


“Wake up….” Someone yells, as zayn suddenly yells. “Did we arrive at the chocolate land?” he asks, sitting up straight. I chuckle, patting the top of head. “No. You nasty head. Get up” Neil says whilst I laugh. “Whatever. Dickhead” he says whilst my eyes widen in surprise and awe. “God! Language you two” I warn as they both laugh shaking their head.

“Disgusting!” I exclaim heading towards the bathroom. Taking a quick shower , changing into a black romper and pulling on a long , knit cardigan.

I rush outside and thank goodness I’m not late. I meet misha who is wearing a blue loose tank top , paired up with a cream colored net shorts.

Emily too comes there wearing a green summer dress with a smiling T beside her who’s currently wearing a patterned skater skirt and simple black tank top.×610-skirt-tank-summer-summer%2Boutfits-tumblr-tumblr%2Boutfits-skater%2Bskirt-circle%2Bskirt-shirt.jpg

Surprisingly , or maybe not Niki too comes there with Emmet. Woah! Something’s definitely fishy. She is wearing a baby pink colour cropped sweater with a light blue wash jeans.

At last , we reached the zayn’s beach house. It’s incredible. Oh My Goodness , it’s…it’s beyond my explanation.

“Is this for real yours?” Emmet asks, astonished. “Of course” zayn says cheerfully. We place out luggage on the floor , settling ourselves. “So , the rooms?” Tani asks , already munching on her crisps.

“I’m with Niki” misha says.

“Then I’ll be Emily” Tani says , as dhurv grunts.

“Hmm…I’ll be with..” I begin teasing zayn but zayn complains. “Hey! We decided we’ll stay together” . “I know. I was just kidding” I reply holding back a giggle. “Fine..then I’ll be with Neil” T says as they both rush upstairs.

“Well then Me and Aryan” Emmet says as they both too rich upstairs with their luggage. “I’m lucky. I have got a separate room. So, this means no dirty socks and boxers of you all” Dhruv yells on top of his lungs as we burst into fits of laughter.

“why was that room locked ?” Neil asks, popping his head from the stairs. “Because it’s my room” Zayn replies. “Oh okay…” Neil replies rushing towards his room. “Goodnight everyone” I say , grabbing my case but zayn opposes. “I’ll take it” he says whilst I smile. “Aww! Love’s in the air” Tani says , whilst I grunt.

“Duh! Oxygen , carbondioxide , nitrogen etc is in the air…” I correct her grinning making her roll her eyes. “Let’s go” zayn says laughing as we both approach upstairs.

“I feel like seriously I’m in my own room” I tell zayn who grins sheepishly. “What?” I ask , awkwardly. “N-Nothing..” he laughs , shaking his head.


After a couple of hours of taking a nap , I open my case to find my trunks right on the top. I grab them and slide them on , running a hand through my messy hair I sprint out of the room. I don’t bother to check the rest of the house as I dash out the door and towards the blue waves.

Everyone was already there expect Niki and Misha. Sanju and Emmet seem to be laughing madly at Neil who was sitting down on the sand , arms crossed and lips pursed.

“What crawled into your trousers?” I ask laughing softly , as I approach them. Neil scowls burying his fists in the sand.

“He’s to chicken to come into the water” Tani singsongs , splashing water onto a giggling Dhruv. “You know I can’t swim” Neil groans , frustratingly burying his fists into the sand. “Why didn’t you all wait for us?” Misha’s voice calls from a distance. I turn, to seem her and Niki running in our direction. Their hair flying back due to the wind.

“Come on, Neil” I nudge him with my foot. “You know you want to get into the water” Tanu tells him whilst he grumbles. “What if I drown?” he shoots back. “What is he a wave comes and swoops me in?” he asks whilst I laugh hard. Tanu rolls her eyes, tugging his arms as Niki and Misha approaches us. “What’s with him?” Misha asks, panting.

“Still can’t swim” Sanju informs letting out a soft chuckle. “Come on” tanu says, dragging him towards shore. “if I drown, I’m blaming you” He tells me whilst I raise my hands in defense. Sanju laughs running past us and splashing into the waves. Tanu manages to get Neil in the shallow area where the water reached his knees. “It’s an improvement” Tanu yells whilst we laugh.

Sanju waddles over to them, taking them both by surprise as she tackles Neil into the water. “SANJANA!” Neil shouts falling back but managing to keep his head from from going under. I laugh swimming towards them.


“It was so funnn” Sanjana singsongs as we come downstairs from taking a bath. “Yes! Sure it was” I tell her , her body sagged against mine. “Why does it have to be a scary movie?” Misha squeaks taking a step closer to Aryan. Aryan chuckles and drapes an arm around her. “It’s okay misha. You’ll live though it” Misha doesn’t look convinced as they both take a seat in front of the brown couch.

Neil was sprawled across the couch, not allowing anyone else to sit down, passing daggers to me and Sanjana as she laughs hugging me tightly. He grumble pulling Tanu towards himself while she prevents her giggle. “Can we make popcorn at least?” Misha asks, still seeming quite uneasy about the movie. It hasn’t even started yet and it seems as if she’s gonna barf. Yet, she still wants food. Typical Misha.

“I’ll make some” Sanjana says , as I go behind her. “Need some help?” I ask, as she shakes her head side to side. “NO. Thank you” she replied as huge , wide smile playing on her lips. “Let’s go” she says grabbing the bowl.

The movie ended quite well , well not quite good that I had nail marks in my hand due to Sanjana. “You better trim your nails next time” I tell her as she lays down on the bed. “Sure!” she laughs.


I sat on the wooden porch floor outside my room , as the sun was slowly setting and the waves continuously crashing against the shores . And I could just hear the sounds of nature in general. “Why are you thinking so hard?” I’m startled by a familiar and smooth voice. I don’t look up though as I know who it is. She takes a seat beside me as I struggle to find a response.

“You Okay?” she asks, while I nod. “Kiss me” I tell her, whilst she looks at me in amazement. “What happened?” she asks, awkwardly. “just..Just kiss me” I choke on my words as she leans against me. “What happened , zayn?” she asks , stroking my jawline as disappointment crosses her face.

“Sorry…I just…I don’t why” I tell her as she let’s out a faint laugh. “It’s something bothering you?” she asks, impatiently. “No! Nothing… what’s the plan for today?” I ask, trying to sooth the matter. “Hmm…don’t know…let’s go the beach downstairs” she says , whilst I nodded. “You go…I’ll join you in a minute” I tell her as she rushes down excited.



I think Zayn is a bit a lost today , maybe something is bothering him. Anyways, I rush downstairs with Emmet and misha as everyone was already there. I can smell the fresh air of the ocean , I touch the cool sand lost in the weather. The birds chirp their songs as I hear them. I feel the cool water as my eyes lays on a small girl , struggling to build up her sandcastle. She looks at me sadly , gesturing her hand , asking me to come there. She was not that far but still a little bit.

“I’ll just come” I tell the rest , motioning towards the little girl , who was frustrated at the sandcastle. I laugh, shaking my head side to side , approaching towards her. “What happened , sugar plum?” I ask, a huge smile playing on my lips. “The castle” she begins sadly , while I smile. “Come , let’s help you” I tell her , placing her on the side.

“What’s you name?” I ask, already starting to build the sandcastle. I was pretty good at it in childhood , well I was amazing. MAD ain’t I?

“My name is little angel” she says whilst I let out a soft laugh. “What a sweet name!” I exclaim as she giggles leaning against my shoulder. “What’s your real name?” I ask again trying to hold back my laugh. “Little angel” she singsongs whilst I giggle. She copies me giggling the same way I was. “Come here now , tell me” I mumble , as she giggles. “Grace and I’m 5 years old” she says giggling back. God! She’s just like me , giggling the whole time.

“Nice…and-“ I begin but I’m stopped by an aghast , blustering , fulminating , voice making me freeze. “You still make nice Sandcastles” the voice says whilst I shut my eyes. I open my eyes in horror and abhorrence. I gulp hard , as I face him.

What’s he doing here? How come he knew I’m here. “Oh you are such a sweetheart…” he begins motioning his hand towards Grace who hides behind me in awe , due to his monstrosity. Panic and abomination build inside me seeing his evil and calamitous smile. “Crook” I mumble as I begin to go with grace but he blocks my way.

“Why are you in such a hurry , babe?” he asks, holding my wrist as my eyes widen in surprise. Grace clutches the back of my shirt tightly whilst I narrow my eyes at him. “Leave me!” I demand whilst he let’s out a faint laugh. “Don’t you remember? I did it years ago?” he asks , moving closer. I take a look back but grace is not there , maybe she ran away afraid of this monster.

I push him using my whole-time saved power. “Don’” I say in between gritted teeth. “Ooh! That makes you more hot and blistering” he says smiling like a knave. I hit his shoulder passing through him but unluckily he pulls me back , pushing me towards his chest.

“What the f**k! You douchebag” I yell on his face , beginning to punch him as he holds my hand. “More flames” he whispers in rough and hoarse tone. “You bl**dy idiot! Moron!” I hear Emmet’s voice as he narrows his voice at me.

He leaves my hand, I can’t even take his name. It disgusts me. Emmet begins to punch him as I stop him. “No! Don’t. Don’t start , let’s go. Please” I beg , as the flames in Emmet’s eyes were visible. “Let’s go!” I yell at him , tugging his elbow. “please come” I tell misha and Neil who looks on furiously.

I find Grace , hiding behind Neil , what’s she doing here. We go back to our area as Emmet shouts at me. “Why did you stop me?” he yells as I roll my eyes. “Because you idiot. It’s not our house. It’s a public place. There are children and family around here. So hold on to yourself.” I warn him as he grumbles. “And by the way how did you three knew about it?” I ask, curiosity growing.

“Little angel told us” Emmet says annoyed. I giggle , giving a bone crushing hug to Grace. “Thank you” I whisper as she giggles. She’s crazy. And plus thank goodness zayn is not here. “Where are you parents?” I ask, worried. “Grace” a sweet voice ponders around as we look back. “Mommy” she giggles again, rushing towards her. “Thank GOODNESS! Where we’re you?” her mom asks, hugging her back.

Grace introduces us all , as we all talk. “We’ll leave now. It’s quite late” I tell her as she smiles.


“Guys! Why did you got so late?” Zayn asks, as he rushes towards me. “You okay?” he asks, worried. “Yes..I’m..what would happen to me?” I ask back, awkwardly. “Nothing..” he says as he hugs me tightly. What’s wrong with him. He’s bothered and upset since morning.


Firstly , I’m sorry . I know it’s been more than a month or so. But seriously , I’m feeling so guilty.

The main reason I guess some of you may know was my exams. Anyways, I hope you all will forgive me. Because , it was my first time giving 9th class board exams!!!

Anyways, back to the story.

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I know it’s crap but my mind is out of ideas. Duh!!!

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If you get to know to the “he” then how did he ended in Miami!!!

Suspense! Suspense!

Who’s grace?! Is she gonna be just for a short while? Or something else? Who’s her mom?

Let’s see…

Well , who loves books? I do, a lot. I have a big collection out there. And these days my favorite one is “The perks of being a wallflower” it’s amazing. You all should definitely check it out.

And does anyone of you know about the book called “To kill a mockingbird” ? . If yes, then tell me how’s it?

I wanna read it badly…

Anyways, I write two more stories , check them out too if you want.

1-“Roommates (nesam)”
It’s about Neil and Sam. Sam’s Neil’s childhood love but Sam is oblivious to it and hates him because of ….read the story of you want to know??

2- breakdown (swaragini)

It’s about Swara and Sanskaar. Sanskaar is from a royal family , presumably , the cold-hearted types. And their first encounter was pretty ouch!… you must read it of you want…??

And it’s a request to telly updates please make the above links available.
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  1. Hi Misha yessss u finally updated im sooo glad. Chap. Was supervb as usual eagerly waiting to know what will happen next . And u have to update soon haan I’m very greedy now and yes even I will update soon but ur story is sooo addicting I cant wait to know what will hppen next . Love u bye take care and yes update soon.

    1. Hey prarthna. How have you been?
      Thank you so much dear. Haha no its okay. Actually , I’m also waiting desperately for your update. Because your suspense is killing me.
      Loads of love to you too.take care.

    1. Hello. How are you kushagra. Thank you so much. Thanks for reading. Take care

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    1. Hey roma. How are you? Thank you so so much. Thanks a lot dead. Yeah I was busy with my exams as you already know. Yes you’ll know how he ended up over here.and why zayn is tensed. Yes grace has a special presence to. A lot of things ahead.
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