A head and a foot but no body?
“A skeleton?” tanu suggested. “But like one with only a skull and a foot” she added.
Sanju rolled my eyes, and Emily cracked up.
“I don’t know,” sanju admitted, shaking her head. “This one’s a doozy.” Emily said.
Sanju thought on it all throughout lunch, and the entire way to her locker.
“You look confused,” zayn said, coming up behind her as she switched out her books at her locker.
“It’s your clue,” sanju admitted, turning to face him. “You got me with this one?” she asks.
“The skin and the eye one?” zayn asked her.
Sanju shook her head. “Solved that one, it’s the next one.” She adds.
Zayn held out his hand, and sanju delivered his clue to him.
“Oh, the final clue.” He says.
“This is the final clue?” she asks.
He nodded, handing it back to her. “Here’s a hint. It’s not here at the school.” He smiled at her before leaving her in the middle of the hallway.
Sanju stared at the clue again. So this clue could be anywhere in the world.
And she had absolutely no idea where to start.
She headed to my next class, falling into step with tanu and Emily.
“Still confused?” she asked her.
Sanju nodded.
She reread the clue, her eyebrows furrowed. “That’s a good one.” Emily adds.
“He told me it’s not here at the school.” Sanju says with a sigh.
Emily let out a sigh, reading the clue again. “Maybe it’s a demon.” She says.
“Good one.” Sanju replies.
Emily aughed, handing the clue back to her. “I really don’t know.” She adds.
Sanju reached her next class and took a seat, Emmet taking the seat next to her.
“Why so glum chum?” he asked, with a smile.
She showed him the clue.
“Oh come on, that’s an easy one.” He replies.
“You’ve got to be kidding.” Sanju says.
“You’re talking to the riddle master,” he informed her.
“Well help me out.” Sanju adds.
“I helped you out this morning,” he pointed out.
“Help me or I’ll tell every girl in this room that when you were ten you used to wake up at 6 AM with Emily every Saturday and play Barbies with her” sanju adds chuckling.
He rolled his eyes. “You don’t scare me sanjana” he adds.
Sanju stood up on her chair, opening her mouth to make her announcement.
Before she could get a single syllable out, she was yanked back down by an unhappy Emmet.
“So?” sanju asked, with a smile.
“A head and a foot,” he said, with a sigh. “But no body.”
“Right,” she agreed. “I’ve read the clue at least a thousand times.” She adds.
“It’s something you use every day,” he added.
“So like my toothbrush?” she asks.
“Your toothbrush doesn’t fit the description. Let’s use our brains here for a minute.” He says.
Sanju let out a sigh, racking her brain for anything that could fit the description.
“You’ve used it every single day this week,” Emmet added. “And I bet you’ve never even thanked it.” He adds chuckling.
“Shut up.” Says sanju.
He laughed, clearly amused by the fact that she was hopelessly lost.
“Is it like an old stuffed animal? One that only has like a head and a foot left because it’s so old and worn?” she asks.
He rolled his eyes. “No.”
“Well I’m drawing blank here.” She says.
“It’s a piece of furniture sanju.” He adds.
Sanju crossed her right leg over her left, furrowing her eyebrows.
A piece of furniture?
And then it dawned on her.
“A bed!” she exclaims.
He nodded, handing the clue back to her.
“It’s a bed!” she says excitedly.
“That’s right.” He says.
She cannot wait to get home.
The day went like an year. Sanju was eager to go home soon and see what zayn was really upto.

“ ah..finally I’m gonna reach home” sanju says taking her purse. “ you found the clue” tanu asks her impatiently. “yes…it was a bed” sanju says smiling. “oh god that was so easy..we should have guessed it” Emily says pouting.
“it’s let’s go home..I can’t wait!” sanju exclaims happily. While she feels a hand on her shoulder. The three of them look back and sees a grinning Neil. “God Neil you scared me” sanju says. While Neil laughs. “ so you found the clues?” Neil asks looping his hand around tanu’s waist. “ yes..she did” Emily says grinning. “ now let’s go..I can’t wait” sanju says going towards her car. “ you are coming with me” Neil says to tanu while she nods. “ don’t forget to use protection” Emily shouts from the back. While sanju giggles.
“ now come naughty girl” sanju says to Emily pulling her towards her car. “ they both are so in love” Emily says with a chuckle. “ ahan yup” sanju replies popping the p.
They both reach sanju’s home while sanju runs to her room. “ God! You run so fasttt…you go I’ll meet everyone” Emily shouts. While sanju giggles. She opens the door and sees a small box with a folded paper attached to it. She flips the paper and it says:
! Well, you found the last clue and my surprise is that we are going to Miami because I know you wanted to…!
Sanju’s eyes widened hearing about Miami. She hear zayns chuckle from behind and swirls around. “ liked it?” zayn asks coming closer to her. “ like? I love it.. you don’t know how much I wanted to visit Miami!” Sanju exclaims jumping to hug zayn. She hugs him tightly. “ I know..we are going to Miami which means Florida.. and I also have a beach house there.. so it’s gonna be fun” he says pulling back and keeping his hand on her waist. “wow..are we going alone?” Sanju asks. “ no… um we all are going except our parents.. I know you wanted us to go alone but I thought it would be fun to go together ..I hope you won’t mind and…” but before zayn could finish Sanju kissed him slowly looping her hands around his neck. At first zayn was taken aback but he gave in. They kissed slowly feeling each other until Sanju stopped. “ you speak so much don’t you?” Sanju asks smiling while zayn blushes. “ of course zayn..I won’t fact it’s gonna be awesome” Sanju says burying her face in his chest. “ that’s great..and we would have some time together you know” zayn says smirking. “ jerk” Sanju says pushing him away. While he laughs.
They both were sitting on the bed talking until Sanju asked. “ umm..zayn we are going to Florida..I mean you have been there for so many years and..hmm..your ex what if I..ugh..I don’t know like what if she..” but zayn cuts her off. “ shhh..chill okay? We don’t care about her…neither do anyone..we would just ignore her and I’m sure I won’t face her..don’t think so much” he replies kissing her forehead while Sanju smiles.
“ let’s go I’m hungry” zayn says. While Sanju nods. They both reach downstairs while Emily was talking to everyone and so were T and Neil . “ so you found out where you are going ?” T asks but then realized what she said. Sanju gives her a deadly stare while zayn’s mother look at him grinning. But sanju’s mother looks at sanju like ‘what is going on’.
“ mom…can you help me find my book..I can’t find it so” sanju makes an excuse and goes with her mom. “ what’s going on?” her mom asks . “ mom I wanted to tell you but I just wanted to confirm it myself too” sanju asks rubbing her hands. “ it’s okay…I know you love zayn..he told me…I’m really happy…but I don’t want you to suffer ..are you sure with it?” her mom asks taking her hand. “ yes mom..I’m..zayn is the best thing that ever happened to me” she says hugging her. “ good…I’m really happy for both of you” her mom says while sanju gives her a smile .
They both come back. While zayn looks worriedly at sanju but she flashes him a smile giving him an assuring smile. While he smiles back. After some time ever one went to the their homes making a plan to go for shopping tomorrow to get new clothes for the trip.
Sanju comes back to her room sleepy. She sees the box which was there with the note. Zayn comes behind her and sees the box too. “ you didn’t open it?” zayn asks. While sanju shakes her head. “ open it now then” zayn says smiling. “okay” sanju agrees taking the silver coloured box and unwrapping it. She opens the box and finds a diamond bracelet with different charms. “it’’s beautiful” sanju says smiling. “ and these charms… the heart one is because you are mine.. the key charm because I have the key to your heart only..the Gemini charm because we both are Gemini… the star one because you are my star..” zayn says looking at the bracelet. Tears form in her eyes but she wipes them off. “ I love you zayn” sanju says smiling. “ what because of this bracelet?” zayn asks giggling. “ so mean you are” sanju says punching him slightly. “ okay okay stop… I know I love you too” he says holding her hands.
“ now go to your’s really late we have uni tomorrow and then shopping so good night malik” sanju says taking out her clothes from the drawer. “ why??? I don’t wanna go to my room” zayn says pouting. “ but you have to zayn..stop acting like a child” sanju says. “ no no no” he replies. “ fine then I’ll go to your room” sanju says making her way outside but zayn pulls her back and pushes her on the bed and blocks her way. “ what are you..” but before she could finish zayn began to tickle her while sanju laughs hard.
“ please zayn stop…ple..hahaha..zayn please..ouch..stopppppp” sanju Beggs but he doesn’t stop. “ then say that I can stay here” zayn asks. “zaynnn..stop…okay okay can..stayyyy” sanju says while zayn stops. She breaths heavily while zayn giggles. “ you are so mean” sanju says crawling on her bed. But zayn again pushes her back and looks at her intensely. His hand reaches her waist grabbing her body. “ zayn..umm..” she says but zayn whispers back “ shhhh…”.
“ zayn what are you trying to do?” sanju asks worriedly. “ just trying to remove am insect from your neck” zayn whispers. While sadhu shouts loudly. “ahhhhh whattttt!! Where is it??? Where is it..Zayn please remove it..please.. ugh..zayn stop laughing..please remove it..zayn ????” with tears started forming in her eyes.
But zayn laughs hard probably shaking the bed????… “ haha..there..there was nothing..I fooled should have seen your face” zayn says between laughters. But sanju stands there embarrassed and literally crying..zayn stops laughing looking at her. “ I’m sorry..I didn’t meant.. sanju..I was just joking..please don’t cry” he says getting up from the bed but sanju runs past him to the bathroom. “listen..wait.. God I guess I took it so far” zayn says groaning and falling on the bed. “ what do I do now? She’s not gonna come outside now for like foreverrr” zayn growls.
He knocks on the door calling her but she doesn’t respond. Zayn worries and knocks again. After 15 minutes sanju comes out wearing her night clothes looking down at her feet not not meeting his eyes. “sanju listen ..I’m sorry okay..I didn’t knew you were so scared..I swear if I knew I would have never done it..please talk to me” zayn says blocking her way.
“ please go now zayn…please” sanju whispers sitting on her bed. “ but..” zayn tried to say something but she cuts him. “please leave” she whispers.
Zayn closes his eyes for a moment and leaves slowly. Sanju lays back on her bed but couldn’t sleep. “ugh..sanjana..stop overreacting wasn’t his mistake..but I shouldn’t have been harsh to him…” sanju says to herself. “ God..I’m so stupid..he did so much for me and I acted so dumb…” she talks to herself again.
She goes to his room and sees him facing the other side and switching the lamp on his night stand on and of. She quietly enters the room and lays beside him. He keeps on switching the lamp on and of..sanju loops her arms around his back. While zayn leaves the lamp switch and turns around to see who it is. He sees sanju with he hand on his waist and tensely looking at him. “umm sanju__” but she cuts him in the middle. “ shh..I’m sorry zayn..I shouldn’t have overrated.. it’s okay if you will prank me again..I won’t mind promise” sanju says defensively. While zayn smiles and kisses her forehead. “I didn’t felt bad..maybe I should’ve been careful..forget it” zayn replies.
He kisses her lips with his hand on her waist. Sanju tightly holds the hem of his shirt. Their lips move in sync making the moment perfect. Zayn kissed her neck making sanju moan but she bites her lower lip trying to control her emotions. “don’t bite your lip it make’s me crazy” says zayn but sanju chuckles. He kisses her more deeply while a moan escapes out from her lips. Sanju’s hands goes downwards his chest admiring how beautiful his body was. He kisses her more passionately biting her lower lip lightly. With sanju’s hand tucking his hair tightly. He makes her sit on his lap kissing her deeply and more passionately while sanju smiles in the kiss. She pulls up his shirt and stops kissing him looking intensely at him toned and perfect body. “ woah” sanju says running her finger on his abs. While zayn chuckles and pulls her for another kiss. They stop in the middle to breath so they don’t die due to lack of oxygen. “ this was the best kiss so far” zayn says hugging her. “ I know” sanju replies. “ let’s sleep…it’s quite late” zayn says tapping on the bed. While sanju nods. They both cuddle and sleep together.

Sanju woke up around 7 in the morning stretching her arms and feeling the beautiful morning. She sees zayn sleeping peacefully and looks at him fascinated by him. The way his lashes curl and his manly features. “ ah..stop it” sanju says in her mind shaking her head. She sees zayn opening his eyes and a smile playing on his lips. “morning,zayn” sanju says kissing him on the cheek. But then realizes he is not wearing his shirt and the memory of last night flashes upon her inward eye.
Sanju turns red and purses her lips together. “ why are blushing?” zayn asks resting his head on his hand. “naah nothing” sanju replies waving her hand in a no. “ ah no..there is something..oh so you are blushing seeing my body ha.. wow” zayn says with a grin. “of course not..don’t give yourself so much importance” sanju says. While zayn laughs. “ come on.. else we’re gonna be late for uni” sanju says standing on her toes. “ sure” zayn replies.
Sanju goes to her. Takes a shower and smiles remembering about last night. She changes into black skinny jeans and light pink top. She wears her combat boots applying some mascara and peach color lipstick. She curls the end of her hair, takes her purse and makes her way downstairs. “ good morning,everyone” sanju greets everyone taking a seat on the table. While everyone smile.
Zayn also comes down wearing his denim jeans pairing it with a black button up shirt, while whistling. He makes his way to have breakfast.
“ looks like someone is in a great mood” misha says taking a bite from her toast. Zayn immediately turns red and looks at sanju who is blushing. “ so?” zayn asks rolling his eyes. “just saying bro” misha replies. “ stop it you two” her mom says. “mom…I’m gonna be late today as we are going for shopping so will be misha” sanju says while her mom nods. “are you coming with us aryan?” zayn asks. “ want to kill me or what? These girls are shouldn’t go they are gonna take like foreverrrr” aryan says laughing. Sanju and misha gives him a deadly stare. “oh..your bad aryan…I heard they have the new beats collection” says sanju trying not to laugh. Aryan was crazy about beats. “are you serious??!!” aryan asks excitedly. “woah hold are not going with us because we are gonna take like foreverrr…” but before misha could finish aryan speaks up. “ I..I was just kidding”. While sanju and misha giggles.

After uni, they all go for shopping. “girls first let’s go to..ummm…forver 21?” Emily says pointing at the shop. “of course!” sanju exclaims. While all the boys shrug “I told you we are gonna be dead today..God please show me how to escape” aryan says tucking his hands in his pocket. While Emmet,zayn and Neil laugh. “let’s go..or they are gonna kill us” Neil says. Four of them goes after the girls while they look for clothes. “ what happened?” zayn asks a confused sanju. “I can’t choose between these two shirts..white or blue?” sanju asks.
Zayn looks on trying to figure out. “you take more time than girls to choose” sanju says laughing. Zayn goes to a rack a picks up another white floral shirt. “umm..what about this one?” zayn asks. Sanju turns and looks at the beautiful white floral shirt. “ it’s beautiful” sanju says. “ seems like you have experienced this” sanju says taking the shirt.
“yeah..because I went with Daniel one time for shopping so maybe..” zayn says but realizes what he said. “so her name was Daniel?” sanju asks bitterly looking at the floral shirt. Zayn looks at her with sorry eyes. “it’s okay zayn..I’m sure she was a sl*t to leave you” sanju says kissing him on the cheek. Zayn laughs at her statement and tangled his hands with hers. “I love this’s so..” sanju says but zayn replies “beautiful” zayn completes her sentence looking at her making her blush.
“cheesy you are,zayn” sanju says looking down. “ baby is blushing” zayn says pulling her leg. “stopp” sanju says smiling making zayn giggle. “you look so cute when you blush” zayn says coming closer.
“ HEYYY! No PDA.. I have told you both so many times” they hear aryan with a giggling misha beside him. “stop the overacting” sanju says rolling her eyes.
“ ouch” aryan fakes while zayn and misha laugh at him. “ seriously?” sanju says crossing her arms. “okay before you both start fighting let’s go” misha says taking her hand and running towards the others. Zayn and aryan goes behind them smiling.
“I have seen her happy after so many years…and I am forced to say that it’s because of should be proud that aryan is praising you” aryan says while zayn laughs at him. “sure..I’m honored” zayn plays along.
“ how’s this?” Emmet asks trying some sun glasses. “they look pretty good” Emily replies. “ great..thank you so__” Emmet turns but before he could finish he bumps into a girl. “can’t you see?” Emmet says looking down to pick up the glasses. He looks up stunned to find a beautiful brunette staying beside him.
“I’m so sorry..I didn’t meant to..are you okay?” the brunette asks. Emmet looks at her completely stunned by her soft gestures and mesmerized by those dark deep dree eyes. “Niki?” Emily,sanju and T asks in unison while aryan,Neil and misha are too stunned to see her. The brunette turns around completely shocked to find the three of them.
She had brown long hair, heart shaped face with dark deep green eyes. She was wearing white jeans with a blue loose tank top with wedges. “niki! Oh my God” sanju exclaims covering her mouth with her hands. “sanju!” niki she was exclaims. “oh my God! How?..when? Why didn’t you told us?” sanju asks hugging her. While zayn and Emmet looks on confused. Niki meets misha,Neil,T,Emily and aryan. “can someone tell me..I mean me and Emmet what’s going on?” a confused zayn asks with Emmet nodding. All of them turn to look at them and sanju says. “oh sorry..she niki my cousin sister” says sanju smiling. “how come I didn’t know her..because about zayn I know he never came to LA but I was here then?” asks a confused Emmet.
“remember you went to Switzerland with your friends..niki came to LA that time and we all had a great time” Emily says while everyone nods. Emmet smiles looking at niki. “but niki is just a nick name..I’m nikita” niki says shaking hands with Emmet and zayn. “nice to meet you” zayn says. “don’t be boring zayn..stop acting as if you are doing some kind of business” Emily says while he laughs.
“so you didn’t told me you are coming? And how come mom and dad not know about should have told me” sanju says with a pout. “sorry..I wanted to give you a surprise..that’s why and aunt and uncle knows about this hehe” niki replies while she flashes a smile to Emmet. Sanju and Emily notice this and gets tensed.
They all have dinner at the mall and also asks niki to join them for the Miami trip. She agrees. “okay I’ll go with you guys..because I’m shifting here so it’s gonna be great” niki explains.
“but you can stay at our house..why do you need a new house?” sanju asks. “her parents must be coming too right niki?” Emmet asks while everyone get uncomfortable. “umm..they died 3 years ago” niki says. “I’m really sorry..I ..I didn’t know” Emmet says. “it’s okay” niki replies.
“ you are gonna stay in sanju’s house for a month.. then you are gonna find a place..I know you want to be independent and all that after one month why don’t you live in our’s big and we have an extra room too. We all can pay together” Emily asks. “it’s a good idea” sanju adds. “okay’s a great idea I won’t even be alone then” niki replies.
They all greet each other and goes to their respective homes. Aryan and misha goes to their room while zayn,sanju and niki comes inside. She meets everyone. They all get happy seeing niki and spend time with her.
Everyone goes to their room. Misha comes down and asks niki “niki I’ll be really happy if you stay in my room this time.. because the last time we were here you with sanju.pleaseeee” misha asks with puppy eyes. “sure..and I didn’t wanted to disturb the love birds” says niki winking at sanju. Sanju rolls her eyes and blushes.
Sanju comes to her room. She changes into her night clothes and comes outside. She sleeps. Sanju was roaming happily in Miami with everyone while she sees a blonde girl and Zayn laughing at sanju and pushing her. After a while the blonde girl stabs everyone of her friends and siblings leaving zayn and sanju. Zayn is mine.. he is mine the blonde girl keeps on shouting. I hate you sanjana was what zayn was saying. I never loved you was what zayn said again. But the girls suddenly stabs zayn leaving him on the ground and repeatedly hitting him on the head. Sanju sees the blonde girl and some men forcefully taking her. The blonde girl sets up a camera and says “rape her..she stole my zayn..he forgot me too” and laughs loudly but she also heard a male laugher and looks at him shocked remembering who he was he approaches towards her to touch her …but at that sanju wakes up with a shock her hands sweaty and cries badly. “forget it was..just dream” sanju says to herself but cries badly.
She gets up from her bed and goes towards zayn’s room. She sees him reading a book while she stands near the door trembling and tears coming out non stop. Zayn looks at her shocked and runs towards her. He makes her sit on the bed and shuts the door. “what happened?” zayn asks cupping her face. But sanju pushes him and tries to go out. “don’t touch don’t love me and then..and then she will kill you and he is don’t come near me” sanju shouts trying to fee herself.
“what happened? Who will kill me and who is back? Tell me I’m hell scared right now..what happened..shh calm’s okay I’m here” zayn says hugging her. Sanju cries badly in his arms but after sometime she stops crying and shivers. “you feeling cold?” zayn asks rubbing her back. While she nods. He makes her lie on the bed and lies beside her. Sanju hugs him tightly.
“tell what happened when you feel better” zayn says rubbing her back and giving her a kiss on her head. After some time Sanju tell him about the nightmare and tears roll down her cheeks. Zayn gets tensed hearing about the girl but then shoves it off. “shh just a nightmare okay..I’m fine look everyone is fine too”zayn says cupping her face. Sanju nods while zayn wipes her tears.
“zayn..the boy was akshay..he..” sanju struggles to say it. “shh it’s okay” zayn kisses the back of her hand and hugs her. Sanju tightly holds on to him and closes her eyes. While zayn keeps on thinking about her nightmare.
Sanju wakes up and finds a smiley zayn sitting on the bed. “good morning,babe” says zayn. “morning” she replies.
“you feeling good?” zayn asks tucking her hair behind her ear. “yeah I’m okay now. Thanks for last night zayn” sanju says hugging him. “it’s forget it okay?” zayn asks while she nods.
“we will be leaving tomorrow”zayn says. “oh okay..then I guess we should start packing” sanju says running her hands through her messy hair. “yeah..we should” zayn replies.
“zayn..umm..actually I wanted to ask..that in Miami. I mean…” sanju says awkwardly. Zayn raises his eyebrow asking her to continue. “I mean that in Miami…” she stops. “come on..say what you wanted to say” zayn says crossing his arms. “are we both gonna be..I”sanju hesitates making zayn laugh. “are we both gonna share one room?” sanju says covering her face with her hand while zayn bursts out laughing. Sanju removes her hands and looks at him confused yet pissed.
“why are you laughing?” sanju asks him crossing her arms. “’s..just that..why we’re you scared to ask me?” zayn asks in between laughter.
“it’s okay.. I don’t want to to share a room with you now..I’ll be with someone else. Yeah I’ll be with Emmet” sanju says making her way outside.
“Emmet?what?” zayn asks a bit upset. “yeah..any problem?” sanju asks trying not to laugh. “but why? I you are gonna be with will not be with him” zayn says. “watch me,zayn” sanju replies and goes.
She takes a shower and changes into navy blue dress with white embroidery on it and wears her wedges. She comes to have breakfast and talk to everyone.
“you finished your packing?” niki asks. “ what about you?” sanju asks.
“same here..I’ll just pack my stuff later because now I have to go with you” niki says. “where” aryan asks. “to see if I got admission in university or not” niki replies while aryan nods. Zayn comes downstairs pissed at sanju and goes towards his car. “zayn,won’t you have breakfast?” sanju’s mom ask him.
“no thank you..I’m good” he replies making his way outside. “but..” but before his mom could say something he went. “what happened to him?” niki whispers. Sanju tells her the whole story laughing. While niki joins her.
“he is so crazy..was I ever gonna share a room with Emmet..still he is so possessive” sanju says giggling. “boys you know” niki says giving her a wink. They both leave for uni.
Niki gets her admission and attends her classes. T, Emily,niki, and sanju meet after their classes and decides to go the library. They come there and see zayn and Emmet there. They sit with them quietly trying not to make noise.
“hey” sanju says. “hello” Emmet replies looking up from his book. His eyes meet niki while she looks at him completely blank. “if the staring competition is finished can we guys get your attention?” Emily asks coughing. While niki and Emmet both tense up in their seats. Emmet gives a deadly stare to a giggling sanju and Emily.
“guys..we are gonna be there for how much time? Hehe I don’t even know that” sanju says with a chuckle. But zayn kept looking at his book the whole time. “zayn. She is asking you something” T says while zayn looks up with a jerk and an annoyed face. “what?” zayn asks pissed at sanju.
“what’s the problem zayn?…come on what happene in the morning she was Just joking and you…” niki says but then realized what she said while sanju shuts her eyes. “huh you told her too..this is not the teenage years that you are supposed to share everything…” zayn says while sanju cuts him. “it’s okay… we just took it in a fun way..guys I need to go..” sanju says in a whisper looking at her hands. “you want us to go with you?” T asks. “ guys be here..I have my next class..bye” sanju says quietly and goes.
“what was this zayn?” Emmet and niki asks in unison. “what? Oh okay..please guys I don’t wanna talk about it” zayn says going back to his phone.. leaving Emmet sigh and the others go back to their work. Niki receives a text from Emmet.
From Emmet: what happened?between those two?
While niki looks at him boggled.
Emmet gets a text back.
From niki: how did you get my number?
While Emmet asks again.
From Emmet: answer me first….
Niki texts him about the incident.
From Emmet: oh god..they both are so stupid.. it’s okay..because I know they both can’t stay away from each other so they will patch don’t worry 
To Emmet: yeah I know..but you didn’t answer my question.
From Emmet: ah hehe your number. I took it from misha…
To Emmet: misha?? I’m not gonna leave her.
From Emmet: why? I mean is there something wrong?
Emmet looks at her a bit confused.
To Emmet: no’s okay I mean I wanted to talk to you…
From Emmet: oh you wanted to talk to me ahm ahm…
Niki says “okay..guys it’s my class timing.. I need to go..hey Emmet you we both are in the same class you don’t want to go?”
Emmet checks the time. “oh god..we will be late..let’s go” he says taking his books.
At the end everyone meet at the lunch area except sanju and T. They all sit at a table and Neil also joins them. “where is sanju and T?” Emily asks while everyone shake their head in a no. “she didn’t came to attend her class too..I was looking for both of them” Emily says. “zayn,stop that childish behavior now” niki says. “me? She is acting like a child as if she is lost” zayn says in a cold tone.
“’s sanju’s message..she is saying she can’t go to Miami tomorrow” Emily says. “what???!!” zayn says completely shocked leaving others boggled. While Emily bursts into laughter. “haha..I was just kidding…you should have seen your face,zayn” Emily laughs while everyone giggle. “not funny” zayn pouts.
“you are such a baby” Neil says giggling leaving zayn chuckle. “finally you smiled” Emmet says while niki smiles at him making Emmet blush. “and you just blushed” zayn says grinning. While Emmet turns red.
“okay..guys seriously where is sanju a and T now?” niki asks. At that time a girl passes by her and niki asks her.
“hey..have you seen sanjana and tanu?” niki asks her. “yes..she was at the nurse office” the girl says politely. “why? Since when?” zayn asks worriedly. “since I guess 9 o’clock” the girl replies. “okay thanks” Emily says while they all rush towards the nurse office.
They see an exhausted sanju lying there and a worried tanu beside her. The nurse asks them to be quite. Zayn quietly goes towards sanju while her back faces him. “what happened?” zayn whispers. “zayn..not now” T says with a gulp. “you okay?” Neil asks her. While T nods.
“what happened to her?” niki asks. “she passed out” the nurse replies. “why?” Emmet asks. “I don’t know..tanu and a teacher brought her here and she was unconscious..and she will be okay..she just needs a bit rest..I want only two people to stay with her now” the nurse says. “I’ll stay” zayn says. “and tanu you should also stay here” Neil says. He hugs her and they all go.
After sometime, sanju wakes up and sits straight but then remembers something. “ okay?” zayn asks her. While sanju hugs him tightly tears rolling down her cheeks.
“shh..stop crying..I’m sorry for acting like a jerk.. please stop it” zayn says rubbing her black trying to give her comfort.
“it’s not due to you,zayn” T says. “I’ll tell you come let’s get her home” T says. “can you please tell everyone that she is fine and I’ll be back by evening and we are going together?” zayn asks while tanu smiles.

Zayn makes sanju sit in the car and keeps on driving while sanju is lost in her own thoughts. “okay let me tell you some jokes..I hope you will feel better” zayn says while sanju sighs.
“ the first one is I am a nobody,nobody is perfect, therefore I’m perfect” zayn says. Sanju rolled her eyes. Zayn kept on telling jokes at last he said “I guess that was a bad one..okay the next one a wife said to her husband that if I would have been married to a monster, I would have been felt much better than with you so the husband replies that but wifey marriages are not allowed in the same blood relation” zayn finished while sanju actually laughed hard at his joke. She kept on laughing. “God,zayn you are madd” she said in between laughter. “glad that you laughed” zayn replies.
Zayn takes her to a lake area. It was a beautiful place with all the colorful flowers and sanju took a deep breath and smiled. “wow..this place is peaceful” sanju says. “I know and…” but before zayn could finish sanju came closer to him and kept her hands on his chest. “why did you stopped talking? Do I make you…nervous?” sanju asks smirking. “of course not” zayn says keeping his hands on her waist and pulling her closer. Zayn cupped her face and kissed her gently feeling the warmth and sensation of her body. He kissed her deeply giving all into it. They pulled back and sanju hugged him tightly.
After some time zayn asked “umm..can you tell me now what happened? If you are feeling better now” zayn adds hurriedly. “okay” sanju sighs. “zayn…I..I saw him..” sanju whispers and tightens her clutch on his shirt. “whom?” zayn asks rubbing her back. “akshay” sanju whispers. “what?” zayn asks boggled.
“yes..he’s…he’s our university’s trustee” sanju says closing her eyes. “but how? I never saw him here” zayn asks. “I know.. when I went from the library after some time I met tanu and we both were going to our class.. and then the principle called her saying someone wants to me us..we both went there and I saw akshay..I got dazed completely shocked..I just heard that he was the trustee and I didn’t heard anything else until I remember I was in the nurse office. I know why he is back. And now what if he stays in our home?” sanju asks worriedly. “shh nothings gonna me..I’m with you..he can’t touch you okay? Now I want you to be happy we are going to Miami right?” zayn asks while she nods.
“that’s like my sanju..and yeah about that room thing..” zayn says while sanju blushes and looks at her hands. “I was already planning to be with you,babe” zayn says smiling while sanju blushes and smiles. “oh god you blush so much”zayn says while sanju hugs him. “stop it let’s go we are gonna be lateee” sanju says.

They reach home and had dinner. Sanju went to her room and changed into her night clothes. She feels a pair of arms surrounding her and smiles. “zayn” she says turning to face him. Zayn smiles and hugs her. “you packed your stuff?” Sanju asks him. “no..I’m too lazy you know” zayn says smiling. “kiddo you are” Sanju says trying to free herself.
“will you help me pack?” zayn asks. “I have already packed your stuff,zayn” sanju says going towards her dressing table. “what?” zayn asks boggled.
“you heard me right?” sanju asks while zayn smiles. “thank you”zayn says and goes towards her by turning her around and placing her on the bed. “woah” sanju says. “ you think you were doing??” sanju asks confused.
“as if you don’t know” zayn says with a smirk. “haha no” sanju says. Zayn’s hand goes inside her shirt touching her waist while sanju feels goose bumps and the butterflies going crazy. Zayn brings her close and plants a kiss on her neck. He kisses her on the lips while her hands goes inside his shirt. Sanju giggles and keeps on kissing him. Zayn lifts up his shirt and turns her around with her back facing his front. He lifts up her shirt and hugs her from behind. He removes her hair placing them on the other side and kisses the back of her neck making her shiver. He tightens his grip around her waist making her shiver. “I want to wait for make it special”zayn whispers in her ear sending shivers down her spine. Sanju blushes and whispers “me too”.
“are you feeling cold?”zayn asks. “no..why?” sanju asks. “you..umm..were shivering a while ago” zayn says trying to hold back his smile. Sanju’s cheeks turned red and wears her shirt back. “idiot” sanju mutters. “I heard you” zayn says laughing. They both sleep together peacefully.
Hello guys.. how are you all?
Okay..I know you all must be mad at me but I’m really sorry guys..the reason I didn’t updated for so many days was because I met with an accident two weeks ago… I hope you guys won’t mind it.
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Tell me which the best part was on today’s update..
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Love you guys so much and thanks for the wonderful and lovely comments everyone.
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