Sanju woke up hearing the birds chirp and the sun rays coming through the glass door of the balcony. She looked at zayn who was sleeping peacefully. She stated at him for a while and placed her head on his chest. She could clearly hear his heart beats. His chest moving up and down.
Thousands thoughts came in her..will we work through it? Will I be able to keep this relationship? Am I good enough for zayn?. Her thoughts came to end when she heard zayn’s husky voice.
“ don’t think that hard” he said. His voice was tired and husky in the morning. “ how do you know I was thinking something?” sanju asks hugging him smiling. “ because when you look at your nails constantly it mean you are thinking something deep and oblivious to the earth” zayn says chuckling.
“ you noticed that much?” sanju asked resting her back on the pillow and facing him. “ noticed every bit of you” says zayn smirking. “ jerk” sanju says throwing the pillow on his face.
“ OUCH!” zayn fakes. Sanju giggles at his reaction, standing up on her toes and running her hands in her through her messy hair. “ I look like shit in the morning” sanju says looking at herself in the morning. “ of course not. You look pretty. Not like those bimbos..oh sorry I meant painted bimbos” zayn. Sanju laughs hard at his words.
“ painted bimbos? Seriously?” she asked laughing. “yeah..haven’t you looked at them? They put do much make up on like someone had painted them or so and fake themselves” zayn stands up making his way to sanju.
“ hmm..okay” says sanju laughing. “ in my opinion we should let people see us how were are..not the fake us… that should be illegal you know? Because we should be proud of what we are” says zayn. Sanju nods in agreement. “ I’m not perfect. Why me zayn?” sanju asks looking at herself in the mirror.

“ of course you are perfect.. dumb head” zayn says walking more closer. “I’m not the perfect one..the model types” she replies.
“ I don’t see outer beauty. You are gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, kind, genourous…not like those bimbos” zayn adds in the end leaving sanju laugh at his statement. “ okay. You won,babe” sanju says laughing. “ that’s the spirit. Now come here..where is my kiss ha?” zayn asks placing her on his lap. Sanju crashes her lips on his feeling the beautiful sensation and taste of his lips. “ we need to breathe” sanju says pulling back. Zayn giggles at her while they both lay back on the bed.
Silence filled the room while the birds chirping and their heartbeats can be heard all over the room. “ what do you wanna do in future?” zayn asks breaking the silence. “ a doctor. A cardiologist” sanju smiles wide. “ good one” zayn replies. Sanju turns to him and says “ I’m also gonna open my own hospital . Imagine my own hospital” sanju says smiling . “ I know you can do that” zayn replies giving her an assuring smile and squeezing her hand lightly.
“ what about you?” sanju asks. “ a business man. My own company etc” zayn replies. “ sound great but” sanju says pouting “ but?” zayn asks looking on confused. “ but then I’m gonna have a boring husband who will always be busy in his work etc etc” sanju says the last words singing. “ husband? Me?” zayn asks seriously. “ yeah any problem?” sanju asked her curiosity growing more and more. Zayn smile dropped and replies “ because last night you were the one who said to take things slow and now marriage?” zayn asks whispering. “ these two are both different things zayn” sanju replies in a bit high and cold tone. “ I know. That’s why I’m..” zayn says but she cuts him off in the middle “ it’s okay…I get it…I’m gonna take a shower” saying this she went out of the room.

“ listen..wait..” she heard zayn calling from behind but she didn’t stop.
“ why is this happening to me?” zayn whispered looking up at the ceiling. “why are MY mornings always bad? Why do they suck?” zayn said again.
He went out of his bed and changed into dark wash jeans paired with a light blue button up shirt. He paired it with his white vans.
Sanju went inside her bedroom straight to the mirror. “ ugh…I’m so stupid..I shouldn’t have went out of his room like this..I’m just so stupid sometimes..why did I get mad at him” sanju says making her way to the shower.
She dressed up in a pair of white shorts paired with a black button up shirt. She took her aqua blue jacket wearing it. She matched it with her golden gladiator sandals. With some mascara and a light shade of pink lipstick. She looped her golden belt around her waist taking her bag and made her way downstairs.
She heard whispers and laughter all around the house. “ did I miss something ?” sanju asks taking a seat next to her mom. “ not much” her mom replied. Zayn also came down taking his coffee mug and sitting beside tani. “ so what’s up?” sanju asks her mom. “preparation for your sister marriage..and your bother’s marriage” she said pointing to zayn. He immediately spit out the coffee he was drinking with his eyes wide as he remembered the morning talk.
Sanju looked on uncomfortably. “ you okay?” his mom asks while he nods. She flashes a smile at him. While he looks at sanju who was playing with her fingers uncomfortably. “ bro..they also found a girl for you…look here is the picture” misha said handing him her phone grinning. Once again, zayn spits out the coffee while everyone laughs. He looks at sanju while she was not pleased at that moment. “ when’s the engagement?” sanju asks smiling.

“ after a few days” replies her mom. Sanju smiles at her. “ mom, I have some work..I’ll just come okay?” sanju asks standing up. “ work? But isn’t it off today?” tani asks. “ I know..umm..just going to meet Emmet” sanju says. “who’s Emmet?” zayn asked with a bit of cold tone. “ are you telling me about Emmet Winston?” aryan asks popping his head up from his phone. “ yes. He is here. Back from New York. Mom, he is going to come for dinner tonight okay?” sanju says smiling. “ who’s Emmet?” zayn asks again. “ he is sanju’s friend. He used to live here in LA but shifted year ago. But seriously he is so amazing. You can call him sanju’ best friend because they both really are close friends. Neil, sanju, Emily, Emmet, Parker and now tanu they all are best friends” tani replies. “ yeah..Emily is Emmet’s twin sister and parker my bestie is emily’s boyfriend. They are shifting back here in their apartment. You are gonna love them. Hey let’s go and meet them. Wanna come?” sanju asks them. Zayn,tani, aryan and misha nod. “ good. Let’s go” sanju says happily. “ sorry,zayn” sanju tells him pulling him back. “ I am not mad at you but at myself, babe. I shouldn’t have reacted that way about all that marriage thing” he says pulling her closer. “ it’s okay. I love you” she replies. “ love you too” he says giving her a kiss on the forehead.
“ well, I’m shocked you actually said sorry. Sanjana can even say sorry wow” zany whispers giggling. “ hey! So mean” sanju says punching him slightly in the arm. Zayn chuckles.
“ can you both stop with the PDA. We are getting late” aryan shouts from the back. They both laugh and goes towards the car.
“ how much time is it gonna take more.” An irritated aryan asks from the back followed by a giggling misha. “it’s been only 10 minutes and you have asked that for the 20th time, aryan so stop it” sanju tells him.
“ hey stop staring at my sister and look at the road. Me and my girlfriend wouldn’t like to die at this young age right now” aryan blurts out while sanju looks at him stunned “ girlfriend?” sanju asks. “ what do you mean? You didn’t told me Mish that he is your boyfriend” zayn says laughing. “ zayn, it’s serious okay?. So stop. And misha is your girlfriend since when huh?” sanju asked pissed. “ since you people were in the camp trip” aryan replies silently. “hey chill sanju. What’s the problem if they love each other?” zayn asks seriously. “ you don’t get it zayn, love is a complete different thing. And aryan I know him he..” sanju says but zayn cuts her off. “ we will talk about it later okay?” zayn asks squeezing her hand lightly while sanju nods.

They reach the house and sanju knocks on the door. A beautiful girl opens the door wearing a stripped blue and pink shorts with a white shirt. Dark brown hair and deep dark green eyes.
“ Emily!” sanju shouts and gives her a bone crushing hug. “ I have missed you so much” Emily tells her and greets everyone. “ missed you em” aryan hugs her. “ missed you so much Mish” Emily says hugging misha. “ umm..zayn?” Emily asks. While sanju nods. They both also greet each other.
“ sanju” Emmet calls from behind. He had a muscular body with dark blond hair and light brown colored eyes.
“ emmet. I have missed you so much buddy” sanju says hugging him tightly. “and me?” she sees a smiling parker behind her. “ aww parker” sanju says giving him a hug.
They all greet each other. All of them talk to each other telling about their good and bad times. Their struggles, the happiness etc. “ hey! Why don’t we play the never have I ever game?” emmet asks smiling. Everyone agrees. “me and Emily will grab some drinks. Come em” sanju says. While tanu and Neil also joins them.
They both came back with drinks placing a cup in front of everyone. “ so this game is basically we say something that we have never done in our life and the person who had done it they have to take a sip from their drink” says emmet. “ let’s start with aryan” says parker. “ okay.umm..never have I ever dated someone more than 20 years older than me” says aryan while everyone burst out into laughter.
No one drinks while parker says “seriously? No one?”. While everybody shook their head. “ parker your turn” ayran says. “ okay. Never have I ever kissed a teacher” says parker while everyone laugh. No one take a sip except emmet. “ emmet! Seriously?” both sanju and Emily says in unison.
“what? She was hot!” emmet comments. “ whore” Emily whispers while everyone laugh. “ hmm.. zayn’s turn” parker says. “ yeah! Never have I ever slept with a boy” zayn says laughing. While everyone laughs crazily. “oh god. That was the most hilarious one” sanju says in between laugh. No one drinks.
“ Emily your turn” says zayn pointing at her. “ never have I ever read Harry Potter” she says grinning. Everyone takes a sip except aryan. “yeahhh aryan! We are on the same page” Emily says giving him a high five.
“ your turn neil” says Emily. “ never have I ever eaten dirt” he says chuckling. Parker and zayn take a sip. “are you guys kidding me? Gross!” sanju says laughing.
“ misha..your turn” neil says while misha nods. “ never have I even specifically targeted someone in never have I ever”. Everyone takes a sip. “wow” misha mutters.

“ tanu…your turn” says misha. “ never have I ever been naked on an airplane” she says..while everyone laugh. Emmet and Neil takes a sip. “ what?” tanu asks blinking rapidly. “ Emmet was naked on our flight from new York” Emily says while everyone laugh. “ sanju…your turn”. While sanju sighs. “ hmm..never have I ever had s*x” sanju says looking at her drink while everyone laugh. “ you are still a Virgin? Can’t believe you” Emmet says laughing while she sticks out her tongue at him. Everyone drink except aryan and misha. “ zayn…who was the lucky girl?” parker asks while sanju looks down. Zayn clears his throat and says “ umm… my ex girlfriend back when I was in London” zayn says faking a smile. “ ah unlucky her. She doesn’t know what she missed” Emily says while everyone smile. “ and lucky me” sanju says squeezing his hand lightly.
“ me too” zany says pulling her for a gentle kiss. “ ewww! Get a room you two” aryan says giggling. While zayn and sanju back off.
“ we will be back” zayn says taking sanju’s hand pulling her outside. “ use protection” Emmet shouts laughing. “yeah, I don’t Wanna become an aunt so soon” misha shouts back while everyone laughs.
Zayn and sanju ignored them coming outside. “ why did we came outside?” sanju asks while she feels zayn arms around her waist. His breath falling on her neck. They were standing there silently until zayn broke the silence. “you felt bad? About that.. I had s*x” zayn asks burying his face in her neck. “no zayn. It’s the past I don’t care. What I care is about us,now” sanju adds turning to face him. “ glad to hear that” zayn responds.
He hugs her while everyone comes outside. “ what happened?” asks zayn. “ time to go zayn. Actually they are not coming for dinner tonight. They have some work” says aryan. “ Emily?” sanju asks. “ sorry, babe. Tomorrow promise” Emily replies. While sanju smiles.
They all greet each other. “ I need to talk to you, both of you” sanju says turning off the music in the car. “ about what?” aryan asks confused. “ about your relationship,aryan” sanju replies. Aryan nods. They reach home but before going inside sanju stops the three of them. “ aryan, I know you are 18. You are mature enough. I’m not stopping you from any relationship. But I don’t want you to hurt misha. Not only misha, but any other girl. You don’t have any right to play with a girls emotions. So, if you are serious you may continue it and…” says sanju but aryan cuts her in the middle. “ I’m seriously not in the mood of your lecture now. Please I know what I’m doing. You don’t have to interfere” aryan says crossing his arms.

“ aryan, how are you taking to you sister? She is saying for your own benefit. She is not restricting you both from not being a couple..” says zayn but misha interrupted “ please. Stop okay. You don’t have any right to tell us what to do you get it sanju? So please stay out of it. I know you don’t like me that’s why you are asking aryan to break up with me. So please just leave us alone” misha shouts leaving sanju in tears. “misha what the hell…” zayn clenched his fist taking a step ahead but sanju stopped “ what are you even thinking of ha? Raising your hand on her? Calm down zayn” sanju says holding his elbow.
“ yeah it is” both aryan and misha say in unison. “ sorry..I’m…sorry” saying this sanju runs inside.
Zayn runs his fingers in his hair frustrated. “ listen sanju..wait” he shouts but she doesn’t stop. “ happy? Both of you?” zayn asks leaning back at his car. “ it’s her fault” aryan says. “ her fault? Are you kidding me? She said she wanted you both to stay happy so neither or you regret in the future. She knows if you both break up or have any problem then our family will be in an awkward situation. Don’t you think so? And God, you both know everything about her past. You know she was telling you for your own benefit. She knows the pain. She was really happy with both of you” zayn says frustrated. “ oh crap. How can I forget. Shit…I behaved like an idiot. I’m sorry..I thought she didn’t wanted us to be together” misha says. “ yeah me too.I overreacted. I’m gonna go and apologize to her” aryan says. “sorry,zayn” both aryan and misha says fighting back the tears. “ it’s okay.come here” he gives them a hug. “ let’s go. And you both go and deal with her okay?” asks zayn. They both nod and goes inside.
Zayn knocks on the door and finds sanju sitting back on the sofa looking at her wrist. “ what is she doing?” zayn asks hurriedly. Aryan runs to her and shakes her. “ sanju…don’t you dare okay…not again please” aryan says taking her wrist. “you can’t think of that again sanju. Why were doing this?” misha asks in tears. “ doing what? Will someone tell me?” zayn shouts frustrated while sanju sits there like a statue.
Aryan sighs while misha says “ after that incident. Sanju tried to commit suicide. She got saved 3 times and whenever she looks at her wrist it means she wants to kill her…herself..because she feels nobody loves her..” misha says crying badly.
Zayn rushes to her “ can’t do that right? Tell them you were just looking at it..please…you know I love you and you know everyone does..say something” zayn says cupping her face. “ I’m fine,zayn” sanju speaks after 5 minutes. Zayn sighs. “ I was not going to kill myself. I was thinking that I would be a fool if I did so… but I’m happy with my life..don’t worry” sanju says hugging him.
“ I’m really sorry…I didn’t mean to say those words…I promise I won’t break her heart…sorry for not understanding you” says aryan holding her hand.
“ I’m sorry too…I should have been more careful with my words.. sorry.. friends again?” misha says extending her hand. “ no” replies sanju leaving everyone boggled. “ dumb..sisters again” sanju replies hugging her while both zayn and aryan smile.
“ you can’t make her your sister!” says aryan. “ why?” misha asks. “ then how will you be my girlfriend” aryan says chuckling. While they laugh. Sanju looks at zayn who was looking at her with a face of ‘ you did wrong’.

“ okay..we will go downstairs then, bye” says misha. They both go downstairs leaving zayn and sanju in the room.
Zayn also makes his way to the door but sanju holds his hand. “ don’t go” sanju says gulping. “ I don’t want to stay here” zayn says releasing his hand. “I’m sorry…I ..I need you” sanju says fighting back the tears. Zayn hugs her immediately with tears rolling down his cheeks.
“ I got so scared. I thought you did something to yourself ..don’t do it again okay?” zayn asks rubbing her back. “I won’t..I love you,zayn” sanju says pulling back. “ love you too” zayn kisses her forehead. And grins
“ what?” sanju asks smiling. Zayn clears his throat and says “ actually..umm… just remembered what you said in the never have I ever game” he pulls her closer while sanju turns red in embarrassment. “ I…I don’t know what you are talking about” she says struggling to pull back. “ you don’t know?” zayn asks raising his eyebrow with a smirk. “ no..I don’t” sanju says laughing. “ fine.. I’ll go then” zayn says pouting.
“where?” sanju asks putting her hands on her hips. “ to my room dah…I know you will stop me but I won’t” zayn says.
“ okay. Bye zayn…good night..sweetdreams” sanju says taking off her jewelry. “ really?” zayn asks sitting on her bed. “ you thought I’ll stop you?” sanju asks taking of her jacket. “ taking of your jacket..look you knew what I was talking about” zayn says jumping on the bed. “don’t get wrong ideas. I’m changing into my night clothes. And don’t jump on my bed” sanju warns. She takes out her clothes and makes her way to the bathroom.
“ zayn.. I forgot my shirt. Can you take it out from the dresser?” sanju asks from the bathroom. “ you can come out and take it” zayn replies.
“ I’m not wearing any clothes” sanju exclaims. “ please,babe” she asks again. “ come out” replies zayn. Sanju groans putting on her bathrobe.
“ looking s*xy” zayn says sitting up straight on the bed. Sanju throws a pillow at him while he chuckles.
“ I asked you for a shirt are so annoying” sanju says taking a shirt from her dresser. She feels a pair of arms taking her to the bed. “ what are you doing?” sanju asks.
“ romance” zayn says innocently. While she giggles. “ zayn let me change” sanju says trying to go but he holds her back.
“ no” he says. “ move zayn. Ugh annoying” sanju groans. “ fine..go” zayn says leaving her. She chuckles and goes to change.
She comes back wearing pajama shorts and a loose shirt. “ good. You also changed into night clothes” sanju says sitting in the bed. “ why are you not talking to me?” sanju smiles innocently.
She hears her phone buzz and checks it. She sees a message from zayn.
From zayn♡: because I’m annoyed.
“ aww are annoyed from me” sanju says.
She gets another message.

From zayn♡: I said message me. Don’t speak out aloud… dumb head.
“ don’t call me a dumb head. And what are you doing. Messaging me when we are in the same room?” sanju asks crossing her arms.
“ yeah…any problem?” zayn asks switching on the TV. But sanju comes in front of the TV.
“ what ?” zayn says irritated. “ I’m hungry” sanju replies placing her hand on her hips.
“ so?” he asks. “ come with me. We didn’t have dinner” she says pulling him. “okaayyyy” he replies.
They both reach downstairs and sees popcorn boxes and drinks. “ what’s happening?” sanju asks taking a popcorn. But tani hits her hand. “ouch” sanju complains. “ don’t hit my love. Here take this popcorn” zayn says handing her a box. “ gross” tani replies.
“ as if you and dhruv bhai don’t do it” sanju says sticking out her tongue. Tani blushes. “ why are you dragging me in?” dhruv says with his hand on her shoulder. “ we are gonna watch a movie” aryan says connecting the laptop to the TV. “ a horror me” misha adds taking a seat. “ what? Why? No please” sanju says while everyone laugh. “ you are scared of horror movies” asks zayn laughing. Sanju shoots him a glare.
“ we all are” dhruv corrects him. “except you, idiotic” dhruv says pointing at zayn. “ because he is not human” misha adds. “ you are gonna be my saviour tonight” sanju says with her puppy eyes. “ as if I was gonna watch the movie” zayn says grinning. “ what do you mean?” sanju asks boggled.
“ you’ll see babe. Come let’s sit” he replies. They both take a seat on the back sofa.
While the other four sits in the ground. “ why are you guys not sitting on the sofa?” sanju asks . “ so that you can protect us” aryan says while everyone laugh.
“ start the movie. We also have to watch another one” says dhruv. “another one?” sanju asks. “ shh” replies tani.
The movie starts. They were watching the conjuring. “ it says it’s based on a true story” sanju says coming more closer to zayn while he giggles. “ stop and shh..and you stop giggling and control her” dhruv says pointing at zayn. While he nods.
“ I’m scared” sanju whispers to him. “I’m with you” replies zayn. “ that’s why I’m scared because you said you were not going on watch the movie and you would do something…something to scare me?” sanju whispers back. “ no something else” zayn replies. “ shut up both of you..if you seriously speak another word I’m gonna kill you guys okay?” says tani.
While they both nod. Sanju concentrates on the movie while she feels zayn’s hand on her thigh and shivers slightly. Sanju gulps and whispers “ zayn, stop”. While he rubs his hand on her thigh. He brings her more closer kissing her on the neck while sanju closes her eyes. He tangled his fingers with hers bringing her more close.
“ don’t move” zayn whispers. While she feels her heart beating so fast. His hand goes inside her shirt touching her waist and spinning her around slowly making her sit on his lap. “ zayn! What are you doing?” sanju whispers. While he pulls her more closer. He kisses her neck with his hand going to up and down her back.
Suddenly misha and tani shout while sanju jumps back to her place. Breathing hard. “ God it was so scary…the women on top of the cuboard” she says turning back to see sanju. “ you okay?” tani asks. “ yeah.I’m perfectly…fine” sanju says nervously. While zayn grins.
They concentrate back on the movie while sanju receives a text. “ put it on mute” aryan whispers while she nods.
She checks it’s a message from zayn.
From zayn♡: liked it? Come closer..

While she looks up at him hitting with the cushion.
“ what?” zayn mouths.
“ don’t do it again…I’m seriously scared due to the movie now” sanju whispers.
“ okay..I won’t do it..come now” he whispers back.
Sanju leans next to him while he keeps her tight to himself.
After sometime the movie was over. “ha nice movie right?” aryan asked searching for the next movie.
“ you enjoyed it zayn?” tani asks grinning.
“ yeah..I enjoyed a lot” zayn replies back looking at sanju. While sanju rolled her eyes. Tani stood up and whispered in her ear “ he is good right?” saying this she leaves getting more drinks. While sanju turns red. “ I’m gonna kill you tonight zayn” sanju says covering her face with the pillow. He chuckles at her reaction.
“ which movie are we going to watch now?” zayn asks aryan. “ the excorism of Emily rose” aryan replies. “what?” says sanju standing up from the couch. “ my friend said it’s really scary..and it’s…a also based on a true story” says sanju shivering. “ you can go back to your room then” tani says coming back from the kitchen. “ not’s okay I’ll watch the movie” sanju says sitting back. “ come here..sit with can dig your nails again if you want?” zayn says smiling. “ again?” Sanju Asks Confused. She looks at zayns hand with her nail marks and giggles. “ you deserve this” she says pointing at his hand.
They start the movie. It was silence all over only the sound of the movie could be heard. After some time the movie ended. “ thank god it ended…I’m never gonna watch it’s second part” sanju complains. While everyone chuckle.
“ good night I’m really sleepy guys” says aryan followed by tani, misha and dhruv. “ where are you going?” sanju asks zayn. “ jogging” replies zayn. “bad sense of humor. You are going to sleep with me” says sanju. “ what do I get in return ?” asks zayn yawning. “ my foot” she replies.
They both sleep in her room peacefully.
Zayn wakes up due to her movement. He looks at her sleeping peacefully and touches her cheeks feeling the softness. “ good morning, zayn” sanju says rubbing her eyes. “ morning, babe” zayn says kissing her forehead.
“ today is gonna be a special day” zayn says smiling.
“ special ? How?” sanju asks smiling. “we are going on a date” says zayn hugging her. “ wow. Really? Where?” asks sanju. “ surprise, babe. And moreover it’s going to be a hunt like I’m going to give you clues and you have to find them and in the end from the last clue you will find where we are going” says zayn kissing her cheek.
“ wow…it’s gonna be fun…but I’m really curious to’s okay..when’s the hunt gonna start?” asks sanju.
“ I’ll tell you downstairs. Now go and get ready” zayn says giving her a peck on the lips.
Sanju was wearing an oversized white tank top along with a black bralette underneath, paired with a pair of black and white stripped shorts and red pumps with a criss cross buckle.
She made her way downstairs into the kitchen and saw zayn there. He gave her package packed in a wrapping paper.
There was a note attached to it.

The note says:
! You are going to need this for the long distance!
“ what” sanju asked but he just smiled at her. She opened the box and found a pair of black converse.
“ the hunt begins sanjana. This is the first one” he smiles making his way out to the university.
She picked the note, rereading it again and looking at the shoes.
What long distance? She thought.
“ this is so exciting” says tanu, a smile spreading across her face. “ it’s like we are on Law and Order or something? Tanu said.
“ and how do you figure that?” sanju asks. “ We are putting all the clues together” tanu defended. “ what was today’s clue?” tanu asked.
Sanju passed her note that was attached to the pair of khaki shorts sitting on the counter this morning.
The note says:
You’re going to need these so you won’t burn up in the sun.
“So we know you’ll be walking a long distance and it’ll be hot, so it’s obviously outside,” tanu stated.
“Is it like a hike?” sanju asked. “Is he taking me on a hike?”
“That doesn’t sound very romantic.” Tanu replied.
“I know,” sanju agreed. “I’m not an outdoor hiking-type person. And I don’t think Converse are hiking shoes.” Sanju said.
“And cute khaki shorts are not meant to be ruined in nature,” tanu added. “So definitely not a hike.”
“So what else involves long distance and outside?” asked sanju
“It’s LA ,” tanu pointed out. “So everything.”
“Well we know it’s not the beach,” sanju said, taking another bite of her salad.
“Good detective skills, you can’t wear tennis shoes to the beach.” Tanu said.
“Well you could but that would be awkward.” Sanju stated.
Sanju crossed her right leg over her left, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. “I’m not good at solving mysteries.” Sanju said
“It’s only day two,” tanu pointed out. “We don’t have enough clues to solve it yet, only eliminate things.” Sanju said.
Emily joined them too. While they both told her about the hunt. Emily, Emmet and parker has joined in their university now.
“ Emmet, Parker, Neil, aryan , dhruv everyone knows about it” says Emil.
And then Emmet walked by their table, absorbed in his phone.
Sanju grabbed his arm, pulling him down into the seat next to her.
“Well hello there.” He says.
“What does this mean?” sanju asked him, handing him the note zayn had left her this morning

“That the Sun is hot?” he replied.
Sanju rolled her eyes. “Where is zayn taking me?”
Emmet smiled. “I have no idea dearest bestie.”
“Shut up. I know you’re the one that told him whatever he found out.” Emily said.
He patted the top of sanju’s head. “Good luck.” And then he left.
“Maybe he’s taking you to like a race track,” tanu mused. “That’s outside and hot.” Emily stated
“A race track? Like with cars?” sanju asked.
“Well there’s ones with horses, or dune buggies.” Tanu says her eyes lit up. “Maybe he’s taking you dune buggie racing!” Emily says. Sanju stared at her for a couple of moments. “You’re absolutely useless to me, you know that?” sanju asked
“But you love me anyway.” Tanu replied.
“Have you asked zayn at all?” Emily asked me, as they sat down on the living room floor.
“He’s been avoiding me so I can’t ask him questions, that sneaky little a*sh*le.”
“Okay, so let’s review the clues,” tanu suggested. “Day 1, a pair of black Converse.” She says.
“Because we’ll be walking a long distance,” sanju added.
“Day two, khaki shorts.”Emily says
“Because it’ll be hot out.” Sanju adds.
“Day three was a super cute Michael Kors cross-body purse that I will steal from you.” Tanu says giggling.
Sanju couldn’t help but laugh. “It is adorable,” sanju agreed. “And the note read you’re going to need this because you’ll want to pack lightly.” Says sanju.
“And then today, day four, was a disposable camera,” sanju finished.
“And the note read you’re going to need this to capture the memories.” Emily adds.
“A disposable camera?” tanu asked, raising an eyebrow at sanju.
“I know,” sanju said, shaking her head. “Can I not use my iPhone?” she asks. They sat in silence for a few seconds, staring at the four clues in front of them.
“Maybe he’s taking you to the Everglades,” Emily suggested, after a few moments of silence.
“The what?” tanu asked
“I don’t know,” Emily defended. “I’m stumped.”
Sanju let out a sigh, leaning her back against the couch behind her. “Honestly I’m still stuck on the hike thing. Like maybe he finds nature hikes romantic.” Sanju says.
“I don’t think you go hiking in Converse and khaki shorts with a Michael Kors cross-body,” Emily pointed out.
Sanju let out a groan.
“Maybe all of this stuff is bullshit and he’s taking me to the movies.” Sanju adds.
Emily laughed, and pretty soon sanju couldn’t help but join in.
Zayn had bested Her. She had absolutely no idea what he had up his sleeve.
Sanju bolted upright in bed as the morning rolled around.
Today was day five, the day sanju would finally find where zayn was taking her on this mystery date.
She quickly got ready for university, her mind racing with endless possibilities.
To say she was excited would be an understatement.
She raced out to the kitchen, and as usual zayn was already gone.
And there was a single note on the counter, no present attached.
So this was it then, the note must tell me where we’re going.
She held the note in her hands for a few moments, taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly to calm her nerves.
She really hoped it wasn’t a nature hike. She is not a nature kind of girl.
Maybe it was an art museum, like the grand opening of some special art museum that zayn had been dying to go to.
Sanju flipped the note over, the anxiousness killing her.
!It’s time to have a little fun on this run, not to be mean but it’s time to come clean. So get up that rope, and afterwards use some soap!
She stared at the note for a couple of minutes, unsure of what it was trying to tell her.
It must be clue of some sort, but what the hell was it supposed to mean?
So naturally she called tanu and read her the clue.
“Are you kidding?” tanu asked, with a laugh.
“Do you know what that means?” sanju asked, leaning against the kitchen counter.
“Not a clue.” She replied.
And then aryan came into the kitchen, his hair still wet from his shower.
“Call you back,” sanju promised, before hanging up her phone.
“Hello bestest brother,” sanju said, with a smile.
“No,” he declined, with a shake of his head.
“Just read this and tell me what you think.” Sanju says.
He took the note from her, scanning it and then chuckling to himself.
“What?” asks sanju.
“It’s so obvious.” He replies.
“Because you know where it is.” Sanju says rolling her eyes.
“Yeah, because it’s obvious.” He replies.
“Yeah, and because zayn already told you.” Sanju says.
“Nope,” aryan said, handing the clue back to her. “I know where you end up, but I don’t know your stops on the way.” He says.
“So help me out.” Sanju begs.
He sighed, sipping his coffee. “Well obviously he’s trying to get you to university.” Says aryan.
“How do you figure that?” sanju asked.
“Because he’s not trying to have you skip university today for some scavenger hunt,” aryan pointed out. “That’s common sense.” He states.
“So he’s telling you that it’s time to come clean.” He says.
“So like the school bathroom? Gross.” Sanju says.
“And then he mentions climbing a rope. Do you climb ropes in the girl’s bathroom at University?” he asks.
“Shut up.” Sanju replies.
“So you climb a rope and then go and get clean. Just let that sink in.” he says.
She scanned the note for a moment, letting the information process.
“So the girl’s locker room?” she asks.
“Right,” aryan agreed, with a nod. “At least that’s what I take it to mean” he adds.
“Thanks you’re the best.” Sanju kissed his cheek before running out of her house door.
The next clue was waiting for her in the girl’s locker room, which was sort of gross but totally worth it.
By the end of this hunt she was going to know her mystery date.
Emily and tanu met her at the locker room when sanju got to university, and they hunted around until Emily found it taped to one of the shower walls.

Sanju don’t even want to know how zayn got that in there.
“Okay, what does it say?” sanju asked, eagerly.
“I get bigger when I eat and weaker when I drink,” Emily read out loud.
They exchanged confused glances.
Sanju took a seat on one of the benches in the locker room, letting out a sigh.
“Bigger when I eat, weaker when I drink,” tanu repeated.
“What are you girls doing in here?” Coach Gingras asked, coming into the locker room with papers in her hand.
“Can we ask you a quick question?” sanju asked, ignoring her question.
“Once you answer mine.” Coach said.
“We’re doing a scavenger hunt,” sanju explained. “And our first clue was in the locker room.” Tanu adds.
“Oh, zayn’s scavenger hunt?” coach asks.
“Wait you knew?” sanju asks boggled.
“You didn’t think I’d let zayn into my locker room?” coach replies.
They couldn’t help but laugh.
“I taped the clue up.” Coach replies.
“Great, so you can give us a hand then,” emily said, with a smile.
“What does it say?” coach asks.
Emily read the clue off to her.
Coach leaned against her office door, mulling over the question.
“I just keep thinking of a platypus,” sanju admitted.
Both of them stared at her.
“They probably get stronger when they drink though.” Sanju adds.
“You’re a strange one,” tanu said, with a shake of her head.
“I think I’ve got it,” Coach Gingras informed them.
“No way,” sanju said, a smile spreading across her face.
“What gets stronger when you feed it oxygen, and weaker when you douse it with water?”
“Fire,” three of them shouted in unison.
“Right,” Coach Gingras agreed. “At least, that’s what I’d think it meant.” Coach adds.
“Thank you,” sanju said, before running out of the girl’s locker room.
“Where are we going to find fire?” tanu asked.
Sanju slowed to a stop. “No idea.”
Three of them paused, thinking for a moment.
“Isn’t the Senior Chem lab doing the fire lab today?” sanju asked Emily.
“I have no idea.” She replied.
“They are,” sanju said, with a nod. “Zayn was talking about it. Their teacher is going to light a fire today in lab” sanju adds.

“Is that even legal?” tanu asks a stupid question.
They shrugged, already set off for the Senior Chemistry lab.
The door was unlocked, and the teacher was sitting behind his desk on his laptop.
“May I help you?” he asked, studying the three of them.
“I’m sanjana” she introduced. “And this is going to sound crazy, but I think there might a note in here for me.” She adds.
The teacher stared at them.
“Can you tell me where zayn malik sits?” tanu asks.
He pointed to the barstool in the far back right of the classroom, and three of them headed back there.
Sanju found the note taped underneath his desk.
Sanju reached over and high-fived tanu and Emily before unfolding the note.
“Read it quick,” emily urged.
“People climb me, cut me and burn me,” sanju read out loud. “They show me no respect. My rings are not of gold, but they do tell my age.” She adds.
Sanju exchanged glances with tanu and Emily.
“That’s easy,” sanju said, tucking the note into her back pocket. “A tree.”
“Oh, good one.” Emily adds.
They exited the Chemistry lab, heading to Homeroom.
“Which tree do you think it is?” emily asked.
“I’m going to go with the giant ass tree in the courtyard,” tanu suggested, with a laugh.
“I’d probably agree with you.” Emily said.
They parted ways, and Homeroom seemed ten times longer than usual, saanu sights on the tree that was visible from her class window.
Somewhere on that thing was her next clue.
As soon as class was over sanju shot out of the class, tanu and Emily meeting her at the tree.
Together they scoured the tree, getting several strange looks and a laugh from Emmett and Neil as they passes them.
And then tanu found the note. It was stapled to the bottom.
“Okay,” sanju said, as they headed to class.
“A skin have I, more eyes than one. I can be very nice when I am done,” tanu read to her.
“What?” sanju demanded, coming to a stop in the middle of the hallway.
Tanu read it again, confusion lacing her voice as well.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Emily asks.
“Um, maybe it’s a pregnant lady?” tanu asks.
Sanju couldn’t help but laugh.
“Pregnant ladies have skin,” tanu defended. “And because of their babies, they have more eyes than one. And they’re pretty b*t*hy during the pregnancy because of the hormones, but when they’re done they could be nice again.” She adds.
Sanju cocked her head to the side, absorbing what she said.
“That actually wasn’t bad,” sanju said, furrowing her eyebrows.
Zayn came up to them in the hallway, slinging his arm around her shoulders. “Good morning.” He said.
“Morning,” sanju said, with a smile.
“And how is everything?” he asks.
“Fantastic.” She replies.
Zayn peered over at the clue tanu was holding, chuckling to himself. “Good luck.” He kissed her cheek before disappearing again.

“So what teacher is pregnant here at the school?” sanju asked, as she reached to the next class.
Emily tapped her head, laughing. “Isn’t that one English teacher pregnant, the one at the end of Hallway B?” she asks.
Sanju thought for a moment. “Maybe.” Sanju turned to look a her teacher, who was checking people off of the roll as they walked in the door. “Is the Senior English teacher pregnant? “ Emily asked a boy.
“Mrs. Tracey?” he asked her.
Emily nodded. “I guess so.”
“Yeah, about 7 months now I’d guess.” The boy replied.
“There we go,” tanu said, handing her the clue. “We’ll convene after class and find our next clue.” Emily.
At the end of class, sanju met tanu and Emily in Hallway.
So they got some odd looks as they approached Mrs. Tracey’s classroom.
She was standing up at her whiteboard, erasing whatever they’d done in the previous class.
“Wait outside,” she instructed, without turning to look at them.
“See?” tanu whispered to her.
She turned to look at them. “What can I do for you?”
“This is going to sound strange, but I’m on a scavenger hunt. Can you tell me where zayn malik?” sanju asks.
“Who?” she asks.
“ zayn malik” sanju replies.
She shook her head. “I don’t have a zayn malik in my class” she replies.
“You could check with Mr. Hart,” she suggested, pointing across the hall.
“But you’re pregnant,” tanu pointed out.
“Okay.” She replied.
Sanju dug the note out of her pocket, showing it to her. “We just thought that the next clue would be in here.” Emily adds.
She read over the clue before looking up at them. “Why in the world would you think this clue was connected to me?” she asks.
“Because you’re pregnant,” tanu repeated.
“This clue has nothing to do with pregnancy,” Mrs. Tracey informed them, handing her back the clue.
Three of them exchanged glances.
“But it has skin,” Emily pointed out. “And more than one eye.” Tanu adds.
“Right,” she agreed.
“And it’s nice when it’s done.” Sanju adds.
“So you think pregnant ladies aren’t nice?” she asks.
“No,” sanju declined, shaking her head. “We were just trying to fill in the blanks is all.” Sanju says.
“It’s food-related,” she informed them. “Now leave my classroom, I need to let my next class in, and you’re going to be late.” The teacher tells them.
They left her class.

They received some strange looks as they exited the hallway.
“Food related?” sanju asked.
“I was pretty sold on the pregnancy thing,” tanu said, shaking her head.
Sanju reread the clue, trying to understand where Mrs. Tracey was coming from.
“What kind of food has a skin?” Emily asked.
“An apple,” tanu suggested.
“But an apple isn’t nice when it’s done.” Sanju said.
They thought in silence for a couple of moments.
“A potato!” Tanu announced.
“What?” Emily asked.
“A potato has a skin and more than one eye,” tanu filled in. “And it’s nice when it’s done.” She adds.
Sanju reviewed the information as she studied the clue. “That’s plausible.” She looked back up at tanu. “But I believed you when we went and interrogated a pregnant lady.” Emily adds.
“Trust me on this one,” tanu promised. “At lunch we’ll track down a potato with the next clue on it.” Emily adds.
“Okay,” sanju agreed, warily.
The next couple of hours were a blur, her thoughts on lunch.
How were they supposed to walk into the lunchroom and ask for a potato? Well, not only a potato but one with a note attached to it.
Emily and tanu were waiting for her outside of the lunchroom, and the three of them headed inside together.
Sanju waited in the hot lunch line, snagging the last salad before locating a lunch lady behind the glass.
“Excuse me?” sanju asked.
“There are no more salads,” she denied.
“Okay, well actually I was going to ask you about a potato.” Sanju says.
She looked up at her.
“Do you happen to know of a potato with a note attached to it?” sanju asks.
“A what?” the lady asks confused.
“I’m on this scavenger hunt,” sanju explained. “And my clue led me to a potato, and the only place I can think of to find a potato would be the lunchroom.” She adds.
Another lunch lady came up behind the one sanju was talking to, reaching over the glass and handing her a potato with a note attached. “ sanjana?” she asks.
Sanju nodded, accepting the potato from her.
“You’ll have to pay for that potato.” She says giggling.
“Not a problem, thank you so much.” Sanju says smiling.
She nodded, a smile on her face.
“Why is there a note on that potato?” the first lunch lady asked the second one.
Sanju checked out with her lunch, paying extra for that potato, before taking a seat at her lunch table.
“No way,” tanu said, laughing. “You found the potato?” Emily asks.
“I know,” sanju said, ripping the note off the side. “ zayn is a strange man.” Sanju says.
“What has a head and a foot but no body?” sanju asked, reading my next clue out loud.
The girls stared at her with blank expressions.
Sanju reread the clue, stumped herself.
Zayn had really outdone himself this time. Sanju thought the potato was hard, but she was absolutely puzzled.
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