Four of them reaches back at the camp area. “ zayn! I need to talk to you.” Says Neil running behind zayn and breathing heavily. “ okay okay..first breath” says zayn chuckling. “ huh..I’m good now” replies Neil. “ yeah. So what we’re you about to say?” asks zayn. “umm..actually are you going to tell sanju about your feeling today?” asks Neil raising an Eyebrow. “umm..actually I have…I mean not now..because first I have to make her realize right?..then I am going to tell her..i have to take her out of this dark fear.” Says zayn scratching the back of his head. “ you are obviously right. That’s good.” Replies Neil.
“ hey Neil.move your butt and come help me…you idiot.” Shouts sanju. Zayn chuckles so does Neil. “ why me only? Why not zayn also?” asks Neil pouting. Zayn arches an eyebrow on his reaction.
“ okay..come I’ll also help you” says zayn putting his hand on his shoulder.
“ Neil. Go and put on these decorations over there” says sanju handing him a box. “ I don’t want to go there” says Neil crossing his arms. “ you will and you have to. By the way when you come back from there you are going to thank me” says sanju smiling. “ thank you? But why?” asks Neil confused.

“ patience my friend ..patience.” replies sanju. Zayn smiles while Neil replies “okay ma’am” Neil takes the box and disappears from that place. Sanju looks at zayn who is in deep thoughts and snaps her fingers in front of his face. “wake you man. Where were you lost?” asks sanju. “ no..nowhere..I’m here” replies zayn. Sanju chuckles at his confused reaction.
“ you didn’t answer me?” asks zayn while helping sanju with the décor. “answer to what?”asks sanju. “ you know what I’m trying to say sanju” says zayn in a complete serious tone. Sanju sighs “ zayn, I don’t want to face the same consequences again”. “ you won’t. I promise. At least give it a try.” Says zayn holding her hand. But sanju removes his hand “ what if you were at the same place as mine? ..oh love to play with emotions..why would you care” says sanju turning her face towards the other side.
Zayn wiggles his eyebrows in confusion and holds her elbow turning her face towards him. “ why would you say that? With.whose.emotions.have.I.played?” zayn says the last sentence between gritted teeth and tightens his grip. Sanju feels pain but resists herself from falling weak. “ everyone” says sanju freeing herself from his grip, turning around but looses her balance due to the décor strings and falls on the ground. Zayn laughs hard at this. “ oh my God. That was..that was so..funny” says zayn between his laughter. Sanju helps herself to get up. She keeps on punching him in the chest “stop..stop..stop it” says zayn laughing. “ why didn’t you help me?” says sanju trying to hit him again but zayn holds both of her hand and pulls her closer.
“ because I’m not gonna be with you always. You have to learn to help yourself. I know that you are a strong and independent person but still you can break easily” says zany holding her chin so that she can look at him. “ what did you meant by you are not gonna be with me..always?” sanju asks. The fear of loosing him made sanju tensed. The fear of imagining him away from her was heart breaking .

“ I meant…” Says zayn Looking at her Lips. “ I meant..”he leans down more closer, entwined their hands pulling her more closer. “ you meant?” asks a tensed sanju. He leaned forward and kissed her, slowly, reverently,no longer quite so surprised that this was happening, that he wanted her so badly. Because in that moment neither of them moved, neither of them breathed. They just….existed together. The tension melted away. Her heart, her scent, her generosity and kindness entered his blood stream. She gave him a kiss of sweetness, the silken fallen of her hair gliding across his neck. She gave into it, he gave into it,gave all to it.
It was not longer until sanju backed off realizing what she did. Her eyes wide with surprise. “ I’m so..I’m sorry..I..I didn’t meant to do that..I don’t know..” says sanju between sobs. Zany looked at her confused “ what? No.sanju..listen..” zayn tried to come forward but sanju stopped him. “ why did you do it?” she shouts at him. “I thought you agree to it” says zayn in a straight and cold tone. “ agree to what huh? This shit..that we just did?” she shouts again. “ stop shouting! Will you? If I knew you were going to behave like this then I would have never did it. I’m sorry..I’m really sorry. You regret it right?” zayn says the last sentence looking down with tears almost forming. “ don’t you?” asks sanju crossing her arms. “ No” says zayn sharply and turned around going to his tent.

He turned his head back and said “ you did regret it right?” saying this he disappeared. Sanju fell down on the ground sobbing. “ I don’t zayn. I don’t..this was the most beautiful kiss and our last one..” but before she could finish her sentence she heard a deep voice “ maybe..” it was Neil and tanu standing there. “ pardon me?” asks sanju. “ I meant maybe it was your last kiss..but it’s not.” Says Neil in a clod tone. Sanju cries more. “ why don’t you let the past go? Sanju stop it okay? It’s not only’s all of us whom you are hurting and specially zayn. He is trying so hard to make you better. You have hurt him the most today.” Says Neil harshly. “ Neil. Talk calmly” warns tanu.
“ what?! after all this you want me to talk calmly to her?” says Neil shouting.

“ I’m sorry…sorry” says sanju sobbing. Tanu helps her get up and hugs her by the side. “ shhh..everything is gonna be fine” says tanu. “ only if she gives it a try” says Neil smiling. “sorry! I shouldn’t have shouted at you..please done hurt him more. He truly cares for you and..” Neil smirks while tanu smiles. “ and?” asks a confused sanju. “ and you have to find out yourself.” Says tanu. “ but how?” asks sanju. “ only zayn has the answer to that ‘and’” replies Neil. “okay now let’s go…come we have to get ready for the party right and you also have to make zayn happy right? Come let’s dress up” says tanu. Sanju and Neil smile giving her a nod.

Sanju was ready for the party. She was wearing a beautiful dress. It was a symbol of elegance. The lustrous, pearl-beaded fabric of her dress glinted, light reflecting from the party decors glow. It fit flawlessly, the dress molded her torso beautifully, complimenting her feminine shape. The gown draped past her toes, slightly drifting from my legs. It was the color of red and white. It’s strapless style revealed her precious collarbones wrapped in smooth, luring, skin. Her posture was perfect, her shoulders were pulled back and her hands were held together. There was a silk band at the top, lining around the top of the bust. The light was beaming directly on her, and her dress, floral design was glittering. She glanced around at the other people, staring at her with incredulous eyes.

Her eyes were trying to find zayn. She found him talking to his friends but he didn’t looked at her not even once. “ sorry zayn..please I want you to talk to me..and I’ll make sure you do” says sanju to herself. She looked at him. Zayn was perfectly dressed looking like the best man on earth. His hair as always in a prefect quiff. He was smiling but that smile didn’t reached his eyes. She looked at him sadly until she found someone clapping to seek her attention “look at you look so beautiful” says Neil. Tanu smiles and says “yes you are really looking pretty and so does everyone”. “ thank you” she hugs her.
“ all good?” asks Neil. “ probably. How do I talk to zayn?” asks sanju. “ hmm..try something ..yeah I have an idea” says Neil. “ what exactly is it?” asks tanu. “ wait and watch, babe” replies Neil. “ I hope he is not up to something stupid” says sanju. “ I hope so” replies tanu.
“ ladies and gentlemen..haha..why am I being so everyone today we all are here to celebrate for valentine’s day. As for a good start we all should forget out differences and be together right?” asks Neil. Everybody cheers. “ so for this..sanju would sing a song for us right?” asks Neil smirking. Neil comes towards her “ Neil what are you doing? How can I sing right now?” sanju whispers. “ come on sing something like forgiving etc for zayn so that can make him happy” says Neil. “ so this was you plan?” asks tanu crossing her arms. “yeah” replies Neil.
“ as expected” says tanu while sanju laughs. “ now go” says Neil pushing her forward. Sanju goes to the front and sees Neil and tanu giving her a thumbs up but when she looks at zayn he is still looking at the other side.

Sanju starts her song it’s by Justin Bieber “ SORRY”
“You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty
You know I try but I don’t do too well with apologies
I hope I don’t run out of time, can someone call a referee?
Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness
I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice
By once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times
So let me, oh let me redeem, oh redeem myself tonight
Cause I just need one more shot at second chances

Is it too late now to say sorry?
Cause I’m missing more than just your body
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say that I’m sorry now?

I’m sorry, yeah
Sorry, yeah
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say sorry now?
Sanju looks at zayn with tears almost forming in her eyes. Zayn still doesn’t look at her she continues her song.
I’ll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to
But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two
I’ll go, I’ll go and then you go, you go out and spill the truth
Can we both say the words and forget this?

Is it too late now to say sorry?
Cause I’m missing more than just your body
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say that I’m sorry now?

I’m not just trying to get you back on me
Cause I’m missing more than just your body
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say sorry now?

I’m sorry, yeah
Sorry, oh
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say sorry now?
I’m sorry, yeah
Sorry, oh
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say sorry now?”
Sanju finishes the song but doesn’t wanna look back at zayn and meet zayn’s eyes but she finds some courage and look at him and finds him looking back at her. A smile immediately appears on her face while zayn keep staring at her.
Everyone was there. The party was going on there. Some students from other universities had also come there. As they were also having a trip so tani and dhruv decided to call them as well because the head of university had told them.
“ hey its 20 seconds to 12. Let’s start the count down” says tani. Everyone starts counting 15…10..8..4.. Neil says “ 3..2..1.. happy valentine’s day” everyone cheer up and hugs their partners. Zayn and sanju look at each other feeling awkward.
After a while they all celebrate and have drinks and food etc. Sanju was standing alone at the side trying to develop courage to go and speak to zayn she took a step forward to talk to him but someone came there. “hey..I’m laksh…happy valentine’s day.” Says laksh. “hello..umm..are you from my university?” asks sanju feeling awkward. “ no” replies laksh. Sanju nods. They both talk to each other for like 5 minutes when sanju looks at zayn looking at her with anger. “come..let’s get you a drink” says laksh. “ no.thanks.I’m okay.” Replies sanju trying to avoid zayn’s gaze. “ no come” says laksh taking her elbow forcefully. “ I said no I..” but before she could finish her sentence she was stopped by a deep voice “ she said she doesn’t want to” it was zayn. Zayn freed her hand from his and pulled her closer to himself. “who are you?” asks laksh crossing his arms and arching an eyebrow. “ doesn’t matter” zayn replies in a cold tone. “then get the he’ll out of here. I was talking to her you don’t have …” but before laksh could finish his sentence zayn took a step forward to punch him. But sanju stopped him “ zayn, don’t please” she looked at him and sighed. Zayn backed off. “ fine” he said with gritted teeths. Laksh went from there angrily “why do you think you were doing huh? Trying to flirt with him to make me jealous?” asks zayn sharply. “ why on earth would I make you jealous. I don’t even know him” sanju snapped. “ yeah. That’s why you were getting intimate with him?” asks zayn crossing his arms . “what did you just say?” asks sanju. “ nothing” replies zayn. He tries to leave but sanju comes forward “ I have to talk to you. I know you won’t listen but I am sorry for what I said at that moment after our kiss…I didn’t meant to say that I was just so frustrated I didn’t knew what to say or what to do. I was going on nuts specially those butterflies in my stomach were going insane. I didn’t regret kissing you and I never will. Intact I loved it. I didn’t knew what to respond at that moment I was just so shocked” says sanju breathing heavily. “ stop take a breath. ugh you speak so much. Calm down” says zayn chuckling. Sanju smiles. “ it means you are now not mad at me right? Asks sanju. “ no I’m not and I never was” replies zayn. “ so it means we are friends again right?” asks sanju. “ are you kidding me? Fiends?” asks zayn arching an eyebrow.

“ yeah. Fiends. Why?” sanju asks innocently. “ after that damn kiss you seriously calling us friends?” asks zayn raising his tone a bit . Sanju looks on tensed. “ umm..zayn..I don’t..I” says Sanju nervously. “ forget it” replies zayn rolling his eyes and going somewhere else.
“ ugh..what do I do now? Gosh this whole kiss thing is killing me” says Sanju to herself irritated. “ is it seriously killing you?” asks tanu from behind with a grin?. “ hmm..yeah..ugh what is happening to me?” asks Sanju taking a seat. “ only you know what is happening to you” replies tanu. “ yeah yeah as if”? says Sanju. “so what’s the plan?” asks tanu taking a sip from her drink?. “ what plan?” asks Sanju. “ God. You dumb girl. The plan to make zayn happy” replies tanu. “ oh?” says Sanju. Sanju tells her everything what happened a while ago. “ are you crazy. Friends? Do friends kiss like that?” asks tanu crossing her arms. “ come on. That kiss was by” says Sanju defending herself. “duh no..never..can’t you see what he is trying to put on?” asks tanu. “I don’t want to” replies Sanju. “come are never gonna find someone better than him. Never ever. Can’t you see how much he loves you. How much he cares for you. He gets a heart attack when you get injured or something” tanu shouts leaving Sanju shocked. “ what?..he ..he loves me?” Sanju says those words with difficulty. “ of course you duffer. He does. Can’t you see it in his eyes. The way he stopped laksh from touching you. Did anyone did so much for you like zayn does?” asks tanu calmly. “ one did” replies Sanju in a whisper.
“ you love him right? You are just afraid of loosing him or being in love again right?” asks tanu hugging her. “ yes” Sanju whispers. “good. Now go my girl. make him realize you love also him” says tanu cupping her face. Sanju smiles.
“ thanks. Now today I want to be alone with him. So if anyone asks about us tell them they will be back soon” says Sanju. Tanu nods. “ hey..come on its time to dance” shouts Neil from the front. Both of them goes towards the dance area. Sanju goes towards zayn who was standing alone. “ will you dance with me?” Sanju forwards her hand and waits for him to accept. Zayn takes her hand.
“ zayn?” asks Sanju but he doesn’t reply. They keep moving and dancing. He tightens his grip on her waist. Sanju closes get eyes tightly in pain. He holds her hand squeezing it tightly. “hurting right?” asks zayn sarcastically. Sanju looks away trying to fight back with the tears.
She releases her hands from his and walks towards the woods. “where are you going?” she hears zayn voice calling her from behind. But she keeps on running not trying to stop. “sanjana.where are you going? Listen stop” she hears zayn calling her again and running behind her but she doesn’t stop. Hundred thoughts comes in her mind. If he loves me why does he hurt me all the time? Why is he unhappy? Am I a toy? Does he even love me? Does he care? Why does he do that? Why do you hurt me and then kiss me?. She keeps on running until she is stopped by a pair of arms catching her from behind and spinning her around. “ what the hell do you think you were doing ha?” says zayn shouting and trying to control himself. Both of them were breathing heavily.
“ leave me. I said” says Sanju crying. “ NO! you get it no” shouts zayn. She gets shocked. She had never seen him this much angry. “ leave me zayn” Sanju shouts back. He pulls her closer “ why were you running like a maniac?” he asks. She cries more not knowing what to do. “ answer me?” he shouts again. “ to get away from you. From this world. From all the people out there. From all those laughing and smiling faces” she shouts back collapsing on the floor. “ what?” says zayn in a whisper. While Sanju is on the ground sobbing.
He helps her to get up but she stops him. “ don’t pretend as if you don’t know anything. Why are you doing this zayn?” she asks in tears. “ doing what?” he posses a question. “ huh.. you hurt me. Then you hug hurt me again then you hug me. Hurt me again and then kiss me. And now a while ago at the dance” she couldn’t finish her sentence as she was cut of by him. “ and what do you do ha? You drive me crazy. You let me hug you. You let me comfort you .you let me kiss you but then all of sudden you apologize or push me back or build up those walls again?” he asks literally crying. “ I don’t” she replies. “ don’t lie. You do” he corrects her.

Sanju looks at the surroundings and asks “ where are we?”. Zayn looks on around “ I don’t know. Huh I was madly running after you I don’t even know where we are…and damn..I don’t even have my phone” he says checking his pockets. “neither do I” she replies. He looks at her and rolls his eyes.
“ what are we going to do now?” she asks. “ yeah as if I am a genie right?” he asks sarcastically. “ I didn’t say that” Sanju says crossing her arms. “I guess we will have to stay here till morning. Come let’s find a place” he says. Sanju nods.
They both try to find a shelter or something to stay till morning. “hey look there is a hut type thing let’s go” says Sanju. “yeah. Come” zayn replies. They go inside and find a small old hut. “ it’s good.thank God we found it” says zayn. Sanju nods. “I’ll just set up a bonfire. It’s so cold isn’t it?” zayn asks. “yeah it is” replies Sanju. They both gather some woods and set up a bonfire. “ God knows how am I going to survive with you tonight?” says zayn laughing. “what did you just say?” asks Sanju getting up.
“ I hope you don’t kill me. Help me God” says zayn. “ I’m not gonna kill you.” Says Sanju crossing her arms. “ stop bothering me” replies zayn. “ I’m bothering you? Fine.I’ll go. I can take care of myself. Bye” Sanju says coming out of the hut.
“ oh god. She is a drama queen. Let me go after her or else she might be in a problem again” says zayn coming out of the tent. “ where is she? I have to find her before she lands up in a problem” says zayn looking for her.
“ it’s so cold ugh and I’m seriously feeling scared now. I wish I hadn’t left from that hut.” says Sanju.
She keeps on walking for 5 minutes until she slips down half falling inside a digged area. But she catches a rock on time helping herself to stay while she is hanging thinking she won’t fall down. Her dress tears down shocking her. “ ugh not now. My dress..I’m seriously gonna kill tanu for making me wear this dress. How do I help myself now?” Sanju says scared. She slightly looses her hand on the rock but catches up again. “zayn! God why am I even calling him. He must be enjoying in the hut” says Sanju. Zayn hears her and rushes there as he was also there. “ sanjana where are you?” shouts zayn. “how is he here? Anyway. Zayn I’m down here help me. I’ll fall anytime” she cried out. Zayn moves a bit and sees her hanging making him shocked. “ugh this girl!” says zayn. He helps her come out and gets injured getting several wounds. Finally she comes out “ what the heck? I told you not to…” but before he could finish Sanju hugged him tightly. She cries badly.
Zayn hugs her back giving her comfort. “ thanks for..” but words didn’t came out of her mouth. “’s are absolutely fine” says zayn tapping her back. Zayn takes her in his arms towards the hut while she lays down her head on his chest.

They reach there while zayn puts her on the ground. “ your’s torn..” says zayn feeling awkward. Sanju also feels awkward and says “ I know”. “ you should change up. Here …umm..take my shirt.” Says zayn while Sanju looks at him lovingly. But zayn adds “I won’t look. Promise” Sanju chuckles at his reaction. “okay” she whispers back.
Zayn goes outside while Sanju changes her dress. She wears his shirt which is actually big and long. “ zayn you can come in” says Sanju. “ okay” zayn replies. Zayn comes inside but while his eyes meet hers but he doesn’t look down at her body.
“ have got ..a few wounds” says Sanju with a gulp. “’s okay..not hurting much tough” says zayn taking a seat.
“ do you have water?” asks sanju. “ yeah. I got it from the pond when I was trying to find you” says zayn. Sanju tears a piece of cloth from her dress and goes towards zayn. She sits on his lap with her legs around his waist which confuses him. “what are…you doing?” he asks clearing his throat. “ shh” replies Sanju. Zayn nods okay. She dips the cloth in water and tries to clean it. He looks at her lovingly thinking how beautiful,innocent, gorgeous and pretty she is. He tucks her her hair stand behind her ear and she blushes. He kisses her forehead while sanju chuckles. “what?” asks zayn smiling. Sanju shook her head in a no. “there must be something in your mind” zayn says. Sanju places her forehead with his and says “ a lot”. “ spill it out” he says. “ zayn..I’m sorry ..sorry for what I did a while ago. Sorry for pushing you away try so hard to break down the walls but I build them again sorry..sorry for not understanding…sorry for being so stupid” says sanju with tears rolling down her cheek. Zayn kisses her cheek and says “shh babe. You don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have been harsh to you all the time ..I’m don’t know the pain I go through when you get hurt or you push me away” zayn whispers. “ I know zayn I know” she whispers in a low tone.
“ then don’t push me away” zayn replies. “ I don’t want you to get hurt being with me. I don’t want you to suffer” sanju says while zayn sighs “ I won’t. You are making me suffer by pushing me away. A while ago you said sorry for pushing me away and now you are again doing it” says zayn trying to fight back the tears. “ sorry. I won’t push you” says sanju smiling. “good. Now don’t cry” says zayn wiping back the tears while zayn hugs her.

“ have you ever been in love?” sanju asks breaking the hug. “no never. I just had a girlfriend years ago. But she cheated me but I never loved her. I just dated her” says zayn. Sanju nods. “ why did you ask that?” zayn asks. Her cheeks burns red in embarrassment. “I..umm..just like that” she replies while zayn raises his eyebrows. “ really?” he asks while sanju nods. “ umm..are you okay? I mean I’m sitting on your lap since so much time and..” says sanju but zayn cuts her “’s totally fact I love it”. Sanju blushes at his words. Zayn places his hands on her waist causing her to jump while zayn smiles. He pulls her closer and places his hand on her cheek looking at her lips. He came closer and kissed her neck slowly. Finally their lips meet closing the distance between them. Their lips were moving in sync and everything around them seem to disappear. He pulls her more closer to deepen the kiss. Sanju stops to breath but zayn pulls her again. He wanted her so badly. At last he backed off so that they can live. Both of them were breathing heavily. Zayn saw a grin on sanju’s face and smiled widely. “ I’m sorry but I have to do it again. You are driving me nuts” says zayn but before sanju could says anything he pulled her in another kiss. Her hand reached his hair tightening her grip while she could see zayn smile during that kiss.
They pulled back. Both of them were lying on the ground looking at the sky. Zayn made sanju come more close to her while sanju placed her head on his chest. “ that was the best kiss ever” says zayn. While sanju giggled. “ stop giggling” zayn says laughing and sanju chuckles. “ I know it was” replies sanju.
Zayn makes her look at him and asks “ can I..hmm..kiss you again”. Sanju smiles and gently places her lips on his lips. This time it was a small and gentle kiss. She pulled back and zayn kissed her forehead. “ go to sleep” says zayn while sanju nods.

Sanju woke up due to the birds chirping. Zayn also opened his eyes by her movement. “ good morning,babe” says zayn kissing her cheek. “ morning zayn” she replies smiling. “ let’s go. I think everyone must be asleep so it’s better we go now and find a way back” says zayn.
They both go out of the hut and after 40 minutes of tracking a way they finally reach the camp area. “ huh. Finally, I’m so tired” says sanju yawning. “ thank God everyone is asleep” says zayn while sanju looks at him confused “ why?” she asks. He comes closer and whispers in her ears “ because I don’t want anyone else to see you in this shirt”. While sanju realizes what he was saying “shit. Zayn” she rushes inside while zayn laughs following her.
Sanju wears her night clothes and goes back to sleep. “sleep with me” sanju says while zayn also gets inside the covers smiling.
Zayn wakes up and sees the time “ babe, wake up its 9” zayn slightly shakes sanju while she groans. “ zayn please 10 more minutes” saying this sanju goes back to sleep. “ no you sleepy head wake up. Else you know what I can do? Umm..maybe kiss you in front of everyone” says zayn. While sanju sits straight up on the bed.
“ stop blabbering” says zayn laughing. She sticks out her tongue at him while he laughs. “you know I can kiss you in front of everyone” says zayn standing up on his toes. Sanju laughs and says “ hahaha…no you cant”.. “ of course I can..wanna give it a try?” he asks grinning. “no thank you. And I know you cant” replies sanju. Saying this she goes to change up.
Sanju comes out wearing a light pink floral dress with a white loose belt. She comes out of her tent taking a seat next to tanu. “hey look who’s here. Good morning sanju” says tanu smiling. “ morning tanu” she replies. “ seems like you had a great night” says tanu smirking while sanju blushes. “ are you blushing?” Neil asks smiling. “of course not! Why would I?” sanju exclaims. Everyone laugh. While zayn also comes out and Neil says “ look zayn is also here” he points to zayn’s direction. Zayn smiles and gives him a thumbs up. Sanju worries that what if he kisses her in front of everyone. Zayn reaches towards Neil while sanju feels relieved but zayn steps back and gives a peck to sanju on her lips and says “ morning,love”. Leaving sanju completely shocked while tanu chokes on her food.

“ what…did just happen?” asks tanu coughing. Everyone in the background gives an “awww” while sanju gives zayn a deadly look. “ you shouldn’t have challenged me, babe ” says zayn with a wink. “ excuse me” says sanju getting up from her seat. Everyone laugh at her reaction. Tanu runs after her.
“ what happened between you two?” Neil whispers to zayn. “nothing” replies zayn in a whisper. “ oh. I can see the nothing in a peck?” asks Neil grinning. “ Neil. Everything is perfect. Trust me” says zayn blushing. “ good” Neil replies.
Sanju also tells tanu that everything is fine between them.
Everyone gather outside. “ guys happy valentine’s day” says dhruv. Everyone cheer back. “I know it’s hard to say but today we are heading back. So pack your things”. Everyone agreed.
“ can I help you?I’m done with my luggage” says sanju to zayn. “ yeah. Sure” replies zayn. “this trip changed everything. I’m so glad” says sanju while keeping his clothes in his bag. “yeah a lot. Gave me something special too” zayn says pulling sanju closer. “ what?” she asks. “” he replies but before she could respond he crashed his lips on hers. She also gave in feeling completely lost in him. Zayn could see her smile in the kiss. “ I can’t get enough of you. You drive me crazy” says zayn in between the kiss while she giggles. He kisses her more passionately giving in all. Until they were stopped by a voice “why are you both taking so long and..oppss I didn’t see anything” says tanu covering her eyes.
They both back off immediately completely embarrassed and red. “ I’m coming. Wait” says sanju blushing. Tanu goes giving her a nod. “ ugh wrong timing” says zayn laughing. Sanju chuckles.
They both sit in the bus. “ hey..I want to sit with sanju” says tanu crossing her arms. “ no. Can’t you see I’m already sitting with her?” says zayn. “ you can get up. Can’t you?” asks tanu. “I won’t. Let me stay with her” commands zayn. “ no I want…” before she could finish she was stopped by Neil “ babe, won’t you sit me?” says Neil acting to be sad. “ okay” says tanu sticking her tongue out at zayn, he also does the same and sanju giggles at their fight. “you act like a child sometimes” says sanju. “ maybe” he replies smiling.
Finally, they reach back to the university. “ bye everyone. It was really a good time. We will see you guys tomorrow” says tani. Everyone says good bye to each other. Neil and tanu goes together. “ let’s go…everyone’s gone. I think we should also go. Come sanju” says tani. “okay.let’s go” she replies. “wait..umm..actually sanju will you go with me..hmm..I have some work so will you?” asks zayn scratching the back of his neck. “ sure” while tani looks on suspicious. “ bye ..see you tani di” says sanju.
“ where are we going?” asks sanju sitting inside the car. “nowhere…just wanted you to go with me” says zayn. Sanju nods. “ zayn I have to ask you something” says sanju uncomfortably. “ yeah?” asks zayn. “ what are we?” sanju hurriedly completes the sentence. “ is there any us?” she asks again. “ what do you mean?” zayn asks. “ you know exactly what I mean, zayn” sanju says in a straight tone. “hey we are home” says zayn changing the topic. She gets down the car. “ zayn. I asked you something.Is there any us?”
“ no. There is no us” says zayn crossing his arms. Sanju was shocked and taken aback by his words. “ what..what mean?” she asks trying out fight back the tears. “ I said there is no us!” says zayn harshly. But before she could reply her parents came outside. “welcome back dear. Ah I missed you so much” says her mom giving her a bone crushing hug. Everyone greeted them. “ sweetheart are you okay? You don’t seen fine” says her dad worriedly. “ yeah. I’m ..I’m good” says sanju with a gulp. They all head towards the house except zayn. She looks back at zayn but he turns his face away.

“sorry sanju. I just had to piss you so that when I give you my surprise then you should be shocked shouldn’t you. I’m gonna tell you soon how much I love you but just gonna make it more special,babe” says zayn chuckling.
It was dinner time with everyone. Her mom had cooked pasta ah and everyone loved it. “it’s smells so good” says zayn laughing. Sanju was lost in her own thoughts moving her fork in the pasta. Zayn looks at her untouched plate and asks “ are you not gonna have dinner?”. Everyone looks at her while she says “ sorry mom…I’m..not hungry..I’m not feeling well. I’ll go and sleep. Okay?”. Her mom smiles at her and nods. Sanju gives her a kiss on the cheek and wishes everyone good night. Zayn looks at her confused with so many questions in his mind. Is she sick? Is she not feeling well? Why didn’t she told me? But then he says in his mind “ ugh stupid me. I should talk to her but I won’t tell her about the surprise. Just gonna make her feel better”.
Everyone went to their rooms. Sanju couldn’t sleep and was sobbing with her face buried in her pillow. Until she felt a pair of arms surrounding her. She shouts in shock but it was zayn who covered her mouth with his hand. “ why are you shouting?” he asks. “ why are you here?” sanju says and kicking him out of the bed. “ouch. Why did you do that?” he asks. “ and may I ask why you said that?” she whispers with tears in her eyes.
“ come with me” zayn says holding her hand. “ I don’t want to” she replies. “ please” he begs. Sanju nods and stands on her toes.
Zayn takes her to his room blindfolded. “ where are we?” asks sanju. While he removes the cloth from her eyes. “ open your eyes” says zayn. Sanju open her eyes and sees the room decorated with stars and all she can see is glitter and stars all around. “ wow. It’s so pretty!” says sanju touching a star. “ you like them?” asks zayn. “ yes!” she exclaims happily. Zayn takes her to the balcony. “ what are we..” but before she could finish zayn opened a big box with hundred of fireflies coming out of it. “wow. Zayn it’s so beautiful. Fireflies I have seen them after such a long time..they are so” but before she could finish she found zayn on his knees with a ring. “ zayn?” she asks. “ shh…I know I have hurt you a lot..more than anything..but I wanna say something ..” he gets up and says “ I LOVE YOU” while sanju looks at him happily and tears running down her cheeks. “ I love you too” she whispers while he puts the ring on her finger. She hugs him tightly. “ thank you for all this. This means a lot to me” she says breaking the hug. “ I also want something” says zayn with a smirk. “ummm what exactly it is?” she plays along stepping out of the balcony. “ know what I want” he says. “ no I don’t” says sanju. “ fine. Let me do it” says zayn pulling her closer and kissing her. He deepens the kiss with their lips moving in sync. This couldn’t be better. They ended up on the bed with zayn’s hand reaching her shirt but sanju stops him “ I think we should go slow” she says breathing heavily. Zayn smiles. “ come let’s sleep. You have to be my cuddle buddy okay?” zayn asks smiling. “yes sir” they both laugh and sleep. This couldn’t get any better.
Hello everyone. How are you all? Sorry for not updating for such a long time..finally I’m so happy with this is the most beautiful chapter out of all right? I loved it and finally they got together.
Can’t wait to see your guys comments.
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“ PILLOW TALK” I love it. Hope you will like it too.
Bye everyone and take care.
Lots of love to everyone.
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