Sanju wakes up in the morning having a bad headache. “ ahh. My head it’s hurting.” Says Sanju holding her head. Sanju tries to get up but falls on the bed again. “ what happened ?” asks zayn coming inside. “ I don’t know . I have a really bad headache.” Says sanju while lying on the bed. “ you are soo bad.” Says zayn. “ why would you say that?” asks sanju in confusion . “ because yesterday you drank alcohol and you didn’t told me. That’s the reason you have a bad headache.” Says zayn acting like a child. “ what rubbish? I don’t drink.” Replies sanju. “ yeah yeah. Whatever.” Says zayn taking out some pills from his bag. “here you go.” Says zayn handing the pills to sanju.

“ thanks” says sanju. Zayn smiles and comes outside the tent. He sees Neil smiling to himself and goes to him. “hey Neil. Why are you smiling without any reason?” asks zayn. Neil cheeks turns red. “ are you blushing?” asks zayn with a grin. “ No! Obviously not. Why would I?” says Neil trying to make some excuse. “ is it something related to a girl?” asks zayn smriking. Neil turns red thinking about last night . “ yeah” says Neil. Zayn’s mouth opens not believing what Neil said.

“ are you serious?” asks zayn blinking rapidly. “ yeah dude. I am” replies Neil. “ so who is the lucky girl?” asks zayn. “’s…it’s tanu..” says Neil hesitantly. Zayn spits out the coffee he was drinking and laughs hard. “ what?” zayn asks again laughing. “ I am serious zayn. I love her ..I don’t know how it happened but I love her.” Neil says while zayn is serious. “ actually she came last Night to my tent and I don’t know after that we kissed…and I told her I love Her and in the morning when I woke up she was not in my tent.” Says Neil. “ oh okay. I’m happy for you . But did she said she loved you?” asks zayn in a serious tone. “ no she didn’t.” replies Neil. “ okay.” Says zayn. “ I’ll go and see sanju. She had a bad headache.” Says zayn. “ yeah sure.” Replies Neil.

Zayn comes inside the tent and sees sanju struggling to zip up her shirt. Zayn sees her and turns around. “ I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to look at …umm…you.” Says zayn. Sanju blushes and asks him “can you please help me zayn. I have been trying for 10 minutes.” Zayn agrees and comes near, keeping his left hand on her waist and his right hand taking the zip up as his hands touches her bare back sanju feels the butterflies in her stomach going crazy. She shivers slightly while zayn zips up her shirt. He tightens his hands around her waist pulling her closers with her back touching his chest. “ you smell good.” Says zayn quietly in her ear sending shivers down through her whole body. “umm…thanks” says sanju trying to move his hands off her waist but he spins her around. “ what happened ?” asks zayn. Sanju keeps looking down not responding. “ why are you doing this ?” sanju asks breaking the silence between them. “ doing what?” asks zayn trying to tease her. “you know what I am talking about zayn.” says sanju. “ no I don’t.” replies zayn. “ please let me go.” Says sanju.

“ but why?” asks zayn arching an eyebrow. “ because it’s not safe.” Replies sanju. “ you mean you don’t feel safe being with me?” says zayn releasing his hands from her waist. “ no. I didn’t meant …” says sanju but zayn cuts her off “ I know you meant that.” Shouts zayn. “ why are you yelling at me zayn?” asks sanju quietly. “ then what do you want me to do? You are scared of me. Am I a monster ?” asks zayn in a cold tone almost yelling . “ I said I didn’t meant that. What I am trying to say ….” Sanju tries to speak but zayn again cuts her off . “ I don’t want to listen anything.”says zayn storming out of the tent.
Neil finds tanu and goes to her. “ I have been looking for you since morning. Where have you been?” asks Neil but tanu looks down. “ I was in my tent.” Says tanu. “ don’t lie. I know you were not inside .” says Neil crossing his arms .

“ fine. I was in the woods.” Say tanu. “alone? You know it’s dangerous to go alone in the woods .” says Neil keeping his hands on her shoulder. “ Neil. I need to talk to you.” Says tanu. “ yeah sure.” Replies Neil. “ Neil. What happened yesterday. Did you actually meant what you said to me?” asks tanu. “ of course idiot. Of course, I meant it.” Replies Neil smiling. Tanu hugs him crying. “ sorry I asked because I don’t want you to go away from my life. My parents just live in their own world not caring about me or my sister. That’s why I didn’t want to loose you.” “ hey…don’t cry…I love you and you know that. I’m never gonna leave you.” Says Neil. Tanu breaks the hug and smiles “ I love you too Neil and I trust you.” While Neil brings her more close for a kiss.
Everyone gather for lunch outside. “guyzz..we only have a few days left so tell me where do you all want to go today?” asks dhurv taking his seat next to tani. Tani sees sanju upset and mouths ‘what happened’. Sanju mouths saying ‘nothing’ and smiles. “ why don’t we go swimming?” asks Neil. While everyone looks at him if he has gone mad. “ have you gone crazy? It’s so cold. What do you think sanju?” asks tanu. “yeah it’s really cold.” Replies sanju. “ and besides the cold thing sanju has fever. So, it’s a bad idea we all are gonna get ill.” Says tanu. While zayn looks at sanju. “ you have fever?” asks zayn with concern. “ yeah obviously. She has fever since morning.” Replies tani.

“ why didn’t you told me?” zayn asks. “it doesn’t matter.” Replies sanju. “ of course it does matter dammit.” Says zayn raising his voice a bit. Everyone looks at him confused. “ here take my jacket. You are not wearing any jacket and you have fever.” Says zayn removing his jacket. “ I don’t need it. Thanks” says sanju. “ don’t argue.” Says zayn. “ yes. Don’t argue sanju. Look zayn is giving you his jacket if I was in your place I would have accepted it. How dreamy me and zayn …” says richa but Neil cuts her in the middle “ stop. Stop. Don’t go to that part.” While everyone laughs. Sanju wears the jacket. “ is it big?” asks Richa with a smrik. “ yeah a little bit” replies Richa.

“ aren’t you used to it? I mean wearing zayn’s cloth?” asks richa whispering in sanju’s ear. “ RICHA! Stop it.” Says sanju laughing. “ stop what?” asks tanu. “that isn’t she used to wearing Zayn’s clo…” but before richa could complete her sentence sanju pinched her hard. “OUCH! What was that for?” asks richa rubbing her hand. “ for blabbering anything.” Replies sanju while richa sheepishly smiles.
“ so, what are we doing today?” asks zayn. “ it’s valentine’s day tomorrow. Why don’t we do a party and organize everything. I have bought all the items for the party decor etc.” asks tanu. While everyone gets happy. “ sounds like a good idea.” Says zayn looking at sanju noticing that she is sad about something. “ what do you think sanju?” asks dhruv. “ hmm..Valentines day..” sanju gulps and says “ sounds good”.

“ okay. So I’ll call some people I had already decided this when we were back in the university. It’s a surprise for everyone so till then you people can go somewhere to visit.” Says tani.
“ hey..zayn and sanju we have decided to visit the waterfall. Let’s go.” Says Neil and tanu. They were holding hands when sanju asks “ do I need to know something?” pointing at their hands. “umm..actually we both are in…in..” tanu tries to say but is shy. “ in?” asks sanju. “ in a relationship.” Says zayn. “they both love each other.” Says zayn looking into her eyes. Neil coughs. Sanju’s Jaw almost hit the floor. “ why didn’t you told me? Oh my God. I’m so happy.” She jumps and hugs both of them. “ you can’t imagine how much happy I am. Come tanu. Tell me everything.” Says sanju taking her hand.

Sanju and tanu are walking ahead while zayn and Neil are at the back and four of them going to the waterfall. “ zayn. I wanted to ask you from a long time. You like sanju?” asks Neil. “ no. No.” says zayn slowly. “ come on. Don’t lie. It’s so obvious that you fancy her. Not even fancy you love her so much. It’s not only me everyone can see it.” Says Neil. “ it’s nothing like that . In fact she is scared of me.” Says zayn. “ scared” asks a confused Neil. Zayn tells him what happened in the morning. “ no. You are getting it wrong. Totally wrong.” Says Neil. “ what do you mean?” asks zayn. “I mean what she actually meant by it is that she is scared of loosing you. And you know she is scared of falling in love again.” Says Neil. “ oh yes. God, how can I be so stupid. How can I forget all that akshay thing. I’m such an idiot.” Says zayn tensed. “ yeah your are. And remember zayn, sanju is really fragile. She is hard to get and easy to break. We both know you love her so admit it and make her realize that you are the one for her. And make her realize that falling in love again is not a sin.” Says Neil . “ hmm” zayn replies. “ what hmm? You have gotta tell me man you love her or not? Else they are many boys you know?” says Neil with a grin. “don’t you dare think of the other boys. And yeah I love her” says zayn blushing. “ that’s my boy.” Says Neil while they both laugh. “what’s so funny?” asks tanu. “ nothing babe.” Says Neil hugging her from the side. “ “okay. As you say so.” Replies Neil. “ get a room you two.” Says sanju laughing. Neil and tanu walk ahead. Sanju looks back and her eyes meet with zayn’s as he comes closer. “ I am sorry.” He says while walking with her. “ sorry? For what? For shouting at me or for being in the regret of coming close to me?” asks sanju laughing sarcastically. “ no. I’m sorry for shouting at you. I should have understood what you meant by being scared of me.” Replies sanju. “ and what exactly do you know?”asks sanju. “ scared of loosing me and scared of falling in love again right?” asks zayn. While sanju looks away trying to fight the tears back. “ I guess we are about to reach the waterfall” says sanju changing the topic. “ come fast you two.” Says Neil.

They reach they waterfall. It was really beautiful with all those colorful flowers on the side. “ WOW” sanju mutters. “WOW” says zayn looking at sanju. She notices it and asks “ excuse me?”. Zayn hurriedly says “ I meant wow to the waterfall. Don’t get wrong ideas.” “ I was not even planning on those wrong ideas.” Replies sanju. “ really?” asks zayn grinning. “ obviously.” Replies sanju rolling her eyes and smiling. They all sit there and talk about their childhood and click some photos as well.
“ I think we should go. We are supposed to be there by 6 and it’s 5.” Says Neil. They all go back to the camp area.

Helloooooo everyone. How are you all? Sorry for not updating for a few days. I was really busy. I hope you will like this chapter.
I missed you all so much. I feel good writing after such a long time. Happy February guyz..I know it’s awkward I am wishing you guyz “ happy February”???.
There is a girl Prarthna who started writing her own fan fiction . And guyz she is really good you must check her ff. She also mentioned about my ff in her story. Thank you soo much. ??
I’m writing the names of a few fan fictions which I read . I hope you will like the fan fictions. So please check them out.
Backfire ( bella)
Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Prarthna)
Billionaire Banker and the chirpy beauty(kfar)
Perfect chemistry (kirti)
All I want for Christmas is you (kfar)
Thank you soo much everyone for reading my story. Please comment down below telling me your views on this chapter.
If anyone of you guyz write an ff make sure you tell me I would love to read.

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