Zayn, tani, Neil, T and sanju are walking towards the tent area. Neil says “ we must hurry as everyone is worried.” Sanju and T started laughing and giggling. “ what happened?” asks a confused zayn. “ it’s normal zany. They both used to be like this in childhood also. So, don’t worry.” Said tani tapping him on the shoulder. Zayn looks at sanju and smiles while she rolls her eyes to tease him. He goes near her quietly while, everyone’s walking ahead. “why are you ignoring me?” says zayn keeping his hand inside his pockets. “ I am not.” Said sanju crossing her arms. “ really? You are.” Said zayn in an unpleasant tone. “ when I asked you before about your past. You didn’t said anything to me. Why?” asks zayn. But sanju replies “ can we please concentrate on the direction ?” . “ I don’t think so. Because tani di and Neil are ahead of us. So, we can follow them.” Says zayn with a grin. “ don’t act smart.” Says sanju.

“ you think I’m smart? Wow..” says zayn giggling.
They reach the tent area. Everyone gets happy seeing T but also shocked when they see sanju and T together. “ you two….together?” asks dhruv and Richa in shock. “ yeah. I’ll tell you you guys later. But, right now I’m really hungry.” Says T laughing. “ me too.” Says Neil. Oh, Neil loves food and food loves Neil. Their chemistry is really different. Neil loves to eat but calories doesn’t love him. He is thin and I mean really thin.

“ let’s go crazy food lover.” Says tani taking Neil . “ come. Sanju.” Says T. “ okay. I’ll just come in a minute.” Replies sanju. Sanju goes inside her tent to put some medicine on her wound. “ may I help?” asks zayn. “ no. I’ll manage.” Replies sanju. “ please. Let me.” Says zayn coming towards her. He puts band aid on her wound and gives her medicine. “ I know you are hurt. But, do you wanna go to the bonfire area with me?” asks zayn with his hands shivering. “ hmm..why are you so nervous?” asks sanju. “ me? No.. I mean absolutely not. Why will I be nervous? I’m not asking you on a date.” Says zayn. “exactly. That’s why I said don’t be nervous.” Replies sanju laughing. “ will you?” asks zayn. “ sure.”replies sanju.

They both go towards the bonfire area. Sanju is dressed up in black tights, a loose navy blue coloured sweater and combat boots. Zayn is dressed in denim jeans, black leather jacket that fits his body so perfectly and his curled eyelashes with his manly features making him more look more hot and attractive. Sanju couldn’t keep her eyes off him. She looked at all his features thinking how cool and hot he looks. Sanju had those weird thoughts in her mind: what if I start loving him? What if he betrays me? What if he doesn’t love me back ? What if he does the same what akshay did with me? What if he breaks my heart?.

Sanju was afraid of love..and more she was afraid of being loved. She was girl whom should be cherished and loved. But she was afraid. Afraid of her past.
“ where are you lost?” asks zayn waving his hand in front of sanju’s face. “ no where”replies sanju. Zayn nodds. They both sit there drinking their hot coffee.

“ why don’t you forget what happened in the past?” asks zayn. “ it’s not that easy.” Replies sanju. She says “ I have moved on. I show the world that I’m happy but I’m not. Those days haunt me. They kill me. I feel like a lifeless person thinking about those days.” Tears roll down her cold red cheeks as zayn quickly wipes them off.

“ shhhh. Don’t cry.” Asks zayn holding her hand and caressing her face. “ it’s not that easy to love someone or trust that person. I’m not good for anyone, zayn. Who will love someone like me. There are a plenty of beautiful girls. Why would anyone love me?” asks sanju sadly . “ hey, don’t day that. Why wouldn’t anyone love you? Look at yourself you are the most beautiful, honest and clean hearted girl I have ever met.” Says zayn hugging her. “ you are wrong zayn. No one would like to love me” says sanju hugging zayn more tightly. “ what if someone wants to love you? What if someone wants to give you happiness ? What if that person is guilty for what he did?” ask zayn releasing sanju from his arms. “ what do you mean?” asks sanju confused.

“ oh. Nothing.” Replies zayn. “ no. Tell me.” Says sanju angrily. “ OK.I just meant what if someone wants to loveyou . Like Neil.” Says zayn. Sanju starts laughing . “haha. You mean Neil. Come on zayn, he is my best friend. We only have that friends relation .” replies sanju. “ well, not a bad idea. I mean Neil is really good. He understands me. Maybe we will make a good pair.” Says sanju to tease zayn. “what? No. I mean I just gave you an example” says zayn worriedly. “ I know. I was kidding . Me and Neil. We both are close and best friends. “ says sanju while zayn smiles.

“ I think we should go. It’s quite late.” Says sanju. While getting up she slips but zayn holds her on time. They both share an eye look. He slowly lifts her up while, they both are really close to each other. Zayn holds her by her waist and brings her more closer. “ you asked me that what I mean by someone loving you? Let me tell you .” says zayn. He holds her hand kisses it, entwined his fingers with her’s. Zayn slowly removed her hair from her shoulder and giving her a kiss on her neck. From neck to forehead and cheeks he gives her kisses making her feel special. “ a girl like you should be loved and cherished.” Says zayn.

Sanju could be feel her heart beating so fast . She had never felt like that before . She was never loved or cherished like that. But with zayn she felt like she was in a whole different world. Both of them weren’t quite sure about their feelings .
On the other hand, T and Neil were talking to each other. “ I’m soo happy today, Neil. “ says T. “ I know. Even I am happy that everything is fine. “ says T. “ T. Don’t make sanju suffer more, she has already been through soo much. We are gonna help her. And now I want zayn and sanju to be together most of the time.” Says Neil. “ yes. Sure. I’ll make sanju the old sanju.” Replies T. “ by the way, don’t you think that T is a bit weird. I mean your name. Is it your real name?” asks Neil laughing. “ no.” says T punching him in the stomach. “ it’s tanushree. But I thought that T would be better .” says T.

“ okay. So why not we call you tanu?” asks Neil. “ yeah. It’s a good name. Thanks Neil.” Says tanu putting her hand on neil’s and sliding closers towards him. Neil feels awkward so does tanu and she removes her hand . “ sorry.” Says a blushed tanu. While, Neil smiles and nodds.
At that exact moment, sanju and zayn comes . “ what happened?” asks a confused sanju. “ nothing.” Replies both neil and Tanu. “ then why are you blushing T.” asks sanju smiling . “ no . I’m not. Forget it neil said that from now onwards you people should call me tanu from my name instead of T.” says tanu. “ wow . That’s good.” Says zayn. “ you never suggested me a name neil.” Asks sanju teasing him.

“ what sanju? I just helped her.” Says neil. Sanju laughs . “ where we’re you two?” asks tanu smiling. “ I was not with zayn.” Says sanju hurriedly, being nervous. While, zayn arched his eyebrow and looked at her. “ then we’re you with some monster. Because you look at you hand…your cheeks …..wait and your neck. What happened?” asks T with a smirk while neil laughs. “ no. I got them when I was …I was .” says sanju confused what excuse to make. “ when we were finding you.” Says zayn. “ oh okay.”says tanu. Sanju looked at zayn but he rolled his eyes and sighed. “ okay. Guys see you tomorrow. Good night.” Says zayn going inside. Neil and tanu also wished him good night while sanju goes after zayn.

Sanju talks to zayn but he ignores her. “ why are you ignoring me?” asks sanju crossing her arms. “ why did you lied outside?” asks zayn coming closer to her while they were a few inches apart from each other. “ because we have nothing between us.” Replies sanju looking down. “ you think so?” asks zayn crossing his arms. “ yes. Because I’m not you girlfriend and your are not my boyfriend. So, how can we tell others what happened.” Says sanju trying to sit on the bed but zayn pulls her up more closers to him. He held her wrist tightly. “ you are hurting me again zayn . you promised you won’t.” says sanju. Zayn realizes her hand and loosens his grip. “ I’m so sorry. I can’t control it when a person tries to go away from me.” Says zayn. “ it’s okay .” says sanju.
“ I think we should go to sleep.” Says sanju. “ okay.” Replies zayn.

Meanwhile, tanu feels restless and keeps on thinking about neil. She goes out of her tent to see neil. She comes inside his tent while he is on his phone and his face towards the other area. Tanu slowly goes towards him trying to see what he is doing . When she goes near she finds her picture on his screen. “ my picture?” asks tanu. While neil is shocked to see her. “ you here ?” neil says getting up. “ what we’re you doing with my picture?” asks tanu. “ nothing ….nothing ..I …I was just” says neil. Tanu tires to take his phone but neil doesn’t give her. While doing so tanu falls on neil. They both are lost in each other. Neil’s hand reaches tanu’s and entwined his fingers with hers. Tanu’s hand reached up his hair. Neil kissed her hand and cheeks . They both didn’t knew what was happening . Neil helped her to get up . “ I’m sorry for that kiss…” says neil. But tanu cuts him off. “ no its okay. I mean umm..” says tanu. “ forget it .

Tell me what you were doing here?” asks Neil coming closer to her. “ I just wanted to see you.” Says a nervous tanu. “ huh see me? Or you were missing me?” asks neil coming more closers to Her. He holds her by her waist . “ I don’t know….I wanted to see you.” Replies tanu. They both come more closer until his arms envelope tanu like the clouds grasping the sun. Tanu could read every part of his eyes. The eyes that open the door to heart. The door that opens only when their eyes meet. The way his eyes shine as he brushes her hair from her face. His sharp haw dusted in bristles of hair , his soft pale skin . His hand moves up her back as their lips finally meet in a burst of passion. Her body sets a fire as every inch of her tingles and warmth spread though her. His lips trail down her neck causing my breath to come in ragged stretches. With every kiss, she falls deeper into him. When it finally ends, her arms rap around his neck as he lowers her to the ground. His head leans against her as he whispers the sweetest words she had ever heard. “ I love you tanu . I love you more than ever I thought.” As her mind fills with thoughts and emotins that never existed she replied “ I love you too.”. “ I used to like you when the first time I met you but due to your’s and sanju fight I couldn’t say anything.” Says Neil. “ it’s okay. Now everything is fine.” Replies tanu. They both sleep in each other’s arm.

Hello. Everyone how are you?
I hope everyone is doing good. And I hope you like this chapter. sorry everyone had to wait. But I was busy.
Lots of love to you and hope you have a great day, week, year and life.
Please comment down below telling me you views on the current track and specially on Neil and tanu’s love track.
Please comment. And take care everyone.?

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