A beautiful morning, and the bright sun’s rays coming through her window to her waking her up with a warm smile on her face. She stretched her arms and said “GOOD MORNING LIFE”. She is the girl, the one full of pain , laughter, responsibilities and much more. She has wavy brown with a few red locks in her hair , brown eyes, tall, age 20 , has a perfect body and a perfect family. She is none than the other but SANJANA and with love some people call her SANJU . She stood on her tiptoes and may her way to the bathroom and came out wearing skinny black jeans with a white cop top and black leather jacket. She did light make up and happily went outside the room running through the halls of her big bungalow downstairs. She saw everyone in the room and said “Goof morning everyone”. Everyone smiled looking at her and greeted her. In the hall sitting there is her father MR.ARNAB MEHRA, the famous business tycoon, and who loved his children very much.

Sitting next to him with coffee mug was ARCHANA MEHRA sanju’s mother. Sanjana has an elder sister TANI ,26 years old and a fashion designer. After tani is ROHAN ,age 24 is also a bachelor businessman, after rohan is sanju herself,then her youngest brother and partner in crime ARYAN, age 18. Sanjana approached towards them and her mom said” you know I have a good news, your uncle MALIK’S family is coming to stay with us forever.”

Sanju jumped and smiled widely “ Oh my God ! Really? Yeahh!” everyone laughed at her childish behaviour. Mr.Malik is sanju’s dad childhood best friend and he is more than a friend to him, they are like family to them. They have a elder son DHRUV, age 27, daughter PRIYA age 24,another son ZAYN (main lead) age 21 whom sanju never met,and a younger daughter misha age 18. Sanju had spent time with everyone and she loves them all but she has never met zayn. Because zain used to abroad for studies. Sanju was very happy, she hugged her parents and said “ come on aryan you don’t want to get late for college huh ?”.Aryan accompanied her. Sanju was going to start her university in a couple of days .She dropped Aryan to college and went to meet her friends at THE MALL.

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