Some people say that it’s hard to understand a woman , trust me they are absolutely right. No matter how hard you try you just don’t get them. I wasn’t trying to make Myra jealous. I wasn’t okay!

Yes , I was!

Yesterday night , she was the one to accidentally blurt out that she was kinda jealous seeing me with her. But now, she allowed Nicole to the road trip.

Something is really cooking in that small , actually giant mind of hers. “Aarav..” Nicole leans on my shoulder calling me in her stupid annoying seductive voice and I roll my eyes.

“Yeah?” I ask uninterested , help me God! My plan backfired on me. “Who’s your partner for Crystal show?” She asks and I sigh. “Duh Nicole. Myra is his partner”

Martin says raising his eyebrow and I nodded. My gaze lands on Myra as she munches on her fries. I can look at her , all day , all night.

Stop it Aarav!

“What?!” Nicole asks out loud and I shrug. “Her! Like seriously her?” She roams her forefinger in circular motion Infront of Myra who looks on confused. “Yeah her Nicole” I say a bit harshly as she seems to be taken aback by my tone.

“For God sake Aarav! Is your choice that bad huh?” She shrugs her shoulders and I try not to lose my temper.

“Trust me Nicole! It’s that bad” Myra passes a wink to Nicole who seemed to understand the hidden message of indication and storms out of the cafeteria as everyone laugh at her.

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“You are GOALS girl” Ali hugs her by the side and narrow my gaze at them. The bitter feeling I get eyeing them is ridiculous.


I don’t have to act all sissy.


The silence in the car is killing me right now. So much silence that too with Myra. “Can you pull over please?” She asks in a slow whisper and I nodded.

“Myra are you okay?” I ask her as she walks in front of me nodding slightly. “You aren’t Myr! Tell me what’s bothering you” I nudge her but she just walks into a small café. “I need coffee” She says looking at me as I nodded.

A girl in 20s approaches towards us smiling and I smile back. “Hello! What would you like to have?” She asks politely and I smile.

“Espresso doppio , Chocolate-Espresso Cupcakes With Cocoa Whipped Cream , Affogato With Amaretto And Amaretti Cookies and Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes With Mocha Sauce” Myra says quietly and I look on surprised.

I take a look at the girl who was standing there with her mouth open and her pen on the note pad.

A light laugh escapes my lips as I watch both of them and they look at me. “D-Did I say..something wrong?” Myra asks innocently and I chuckle shaking my head from side to side.

“You basically ordered everything” Myra gasped and sighed. “latte please” The girl nods smiling and walks away. “Myra are you okay?” I ask placing my hand upon hers and she moves back surprising me.

“Whatever happened the day when I told you about my past…Aarav you shouldn’t be with me…” She looks at me and I grunted.

“Stop it Myra! I don’t care and that’s the reason you are all chocolate today?” I ask smiling and she laughs lightly. “I’m sorry actually-“ before she could even respond someone cuts her off.

“Myra!” I shut my eyes listening to that voice. “Aarav..” is what escapes her mouth and I open my eyes fuming. “Leave” I could feel the anger in Myra’s voice as she asks the person standing next to us.

It doesn’t take me a second and I don’t realize to when I punch the person standing in front of me and he clashes the ground with full force.

He whines in pain as I grab him by the collar and punch him hard across his face. I could hear Myra’s faint voice but ignore them. Eyeing the man I grunted out loud. He’s probably in mid 40s.

How possibly could he rape a child back then?

“Aarav stop!” I hear Myra pulling me back but I can’t. “Just stop” She yells and pulls me hard towards the door. I stop on my tracks and run to give another punch to him and breathe heavily.

That moron , I’m not gonna spare him. “Aarav Sain! Stop it” Myra pulls me and drags me along with her outside the café.

“Myra leave me..” I begin but my words are left in the middle and she hits me hard across my face and I trembled back. OUCH! Man she’s a hulk. “Why did you do it Aarav?” She shouts and I shut my eyes running a hand through the place where she slapped me.

“Aarav Sain! Answer, right now” She crosses her arms and I look away. She grunts and sits in the car as I slowly approach towards my seat and drive towards home.


The car stops with an abrupt halt and more than that , Myra slams the door abruptly and I sigh. Oooopss! Someone’s really mad.

“Hey buddy , is Mom home?” I ask Aryan as I get inside the house. “Nope! Emergency duty” He clarifies and I nodded. “Hey , Aarav…come here”

Aryan says in a hush and I lean onto his side. “What’s with her?” Aryan whispers and I sigh. “Rough day buddy! I’ll be back” I reply and walk towards the kitchen slowly as her back faces me.

She holds my hand and makes me sit on the counter and I smile. “Drink this” She gives me a glass of water and I gulp it down.

“What?” I ask as she places her hands on her hips and frowns. “I need some answers” She places her hand on the counter blocking my way and I sighed.

“Sure , go on” I reply and she narrows her gaze at me. “Why did you do that?” She slowly emphasizes on each word and I gulp. “Myra I just..” I begin but she raises her eyebrow at me. “You what Aarav? You know he can hurt you” She frowns and I let out a faint laugh.

I make her sit beside me and she sighs. “You know he can’t hurt me. And I won’t let him come near you” I wink at her as her eyes widen in amazement. “Er…I guess I should pack” She scratches the back of her neck and moves towards her room.

Oh Myra! You are making me crazy. How do I fight my feelings! It’s hard not love you.

Wait what?

I just did not say love right?

Nah , my minds been up in many things that’s why….



“Hurry up Hurry up!” We all yell simultaneously and laugh. “Hurry up! Hurry up” Again and again and Nicole trembles while coming downstairs and grunts. HA that’s what you call fun! She frowns rushing towards the big bus we all going in.

“Come on Nicole! Swing the hipsy” Ame yells , and she made a new word from hips to hipsy. Wow Ame.

“Aarav , can you please help me with the luggage?” She flips her hair back and flutters her eyelashes and I narrow my gaze at her.

“Yeah, sure” I wanted to rip off that enthusiasm in Aarav’s tone as he helps Nicole with that stupid luggage of hers. “Nicole, don’t you know we are going for a road trip”

Clara says eyeing the 3 cases in front of the porch. “They are my everyday essentials” Nicole boasted and we all looked at each other as everyone cracked up.

After settling everything , finally it’s time to start the road trip. “Hold on!” I stop them as they look at me. “Take the bus to the university first” I tell the driver and he nods. After 15 minutes , we reach university.

“What are we doing here?” Aarav asks, ignoring his question I move outside the bus. “Hey Myra” Sebastian greets me and I smiled. “Hope I’m not late” He hurries and I chuckled. “Nah! Let’s go” I tell him and enter the bus as everyone greet him.

Aarav’s jaw hits the floor as he sees him and a smirk appears on my lips. “Come Sebastian” I pull him towards our seat and we all settle down. “Let’s move” Jayden yells.


“Myra…” someone’s soothing voice wakes me up and I grunted slowly stretching my hands as it hits someone. “Ouch! You insensitive violent Myr” It’s Aarav’s voice and Oooopss!

I guess I hit him again. Opening my eyes I gawk at Aarav who was rubbing the spot on his face where I hit him.

“That was not intentional” I mumble and he rolls his eyes. “What’s with this Rock Avatar of yours?” He questions crossing his arms and I laughed. “Seriously Aarav? I would never hit you” Oh Crap! Was this necessary of me to say this?

“Really?” He raises his eyebrow and leans closer and I cleared the lump forming in my throat. “Whatever” I push him away and walk out of the bus. “Let’s go to….McDonald’s” Ali points towards it and I nodded.


“Yes , stop right here” Aarav instructs the driver and the bus stops with a halt. “Guys, I guess we should go there” He points towards the hotel and we all nodded , moving out of the bus.

Gathering our luggage , we make our way inside the hotel and wait for Aarav and Ali to collect the keys. They come back having 3 keys in their hand.

“Here” Aarav tosses a key to Jayden who immediately catches it. “Me and Clara” Jayden winks and I smiled.

“We have a 5 bed room too…so decide who’s gonna stay in it” Ali says and we all started arguing.

“Me..of course with my baby” Nicole muttered , leaning against Aarav. “Obviously , you were born to babysit him , nanny” Clara fires back making everyone laugh as I pursed my lips trying not to laugh out loud.

She rolled her eyes at us , “Me , Myra , Ali , Aarav and someone else can be there” Ame speaks up but Aarav cuts her off. “And Nicole. The other room , Martin and sebastian can share it” Aarav completed and we all nodded making our way towards our room.


“This is huge” Ame muttered laying back on the bed. She was right , there were 5 single beds with white and black duvets and a night stand near each bed.

I chose the one next to the window with Ame on my left , the other one by Ali and then Nicole and the last one by Aarav.

“I’ll use the bathroom first” Nicole blurts out , shoving past Ame who looked at her weirdly. “Why on earth you had to bring this creature with us?” Ame asks Aarav who shrugged.

“I’ll go outside for a while , come Ali” She called him and they both went out leaving me and Aarav in the room. “Aarav…” I call him but no response. “Aarav Sain!”

“I’m in love..” I mumble and he snaps his head at my direction. “What?!” he almost shouted and I shrugged my shoulders as if nothing happened. “With whom?” He asks curiously and I leaned back on my back staring at the ceiling.

“Myra…How..I mean why..I..” He stammered and I narrowed my gaze at him. “Bothering you much?” I ask and he grunted. “Chill Aarav! I was just kidding” I added quickly and he sighed deeply.

“Myra” He trailed in a serious tone and I look on boggled. “Myra..It may sound a bit weird..but I really really..” his sentence was left in the middle as Nicole opened the door of the bathroom revealing herself.

Way to ruin the moment Nicole! What was he going to say? Was he gonna say that he likes me? Ugh! No Myra. Obviously , Aarav doesn’t likes me. Yeah we are friends , close friends but like or love , certainly not.

Nicole growled and walked towards her bed a towel wrapped around her body and I gasped. “Nicole! You could have worn a bath robe” I groaned in disgust and eyed Aarav who uncomfortably shifted in his bed.

“Huh? Ohh! Are you jealous of my perfect body Ms. So called writer?” She spat with disgust and I rolled my eyes at her.

“Yeah right! Why God why? Why didn’t you gave me a body like this sl*t over here has?” I shook my head fake crying and Aarav clutched his stomach laughing at my drama.

“Oh why God why? Why didn’t y..ou gave me …s shitty mouth like Nicole?” He spoke in between his laughter and I cracked up.

Nicole fumed and stomped her feet walking towards the bathroom and I sighed as Aarav smiled at me. “Crap! Hope it wasn’t too much” I covered my face with my hands as Aarav spoke.

“No Myr! If you won’t stop her. She’ll walk over you the whole time” He told me and I nodded sighing. “I think we should go” I tell him and he nods.



“Aarav Sain!” Myra calls out and I snapped out of my thoughts. “Uh? Sorry..I just..” I trailed and she narrowed her gaze at me. “You okay Aarav?” She asked in a slow whisper and continued eating her food.

“Yeah..” I was also unsure about my own answer. My head snapped to sebastian again as I recalled the earlier incident. I went to his room to call him but stopped as I heard him yelling on someone.



“Don’t you get it? It’s hard okay?” He yelled as I peeked through the door. Sebastian was talking on he phone. I didn’t wanted to hear his conversation but hearing Myra’s name made me do it.

“She’s now Myra Dhillon. It’s hard to trap her” He spoke with irritation and I gritted my teeths. “And right now…we are out of New York so..Wait..I guess someone is here” I accidentally tripped hearing his words.

I ran out of the lobby and panted as anger rushed down my spine hearing his words. What does that mean? Trapping Myra? I have to tell Myra.


“Aarav Aarav , earth to” Myra chuckled and I gave her a nod. “Myra..I need to talk to you tonight” I tell her and she frowns. “You can tell me now” She whined and I shook my head.

“Nope! Not here” I told her and she rolled her eyes at me. We both were at an Italian restaurant and I didn’t wanted Myra to freak out now. “But I have plans tonight”

“Plans? What plans?” I asked worried , and she shrugged. “With sebastian. We are going to a movie , then some ice cream and yeah to the beach” She chirped and I looked on horrified.

What if it’s his trick or something. “No! You aren’t going with him” I order and she raises an eyebrow at me. “Come again?” She asked with faint smile.

“You aren’t going with him” I snapped and her face turned blank. “Watch me” She shot back and left the restaurant as I quickly paid the bill and ran after her.

“Myra! Listen..” I tugged her arm and she shoved me back. “What?” She snapped hotly and I sighed. “Let me explain” I pleaded but to convince a mad Myra was….ugh!

“Fine…” She sighed and I smiled gracefully. “Thank you” I breathed out and she nodded.




No extra talking or blabbering of me.


It’s been so long…. I know I know.

One word , SORRY ! I was busy and I still am.

Comment below and tell me how was the chapter…

And what more hurdles are gonna be coming in Myra’s life?

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