Masala cafe!!! Epi-7 (Edkv,vishkanya,iknmp and kkb)

The episode starts with Neil tells ragini that fold is wasted??He asks what to do? She hides her face under table and laughs.. He slowly comes down..she acts as if crying??She tells I don’t have any idea!! Pls do something with it.. She leaves from there laughing inside.. Neil calls out friends and asks if u want food? They tells we are fasting.. So no need food. Neil sits sad.. Ragini sees this and comes near him and consoles him and tells him to serve poor in Temple . he tells I am mad? He tells this has made with much cost!! U r telling to give to poor? She tells let me tell u one short story..

She starts.. There is person in village.. Who never speaks to anyone for much time.. He is alone. He never goes to any function but he attends marriage and deatb ceremony.. But he won’t eat.. He used to get food from other house but he won’t tell anyone to come and eat!! One day . he thought of paying loan. By providing food to all people… He calls out man and tells him to tell that I have made food. He also announces.. But no one does not come.
He again sends man.. He comes to know that.. People speaks that he won’t eat in anyone house but if he put food we all should run.. Neil asks then what happened?

Ragini tells he told man to call poor people and serve food! He smile and tells sorry to her.. He tells her to tell all poor about it.. She agrees with great smile and leaves from there.. Neil also smiles. Malay asks apu did she love anyone? She asks for what u r asking? He tells gk?She asks what? He tells general knowledge!! She tells for what? He said stammers and tells u ask many question when I ask so I forgot!! ??She laughs on road??He sees her lovingly!

Shravan and suman comes to coffee shop.. He offers her chair.. While he sits some sound comes from chair?people around laugh.. Suman gets angry and shouts at them.. She tells them to have food. Shravan looks on and asks her do u like me? She tells yes.. U r my best friend!! He smiled at her.. Ek duje ke vaaste title track plays…

Abhi waits.. Pragya comes out and tells him to drive fast. They both comes near school! He asks is this gift is for me? She nods and tells for u? No one will get for u.. His face changes sadly.. She gives gift to him and tells let us be friends!! He smiled and forwards his hand! She also gives shaken.. Ragini sees this and gets shocked..

Precap: Ragini slaps pragya for speaking to abhi.Neil serves food to poor. Malay comes to office. Apu thinks about him and smiles.. Abhi plays with small children in ground. Shravan and suman continue their knok jhok fights..

Guys I always get less comments.. If this continues I will end it.. Becoz I will get my mobile once in a while from tmr.. So imp ff only. I am gonna continue other ff I am ending soon.


  1. Sonika

    Hey pls don’t stop it really love ur ff pls don’t get upset I will always support you no worries keep rocking

  2. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Good episode naren… Aww poor Neil… But luv the way ragini console him… They loves each other… Enjoyed apulay moments a lot…

  3. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Good episode naren… Aww poor Neil… But love the way ragini console him… They loves each other a lot… N enjoyed apulay moment a lot…

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