Maryada Purushotham RAM

Lord Ram was the symbol of virtues, affectionate, kind, considerate, attractive, eloquent, chivalrous and full of magnanimous personality. He was very simple, noble, forgiving, honest, sincere and completely free from flamboyance. He always respected his elders even when they were wrong and treated all humans of different social groups equally. He never deviated from the path of Dharma and karma and responded cleverly and calmly even in dire circumstances. He never spoke a lie and always adjusted to circumstances. In short, his qualities cannot be written in mere words but I can best summarize his qualities as a man of stainless purity, praiseworthy contentment, holy compliance, commendable sacrifice and remarkable renunciation. He set an example of unmatched model behavior and moral conduct. He showed the human beings how to lead a life with all the virtues and this is the reason why he is called as Maryada Purushottam (perfect man). Maryada means the limitations or discipline or customs/Traditions or complete observances of rules while Purushottam means the best amongst men. .

Lord Ram was the only person in this world who respected this power of every creation/creature. He was on many occasions in a position to undermine this power, but he never did it in spite of temptations. In spirituality, world this power which is the very basis of existence of the creatures and creations is known as ‘Dharm’. In the eyes of religious people this respect to the inherent power of creature/creations is the respect to the universe and respect to the ‘dharma’. Parabaram had created this universe and endowed powers to all. Lord Rama being incarnation of Parabrahm thus respects its own creation. This respect to dharma shown by Lord Rama is called as Maryada. Lord Rama being the best of all humans is also titled as ‘Maryada Purushottam’

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  1. if he is such a virtuous person then y did he allow sita ma to undergo agnipariksha tat too twice? wen he himself did never ever undergo agnipariksha?

    1. Veronica crouze

      yeah…it’s also my question… 1st time he didn’t ask her to do agnipariksha…he just wanted to abandon her after d war..but he also didn’t stop her frm entering into d fire…how could he be so hard to sita!!!! last time he himself ask sita to give agjipatiksha in front of everyone… as a result of humiliation sita mata went back to earth….is it dharma???

      1. He asked sita to give agnipariksha bcoz, after the war in the hut where all soliders were living some people spoke ill about sita and said that she is in Lanka for months how can she be pure and all . ram heared that, to show them the purity of sita he asked her to give agnipariksha. He just want to say to world that his siya is pure

  2. In original version of Valmiki Ramayan , there is no mention of Agnipariksha . It was latter addition .So Ram never ever doubt Sita’s chastity. And lord Ram never ever asked for Agnipariksha – please read Valmiki Ramayan .It was Valmiki who composed Ramayan . Valmiki was the ones who lived during Ram’s period . Other version of Ramayan are writer’s imaginations .
    And I think in Tulsidas Ramayan ( thousands of years latter ) , Agnipariksha is mentioned In that version because it was said that Ram could sense something wrong would happen to Sita , so real Sita was given to Agni and Chaya/Shadow Sita was created , so after war to get back real Sita , Lord Ram had to ask for Agnipariksha to get back Devi Sita.
    In fact , Ram did follow all the rules in Life so He is mariyada purushottam. Except ones when he hit Vali from behind from some different reasons . Vali argued so Ram promised that in His next Birth , Vali would kill him. That’s why Jara -hunter killed Lord Krishna.

    Truly speaking Ram is Mariyada Purushottam. He could not enter any kingdom during his exile period and challenge Vali as it was against the rule of Vanvas. He followed all rules no matter what the circumstances .

    1. Ya Sara di I have also heared about this but in ndtv ramayan which was taken from valmiki’s POV they showed that ram l ask her to give agnipariksha to prove her puirty for the doubted people

    2. true…I agree with u Sara sister….am also knew this…ravan kidnapped shadow of sita…actual sita was hide in fire…that’s y after war agnipariksha had happened…

    3. Yes I have heard the same

  3. Veronica crouze

    i’m not talking about d 1st agnipariksha sita herself gave it at her own wish…i’m talking about d 2nd one which he asked her to give at rajsava after knowing about luv kush…& why would anyone add later addition to such a famous epic if it has nothing truth in it?

  4. awesome 🙂

  5. First of all, I too don’t like this agnipariksha -event of Sita. It really makes me sad .
    But if you see the when did it all happen -more than 5000 years BC. -please calculate the dates as per sage Valmiki . What was the YUGA /ERAwhen Ramayan happened ? Answer is Treta yuga . then Dwarpa yuga . Now is Kali yuga. -please do your research on that.
    So to understand that agniparisha – we have to take ourselves to that ERa-yuga.
    Ram belonged to the Suriya dynasty /banksha/kul- Raghukul He was the 64th King of Suriya dynasty/kul. That kul was the topmost of all the dynasties -started from Lord Manu. That suriya dynasty had certain rules -very rigid rules -like pran jaye par bachan na jaye . So even when Bharath requested Ram to come back to Ayodha – he didn’t return as it was against Kul mariyda .
    Raghukul was based on four pillars-shown in Siye ke Ram- that is Rajdharm, Sacrifice, Swa- dharm and bachan pallan-keeping promises .So to maintain the Rajdharm of RaghuKul-Lord Ram had to reluctantly send Devi Sita for 2nd vanvas even though he never had any doubt about her chastity . But the Janta /praja of Ayodha had different opinion about her purity as Sita was in Ravan’s place for one year . It was due to the compulsion of Praja -& also suggested by Guru Vaishit ‘s advice to maintain Kul dharma, Ram ordered his br lakshman to drop Sita at Rishi Valmiki’s ashram . While Sita was in Vanvas , Ram had lead his life like Vanvashi- sleeping on floor etc .
    Then came Ahswamegh yagna , Ram was asked to remarry as presence of wife was mandatory in that Yagna , but He made golden statue of Devi Sita – it proved that Ram believed in Sita’s purity . story continued – Lov& Kus sang the song of poem of Ramayam. -Sita was brought back by Valmiki.
    Now again the same question of purity ?? So agnipariksha was asked to be done otherwise praja/janta would raise questions . devi Sita could understand that it would continue like this forever as so to ensure the her sons to be reunited with their father , she went back to her Mother’s Earth and also proved her purity. Because she declared that if she was pure and her everything belonged to Ram, the Mother Earth would accept her .
    It showed mindset of common people was never easy to change -they could not even think that Sita was pure even though living in Ravan’s place for one year. Please note none of the family members raised any questions but Ram was not only a Husband but also a King of Suriya Dynasty – a very Kind king who sufferred silently .And yes , I have a question now – still chastity of woman is a big factor -have we changed after so many thousands of years ??

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