Maryada Purushotham RAM episode 3


Hello frnds here is the continuation of Epi 2.
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As per Dharma, an unfit and cruel king can be killed deceptively if left with no other choice. Bali abducted his brother ‘sugreev’ wife and refused to accept him on any conditions. Also, when Ravana abducted Sita and went through his kingdom, it was his duty to stop Ravana. He failed to do his duty of stopping Ravana inspite of being more capable, stronger and having defeated ravana before. Bali didn’t follow the duty of kingship since he didn’t stop crimes happening in his lands. Ram also had to fulfill her promise (Given to Sugreev) of killing Bali. Because of all this reasons, Ram though it is in the best interest to kill king BALI. So, Rama became the judiciary and gave him death punishment. At the end, Bali was convinced by lord ram actions still he takes the oath of killing Rama in his next human avatar (i.e. Krishna).

Ram requested Ravana multiple times to liberate Sita through messengers. He gave him ample of opportunities of defending himself. When Ravana came to the battle unprepared, he sent him back and asked him to come the next day well prepared. When vibhisan denied performing last rituals of Ravana dead body, Lord Ram requested him to perform the last rites and called Ravan as his own brother. He crowned his enemy (Ravana) brother Vibheesan king of lanka. He also crowned his enemy (Bali) son Angad, the king of kishkandha

Ram accepted friendship of his enemy’s brother Vibhesan without any condition. If I was in Ram’s place, I would have ordered many spies to supervise his actions.
He respected and treated his friend and greatest devotee hanuman like his own brother ‘Bharat’
Served animals like Vulture (Jataka) & Squirrel like his human friend.

Made friends and forged alliances not only with Humans but also with animals (Hanuman, jambavaan, Sugreeva, etc), Birds (jataayu and sampati), and demons ( Vibheeshana) too.

Before leaving the kingdom, he advised Bharat on how to run the kingdom in the interest of his citizens. When Lakshman tried to attack Bharat thinking he came to kill Rama, rama said “I cannot even imagine living in this earth without my 3 brothers.
After meeting Ram in Exile, when Bharat started expressing his anger on kaikeyi cheap tactics, Rama ordered him to not blame his mother.
When Lakshmana didn’t Follow his brother words and let Sita alone which resulted in his abduction, instead of expressing anger on his brother, he hugged him.
When Lakshman was seriously injured by meghnath arrow then Rama expressed his grief as “In the whole universe, no one can never find a brother like Lakshman. How will I live without my brother? “

Unlike lord Krishna, lord ram never showed his Godly figure, divine powers and limited himself s a simple human being. He would have crossed the ocean, would have defeated Ravan with his divine weapons and would have liberated Sita but to spread the message that even a simple human being can defeat mighty demon ravana, he took the help of animals, birds, etc in his fight against Ravana and made very limited use of his divine powers.
After killing Ravana, when all the deities came forward to venerate lord ram and said that He was lord Vishnu than sri rama said ”I don’t know all that. I am just a man, son of dasaratha, brother of laxman”
He followed his best in limiting himself as a simple human being and so, he is rightly called as Maryada purshottam

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Credit to: SKR Addict (Siya)

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