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Sage Tulsidas said “No Father/Mother can get a son like Ram”. Even Dasrath, Father of Ram loved him so much that he gave up his life after being separated from his son. When lord Ram broke Lord shiva bow in sita swayamwar ceremony then king janak requested Ram to take Sita with him to his kingdom. Rama Answered politely “I am Son of Dasrath, king of ayodhya. I cannot accept her until my parents accepts her and find her suitable for me. So, kindly send your messenger to get their approval”.

Since lord Ram was the eldest of all brothers, he was the sole contender of royal throne of ayodhya. Kaikeyi wanted her son Bharat to become king and so, she ordered King Dasrath to banish Ram for 14 years and reminded him of not breaking the promise he gave to her. King dasrath tried his best of stopping Ram but Ram said “I cannot break our family tradition of keeping promise”. He requested her father to grant him permission to go on 14 years exile punishment”. So, he is also known as Ekvachani (honouring one’s promise). Even on hearing his step mother punishment, Ram didn’t show any anger. Instead, he praised kaikeyi for giving him an opportunity of serving forest sages. He followed her words honestly and faithfully and gave her the same respect as he gave to his own mother kaushalya. When Lakshmana, his younger brother expressed anger and displeasure on kaikeyi punishment, Ram pacified him and told him to obey as a dutiful son. Just to honor the Ishvaku (Ram dynasty) tradition of keeping promise, Sri Ram Sacrificed his royal throne for the sake of his step mother and brother Bharat. When Lakshman forced ram to let him accompany in his 14 years exile, Ram requested Shatrughan and Bharath to stay in ayodhya and look after their parents.

After Ravana death, when dasrath appeared in the sky and requested ram to ask for boons then Rama only said “O father, forgive my mother Kaikeyi”.

One of his revered qualities was Ekpatni (having only one wife). Those times kings had the norms of having more wives so as to expand their kingdom but lord ram promised Sita that “she will be his only wife”. So, he is also known as Eka patni vratha dhara.

During Shriram’s rule, everyone was given justice and not even a single person belonging to the lowest class of citizens, was treated unjustly in his kingdom. The direct meaning of this is complete control over the five motor organs, five sensory organs, intellect, subconscious mind and ego.
Guha was a tribal king yet Sri Ram embraced him. He established unity among people of all social status by breaking numerous social barriers like sharing meal with Shabaras, freeing Devi Ahilya from sage Gautama’scurse etc.

His respect for lower tribes forged alliances and brought unity across the four directions of his kingdom, well reflected in his exile travel and friendship with Vanaras, tribals, Demons etc.
For a king, interest of his subjects overrides the interest of his family. So, when he got the feedback that his citizens doubt the chastity and purity of Sita, then lord ram ordered Sita to undergo Agni pariksha Test. Personally Ram knew about Sita innocence but as a king, he cannot go against the will of his citizens. Moreover, he also wanted to establish the idealism of a king by showing that the king should work in the interest of his nation and should not become a slave to a woman like his father did. By ordering his wife for agni pariksha test, he did more sacrifice in living an ascetic life and suffered more than Devi Sita did.

During his reign, many impure souls (Demons) harassed Sages performing yagnas and other Vedic rituals. Lord ram protected all Sages and gave the message to all kings to be fearless, selfless, impartial, courageous and free from desire.
His kingdom became popular as Ram-Rajya, a synonym for a harmonious, peaceful, prosperous, secure and ideal state.

Ram completed his education in a small ashram of Sage Vaisistha, far away from the royal family. While completing his education, he followed all orders of his guru (Teacher) and did all small tasks which a royal prince cannot even think of. Even after guarding and protecting a yagna of maharishi vishvamitra for seven days without sleeping, Ram and lakshman requested Sage vishwamitra for further orders.

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