Marrying at last — Telling the Truth


the oberois were very busy as always and especially in the morning. but just then…

voice: hello?

they turned to see om smiling and a little nervous.

jhanvi: finally he’s back! come in om. anika, get him some breakfast.

om: no I’m good. I already had food.

jhanvi: ok.

rudy: anyway bro, we got more girls’ pics. you need to marry soon. you are getting old.

shivom: shut up Rudra!

jhanvi: so om, which girl do you like?

om: um guys, the reason why I came here is to tell you all the truth.

all sat down to listen to this truth.

om spoke again: I don’t want to marry these girls. the only girl I want to marry is gauri.

jhanvi: gauri?

anika: gauri? who is she?

om: my girlfriend.

anika: wow! girlfriend! how sweet! continue.

om: we have been in a relationship for nine year and we have kids.

all: WHAT?!

jhanvi: already kids?

om: yes. two. one eight and one four.

rudy: now my brother is definitely old.

om: shut up Rudra!

rudy: sorry o.

jhanvi: why didn’t you tell us this earlier?

om: when gauri was pregnant with Mariam, she was only 16. it would have been illegal to marry her at that age and I didn’t know how you all would react. I am sorry.

dadi: arre puttar no need to be sorry. you did the right thing to wait. show us her picture.

om grabs his phone and shows them gauri’s pic:

Image result for shrenu parikh celebrity face

jhanvi: wow ji wow! look tej.

tej: wow she looks very beautiful.

shivay: when was this taken?

om: when I was sick that I couldn’t go to that pooja with you all.

jhanvi slaps his head lightly and says: you weren’t sick.

om: maybe. anyway so me and gauri went to a party with the kids.

anika: you should have took us to that party as well.

om: sorry.

jhanvi: I want to see your kids.

om: fine. this is Mariam

Image result for mariam khan reporting live

om: and this is viren

Related image

dadi: aww they are so sweet. god bless them forever.

shivay: so when will you propose om?

om: soon. I thought to tell you all first.

rudy: and how will you propose?

om: my way.


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