Marry me (Shivay & Anika Isqbaaz) OS

Hello this is my first story on isqbaaz hope u all like it.

Six months later:
Anika was packing her stuffs as she have to leave the oberoi house due to her divorce with shivay. Dadi tried to stop her but she was firm in her decision . While leaving shivay came running to her & asked her not to leave but anika said that “Shivay in the last 6months i have gathered many precious moment but now i have to leave & why will i stay in ur house who am i to u? ?” Shivay was taken aback & didnt said anything… Shivay’s heart was aching with pain to see Anika leaving……
Shivay came back to his room & was feeling low he recalled all those beautiful moment between them suddenly a tear rolled down from his eyes !!

Anika’s House :
Anika unlocked the door & asked sahil to go to his room .
Sahil:Anika didi why are u doing this? I know u love SSO very much then why ????
Anika: Sahil i asked u to go ur room ..
Sahil: U r doing very wrong i dont like u ?
Anika: Sahil pls see sometimes situation are not in our hand & u r too small to understand all this .
Anika’s eyes was full of tears she ran to her room & cried thinking about shivay
she shouted shivay i love u but destiny separated us shivaaay

Oberoi Mansion:
Om & Rudra came to shivay’s room
Om: Shivay what is all this why did u let anika leave the house?
Rudra:Bahiya bhabi is the best pls bring her back pls
Shivay : What u both think i didnt tried i asked her not to go but she left !! she left me all alone
Om :Shivay did u said she left u alone?
Shivay : No i said nothing
Rudra: Bhaiya even we can see that how much u love bhabhi then y are u both hurting each other please dont do this
Tiya enters the room
Shivay baby i want to have a talk with u
Tiya please not now
But baby its important please
What u want to say?

See baby its my six months & still u have not married me now Anika has also left the house so now lets get married soon
Om interupts Tiya u can get married to shivay but let me make it clear u cant get his love.
Tiya : Gives a look & leaves the room
That night both Anika & Shivay cant sleep by mistake shivay dials Anika’s number she responds it
Shivay: I am getting married
Anika: Congrats
Shivay: It doesnt affect u nah?
Anika: Yes it does ! I mean no y should i be affected?
Shivay: I want u to plan my wedding
Anika: ok.

Next day Anika comes to oberoi masion & says that she will plan shivays wedding everyone was shocked to hear this
Shivay was leaving his room when Anika stopped him & asked him the date of the wedding he didnt bother to reply..
Finally the day arrives:
Everyone was halfheartedly present in Shivay & Tiya’s wedding
Dadi asked Shivay to call Tiya he was entering the room when he overhears tiya talking with someone
Tiya(over phone) Mom i am so happy that finally i am getting married to shivay now i will get all the properties , it was easy to fool him by saying that i am pregnant with his child
Shivay was shocked of hearing all this he entered the room & slapped Tiya
Shivay asked Tiya to leave the house he came down & narrate all this thing
Shivays mom was shocked to hear this
Anika then said that she is going as she has completed all the arrangments Shivay holds her hand & said Anika please dont go
Anika replied shivay leave me
No i cant leave its not possible for me to stay without u Anika I Love U

Anika cant believe what shivay was saying she said Shivay wat r u saying ? Yes Anika I love u very much i love u for ur honesty i love u from the first day when i saw u Marry me? Anika: but i dont belong from to a rich family
Shivay: I love u for what u are Anika & i am sorry
Anika : I Love u too shivay & yes i will marry u ?
Dadi: Billu i have said u many times that u love her & see i was correct?

Finally Shivay & Anika got married ??..

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