Marring the seclusion -part 7

Marring the seclusion part 7

“I hope you are taking all the vitamins and folic acids regularly!” Dr. who was now softer to her enquired.

“Yeah, I Am.” she said in the same monotone she kept answering the doctor her other questions regarding the pregnancy.

“So the baby is doing fine… Dr. remarked as she checked the reports and the dark screen before them “Though you can feel it inside, the real feelings will start when it starts moving.” Doctor mentioned and she smiled on that.

“I am again saying you look so drained…please take care of you. If you don’t eat well and take rest baby could go for jaundice and stress will result in other complications.” Doctor politely told her as she handed her the reports and a photocopy of the ultrasound.

“Yeah, I will take Doctor.” She mumbled getting up from the leaning position.

“Take this first photograph of baby and keep seeing it so you could remember you have to take care of your baby.” Doctor smiled again.


“Krishna…you okay girl.” The usual stern demeanor of her mother in law was not there, she looked like her own mother who was afraid for anything worst.

“Yeah Ma…everything is fine.” She answered her worries and the lady’s anxious brows rested in no time.

“Let’s just pay them and leave for home then.” Her mother in law suggested.

“I am sorry Ma….she apologized as they climbed down the three wheeled auto- rickshaw .all the time she was waiting for some alone time to apologize her mother in law.

“It is alright girl….and if everything is fine then what the need to apologize is.” The lady said trying to not just break down.

“I won’t go anywhere alone now ….she told her the decision she was contemplating all this while she couldn’t force this wonderful lady into anymore worries, at least she could try that.

“It is okay girl…and I won’t stop you from going anywhere,” she took a pause. “if it gives you the solace.” the lady surprised her with this. “Now come inside, you haven’t eaten anything from so many hours.” She told her opening the lock.

“Who would believe it was the same lady who wasn’t happy with the choice of her son back then.”

“Tomorrow your father in law is coming with Yuvaan and Baby.” Her mother in law told her as she came to the kitchen after washing herself. “Yuvaan called me a few hours back.”

“Oh…with this information she suddenly felt cold thinking whether the time to leave this house has come.

“it is just they want to visit us, don’t think anything. We will stay here as long as you want.” Her mother in law noticed her sudden changed expressions.

“Thank you Ma.” She mumbled and the photograph from across the wall slit her heart again. The smiling couple from the hill station who were too happy for their future ,too content from life and too much into love gazed this lone woman who every time envied them for they were too happy and she was not, for they were together and she was secluded…..


“Hey little boy…you seem in trouble!! Is something troubling you?” Sayyam asked his son who was moving both his jaws every now and then.

“Oh it seems you are teeth are coming.” He asked caressing his little chin and baby lifted his arms to do the same to his father.

A smart kid he was who imitated everything his father did. In a few days his mother has decided the first meal ceremony of Arth and though it was not a big function but he was content now his baby was going to eat things gradually for he suffered diarrhea many times as he was switched from the mother’s milk to the milk solution the doctor recommended.

Checking the bottle which was now enough cold for his son to sip he lifted it and then after a few attempts the little boy accepted it and he felt relieved. Priyanka always complained how their son always listened and agreed to him when he never agreed to her. “Maybe he knew who he was going to rely for the coming life.”

He felt the urge to smoke but his mother was still not home and he didn’t want her to know he was smoking so thinking no way out he thought to look for dinner and to fix anything quick because he knew his mother would be tired due to all the chaos today.

As the pressure cooker whistled, the doorbell too chimed indicating his mother was home and filling a glass with water he opened the door.

“Sayyam… I could have done it.” Seema said as soon as she found her son already cooking the dinner.

“its okay Ma…lets just take dinner and sleep. I am tired today.” He shrugged it for he wanted to be alone in the darkness of his room.

“okay, give me a moment.” Seema understood he wasn’t wishing to talk and she didn’t want to disturb him too.


She sensed the arm on her waist which slowly trailed up and she knew who it was… smiling she kept pretending she was asleep. And then she felt the soft kisses on her earlobe already restraining any silly attempts of pretend.

Kisses turned needier and she knew in no time she would just respond if it kept going and then, “why pretending you are asleep when I know you are not.” the voice whispered.

And turning her on her back the person rolled over her….the mischievous eyes dared her big ones to deny it and in no time his lips met hers.

Parched throat she woke up “what it was, a dream! But it felt too real to be a dream…she needed water to relief her throat.

She fumbled with the glass and bottle beside her till she finally grabbed it.

“Why she dreamed him….it wasn’t right…was she craving some familiar touch”…..she tried to reason sipping the water in her dark room.

Not everyone got the chance to mar their seclusion….they too were trying .


Hello everyone…next part is updated. Cravings are not only for food, chocolates or any other food item, cravings include certain touches too. I feel horrible thinking about widows (male and female both). It’s not easy to live life after a loss.

Hope you like my outlandish attempts….will be waiting for your response.

With love Morusya.

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  1. Nice and wonderful update waiting for next update

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear…hope you like the next part too.

  2. Palak_55

    This time again you come up with new concept, which i like most about your chapters….your updates dont confined to story only, they everytime shows the reality of world.
    and your attempt was not outlandish dear, rather our society should think about the isolated life of widows…it’s very important to think about their remaining life….

    1. Morusya51

      yeah…i think about them, it is not only how they will live their life alone but also what their life becomes .
      i am happy if you found this attempt something Not Outlandish 🙂
      i just feel people should Remarry, i believe in marriages, this system of family….if someone looses their spouses its not bad if they remarry. well, a secluded life !!! its hard to live alone.
      thank you so much for you liked it.???

  3. Fenil

    Awesome chappy.
    I too think widow should remarry but how to convince them an their in-laws….it’s toughest.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear…well, we will see the tough in laws 🙂

  4. Fidato

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    You always made me think some different perspective…Of life..Thank you so much…For this too… Yeah…I didn’t even think about it…Losing someone really close….

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Fidato and plz dear never say sorry …i feel happy seeing your comments and that to when i am not even expecting ? and phone hangs !! well, its really frustrating i understand.
      i keep trying the layout of life from the closest i can …i am happy you guys think its worth a read…thank you so much for this beautiful comment.
      i am hoping i will be back with them soon;) love you <3

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