Marring the Seclusion (part 3)

Marring the seclusion- part 4
It had been too late for him to return home also his phone wasn’t responding back, she was getting tensed with each passing minute. She had been dressed in that red sari of hers which he liked the most. Dinner was ready, the tray of muffins was ready but why he was taking this much of time. To ease her anxiety she had talked with her mother then her sister too but no help she was now getting a kind of gloomy fog over her.
Suddenly her gaze turned to their wedding photograph on the wall, it was her idea to have it in a rather big frame and place it over their dining area whereas he wanted the photograph they clicked in when they have went to visit Mysore palace just after their wedding but like always she had won in the argument and so her choice was on the wall.
Theirs was a love marriage, it wasn’t some inter cast or those troubled marriages where both families aren’t ready but it was a smooth and peaceful wedding and she could never thank enough gods over there for the fortune.
Though her mother in law was a bit stern towards her in the initial few days, it didn’t matter much cause they were living here, miles away from her and in those few days long vacations ,she tried to be the extra modest to avoid any such incidents.
But the best part of this marriage was his brother Yuvan, he was the brother she never had. He always loved her like a little sister and his wife too was a darling. They have accepted her wholeheartedly.
She was in her own thoughts when her phone ringed…..suddenly.


“Do you know champ, I love you the most, even your mother is jealous of me at times. You know she want you to be a little patient with her. she gets tired easily you know na. so promise me you will no longer trouble her much and be a good boy when she is around.” He talked with his son as he kept walking with him.
And the baby looked with his big eyes to him like he was hearing his words by heart.
When he found his mother was calling him, “yeah ma,what happened?” adjusting his son in one arm he answered the call.
“sayyam, I think my arthritis ointment’s tube has been finished so if you are still in the stores area can you buy me one.” His mother requested.
‘okay ma,I’ll bring you one.” He assured her.
“I think again the lift is jammed of the store and maybe it will take her a while ,it would be good if I go and come with the ointment.”he thought to himself.
Writing a text to his wife that he will be back in a minute he clicked it send and with his son walked to the store that was ten minutes away.


“how much time will it take man?” he asked calmly to the boy who was searching the ointment on the top shelf.
“just two mins brother,”the boy replied and he waited.
“cute baby,he looks just like you.” An old lady said to him.
“you are the first one to say,others say he looks like my wife.’ He said as the baby shied away from the lady who tried pinching his chubby cheeks.
“your wife must be really beautiful then,” lady added.
“yeah, she is.”he replied smilingly pulling out his wallet.
“if priyanka had been done she could have texted him so he should not be worried.”he thought to himself.
“here you go man.” The old man from the counter returned the change and taking the ointment he took the road leading to the City Store.

Her heart was beating fast, she didn’t know how they have got her phone no. or what had happened but she just wanted her Ranveer to be safe. Pulling the key from the ignition she left the car ,she didn’t know if she had parked it properly or not,it wasn’t necessary any ways.
As she saw a little gathering and noise outside the store her heart started sinking. with heavy steps she walked ahead when she noticed the stretchers being pulled from the store and she heard someone, “don’t know how the gas leaked there,many are already dead by suffocation. A few are there in critical condition.” And she died in that very moment itself but with a little hope she walked to the area where they have kept the critical ones and then suddenly her world collaped.
He didn’t know how to stop the now crying baby perhaps he was scared of the crowd but his every attempts were a fail today. He was walking every little corner of the store but she was no where in sight and with each step he was getting hopeless. He wanted a miracle to happen and time to go back to a few hours back but no, perhaps the fairytale was about to end.
When suddenly he heard about a lady in blue kurta who was asking for his husband and baby and with a new hope he ran to the direction but suddenly one familiar blue kurta caught his sight and he longer needed any assurance, he no longer needed any hope. It had happened and his world was crushed rather cruelly.


Hey guys next and one crucial part updated, this story is so close to me, cause as a reader I hate deaths and tragedy and I had decided I won’t write such things ever but I guess you should never decide things prior.
When I had thought about this idea, from that day itself I used to feel terror thinking how I was going to write this chapter but I guess I did. I can’t stop tears I have been pouring out from the past hour but today I thought to just complete it.
I hope you like it,will be waiting for your response,with love Morusya.

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  1. Fenil

    Fabulous Chappy.
    Loved it.
    Waiting for next.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear, hope you love the next part too.and next one is coming soon.

  2. one of your best episodes Morusya, this story has the storyline i love the most….hope to you see you soon.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear,hope you love the next part too.

  3. Palak_55

    hy, morusya see i found it n make it and make it in my destiny…..

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        Hey, I myself make it in my destiny….before it transferred from general fan fiction to suhani si ek ladki fan fiction…

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    Nice update dear…

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      thank you dear, hope you love the next part too.

  5. Fidato

    Wow…. There’s no words dear…. Sinking… Into… Something really….What a story line…U have got… Dear…And with your writing style… It’s just… Awesome… Eagerly waiting…

    One doubt…I couldn’t find the part 2 or is there any typo error…??

    1. Morusya51

      oh man…..thank you so much ? i am happy you loved this story, this story is so close to me and when i found this comment i was just grinning ear to ear.i just hope you love the story in coming chapters too. and you found all the parts on my post wall, right ? i have checked every part is there.

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