I MARRIED A STRANGER BY Falguni (Chapter 1)


Hi everyone.. So sorry for the late update.. but I m helpless because I have job n besides I m working for Spiritual organization so it’s little tight schedule of mine.. But I will try to update whenever I got time.. N thank you so much for liking my story.. n very big thanks who commented.. n silent readers also ty 🙂

So here is Story begin..

* First night *

Swara’s POV :

“Swara”, He said.

And I look at him for one or two seconds and quickly shift my gaze on my palms.. I am still feeling nervous..

And then He slowly comes near the bed n stopped at Little distance from me.. I am still not looking at HIM..

“Swara,Have you eaten your Dinner..??” He said.

And I nodded in agreement.. How stupid am I..?? I didn’t eat my Dinner.. And I Lied to him.. Oh Kanhaji Sorry… I can’t tell him..

And he sat on the couch beside the small table.. We seat in silent.. And after ten minutes servant come with two plates of food and may be wine.. I m shocked.. How he know that.. And already I lie to him.. How I face him now.. He caught me.. Kanhaji please help me.. I prayed in my heart..

“Thank you Ramukaka.. wait.”,He said.

“Swara he is ramukaka. he is working for me since five years. and he is like my own family;”He said looking at me.

I stand up from my place and touch his feet and when I saw him. He is on verge of crying. I didn’t know what happened to him but to my surprise he said,”Stay blessed dear. Bhagwan kare tumhe duniya ki sab khushiyan mile.You remind me my daughter. She is also obedient girl like you.”and ramukaka gone after puting dinner at table.

I wondered how he know my nature. Yeah in my house I m always obedient girl like any typical Indian.

“Swara, come here and eat your dinner..” he said politely.

And I silently Obeyed him. I sat beside him, But I manage to keep Distance between me n Him. He analyze my each and every activity but didn’t utter a word.. In fact he smiled genuinely.. Oh Kanhaji.. His smile.. anyone can fall for him.. He is so handsome.. stop it swara what are you thinking.. I scolded myself..

“Why you didn’t eat your dinner Swara..?” He said. worry written all over his face. I didn’t know how he know but he cared for me this is confirm from this sweet act of him.. I like it..But Again this question.. How I answer him..?? And what I answer him..? But I have to tell him.. today or some other day.. so I decided not to escape from this situation..I felt Guilty for lieing him.. so finally I spoke..

“Actually… I am vegetarian and I never touch chicken..”,I said in low tone and also as calmly as possible, not to show my nervousness in front of him.. and bow down my head. I haven’t courage to see in his eyes..If I see I feel more guilty.

“Ok, No problem; Even I am also vegetarian so you don’t worry about that.. but at least you have to eat something na then..?? You had not eaten anything from morning right..??” He said with his breath taking smile.

I quickly nodded for his second question.. I felt so relief after knowing that he is not angry at me.. N I am so happy that he is also vegetarian. Really Kanhaji You are the best… ty so much.. I said in my heart.

“Aa.. and..”, I said.

“Say it, Swara. don’t hesitate;”He said.

“And I.. hate.. Alcohol.” I said playing with my fingers..

And He laughed.. Am I joking..? Why he is laughing like that.. I didn’t know.. Finally when he stop laughing..

“Swara.. relax.. I am not going to eat you.. and it’s ok.. You hate alcohol.. it’s not bed.. In fact It’s good… even I don’t like Alcohol.. so just chill.. n now eat please.. I m so hungry.”, He said. And my curve of lips upper with his last sentence.

I hesitantly ask him,”Why you didn’t eat..?”

“When my Wife didn’t eat anything from morning.. How can I eat..?”, He said playfully.

I smiled And silently start to eat. We finished our dinner and thankfully that is not wine.. it’s Rose juice.”I am fool”, I said in my mind. After finishing the dinner I put plates on tray before I ask him the direction of the kitchen he called ramukaka and ramukaka take food plates and clean the table.

Without uttering a word I silently took place on bed. After eating Dinner I feel better. Really I am so thankful to him.suddenly I realized something.

“How do you know I didn’t eat anything..?”,I asked.

“Maa called me to know that are you alright or not. And say me to take care of her daughter. And in between talk she said that you didn’t eat anything from morning.And I also saw you standing from the table without eating after rituals.”,He said calmly.

My jaw dropped after listening that. what an irony of fate. I mean she can ask him about me but didn’t call me direct..? I feel sad for my destiny. I feel so sad in my heart but I tried not to breakdown in front of him and put a small smile on my face. And with that he sat on bed beside me. He also sat little distance from me. At first I m shocked and then I composed myself. And nervously play with my fingers.

“please.. please.. please.. don’t come closer.. please.”my heart screamed. But i kept my mouth shut. After all he is my husband now. I can’t deny that fact. With heavy heart I try to calm my self. But to my surprise he asked,

“Swara, Can I ask you something..?” I nodded my head.

“Why you are vegetarian..? I mean You are bengali right..?”,He said curiously.

And I looked up hesitantly to see him.

“If you are comfortable with my question then only answer.”He added later when I didn’t say anything.

“Amm.. Actually.. I am Half Bengali n Half Marwadi.. Maa was bengali n Baba was Marwadi and I never touch meat in my life.. because My Dadu once said me that

FB shown

Swara : “Dadu why people eat meat and chicken..?”
Dadu : “Because my dear shona they don’t know the consequences of their did.. and they really don’t have any idea what they are doing with themselves eating meat and chicken.. achha.. now listen carefully.. ok..

‘We have no right to hurt anyone from our MIND,SPEECH and BODY.’

I mean to say that If someone hurt us physically or mentally, we can’t bear that then we have also no right to hurt anyone.. whether they are animals or humans.. Human have wit.. it is up to them where they are using this..?

If someone butcher us n eat our meat how our loved once feel..? Just imagine the situation Shona..

Swara : “I also want to butcher them who try to hurt me or kill me..”

Dadu : “Exactly beta(daughter).. When it happens with other we don’t have any problem but when it comes to us we try to revenge for that..

That exactly happen with them who eat meat or chicken.. When Shop keeper butcher any animal they react.. they cry.. they scream.. they try to escape from them.. and that pain.. their loud cry n screams.. but at the end they butchered cruelly..

and when people eat that meat that resultant in their nature.. they day by day grown on negative vibrations and quickly got angry or harsh.. And sometimes beyond that also.. it’s all because of that innocent animals feelings come along with that meat.. them unnecessarily slay..

and in the next birth they got animal birth due to their enjoyment of eat meat..

and one more thing shona.. If we remove fish from water what happened..?

Swara : “they crave to go in water again.. Dadu.”

Dadu : “And when someone try to kill pregnant lady or someones baby.. what it called..?”

Swara :”Never forgivable sin.. how can anyone kill two innocent souls or small baby dadu..?”

Dadu :”Oh Kanhaji.. my daughter is so brave.. hmm ok so you agree that we can’t kill pregnant lady or small baby right.. then we also have don’t right to kill someones baby.. n apart mother from her children.. that means we can’t eat egg..

Aur rahi bat Fish ki.. toh..
it’s An Universal Law of Nature shona that..
“You have to payback of your every action.. whether it’s good or bed..
Agar koi hume dukh pahonchaye aur hum use seh nahi sakate toh hume bhi koi huk nahi hai kisi ko bhi dukh pahonchane ka.. fir wo koi bhi ho Insan ya Janavar..

Hume Humare MAN,VACHAN aur Karma se kisi bhi jiv ko dukh na ho aise rehana chahiye..
Agar koi jiv apase dare ya usko pkadane par wo bhage ya chillaye to hume us jiv ko nahi marana ya khana chahiye aur agar hum aisa karate hain to hum bhi kisi din uski jagah honge aur wo bhi hume itani hi nirdayata se marega..”

Swara :” Wow Dadu.. you are a genius.. how easily you taught me we don’t have to hurt anyone.. ”

FB Ends

A single tear escapes from my eye.. and I quickly clean it before he saw it..

“Swara, no doubt he is genius.. really I know we don’t have to eat meat but till today I don’t know the real reason behind this..”He said. I smiled for his complement for Dadu.

“Swara, I am going to sleep in another room. If you want anything ask me or call ok..?” He said and stand up from the bed. I sighed of relief that he didn’t touch me. But suddenly “If your husband doesn’t want to sleep with you,then you have failed as a wife.” echoed my mother’s voice in my eardrum. But I didn’t pay attention and slowly up my head and saw him. He is already gazing at me. I look at him one or two second and said,”ok.”

“Don’t you want to ask me why..?”,He asked with little humor in his voice. I just stared at floor. I nod my head in approval.

“You are my Wife,Swara.”He said and paused for second and then continued,”Not a pr*stitute.” I found myself numb for few minutes. I really don’t know how to react.. how easily he said that… i don’t know what is going on in his mind..? So I kept quiet.When I didn’t say anything he again continued..

“If we sleep together when we really don’t know each other,what different you would be from a pr*stitute…?We will sleep together someday,when we both really want it and that day,I’d be making love to my wife. I definitely won’t be having s*x with a stranger.” then He turned and head towards his room but he suddenly stop and turn to wards me,”by the way, I m not a secret guy. I promise you that.”

Despite How scared I Giggled genuinely.He chuckled and turn off the lights of my room.I m still giggling. I stand up from the bed Go towards mirror and slowly remove my jewellery and make up and go in bathroom to freshen up. And I came back in my night suit. I feel so realaxing after changing. No jewellery, no make up.. nothing. Just simple as I am in home.

So Sorry for that who r nonvegetarian.. I didn’t want to hurt anyone.. I just want to share the truth behind this.. U have right to scold me or whatever you want to tell me regarding that n i m ready for it.. ty for reading.. and please share view regarding this chap.. love u all.. 🙂

Credit to: Falguni

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