married to my sisters husband (swasan) Part 2

I am really very sorry guys actually I posted 2nd part long back but I realised that it had not been posted when I was searching for it’s link… so I am posting it again with few changes…..

a man is standing near the window and looking at the sky by having drink..

His pov
“hmm it’s strange on my wedding night, I was spending my time with drink and loneliness. now I got habituated to this loneliness from past few years, but don’t know why it is troubling me to be alone”

“Yes, today is my wedding night. I am married twice in a month it may sound funny but it’s true. before a month I was married to ‘kavitha’. rather than marriage it will be apt to call it as always a business deal. a business deal with mutual consent of me and kavitha”

“I being from a reputed and high class family their was lot of pressure on me to get succeeded in business, and when I got separated from my so called reputed family the pressure on me got increased. I never let my personal life effect my professional life. I my self established ‘karma industries’ and made it one of the most successful firm. soon I became the successful business man. to maintain that image sometimes we should take few decisions even we are not happy with those”

“I became arrogant, egoistic man. for whom other than his business nothing else matters. I was cold to everyone around me. I never tried to go back to my family. by time gap between me and my family increased ”

” to get successful and elaborate ‘karma’ I never concentrated on my personal life. I was involved with the girls and was in few relationships but I was not emotionally involved in those relationships. few times I consider one night stands are far better than those fake relationships ”

” still I am not satisfied with this success I want to show my so called family that I am happy with out them which I am not. at that time gododia’s approached me for help. they were in loss and I was the only one who can help them. then the idea stuck me, the idea to marry kavitha, though its just to show my family and society. so, I kept the proposal to marry kavitha and the gododia’s are more happy and desperate than me to get her married to me. we got engaged ”

“kavitha, she is beautiful, intelligent, smart and modern girl every man dream about. we both were practical about life and we were compatible. soon we became good friends. we were clear about what we want. we even decided that this marriage is for society and our families but for us it was a open marriage. we were free to have a relationship with whom ever we want. but after three weeks of our marriage kavitha said that she was in love with one of my friend. sahil, my best friend after I was out of my family business and about to start my new Venture he was the one who supported me. I decided to pay him back by letting kavitha to go with him ”

” we made a plan and after few days kavitha eloped with sahil. the news that my wife had run away from me just after one month of our marriage made a buzz in media. every one want to know the reason behind it. investors are backing of because of this. then again gododia’s approached me asking me to marry their second daughter. I was hell shocked how can one be so selfish after knowing that their one daughter eloped from her husband they again brought alliance of their another daughter to the same man, Just for not losing their deals with karma industries ”

“I had no other choice than agreeing for this marriage. if I had not stopped this buzz in media soon I may lose my investors for bad reputation and I may get bankrupt. I don’t want sahil – kavitha relation get effected and they held them selves responsible for it. they were happy with each other and settled in london un aware of the happenings here. I was happy for them, the two who I consider as my family were happy with each other”

“I had not talked to her much except few formal interactions. from kavitha I got to know that she is entirely different from her. she is bit traditional and a introvert. she never disobey her elders may be that is why she accepted this marriage. I hate those type of girls whom can’t even take stand for themselves. God knows how I can stay with girl like her ”

” today I SANSKAR Maheshwari married to Swara Gadodia sister of my ex – wife ”

*****sorry for typos. this part is not proof read *****

please do share your views. positive and negative feedback is welcomed.

keep smiling.. stay blessed… spread positivity…love you all ???

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