I married you to save you. (SS-Part 2) ~Romaisha

I hope you all remembered the story.

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I married you to save you. Part 2

Part 1- http://www.tellyupdates.com/married-save-part-1-shots-happy-birthday-thanmy-di/

(Kunj’s voice)

I dragged Twinkle by her elbow leading her to our room. It wasn’t even more than half a second and she started yelling and pulled away from my grip. “What do you think of yourself? How dare you drag me away from my own people?” She exclaimed and I grinned. “Your husband who else?” “We may be married but i haven’t accepted any part of you as my husband! Only Yuvi has that right!” She said but i began protesting. “Look, i don’t care whether or not you accept me but can’t we at least be friends again? Please trust me. I’m not lying! Why do you think they’re here again? They came to conspire against you!” I yelled losing my temper. She held me tightly by my collar and pulled me closer. *Eyelock*
“Kunj Sarna, you have lost the right to call me your friend. You betrayed me and now you’re trying to make me go against maa and Yuvi. Why are you so hell bent on ruining my life? WHY KUNJ WHY??” I could see water forming in her eyes and i couldn’t bear it. I felt as if something heavy was thrown on my heart. I looked at her sadly and slowly moved her hands a way from me. I walked away from her but before leaving i said quietly so she could hear, “I’m not the one who’s trying to ruin you, your close ones are. You’re drifting from the one who actually wants to save you and Twinkle, i don’t want to see u sad or heartbroken. Please listen to me. Yuvi doesn’t love you..”
That’s it. She wasn’t going to listen anymore. I left the room but stood outside and heard her sniffing. I started crying and banged my hand on the wall. “Please believe me Twinkle! Please. Just listen yaar.. Ek baat tuh sunle.” *Agar Tum Saath Ho plays in BG*

If I wanted to find evidence against Yuvi and Leela aunty, then I’d have to spy on them. I’ll have to watch their every damn move. Where they go and what they do. That’s when the idea struck me.
I could record or video there conversation whenever they’ll discuss their next move then i can show Twinkle that I wasn’t lying.
“Where are those two anyway? The house is awfully quiet. Twinkle had gone out to the market with maa but where..?” My chain of thoughts broke as I heard a loud crash in maa’s room. I quickly sprinted to her room thinking it was merely a cat on her glass case again but to my extreme surprise, it was none other than Yuvi, prowling along mom’s locker room where she kept important documents, cash, etc. “What the hell do you think you’re doing in my mother’s personal room?”
He spun in around in shock to see me standing heroic by the door and fist pumped angrily. “Kunj!” He yelled. “Haa meh! Aur kon?” I said. “What are you doing here? Come stealing in here now haven’t you? What do you want anyway?”
He looked at me with guilt in his eyes but then i saw the usual evil looking bastard Yuvi staring back at me. “That’s none of your business. Its not suppose to be a problem to you If I take something from you. You probably know how it feels.” He said and i knew what he was getting at. I smirked and said, “You’re damn right i know the feeling of taking something from someone. Twinkle is mine Yuvi and I’ll protect her from you and ..”
“Her mother?” Leela aunty walked in and interrupted me. She was smirking at me and passed a wink to Yuvi.
“Haa and you.” I shot back. “Why are you doing this to your only child? She’s your daughter for heaven’s sake!”
“See yuvi, i told you he knows something else he wouldn’t have married Twinkle. He’s too good of a friend.” My eyes sparked with fury as she said that. “But sadly she doesn’t trust me to believe me. She thinks I’m lying because of her love for you two. You two are the most disgusting person I’ve ever met. Is money the only thing in this world? You killed your own husband for damn property!” I yelled and Yuvi gasped in shock. I didn’t think he knew that i knew this much. I stalled the conversation for awhile since i finally found my phone and recorded the entire conversation but i made sure it was out of sight. Leela aunty began to laugh. She stopped suddenly and grasped me by my neck. “Whether you like it or not, we will get her property signatures by hook…or…by crook!” She said as her eyes bulged out looking at me with scorn. I pushed her hand away and yuvi pranced on me. Luckily i slipped my phone quickly in my pocket so he couldn’t smash it in pieces. I hadn’t time for his madness. I fought back and quickly pushed him away and he hit mom’s favourite vase and smashed it. I ran out and locked the door behind me, leaving them yelling for me to open the door. I ran off to Twinkle not caring about them as I had gotten proof. Their own admitting voices recorded. I couldn’t wait to show her.

I checked the kitchen and saw her and mom back from the market and quickly hissed for her. “Twinkle!” I said in a loud whisper. She looked over but then ignored me. Just then to my good luck, mom left the kitchen and I sprung towards her.
“What is it?” She asked roughly. “I know you don’t want to talk about this topic and hear me raving about I’m speaking the truth all the time so i got evidence to prove to you I’m not lying.” I said breathlessly. She rolled her eyes and said, “Well, show me? Anyway, it won’t matter because i know my mom and yuvi.”
I pulled out my phone and i played it loud and clear for her to hear once more. As soon as she collected my phone to listen, Yuvi ran into her causing both him and her to fall and to my dismay, my phone fell in the sink and broke. My heart shattered in pieces again and my blood boiled. I got angry and heaved yuvi off twinkle from the ground. “What the hell is your problem, you idiot!?” I yelled in his face gripping at his collar tightly and he merely smirked and winked. He mouthed, “Better luck next time!” And i released him and punched him. I knew what would happen next so i stormed my way out of my wife and her lover’s presence and slammed the door behind me.

I slumped on my bed, temperature high and hot as hell. I was furious. Once again they managed to get away and Twinkle still doesn’t believe me. I picked up my broken phone and tried my best to fix it but it just wouldn’t turn on. I walked up to the mirror in full rage and pelt the phone and broke the mirror. The glasses flew at me but i didn’t care at the moment. I dropped on the floor, knees landing on shattered glass and started crying. She wouldn’t believe me without proof. Of course she won’t. Its her mother for crying out loud. No one would expect their own mother to do this. Just for money. Just for property.
If there was only one way.

I sighed and sat there. Right near the glasses, tears dried up on my face.

The door hinged open and i looked up to see twinkle supporting yuvi on her left shoulder. I looked at him disgustingly since i knew he took that blow i gave him near his eye an excuse to be with twinkle. For once in my life, i was actually glad he was with twinkle. I wanted to see if she would do his bandages alone or mine too. I saw her glancing at me nonstop and i smiled making sure she didn’t see. I got up painfully only to see my knees, elbows and palms covered in blood. I walked to the terrace with no intention to dress the wounds. I wanted to keep the pain to myself. I deserved it anyway. I betrayed her though i did it to save her.
I stood staring at the.moon for what seemed like more than an hour; scars hurting badly.
I closed my eyes since that felt like an easy way to ignore my bleeding body but then suddenly my heart started pumping very fast and i opened my eyes back again and found Twinkle coming towards me, with her hair flying and her face radiant as ever. She looked at Me completely blank though it looked at if i saw pain in her eyes. She held my hand and led me back to our room and started applying the ointment on my cuts. It seered with pain but i tried not to show it. Unfortunately i wasn’t trying hard enough and she moved closer to me and blew on my wounds. I felt as if i was cured already.
She resumed dressing the wounds while my eyes were glued on her.

Finally after a while, she asked, “What did you want to show me before yuvi, um, came?”
I was honestly very surprised at her to ask me that question but i told her anyway. “The truth about Yuvi and Leela Aunty. I won’t stop gathering evidence until u believe me. I got their exact words. They admitted they only wanted your property Twinkle. Please,believe me. I won’t lie to you.”
Twinkle said nothing. She simply began plastering my palms and i felt oddly comfortable as she blew into them. My body began to shiver and i wanted to take her in my arms right away.
After she was finally done she looked at me and said rather dimly, “I asked Yuvi what made him fall into the kitchen like that and he said there was oil on the floor and he slipped.” I looked at her. Did she believe him?
“I didn’t believe him Kunj. You entered the kitchen three minutes before him and nothing happened to you. I even double checked and there wasn’t any sign of oil. I admit it was a coincidence to fall as soon as the recording began to play. Is your phone .. Fixed? Or totally damaged?” She asked. I simply pointed to the broken window and she nodded. It was really very hard to believe that Twinkle was saying all of this but I for one was extremely happy to see her growing suspicious of them. She got up and took a pillow and placed it on the couch. “I’ll sleep here tonight. You’re injured. Don’t even think of arguing with me. Whatever this is about, we will talk tomorrow. Get some sleep and don’t pull anymore stupid stunts like this again.” She said sternly and lay on the couch, back facing me. I smiled and lied down on the bed looking at her. “Twinkle? How exactly did your father die?” I asked now realising it was something important at the moment. She sighed and said in a choked voice, “Kunj, he’s dead. Forget it. Besides i think you already know my answer. Good night.”

I was now 50% sure Twinkle will believe me because of how she acted tonight. My injuries also caused her alot of pain which i regretted doing but it melted her somewhere to finally accepting i may be speaking the truth. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep after deciding my other strategies to get back My Twinkle. My smiling and shining Twinkle.

Yes, i know. I have disappeared for a very long long long time. More that two months.
All i can say right now is that I’m really very sorry. Sorry for keep you all waiting. Lets see nah, how long I’ll be here for. πŸ™‚
I haven’t read any ffs since October so I’m really not at fault. The circumstances were as such. BBut i hope u all will still at least read my ffs. No, i won’t feel bad if u don’t comment because it serves me right. I missed u all very much ?
Anyway i hope i have still lived up to all your expectations.
Enjoy. And very sorry if there were any errors anywhere.

P.S there is a wedding coming up in our family so if I’m late again u have the permission to find me and kill me for not posting again ? .. But I will try my best to post asap.

Bye. Love you all ?

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  1. Komal123

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    It is so well written ??
    Keep posting!
    I need another chappy by today or tomorrow ?

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    I really felt bad for kunj. Hope twinkle believes him jaldi se❀️?
    Post soon
    Love u?

  4. Ramya

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    Loved it

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  7. Now that was something called AWESOME ???……..i mean brilliant??…..thank god finally u r back☺☺
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    Moreover, I loved when twinkle showed concern towards kunj. It was just so beautiful. You better post the next part soon or else I’ll come and punch you hard ? Now you better write at least the next two parts longer as a compensation of getting lost all of us sudden and darling, that is my order! ?

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  10. Sohi

    Please please please post your ff my heart beats only for you plz as you left that ff in big suspense iam very eager to read next episode

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  12. Angita

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    Hey Romaisha,
    I’d been wondering for the past few days about where you’d been gone missing. I was missing you nah? Finally, you’re back and I am so happy.

    Well, this one was extremely nice and i enjoyed it thoroughly. The way Twinkle cared for Kunj at the end and asked him not to these stupid acts of hurting himself anymore was ? Woah!! She suspected Yuvi. I am so happy. Leela and Yuvi are so bad.?

    Okay, post the next one soon.. I’ll be waiting.

    Loads of love.❀

  14. Zuha Fatima

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    Keep smiling πŸ™‚ Always πŸ™‚

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    Lovely episode…. It was amazing….. Waiting to read further

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    love you

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  21. Purnima.agrawal30

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