I married you to save you. (Part 8)

Ok. So i know i am like a month(?) late but guys you all know how school work can be a pain in the
butt. So forgive me? Pleaseee??? ??
So i’m finally here to upload the other part of the ss ??
I know you guys thought last epi was like what the hell?? But i’m glad u all enjoyed it still ?
Thanks alot!!
Apart from my work thats keeping me busy, my phone is being a total nuisance so i cant get to use it to go on browser. Anyway i thank you all again and especially Kuku jaan ????. Thanks yaar!!


I married you to save you.

Part 8

Recap- http://www.tellyupdates.com/married-save-part-7/

“Oh God. I wonder if they’re done talking. I can’t stand anymore!” Yuvi exclaimed and Leela looked at him and rolled her eyes. “I’m pretty sure you’re younger than me idiot. And you do know we can barge in whenever we want so stop fretting. We’re the bad guys here.” Leela said and Yuvi looked embarrassed. “Let’s go in. They had enough time to talk.” She finally said and in a split second, Yuvi barged in the room and stopped in shock. “Whoa!! Where did the lights go?!” He said after realising that the room was darker than before. “You mean where did they go?” Leela yelled as she pushed Yuvi aside. “Oh shit! Where did they go? They freed themselves! Yuvi find them!” She yelled, her blood boiling.
Yuvi, who was also lost at their sudden disappearance, did as he was told. Leela and Yuvi walked around the room calling for Twinj’s names. Suddenly out of nowhere, Yuvi got a hard blow on his head from behind

and his scream made Leela alert that someone was around.
“Yuvi! Who’s there? Show yourself!” She said.
“Gladly.” Was her reply and in walked Twinkle with a stick in her hand and Kunj behind her, both smiling. “You!” Leela yelled furious as ever. “Hi,mooooom.” Twinkle said elaborating on mom and Kunj laughed. “Don’t worry mother-in-law. You won’t be getting any signatures nor properties here so you might as well leave us alone so we can leave YOU alone.” Kunj shot at her, serious as ever. “Nobody is going to boss Twinkle around and force her to sign anything while i’m around.” He said and Leela laughed. “Then we’ll just have to get rid of you… simple.” Just then Yuvi got up holding his head and spotted Kunj and got furious. He started to punch Kunj and using this as a distraction, Leela pulled Twinkle towards her. “Your husband can talk alot. Let’s see if he can do more action.”
“Oh he’ll show action .. and so will I,” said Twinkle and freed herself from Leela and pushed her on the ground. “I swear, even God can’t save you today. Everything I’m gonna do you know is for papa and my husband, Kunj Sarna. Stick his name in your head!!” She said angry and teary eyed. She picked up back the stick and started hitting Leela while Kunj was giving Yuvi a taste of his own medicine.

Twinkle and Kunj both tied Leela and Yuvi up on the chair after they thought they had enough. Leela’s back was hurting while Yuvi’s entire face was black and blue. After tying them up, Twinkle and Kunj smiled a victorious smile and hugged. “Well done love.” Kunj said laughing. He then heard Twinkle sniffing at his chest and got worried. He raised her chin to his face and saw her crying. “Twinkle? What’s wrong?”
“Kuch nai.” She said wiping her tears. “It’s just that, i miss papa. I can’t believe i had a mother like her. And to think i loved you.” Twinkle said turning to Leela. Leela frowned and said, “Shut up, will you? So what if i’m greedy for money? I’m still getting it. You will sign the papers whether or not you like it.” “And what do you mean by that? You’re in our clutches. We’ll call the police too. And..” Kunj stopped talking when he realised Yuvi had gotten hold of his phone from his pocket and quickly snatched it away. “Shit!! Twinkle go from here. Now! Pleasee!” He yelled after reading Yuvi’s messages. “Huh? Why?”
“Twinkle, they are sending goons after us. You have to leave right now! Go!!” He said.
“But what about you? If you think i’m going to leave you here alone then think again Mr.Sarna.” She said. “Twinkle this is not the time! I’m serious!” Kunj shouted.
“Yes. Listen to Kunj. Run!!” Leela said and laughed. “Kunj she is stubborn just like you. My goons are already here. Look behind you. Dumbass.”

Kunj was shocked. He and Twinkle slowly turned around and Twinkle gasped. One of the goon had a gun pointed to both of them. Their orders were to untie Leela and Yuvi. Kunj did so and Leela again grabbed Twinkle and this time, she tied her hands tightly. Yuvi pulled out the property papers and smirked. “Sign it.” Leela said firmly. “Sign it or else..the love of your life goes.” She said and Twinkle was shocked. Kunj,who was being held at gunpoint, shouted,”Twinkle! Don’t listen to her! Please! I dont care if they kill me and neither should you. I’ll love you even after i die just don’t do it!!”
Yuvi walked upto Kunj and slapped him. “Shut up. And Twinkle if you don’t sign, I’ll kill him. He has to pay for the damage he did to my face anyway.”
“I’m giving you ten seconds to sign. If not… you not what will happen.” Leela said looking at Twinkle, whose face was streaming down with tears.
“10..” Leela started and Yuvi punched Kunj in his stomach. “9..” One in his arm. “8…..7….6….” More on his face and harder ones on his body. Kunj started spitting blood and his breath was shortened.
“Kunj!!” Twinkle yelled. “5…..”
“Kunj,” she said even softer. Kunj looked up and gave her a feeble smile.
*Hamari Adhuri Kahani Instrumental plays in BG*

Yuvi continued to hit Kunj while Twinkle cried and when Leela took the last count, she grabbed the pen and signed.
Time stopped. Twinkle signed. Leela smiled. Yuvi stopped punching and grabbed the gun.
And then the shot was heard….

Episode ends on Twinkle’s shocked face.

So am? How was it??
*Fingers crossed*
i know maybe i went ooverboard? I’m kinda better in emotional scenes than romantic ones so if u guys enjoyed this, then I’m happy 🙂
Bye… Do comment! ??

Byee ✌✌

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  1. SidMin23

    It was nice and emotional to read ???? Poor twinj and how can that uv ? ? do this to kunj and I don’t like this leela and he is too much
    he is hurting kunj and I hope kunj is fine and also twinkle and uvleela can do anything for property paper.

  2. Chiku

    Woaaaah!! Its lovely ????sooo emotional ????omgggg
    Did kunj really got shot?????????????
    This time i was waiting ki wen will romu message me and i will be the first one to read the ss??????better next tym
    Post soon
    Love u??

  3. romaisha it was so emotional yrrr…..but plzz kunj ko kuch mt hone dena……and this episode was amazing……
    post soon….
    luv u…

  4. Kruti

    That was an amazing epi
    continue asap

  5. Awesome…..
    Superb do post nxt asap….
    Luv u….

  6. Baby

    actually not ☺
    romaisha both episodes were too good dey were tremendous fabulous too emotional n cute☺
    twinjs love was shown wid soooo nicely………
    loved it well srsly afraid ☺
    plsssss post nxt asap cant wait a moment more☺
    love u lods♥♥

  7. Presha

    Hey gud to see u after a long time hw r u …
    Md this one is a blast… Like der aaye pr durust aaye

  8. SidMin

    God missed you and your ff like hell ….
    Loved the episode the first part was quite fun …. The Vilens getting beaten up …. The the last part was shocking and emotional….
    Post soon Love you ???

  9. Ramya

    Awesome one dear
    But u ended episode in shock
    I’m so excited for next one post soon
    Love u keep smiling

  10. Purvi128

    Hey romaisha .. thank god you are back …!
    Sorry for late comment ..! I missed you soooooo much …..
    The episode was emotinal yet lovely ..! I enjoyed the whole episode .. literally it was so good ..! I can’t describe …!
    Ohhhh … I am scared …. bullet shot …. noooooooo plsssss save kunj …!
    He is the only one for twinkle …!
    I am so much scared …
    Ab please next jaldi post kerna kyunki ab wait nahi hoga …!
    It was a shock …
    I love emotional scenes …! So i don’t have any problem .. and u really described the pain very well …
    Post asap
    With love ..!❤❤???

  11. RUTU.....

    Awesome…… But precap is very scary do continue soon dear love you

  12. Kritika14

    Heyo! I’m sorry for the late comment but I was a little busy! Anyway, this part was so emotional and all. Twinkle signed and yet they shot Kunj? Idiots -.- Anyway will be looking forward for the next part. Hoping you’ll be able to post soon!

    Love you!

  13. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing update dear.. loved that twinj yuvi n leela maa pr attack.. but end was a bit scary

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