I married you to save you. (Part 6)

I married you to save you.

Part 6

Recap- Here

(Kunj’s POV)

I opened my eyes to find myself tied up on a chair in the middle of an empty room. The light was too much in my face. It was like i was in a spotlight. I tried moving but my head felt like a 1000 pounds so i closed back my eyes and tried to recall what happened to me moments ago.
Then i realised! “Twinkle! Twinkle!” I shouted. I saw a figure appearing in front of me and he/she started laughing wickedly. “Yuvi?” I thought. “You bastard! Why have you done this? And where the hell is Twinkle!?” I yelled in anger. Finally he took off the light or whatever it was blinding my sight and i saw him dressed in all black this time. I saw him wearing dark gloves like the when that pulled me away from the party. “You? You kidnapped us?”
“Oh wow. You know i should just leave you and let you solve this all by yourself. But i can answer your questions if you like. Would you like that?”
He asked and grinned. I shot him a look which made it obvious that i wanted.to know what the hell was going on. “So yes it was us that kidnapped you and Twinkle. Leela is looking after Twinkle in another room. We just had to clear you out of our paths. But that that stupid girl tricked us all along. She wasn’t even close to drunk! Shit man! She ruined.the plan but of course, we masterminds, always have a plan B.” He said smirking. I myself had to smile and said, “Masterminds? More like frauds and cheaters. Where is she now?”
“Well she is with Leela and that’s all you need to know. Now i have to go. You stay here and ponder and what we are going to do with your Darling wife.” He said. Yuvi was about.to leave but i started laughing. He turned around and looked at Me as if i was mad. “What the hell is wrong with you now?” He asked and i smirked and said, “Nothing. You keep me here all you want. If Twinkle can make you fools believe she is intoxicated then she can do anything and have a plan herself. And you? I don’t want know your plans. Yuvi, you already are a complete idiot and coward so you could keep whatever it is to yourself.” It was his turn to get angry but to my surprise, he then smiled. “Look, I’m not stupid. I know you want to know what’s happening with her so quit your smartness. Let’s put it this way. We’re using her weakness.” He laughed upon seeing my puzzled face. “Weakness? What is Twinkle’s weakness?” I thought. “Oh I’ll answer that question for you too Kunj Sarna.” It was as if he was reading my mind. He came close to me and whispered, “You.” I was shocked. Legit shocked. “Me? What? Come on. Twinkle can’t get weak upon hearing my name. What did you even do?” I asked still wondering what he meant.
He smirked and rubbed his nose. (I know you guys remember Yuvi’s famous villain ‘gesture’?) and said, “Something that will bring us victory.”

(Third person POV)

“Help! Who is it? Why have you kidnapped me? Help!” Twinkle yelled as Leela pulled her into the room. She slapped Twinkle and pulled off her blindfold and shouted, “Just shut up! No one is going to help you. So just sit quietly right here and don’t move until i tell you to!”
Twinkle got angry and jumped up. She moved her hands to Leela’s throat and started strangling her.
“I’m ashamed to call you my mother! I wish dad was here with me but no! You expired him too! You should kill me also because do whatever you want, i won’t give you any property! Not even a single brick! I won’t sign anything!” Twinkle said while Leela kept shouting at her to leave her. Just then a gun shot was heard and Twinkle jumped and instantly left Leela. She looked up and saw Yuvi pointing a gun at her. “Are you OK?” He asked Leela and she nodded and shot Twinkle a scornful look. “Tie her up! Such a nuisance. If i knew she was going to be the result of marrying a man for money then..ugh.. Just tie her up and if she starts talking, then tape her too.” Yuvi did as he was told and Twinkle looked on with her blood boiling. “Kunj kaha hay?” She asked. “That’s none of your business!” Leela said arrogantly. Twinkle gritted her teeth and she pointed out that since he was her husband she needed to know his whereabouts and if he was ok. Leela took the gun from Yuvi and placed it on her head. “If you don’t be quiet right now, I’ll blow out your brains! So just shut it.” She said fuming. Twinkle smiled then started laughing which made both her captors angrier. “Haa. Go ahead. I won’t mind. At least then i won’t have to sign anything. Go on. Shoot me. Shoot me!!” She yelled. It was now their turn to smile.
Leela began circling around Twinkle and said wickedly, “Don’t worry, i will kill you after you sign them. You with sign them because if you don’t then you might as well bid adieu to you darling husband.” Then she started laughing evilly. Twinkle was shocked. Tear dropped from her eyes now that she suddenly became scared for Kunj. “Empty threats. Where is he anyway? You can’t do anything to him!” She said. Yuvi smirked and pulled out his phone and showed her a video of Kunj unconscious on the chair tied up. Twinkle broke apart. She was shocked. “They actually have him. Yeh bhagwan please help us get out of this trouble!” Twinkle thought, praying for help.
“So, if you don’t sign the documents then we will harm Kunj in the most brutal way as possible. Don’t believe us? Ha! Don’t worry that gun is loaded.” Leela said and began squeezing Twinkle’s cheeks. “So will you sign and save your husband’s life or … let him die?” Twinkle started crying and screamed in their faces. “You’ll never get away with this! Fine! I’ll sign on one condition.” “What?” Asked Leela. “I want to talk to Kunj. Please.” She said and it took Leela awhile to agree. “Fine. Yuvi go bring him.”

**Flashback ends**
Kunj was shocked. He looked at Yuvi with blood red, soaked eyes. “You evil little.. I don’t mind getting killed. I don’t want Twinkle to listen to fakers like you two! Yuvi, don’t you have a heart? Twinkle loved you with all her heart and her own mother is betraying her. Can you see someone else in pain? Why are you doing this? We both trusted you as our friend and now you’re threatening that poor girl. You know what leave Twinkle alone and do whatever you want with me but just leave her alone. Those property and her money, all those things that you want from Twinkle are the only things she have left from her father. Yuvi..”
“Quit it Kunj. This lecture won’t do you any good. I only care about the money. Be quiet now and let’s go.” Before Kunj could even protest, Yuvi gagged him and dragged him out of the room.

Kunj thinks, “Yeh bhagwan, only you can help us out of this situation. Please show us a way to defeat Leela and Yuvi and also please give strength to both us. Please help us.
Hang in there Twinkle. I’m coming.”

Screen freezes on Twinkle crying and Kunj’s gagged face.

Heyy guys!! So how was it?
*Fingers crossed*
Really i don’t know what the hell i wrote. It literally just came out and i started typing. Did it make sense? Did i portray the emotions properly? I hope i did. Anyway please comment and tell me what you thought of this episode. ????

And yah i would like to make something clear to all of you.

I love Zain Imam OK? ??

But like he suits villain role so much.. But i really like him too so don’t think i wrote this out of hatred for him. It’s just the ss ??
Both Leela and yuvi are goals ??✌?

Another thing. Guys i didn’t know you all enjoyed this stupid story of.mine so much and all along i thought it wasn’t making any sense. Anyway I’ll try to improve it a little. Well hopefully 🙂 🙂


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  1. SidMin23

    Nice update
    uv and leela goals ???????? can’t control my laughter ? feel bad for twinj

  2. Chiku

    Omggg!! Omggg!! Someone finally posted her ss?????
    I seritloved it man. Jts just amazing. Yeah u like uv in villan avtar????????
    Woaaaah its jus. Amazing. U showed the emotions sooo well????
    Post next soon
    Love u?

  3. Presha

    Hey its awesome just loved it

  4. Hey romu.. Don’t u dare to call ur writing as a stupid or boring understood..!
    I love ur writing yarr..and waiting 4 it..
    This is just amazing.. Yeah u emotions very well.. Love it..!
    UV and leela are gaol’s..hahahaaa…!!!!!!
    But felt bad 4 twinj..plz get them release of this leela and uvs evil shit..!
    And plz post soon..
    Stay happy always.. Love you..!

  5. SidMin

    Loved it too good
    I really liked it ??
    Even we love Zain but then villen kon banega ?? So it’s okay
    Loved it
    Love you
    Post soon ❤?

  6. Kruti

    Finally u posted
    Nice update…nd ya its true that Zain’s evil role is way tooooooo good….loved it
    Continue asap

    Loads of Love?

  7. Kritika14

    I’m sorry to say but your intense scenes gave me a good laugh ??? Anyway, the episode was amazing and I loved it! The emotions were depicted really well! Post the next one soon! Will be waiting!

    Love you! x

  8. romu…
    its marvellous…???
    loved it…??????

  9. Angel20

    It was just awesome! I loved it very much! That evil Yuvi and Leela, ughhhh!!?? I enjoyed the episode very much! Post the next one soon!

    Loads of love❤

  10. hey romaisha loved it…

  11. Ramya

    Superb romaisha
    Awesome amazing
    N fr ur kind info ur story is nt at all stupid it’s one of d best
    So don’t say dis again
    N episode it was asusual superb wala ?
    N even I like zain wid mahi more
    Loads of love keep smiling

  12. Awesome episode

  13. Hima.S.Akbar

    Hey it was amazing!!?
    Plz can anyone tell me how to write the links of dresses and previous episodes?

    1. Romaisha

      Just copy and paste their links dear and thank you!

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous epi

  15. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesome.. loved the scenes.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤ And uv and leela are goals????.. but for me, my kunj is goals ??

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Superb update dear!!!

  17. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhh m soooooo sry yr agn m late
    bt trust me too gud
    d episodes were shoooo cute n emotional d dress kunj gifted her wow n
    kiss on cheek woohooooo fabulous yr evrything was perfect
    luv u lods♥♥♥♥

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