I married you to save you. (Part 11)

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I married you to save you.

Episode 11

Recap- http://www.tellyupdates.com/married-save-part-10/

(Here’s the a little recap of what last episode was like..)

“Lead the way…Tanya.”
He said and Tanya smiled.
“Do you like children?” She asked. He smiled and ruffled his hair. “I love them. They’re my weakness actually.” He said a bit embarrassed. “How sweet.” Tanya said and laughed. “So where’s Twinkle? Is she as beautiful as you?” He asked trying to flirt.
Tanya rolled her eyes and smiled. “Nope. She’s more beautiful than I am. Twinkle is different from any girl i know. She loves to make everyone happy but she has a really terrible past. Her life was lack of love and compassion. She had while it lasted and just in a flash,it disappeared. Her happiness were taken away just like that.”
“Wow. She sounds amazing and different of course.”
They laughed. “By the way i never got your name.”
“Ohh. Its S….Oh my God!! Someone is trying to announce me dead!!!” He yelled while stopped in his tracks. Tanya looked at where he was pointing to and realised it was Kunj’s photo. She was shocked and screamed,”Twinkle!”
Twinkle turned around and dropped the Aarti plate. She was shocked.

Twinkle looked at Tanya then at the guy. She was shocked and speechless. Just then Twinkle started feeling dizzy and fainted.
“Twinkle!” Tanya yelled and ran to catch her. “Help me please.” She turned and told him and he readily lended his hand.
They carried her upto her room and laid her down. Tanya sprinkled some water on her face and Twinkle stirred slowly.
She slowly opened her eyes and caught sight of the guy again. She grasped Tanya’s hand and sat up on the bed immediately. Tanya felt her trembling and her hands were freezing. “K-kunj?” She asked meekly. “Umm..Kunj?” He replied with a totally lost face.
“Tanya..he has the exact face of Kunj. He cant be Kunj. He died right in my arms. How is this possible?” Twinkle began to cry.
Tanya hugged her and said,”Its ok Twinkle. I’m sure its just mixed up. I’ll talk to him ok?”
“I’ll ask.” Twinkle said after pulling her self together. Twinkle turned to him and breathed deeply. “Who are you?”
He looked at her blankly and said, “Sidhant..Sidhant Gupta.”
Tanya and Twinkle looked at him then at each other clueless. “Look, I don’t know what’s going on, but can you please explain why there’s a garland over my picture in the temple? I mean I’m sorry if i did anything wrong but I’m lost. What’s happening?” He asked worriedly.
Twinkle looked down and held the bedsheet tightly. “That’s my husband. He died three years ago.” Sidhant looks on shocked..

(Next scene- Tanya and Sidhant are having coffee outside the orphanage)

They both were sipping their coffee silently when Tanya finally set her cup down and looked at him.
“I’ve never seen somebody so deeply in thoughts like you before. What are you thinking?”

He smiled a bit and finally sighed. “Well..It’s just a weird coincidence. I mean i have the exact same face like her husband… I mean lookalike? I never used to pay attention in any of these things before and now, this has changed everything i have believed in.” He said.
“I know. I guess its destiny. Do you believe in that?” Tanya asked. He laughed and said, “For a guy like me, surprisingly yes I do.”
She smiled. “Wow.”
“Yeah.” He said then continued,”How has she been since Kunj’s death?”
“Well like i told you earlier. She keeps everyone happy but she hides all her sorrow within her. There’s this dark void in her life. I mean, he died in her arms for goodness sake. That must be tough.” She said and Sidhant looked at her a bit sadly. “What?” She asked when she saw his expression. “Nothing. I feel sorry for her. I want to help her. Like let happiness come back in her life. I want her to be Twinkle again. I’m sure she misses that and I’m sure Kunj would want her to be happy. Don’t you think so?” He asked Tanya but Tanya was smiling suspiciously at him.
“What? Why are you smiling like that?” He asked.
She then asked with a twinkle in her eye, “Do you have a girlfriend? Or a wife perhaps?”
“What the hell? No yaar!!” He said pouting. “Why do you even ask that?”
She laughed and said,”Hmmm.. You sound like you’re beginning to like her. Eh Mr.Sidhant?”
Tanya could’ve sworn she saw a blush on his cheek and laughed. “Oh please..I just met her but haan i can’t see people suffering and someone who doesnt have happiness in their lives doesn’t really have anything to live for. You must live life the way it is and all its expectations are hurdles that come your way. Wounds come and go. They heal also. Only when the past is brought up then is when we feel the pain.”
“Whoaaa! That was so deep Sidhant.” She said impressed.
“Well..That’s me. Always looking positively at things.” He said smiling proudly.
She rolled her eyes and they laughed.
“So what are you planning to do?” She asked him.
“Well. Let’s see what happens. My mind says to think of a plan. But my heart says..go with the flow.” Tanya raised her eyebrow and he smirked. “Don’t worry. My heart is always right.”

(Later that night…)

Twinkle is outside on the lawn enjoying the cold wind buzzing in her ear and around her. She closes her eyes and listens to the song that howls around her. She smiles feebly and sighs.
“Having fun?” Someone asks making her jump out of her trance. She turns and sees Sidhant. “Oh..its you.” She says and smiled at him.
He smiled back and then joined her in enjoying the atmosphere.
“So quiet.” He said.
“Yeah. Just the way i like it.” She replied.
He turned and looked at her. “Really? Me too.”
She smiled at him.
“Umm..Listen. I’m sorry about earlier. For a moment i had actually thought Kunj had came back to me. Sorry about my behaviour.”
He turns to look at her and forwards his hand. “Hi. I’m Sidhant. And I’m your new friend.”
She laughs and raises her eyebrow. “Is this how you always make friends?”
He smiles sheepishly and runs his hand through his hair. “Nah.. I usually flirt with girls to get them to be friends with me.”
She laughs.
“And? Didn’t you think this time it will work?”
He smiled. “Well..”

She laughs then shakes his hand and says, “Twinkle and Its a pleasure to meet you.”
“Pleasure’s mine love.” He said and winked at her and she laughed. “Are you ok?” He asks with a concerned tone. She nods.
“What was Kunj like?”
She looks up and smiles. “Kunj was wonderful. He was like that of a precious gem. He really was very special to me but i realised it too late. He had only wanted to protect me and keep me away from all the evil that was crawling right under my roof and it took me a million years to figure out that. When i finally got him, I lost him. It hurts to lose someone you love so much but Kunj assured me he wasn’t leaving me alone.”
She said with a heavy heart.
“And why do you still believe that you are alone? Why aren’t you happy despite all thats being given to you?” He asked sensing a negative tone under all her dialogues.
“Umm.. I really don’t know.” Twinkle replied.
“Exactly. You should start looking back at the reasons why you are here. Kunj left you unintentionally, of course, but that doesn’t mean you punish yourself for what happened in the past. You should keep living. Living with happiness. Sorrows come and go but happiness will stay only if you look hard enough for it. Twinkle i know I’m a complete stranger to you right now but look at me. I’ve lost my father when i was ten but I’ve learnt in life that the people who love us never really leave us. If you had cherished their memories then you’re the happiest person alive. Memories always keeps us alive.”
Twinkle looked at him with tears forming in her eyes. He nodded no and she wiped them away. “I’ll try Sidhant. I promise. And thank you for giving me strength to move on.”
“You’re welcome.” He said and smiled. “But i won’t be giving up on you so easily. Lots of people say they’ll try to look at things positively but I’ve never seen them do anything so thats why from tomorrow, me and you are going for a long drive and day out in the city.”
Twinkle looked at him in shock. “What!? But Sidhant..”
“No buts Twinkle. You’re coming, thats final.”
“Fine. I’ll come.”
He smiled broadly and thanked her. “Good night Twinkle.”
She looked at him and smiled in return as he walked backwards away from her. *Raabta instrumental plays in BG*

Twinkle is left alone. She thinks about Sidhant’s words about thinking postively. She closes her eyes and reminisces Kunj’s death and what he said to her before.

“Twinkle. I have loved you. I love you and I will always keep loving you. I will come back to you just keep me alive..in your heart. Bye Twinkle..”

She smiles and recalls their confession and all their moments together. “I love you too Kunj.”

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