I married you to save you. (Part 10)

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Part 10

I married you to save you.

Recap- http://www.tellyupdates.com/married-save-part-9/

*2 weeks later*

“Twinkle! Twinkle! Oh God where did this girl disappear? Umm.. Aanya beta did you see Twinkle di anywhere?” Tanya asked Aanya (9 year old girl in the orphanage:) ) breathlessly.
Aanya nodded and said,”Di went towards the market side. She said something about aarti and anniversary.”
Tanya frowned and said,”Anniversary?” Tanya slapped her forehead and widened her eyes. “Ohh shit!! What date is it?! Yaar! Today’s Kunj’s death anniversary! Oh man!”
It then struck her that Twinkle had been preparing for this day since the month had started and she completely forgot that she had to meet Twinkle at the temple the following day.
She jumped on her bicycle and rode off to meet Twinkle.

*Next scene- Temple*

Twinkle is shown in a black and neon pink coloured shalwar kameez with her hair ponied to her side. She walks up the steps with the aarti tray in her hands. She takes off her shoes and rings the bell thrice.
Tanya comes running behind her and taps her. “Sorry yaar.. Traffic on the road.” She said breathlessly. Twinkle smiled. “Its ok. Did you bring the picture i asked you to?” She asked and Tanya once again made an I-Forgot face. Twinkle sighed. “Leave it. Challo..before you forget to pray also.”
Twinkle started walking but Tanya pulled her back.
Twinkle turns and sees her holding her ears and pouting. She mouth,”Sorry.” and Twinkle laughes. “Its ok yaar. We’ll do that ritual at the orphanage.”
Tanya nods and says ok.
They both stands,close their eyes and folds their hands to pray.
“Kunj, its been 3 years since you left me. You died right in my arms and that was a really scary experience for me. Kunj i really miss you. I hope God is taking good care of you for me. I’m glad you’re happy. Now if you’re watching me right now, please send a sign to make me right again. Make me get over this trama of your death. You already sent Tanya to me and she’s been a great friend so far. I need a way. Can’t you come back to me? Kunj..I miss you.” She opens her eyes and a drop of tear falls out. *Sajna ve sad version plays*

“Twinkle.” Tanya says breaking her trance. “You ok?” She asks. “Haan. Let’s go.” They smile and go. The pandit blesses them before leaving. While walking down the stairs, Twinkle was feeling uneasy. She kept turning towards the temple, looking back for no reason. There was a reason but unknown to her. Suddenly the wind started blowing really heavily and the flowers from Twinkle’s aarti plate flow off. Twinkle bent to pick them up but just then someone bumped into her and they both fell on the ground. The stranger had fallen on top off Twinkle but her shawl was covering her face so they couldnt see each other.
With a quick sorry, the person immediately got up and left. Tanya helped Twinkle up and they looked towards the stranger’s direction. The wind started blowing again and Twinkle was shocked. She thinks,”That person looks like Kunj. The hairstyle…” She began running towards the man but she ended bumping into the wrong person. “Twinkle! Whats wrong? Why did you run?” Tanya asked running after her. “Tanya, that person that fell on me! He looked like Kunj from behind.” Tanya looked at her in a state of shock. “What? Twinkle. Get a grip yaar. You have to move on. Control yourself.”
“But Tanya..” She said breathing fast and still pointing in the man’s direction. Tanya calmed her down and made Twinkle look at her. She fixed her hair and held her hand. “Twinkle I understand that every year on this day, your past revolves around you. Kunj is even more closer to you and you remember him more but you have to move on. Twinkle he’s gone. Kunj can forever remain in your heart and he can be alive in your memories but he isn’t here with you in your life. He gave his life for you. He loves you more than anything in this universe and thats good. He wants you to be happy. And he also wants you to move on. So for his sake, stop torturing yourself and be happy. You loved him and forever will. Won’t you?”
Twinkle smiled with tears in her eyes and hugged Tanya. “Haan I will.”
“Good. So be happy and live your life. Be happy that you spent half your life with Kunj as a life partner.”
They broke the hug and smiled. “Ok Tanya. You became so sensible after praying.” Twinkle said and Tanya made a proud wala looking face.

“Twinkle! How the hell did you talk me into walking all the way back to the orphange? Oh god. I’m so tired! And this stupid bicycle wheel had to be punctured!” Tanya said trying to walk after being so tired. Twinkle laughed and said,”Weren’t you the one saying be happy? So what’s so bad in having a nice walk with a friend?” “Everything!!” She yelled.
“And besides I got you to walk when i bought you icecream.” Twinkle said with a twinkle in her eye.
“Ughh. Why did my weakness had to be icecream?” Tanya said annoyed. “And hot boys.” Twinkle added and Tanya smirked.

After half an hour of walking, Tanya suddenly yelled, “Twinkle!! We forgot that today the manager of that café you keep singing at told us his friend and her brother is coming to visit the orphange today!”
Twinkle stopped in her tracks. “Oh crap!! Why didnt you tell me earlier? I forgot yaar! Uff! Mrs.Gupta! Tanya i’ll kill you!” “Me? What did i do? You keep yelling at me for forgetting things and dekh tu..” Tanya began but Twinkle stopped her. “Ok ok i get it. Now lets go. Fast before they leave!”
Tanya widened her eyes when she realised what Twinkle was getting at. “Wait! You’re not telling me we’re gonna…”
“Run! Haan. Lets go!” Twinkle said and they started running towards the orphanage.

“Whew! Made it in time!” Twinkle said while Tanya dropped dead behind her. Allthe children started laughing. “Arre Tanya.. Twinkle di made you run? How sad.” Rahul said, the biggest of them all. (I meant elder?)
“Ha..Ha..an. She made me run!” Tanya said taking water from Aanya.
“Kids dont pay attention to her. We have a guest coming today to meet you all so you gotta be in your best behaviour. Ok?” Twinkle said. “Haan di!” They sang together. “Uh Tanya if Mrs Gupta comes please attend to her. I’m going to finish my prayers.” She said looking at Tanya. Tanya nodded knowing that she was going to the orphanage’s mandir to complete Kunj’s death anniversary.

Twinkle placed Kunj’s picture infront of the murti and placed a garland on it. She lit the diya and folded her hands to pray.

Meanwhile Twinkle was attending her rituals, the guests had just arrived.
Tanya opened the door and saw a young woman, assumed in her late twenties dressed in a simple shalwar and smiled at her. Tanya greeted her and let her in. Next she was completely shocked at her next gaze. She widened her eyes as she saw a muscular man standing infront of her with the perfect face and body. He wore matching shades to go with his all black outfit. Tanya whistled at him while he smiled at her. “Come in.” She said. “Thank you beautiful.” Tanya blushed at his heavy and hot voice.

“Are you Twinkle?” Mrs Gupta asked. Tanya laughed and nodded no and so did the children.
“Ma’am yeh Tanya naii. Twinkle di is in the little temple we have here.” They said in their cute voices. “Aw.. What’s your name?” The guy asked. “Chandini sir.” The man laughed and said,”Acha? Tum moon ho?”
“Naii.. I’m more beautiful than the moon!” She said in her cute little voice.
They guy bent down and gave her a hug.
“Hii. I’m Payal Gupta but you guys can just call me Payal.” Mrs Gupta said. “But ma’am you’re older than us. How can we call you Payal?” Rohan asked.
Payal made a haww wala face and bent down to the children. “Because I’m a little child just like all of you. Yah its true.” “Sachi?” Ayesha asked and Payal laughed. “Muchi. Btw i love cricket! Who wants to play?” The children cheered and ran off to the backyard. “But Payal don’t you want to meet Twinkle?” Tanya asked.
“Yes i do but i want to play with them first. Bhai will go with you to see her. That ok bhai?”
“Sure di.” He said.

“Lead the way…Tanya.”
He said and Tanya smiled.
“Do you like children?” She asked. He smiled and ruffled his hair. “I love them. They’re my weakness actually.” He said a bit embarrassed. “How sweet.” Tanya said and laughed. “So where’s Twinkle? Is she as beautiful as you?” He asked trying to flirt.
Tanya rolled her eyes and smiled. “Nope. She’s more beautiful than I am. Twinkle is different from any girl i know. She loves to make everyone happy but she has a really terrible past. Her life was lack of love and compassion. She had while it lasted and just in a flash,it disappeared. Her happiness were taken away just like that.”
“Wow. She sounds amazing and different of course.”
They laughed. “By the way i never got your name.”
“Ohh. Its S….Oh my God!! Someone is trying to announce me dead!!!” He yelled while stopped in his tracks. Tanya looked at where he was pointing to and realised it was Kunj’s photo. She was shocked and screamed,”Twinkle!”
Twinkle turned around and dropped the Aarti plate. She was shocked.


Episode ends with Twinkle and the guy facing each other in shock with Tanya in the middle.


Don’t tell me. It was boring??
Idek… Seriously i was laughing all along and the only thing going in my mind was,”Why am i so dramatic? … Oh God. My hindi is terrible!!” ????

Anyway.. be honest about this episode please.. and yah you guys are lucky this wasnt the last episode. Its ending soon though.

Byee.. ✌

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  1. Simiyy

    Hey Romisha
    It was really good
    I think that guy is Kunj who might have lost his memory
    I hope you post soon
    Loads of love

  2. Sohi

    It was tooo good yaar
    In end I was laughing ?
    I think he is look like of kunj
    Do continue plz post your another ff soon

  3. SidMin23

    It was nice and it seen like kunj is back for his siyappa queen

  4. Please make it kunj only. Don’t make him “kunj’s hamshakal” please.

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous n thoda saa emotional bhi tha……eagerly waiting for next part……

  6. Ritzi

    “Oh my God someone us trying to announce ne dead” u nailed it! Nd u hammered tht part too! Gosh man! Such a funny one! Ya…y r getting more nd more dramatic uh….learning frm me? Hehe… Kidding….accha ….I want the next one soon.

  7. Baby

    Ohhkk romaisha my dear… 🙂
    Ohh god thanku soooo mch for bringing kunj bck…. yaar loved d episode sooo mch….I was laughing like insane….hehehe n even still laughing hey bhagwaan kya likha hai n sidhant most probably telling dat someone is trying to announce me dead hahaha epic…bt how can it b kunj voh toh twinkle ke bahon mein mar gaya tha hey bhagwaan kya suspense hai yaar….plss post soon n haan loved dis cute adorable emotional episode…
    Lods of love…♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥
    Love u…..loved it thanks fr nt killing kunj….. 🙂 🙂

  8. Not at all boring …. Awesome amazing fantabulous……

  9. SidMin

    Gosh My Drama queen I knew Twinj meet would be a bit dramatic but it was full of drama … Just loved it …
    Winds blowing … do you have a connection with the God who does this ..? your other ff also … ?
    I am pretty sure that Guy would be Sidhant Gupta… right …
    Love you post soon ❤❤❤

  10. Presha

    Hey roma awesome just loved it

  11. Romiasha dii ,,agar koi Kuch bhi bolega na bad words apple ya Kisi Writer ke baare mai that person is digging a.pit for himself ?????
    The episode is.awsome …..I luv sometimes dramatic too??????
    Post next soon

  12. Sara28

    Hey, I’m loving this story man! The plot is so interesting. I’m kinda wishing on the inside that it turns out to be Kunj and not his look alike. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  13. Aamna_2690

    Hey Romaisha!
    Uff itna drama??seriously was laughing like Maniacs at the end???Areh kya Likha tune… last lines par toh meri hase hi nahi ruk rahi??someone trying to announce me dead??u nailed it dear??loved it❤❤
    Ab agay zaroor full on drama n Masti hogi????n thank God… it isn’t ur last episode ??plz?post the next episode soon☺☺
    N I am happy tumne mujh jesi pagal ko apni friend accept kia??lekin ab u have to bear my long bakbak???kya karun??I am full chatter box??
    Ab plz post next one episode soon??Ab intezaar nahi ho raha… ki who is that guy??Mein koi assumptions nahi la gane wali… sab tumhare par chor dia??(Actually kuch dimaag mein aya hi nahi… Kya assumptions lagati ??u r totally unexpected??)
    Love u??post soon??

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  15. Paavu

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    Post soon

  20. Ramya

    Romaisha awesome amazing
    N I think no no I’m confirm he is kunj onlly
    Thankyou sooo much ffr making kunj alive n for fullfulling my wish
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    Love u keep smiling

  21. Kruti

    Amazing epi…..impatient to read d nxt one
    post soon

  22. Kritika14

    Well, you should be really sorry for the present that you gave me but hey, you can redeem it! Now that there’s a face same as Kunj in the story, don’t you dare make it a lookalike! I swear to god, I’ll kill you! Honestly speaking, I’m loving the way the story is shaping up! Really looking for the next episode, real soon! You better …

    Much love x

  23. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Romaisah,
    Loveee uuuuuu love u love u so much….. Thanks yrr for bringing my KUNJ back…. Last part was so amazing superb and funny too yrr….U are really a big dramebaaz darling…Do some memory loss Wala scene nd make him my KUNJ only….plZZzUuu
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