I married you to save you. (Part 1) (Some Shots) Happy Birthday Thanmy Di!

I married you to save you.. (Part 1)

Thanmy di, i swear I’ll kill you for not telling me today’s your birthday! But since it’s your day .. I’ll go easy on you ?? So i wrote an SS as a gift to you and i really hope you like it. First time writing an SS so kinda nervous.
Once again Happy Birthday Thanmy di!
I’m a little late but let’s start your SS nah. I no you’re eager to read.
(Note- its long so I’m sorry If it was boring)

This will be in Kunj’s voice.

Today’s date.. I’ll always remember today’s date. Today’s the day i had gotten married to the woman i love the most in the entire galaxy. Well of course, my mom comes first but she comes next. Her name is Twinkle Taneja but a few hours ago she turned Twinkle Kunj Sarna. Hayye that name always makes me smile like an idiot! I love her but … She doesn’t love me. My love is one sided. I tricked her into getting married to me. Well, cheated and betrayed her as she says. All the same, i feel awful doing so. I didn’t want to but i had to. I had to save her from all the bad people out there. Especially her mother and her so- called boyfriend Yuvraj Luthra.
Ughh i get so angry when i think about those two. My blood boils and my temper rises so much.

I walked in my bedroom, well our bedroom now, only to find it decorated beautifully with heart shaped petals and balloons all over and found her sitting on the bed, veil covering her head. My heart thumped so loudly in my chest as i remembered it was our wedding night. I sighed a disappointing sigh as i remembered she hated me.She hated Me to the core and wouldn’t want to see my face but all the same, i spoke so that she knew i was present in the room.
“Umm,” I said tentatively. She looked up and took of her veil and watched me closely. “Don’t worry i only sat here because your mom and i were having a chat. I was just leaving to the washroom.” She said blankly and hurried to the washroom. I simply nodded feeling disheartened and changed my clothes before she reached back.

She came out and found me near the bed and to my surprise she got angry. “What do you think you’re doing?” She began. “You’re not sleeping in the same bed with me. I don’t share beds with betrayers!” She exclaimed and i got up angrily. “As if Yuvi is not one!” I muttered but she heard. “What??! Yuvi is not a cheater ok? At least he didn’t marry me out of greed! We treated u as our friend and you got married to me right under his nose! You made him get beat up and then switched places on the mandap!” She shouted. I heard enough. I held her shoulders tightly and pulled her closer to me. “Ouch! Kunj leave me!” She yelled. “I won’t! And i don’t care how loud you yell but whatever i did was for your safety and betterment and,” I continued calmly yet angrily. “I…did..not..marry…you…out…of…greed!” I said feeling hurt. She pushed me away and said, “Safety? Betterment? Idk wat the hell you’re talking about but you know what i really don’t care. You married me because i was rich or like all the rest of boys in this world, my body was probably enticing!”

I was shocked. I didn’t know she thought of me like that.
“I..” I was speechless, didn’t know what to say but my heart forced me.to tell her. “I love you and I don’t want your body. I don’t look at you that way.” I said quietly. I saw her anger mode changing to a shocked one and saw her mouthed “What?” But then she acted normally and shrugged. “I don’t care. Just..” She sighed and lied down on the bed, back facing towards me. “Great!” I thought. “I fought with my wife on our wedding night!” I hurried over the bed and looked over her to get a pillow. I was in a behind position when she turned around. Our eyes met for some time forgetting our quarrel and our position. This is the Twinkle i wanted to know. I wanted her to believe that i wasn’t a bad person but whatever i did was rather unbelievable to her. It broke when i took a pillow from the bed and moved away to the couch and stayed there. I felt her eyes on me but i shrugged and looked away.

I checked the time, 3am. I couldn’t sleep but i heard her soft snores which made me smile. I got up and sat next to her. I bent and planted a kiss on her forehead. I looked at her guiltily feeling sorry for what I did but i did it to protect her.

Two days before Twiraj’s marriage.

(Third person POV)

Twinkle was too excited to be finally getting married to Yuvraj, the love of her life while her best friend Kunj was pretending to be happy for her. How could he be happy? He had been in love with Twinkle since the day his eyes were laid on her but she chose someone else to be her life partner so he decided to move on and be happy for her. He also thought at that time, that she wouldn’t have found a better person to take care of her other than yuvi. But little did he know what was going on behind Yuvi’s mind and Leela’s. Her mother, the only family she had. Her father had died in an accident though no one couldn’t quite believe that he was in an ‘accident’.
Kunj had been walking towards Twinkle’s room to meet her when he passed Leela’s room and heard laughters and clatters of glasses. It was like two persons toasting to something very rewarding at the moment. Though he had no intention to eavesdrop, the one word caught his attention and he stood there listening all ears behind the door. “Twinkle.”

L- Yuvi puttar! We actually succeeded!
Y- Haa leela maa! First we got away by planning Rt uncle’s murder and now..
L- Shh! Not so loud
Y- oh sorry..

Kunj was shocked. He thinks, “Planned? This means.. Leela aunty killed her own husband? Twinkle’s father?! But why?” His question was answered immediately.

L- Haa we had to expire RT since he was the one with all the money and property. We got rid of him but that smart bastard put all his wealth in Twinkle’s name.

Y- Haa and that’s where i came in.
L- Yes. That’s when i thought of Anita’s son. My best friend. Thought I’d lure her with your charms ..
Y- and that’s exactly what happened. Now she’s agreed to marry me.

Leela gave an evil laugh. “Stupid girl! I only want her property. After that it’s bye bye birdy!”

Yuvi and Leela smirks at each other and continued celebrating their victory.

Meanwhile Kunj stood there boiling in fury. He had heard enough and tears started trickling down his cheeks. He thinks, “How can they do this to Twinkle? Aur Leela Aunty? I don’t believe this! It was her plan to get yuvi married to Twinkle for her own needs! How greedy! I have to tell Twinkle!” He cleared his face and ran towards Twinkle’s room.

“Oh Kunj u came! How am i looking?” Twinkle asked as he rushed into her room.
“Twinkle i have to tell you something!” He said panting.
“Kya hua Kunj?” She asked worriedly. He then began telling her every word and detail he heard earlier. He expected a shocked expression and indeed that’s what happened but he also got something which scarred him for life. Yes.. Twinkle slapped him. Her body and voice started to tremble and she looked at Kunj with much hatred in her eyes. “How dare you! How dare you Kunj? What are you trying to do? Make me hate my mother? Or yuvi? The boy i love and will get married to in 2 days? What the..”
“Twinkle don’t you believe me?” Kunj asked now hurt and shattered because she didn’t want to believe him. “I would have Kunj because its coming from you. I trusted you! You were my best friend and this is how you treat me? By telling me lies about my family? Kunj whether you like it or not, i am getting married to Yuvi and my decision won’t change!” She replied harshly.
“Twinkle you have to believe me yaar! They only want your property and yuvi just pretends he loves you!” Kunj said in a pleading voice.
Twinkle got angry and yelled for Kunj to get out of her sight and she didn’t want to see him again.

**Flashback ends**

(Back to Kunj’s voice)

“And from that moment i decided i had to save you from those devils. I still can’t believe Leela Aunty and Yuvi! I mean seriously? No one stoops so low in their entire life just for wealth! I couldn’t just sit there and watch you enter hell with Yuvi. I’m sorry Twinkle but i only married you to save you. I had no intention to betray or hurt you. And it’s true i love you. I love you like crazy and i don’t want anything to happen to you. I’m sorry.”

Next morning ;
I woke up and found myself back on my couch as the sun rays stealthily shone on me. I looked towards Twinkle and saw the bed empty and then heard water falling in the bathroom.
I lied there for a while then got up and went to the other room to get ready.
I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled as i remembered the look on Yuvi and Leela Aunty’s face when they saw me on the mandap. It was as if I had been the one to take their property. However their expression was, it was priceless. I smiled then ruffled my hair.
“I have to find some evidence against those two to show Twinkle I wasn’t lying.
Yeh bhagwan please help me nah!”
It was as if He had actually answered my prayers when i heard Twinkle yell from downstairs, “Maa!”

I ran to hear what was going on and as i came into view, i saw Leela Aunty and Yuvi standing in the house with their luggage next to them.
“What drama are they going to put on this time?” I thought irritatingly.
“Twinkle! Oh i missed you beta!” Leela yelled as she pulled Twinkle into a tight hug. “Missed her my foot!” I just casually grinned at yuvi who shot me a fierce and angry look which gave me immense pleasure to see him like that. “Arre sasumom!” I yelled grinning, deciding to add fuel to the fire.

She looked at me with the looks of flames in her eyes. I merely laughed but then stopped as i saw Twinkle glaring at me. To my extreme horror, she ran to Yuvi and pulled him into a tight hug. I clutched my fist so hard, it was noticeable that i was jealous. Yuvi smirked at me as he squeezed Twinkle into a tighter hug. How dare he!
“Twinkle,” i said softly trying to capture her attention but she ignored me.
“Maa, how come you’re here?” Twinkle asked. “Beta, actually when u left we decided to renovate the house. So its under construction right now.” She replied as I coughed. “And we decided to come stay here. I was missing you babydoll.” Said yuvi and i saw him inching closer to her.

He sniggered at me and then said, “Since he can’t do anything about it!” I glared at him and pulled Twinkle towards me. She tried to pull herself away from my grip but I didn’t budge. “Sorry but we’re married.” I said casually and ignored her reply. I turned to them and smiled my happiest smile and said, “Of course u can stay! Why not? Just that you’ll have to do everything for yourselves. My wife and I shall not by at your service since it was your decision to come stay here.” .. “And,” i continued ignoring all Twinkle’s protests, “You can take any room you wish but don’t think you’re going to get away with any of your dirty tricks while you’re here!” I said loud and clear and they looked at me a bit shocked. I smirked at thought, “Ha! Now the fun begins. You made a wrong move coming into the lion’s den. I swear I won’t leave you and I’m bound to get some evidence against you. Tsk tsk. Wrong move yaar. You just gave a way the game to me. Anyway let’s see what happens when Kunj Sarn leads the game.”

Okay.. I really wanted to make this story an OS but I realised it would’ve been extremely long! Its my first time with the POV things so i hope it wasn’t bad.
Oh God I’m so nervous! Really thanmy Di..did you like the first part? If u didn’t then please tell me I’ll try and post the next episode of my ff instead..
I hope i haven’t wasted any of your time making you read this filth.. ?

Anyway.. Happy birthday again Di and i hope you’ll enjoy this SS ?

Bye.. Love you all! ✌✌

*Go now. I know youre all eager to see the writer of this ?? .. Well surprise surprise!*

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