It was a saturday evening…der was a party going on in a house…
(Lets c)
There was some one birthday’s celebration..
Cake cutting ceremony was going on…
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADYA…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ADYA…”evry1 was clapping n singing..n a girl of in her mid 15 was cutting cake…
Soon…v see evry one was enjoying…d little girl(adya)…
Was a bit sad…
She come out of her house….n was walkimg on d road..silently n sadly..

Tw’s pov(u all liked funny pov…so)
I was in hurry..
As i was again late for my babydoll birthday..
Yes..yes adya’s birthday..
She is my mean she us d daughter of my father’s frnd…v share a great bond…she us sweet..n caring..
As my car was moving towards her house…
I saw a girl…n ya,it was adya only..

She was walking at a distance…lonely n sadly..
I was going to shout out her name…
A car came…n stop near her…i was not able to c who it was n wat was happening…as adya was behind der car…
Firse mere dimag ke ghode dorne lag gaye..!
(Again i started thinking.!)
Stop tw…!
Ohh where is adya..

As car paassed by…i saw someone had took her in der car…
I ask d driver to follow dat car…
I can see someone’s hand on her…
Is she kidnapped…????
But wat no..?
Yes..she is..!
I hav to do something..
MR.KIDNAPER…i will teach u a lesson(i know dat u all know dat who is kidnapper so read further..(
I follow dat car..
N it stopped near a forest…
I stopped my car behind…n came ou of car..
My car was at side so no one can see it..!
I saw some1…coming out of d car..dey were gooons..
Oh my god..!!_

I am scared..??
But no i hav to save her…!
One man came out of his car caring her in his arms..
He was wearing a blue denims..n white shirt…
From his clothes..i dont think he is also a goon..
Watever tw..!
U hav to go behind demm
I slowly tip toed into der dusty den..
“Huh..!dey should have to clean before kidnapping…kitna gandha hai”(its so dirty)
I spoke in loud voice…

Syappa queen…u r really a syappa queen…kunj was saying right..
Remembering eyes got moist n tear fall..
Kunj was my childhood bestie…
He was my one n only frnd but one day…
He left me?

Idk why..?
He leave without any msg…he had only father n je had died..before some days only we he leave..
So he was all alone..
He was only 15-16 den
I loved him from childhood but realized wen he left me..he had also loved me n he had told me tooo..n v were married in childhood by our family..n had been told dat v will b again get married wen v willl 20 or smthng..he was happy too..but ome day he disappeared
I was in my thought wen wen..someone grabbed my hand n took me …
Offfo..n again syappa…dey had caught me…as i was busy in my thought..
D goon had took me in his arms…

“Hey mr.u cant took me in ur arm..i m a girl…respect me..n leave my adya..”i said trying to get some strength as i ws soo scared
He put me before his boss…i din saw him…as he was on a chair n facing back to me…
He turned…”who r u..? N how dare u to cm in my den..??”
I gulped..
“I m her sister..n i saw u kidnapping her..leave her…”i said pointing towards adya who was lying on d floor n was tied..
“Tie her…v hav to kidnap her tooo..”said mr.arrogant jerk…no no..not jerk…
But must say he is handsome…but y he is doing like dis..

“Done sir..”someone said behind me as i find myself tied opposite to adya…
“Leave me…MR….ummm ya MR.KIDNAPER”i said in anger n fear..
U know na..! Mixed feeling…
“Haaha…u r d first one to talk to me gathering courage..not bad..MISS.ATTITUDE”he said having a evillish smirk..

Huh..!looking hot mr.kidnapper having a smirk tooo?
He left after some tym…der were goons only(guys d boss is kunj only)
“Hey beautifull..!”one goon said catging my attention n coming towards me..
“W..why r…r u..u cming towards me…?”i spok..
“Ooo baby..u r feelin uncomfortable na..!i m untieng u for ur comfort..i will take u to d bed next room..”he said
“Noo..nn oooo i m here comfort..”
“Noo u r not..”he said as he untied it…

N he took me in his arm to d next bedroom..
N locked it after putting me or throwing me on bed…
“Dont let anyone come in..before i cmplt..
I will open d door after enjoying her fully..after may b 3 hours..den u all can tooo…altogether”he said..
Noooo..wat he is going to do with me..?
He is going to take advantage of me..?

He came towards me…
Taking out his shirt..
“Dont feel uncomfortable baby..! U had cm here for this only na..!i know…
Roz yahi to hota hai ye kamre me…evry girl cm or yahi bolti hai k she us d relative of d kidnapped one..but wo to isliye hi aati hai…n today to mera luck hai…i got a s*xy chick with s*xy..dress…i know u wear dis for me only”he said n i looked at mtmy dress..
It was a long maxi having a deep v neck n it was having a cut on my leg…exposing my legs…
He came close to me..n i just move back..n den noticed dat i was stopped by d bed..
“Noo pls..i mreally her sister..” I Said

“Watever..i just want u…”he said movin his hand sensously on my face…
He came close to me…n i pushe him…
He again came n i again pushed..
“Nooo pls i m not pr*stitute..”i said standing up..n was about to reach d door..
When he get a hold of me…
He gripped my hand tightly n pushed me on d bed n come on top of me..

“Pls noooo…nooooo..pls dont do dis to me..!”i said begging..
But he dint listen…he teared my long silver sleeve..n bite der…
I tried to free myself…but of no use..i shout as he kept boting dat place only..n den he leave after putting red mark der…
“Pls stooppp…”i was continuously shouting n i think he is irritated now..
He stand up from me..
I sighed in releif
N he left d roomm..

I quickly comfort myself…
N was bout to leave…when d same man come with another two three man..having a rope n tape..
He attack on me suddenly…making me fall on d bed n he on top…
“Tie her fast…”he ordered..
Ooh god…! I m out of breathnow…but i cant let dis happen.. D fae of my kunj came in front of me…

N i bite d men’s neck whick was near my mouth n beat him with my whole force..
“U will not understand like dis..”he said…n digged his face in my neck n first kiss der
Chiii….cheap man..
N den “aaaaaaaaa”.he suddenly bite der n with one hand squeeze my stomach’s skin..
N den i felt low…as he made me unconcious..
End of tw’s pov

(She is unconcious na..! Soo)
D other man tied her n put tape on his mouth..n leave..
D man who was first der…came towards her as dey left without locking as d man dint notice he jumped on her n kiss her on cheeks
“U r soo s*xy baby..sorry for making u unconcious..but i mnow girl like u ..u would never lemme make u mine..
He said n was bout to move towards her lips n opening d button of his pant…
He found himself on d ground..
As he saw kunj in front…

He beat d gooon black n blue…
Den adya came in…she was already untied..
“Thank u kunj bhaiya..”she said as he put water on tw’s face inorder to wake..
“Nooo pls dont do dis…pls help me kunj”she said as she was continuously saying dat..n woke..
Kunj listened d word kunj n turned toards her..
“Twinkle..”he almost whisper as he saw tw’s sleeve already teared n on her left hand der was a tatto of “TWINJ” written on it..dey had made wen dey was 10 n were married…
Tw looked at him shocked..
for not startin ff…
For making tw’s condition like dis..
N .for ending makin u all confused..

First sorry for ff..i wiol soon start..but guys m disapointed with d response..n also for my previous os cmnt..some1 had cmntd dat i cmnt on my own ff with other names…n spoke i was sad..

N second n third sorry for..
Making tw’s condition like..
But dont worry i will give u sooo mucg romance btwn twinj in next n d last shot..
N revealation n romance is der in next soo…just wait n watch..
I was going to write in dis one…but i m tired now…n hope it will publish by 5 i jad posted it at 11pm…



n hope u like ddis…
N yaa part wil.b posted today only so stay tuned..or may b tomorrow..n my ff will surely start ..may b day after tomorrow..
N yaa guys sorry m very busy in vacation also so m not able to cmnt..
Love u all
N yaaa u all write very wekkk?

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  1. Ms.Writer….I loved thissthiss???but those goons ?????????chiiii? disgusting…..but anywayss it was superbb … next soon ??

    1. Aamu

      Hey,thanx cp…
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      But dont worry next shot will have hot romance btwn twinj..n i will post it today only..?

  2. nice epi
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  3. Twinjfan.tamanna

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    With Love,
    Urs Tamannu

    1. Aamu

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  4. Sameera

    Yeah i knew that it was you only meri jaan this shot was amazinggggg yaar loveddddddd it too much huh those goons ??????well it was fab superb awesome yaar and plzz start your ff I wanna read your episodes daily plz plzz aamu plzzz don’t listen to that basher plzzzz one basher came in my ff too yaar plzzzz yaar it’s my request start your ff …
    Love u soooo much …

    1. Aamu

      Haaye meli shammmu..thank u yaar..
      N dont worry kunj goons ko pit hi raha hai..
      Raaste me hai..i mean next post kardiya hai…
      It will publish soon
      N dont worry i will post first chappy of my day after tomorrow…name “became his life” hope u like n support me der…
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    This is funny ? ?? and waiting for next part happy birthday to her

  6. Amazing episode aamu I loved it post soon

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  8. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome…. the is bad your touch … the funny talks and all …
    Feeling sad for Twinkle but glad that Kunj is with her …
    Happy birthday Aadya…. missing you … ❤❤❤
    Love you post the next part soon ❤

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