Married to Mr.Kapoor (Kanchi) Episode 9

4th Nov 2014
Dear diary ,
Hey ! I am here and you must be eager to know what happened today . Today was normal and normal and only normal . Urghh I was so frustated but yesterday went good . Oh shit ! I forgot to tell you about yesterday.  So , where was I , hmmm he handed over the package to me and I opened the package . OMG it was the same dress he wanted me to wear but I swear I had no mood to wear that dress because it was too short and what not … I cannot describe … Only can say that it was made in a way like the tailor didn’t have cloth to make the dress . Anyway , to fulfill his wish , I had to wear that dress . I went to the washroom and he was waiting for me lying on the bed . I came out of the bathroom stretching the dress trying to hide my body . He said I was looking stunning and I blushed … ???

Kabir smiled at this diary entry , he turned the next pages which were blank.

23rd Nov 2014
Dear diary ,
It was going to be the happiest day of my life but It turned out to be the worst day of my life . PAPA IS NO MORE ….. I was saying Kabir but he is not ready to believe me … “why would Maa kill him? I am sure Ravi has killed him .” These thoughts came into my mind but I knew I shouldn’t have blamed Ravi but Everything is over now … just over … We fell apart forever …just forever and now I won’t write anything ….Just bye …

A tear drop slipped from his eye . The next pages were blank , he heard foot steps of Sanchi and hurriedly kept the diary in its place .Sanchi came all wet and drenched in rain . He was mesmerised by her simple beauty . Rain drops were dripping fron her wet hair . Drops of water were slipping away from her face .

He was just looking at her and they both had a intense eyelock . Sanchi went past Kabir to the bathroom when she slipped and Kabir held by her waist . Sanchi shivered by his touch . She gets up and goes to the Washroom ..

Kabir : She still shivers the same .. By the way what’s the date today ? (Looks up at the calendar ) Oh no ! It’s Sanchi’s birthday in 4 days and I have prepared nothing . This will be the best birthday for her . The best I promise …

After dinner , both of them came to the room . Kabir was going to sleep on the sofa and Sanchi on the bed .

Sanchi in mind : Am I being too rude to him ? I mean he’s so kind and generous and I shouldn’t  have been so rude to him .. Maybe I should ask him to sleep with me on the bed

Sanchi : Umm ..Kab(going to call him as Kabir )  Mr.Kapoor! No need to sleep on the sofa

Kabir : Hmmm ?

Sanchi : I mean you can sleep here ,on the bed with me …and there will be a wall of pillows between us

Kabir : Are you sure, Sanchi ?

Sanchi :  Hmm !

Kabir: Ok then

Kabir quickly shifts and sleeps on the bed while Sanchi makes a wall of pillows between them and sleep . They are facing in the opposite directions ⬅➡ . When Sanchi turned and looked at Kabir  .

Sanchi : Ahem ! Ahem !

She was coughing in an order to make Kabir look back but he didn’t,  she coughed again and again but no response . Finally,

Sanchi : Ahem ! Ahem ! Ahem !

Kabir : Cough syrup is in the second drawer

Sanchi in mind : Urghhh this man !

Sanchi : Ummm …. Mr.Kapoor

Kabir turned to her and looked at her .

Kabir : Yes ?

Sanchi : You asked me …about us being friends and I think …umm .. we should be …FRIENDS

Kabir : But ….

Sanchi : I know it’s a bit astonishing for you but I myself in my full mind is saying this … so friends ?

Kabir : I was your friend from the very  first day . By the way as we are friends you can call me Kabir ! Mr. Kapoor seems a little husky ..

Sanchi smiles (apni battisi dikhakar ???) He also smiles seeing her happy after so long ..

Both of them slept in deep and peaceful sleep after so long. In the morning it was again their duty time . Both of them got ready .

Kabir : Sanchi ! Should we depart now .

Sanchi : Ya sure KABIR ! (She said while emphasising Kabir )

Kabir smiles without looking at her .

Kabir : Then let’s go .

Both of them sat in the car . Kabir was about to start the car when Sanchi interrupted  .

Sanchi : Kabir please let me drive ! I am in a mood to drive,please please please .

Kabir : Ok sure !

Kabir came out of the car and sat on the co driver’s seat . Sanchi enjoyed driving . (From now on it’s Khamoshi’s aka Mitali’s suggestion ) On the way Kabir got a call .

Kabir : Hmm Darling ! Hello Tina , Ya of course we will meet after the hospital duty .. sure sure … you planned it right ..

Sanchi in mind : Who is the blo*dy hell Tina and Darling? And why is Kabir talking to her , after hospital?  Does that mean Kabir and Tina ….no no no

Kabir : Oh sure ! Hmm , I will be ready for you …bye(cuts the call)

Sanchi : We are here  ! Hospital !

Both of them come out of car and go to the hospital do their usual duties .

Precap : Kabir saves Sanchi . They both have quality moments.

Epi 10 will be Sanchi’s birthday epi and after that I will update Lambi Judaai upto 5th epi and then pregnancy cravings .

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  1. Riyarocks

    nehu dear…….too good…….I enjoyed this a lot……….luv u a lot sweetieeeee for this splendid update………

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    Awesome dear. I enjoyed while reading. Saanchi coughing again and again to get kabir’s attention but all was in vain ??????? U rocked it, and the last one blo*dy Tina darling???keep rocking.

  3. Riyarocks

    Neha dear, I’m commenting this on behalf of Anuradha…Wonderful … Awesome.. I m speechless yaar… Very good story well executed… Great yaar…

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  4. Neha neha neha!!! It was blockbuster writing….plz dear update asap….i m waiting….ur silent reader

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    Awesome ??? is was so amazing Neha!!! Wonder who this Tina is?????

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    Amazinggggggggggggg words yaar.. fab episode..finally they are frmds now. Thanks for accepting my suggestion dear…i was a honour to me that u have mentioned my name in ur ff and made me part of it. Lots of love and respect to u dear.
    Fav line:
    Kabir : Cough syrup is in the second drawer ..damn cool yaar.
    A big hug to u

  7. Awesome update didu……Aww, Sanchi try to grab kabir’s attention….how cute…Who is this Tina…. do upate soon….lots of love to u didu.

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    superb ff………….amazing one………..update next one soon………… you……..

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    U know what jab ye epi padh rahi especially wneh sanchi coughed to gained kabir attention nd kabir said cough syrup is in second drawer.. That time mein bhi apni battishi dikha rahi thi hey actual me abhi h nahi wisdom teeth abho aaye nahi h naa…hehe.. So no battishi actually per smile toh banti h boss cute se epi k liye finally kanchi r frnds nd last frnds mitu’s suggestion is awsome.. Tina to gayi kaam se u sis post nxt asap nd plzz pregnancy craving also pending so plzz complete it first,, bye tc gud ni8

  12. It was nice Neha di.
    Post soon☺

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    This was so nice. I loved this. Nehu di u r superb. Amazing episode . update soon. love you

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