Married to Mr.Kapoor (Kanchi) Episode 8

Recap : Kabir asked Sanchi for friendship but she denied . Kabir discharged

It was a usual Sunday morning and suprisingly both Sanchi and Kabir were at home for the entire day. Kusum was also in a jolly mood because both Sanchi and Kabir were at home all day . As both Sanchi and Kabir were tired ,both of them were sleeping lazily . Sanchi was sleeping on the bed after much request of Kabir and Kabir was sleeping on the sofa .

Sanchi was sleeping peacefully and innocently without any stress as Kusum knew it was a hectic schedule for her and she let her rest. Kabir was in a deep sleep when bright sun rays disturbed him . He woke up and and saw his beloved sleeping peacefully . He got up from the sofa and freshened up . He came out from the bathroom when he saw Sanchi was not there .

He was about to go out of the room when Sanchi came wearing a blue and orange saree with slight navel show . She entered into the room adjusting her saree. Kabir was dumbstruck looking at her . He was mesmerished by her beauty . He realized that she had  already  freshened up in the washroom in the next room

Kusum had called them for breakfast and both of them went down without uttering a single word . Kabir firmly sat on the chair with Kusum on the chair beside. Sanchi starts serving the food . The time passes eventually . It was around 10 am and Kabir and Sanchi were in their room playing passing the parcel with Veer , Pragya and Isha who had come to visit them .Kusum was there to play music and stop it .

So the game started and first the song stopped at veer and he was asked to do item dance . They all had a hilarious laugh . Then the song stopped at Sanchi and she was asked to dance on Kabir’s fav song with him . Both of them danced sensuously.  Finally it was turn of Kabir and he was asked to sing a song.
Kabir sang Sanchi’s fav song . Sanchi and Kabir had  a intense eyelock . A tear drop escapes from Sanchi’s eyes and it didn’t go unnoticed by Kabir . Sanchi stands to go but feels dizzy . She was going to fall but Kabir came to her rescue in the nick of time .

Kabir lifted Sanchi in his arms and made her lay down on the bed . Ishpraveer were equally tensed as Kusum . Kabir was continuously rubbing her hands and feet ,they were cold and numb . Kabir understood what to do and rushed to their wadrobe and took out the glucometer .

He pricked Sanchi’s finger with Glucometer and came to know that the sugar level was low which is result of staying hungry from last 1 day . He recollected that in the morning also , Sanchi did not eat anything .WHY ? WHY WAS SHE DOING THIS ?  A chain of thoughts captured his mind which were broken by Kusum who was asking about

Kusum : Kabir ! Tell me what happened to Sanchi ?

Kabir : Maa, her sugar level is low and I think she has not taken anything from a day .

Kusum : Oh this girl ! You stay with her and I am going to make something for her .

When Ishpraveer sensed ,everything was alright they decided to leave them alone and continue their business.  Kabir was there sitting beside her when Kusum came with a bowl of vegetable soup .

Kabir : Maa ! You can go and rest ,I will make her have this .

As soon as Kusum departed , Sanchi regained her consciousness and the first person in front of her was Kabir who was sitting all concerned and tensed for her.

Kabir : Take it Sanchi , Soup ?

Sanchi : I don’t want anything from you, please leave me alone

Kabir : Sanchi ,if you are angry on me then please don’t hamper your health . Drink this soup ..

Sanchi agrees to his point and Kabir makes her drink the soup . It was evening by now and Sanchi was feeling better. She was standing near the window when it started pouring heavily . She went down running to get drenched in the rain . Kabir was looking at her from the window . He was happy to see her happy after a long time .

He looked at the clock which striked 7 and he remembered that he had to watch the cricket match (sorry guys ! Can’t think of any other program as I love cricket ) He was about to go to the TV when he noticed a DIARY .
Kabir opened the diary which belonged to SANCHI . He first of all thinks not to open the diary but later thinks that it’s for her good . He opens the diary .

 24th Oct 2014
Dear diary ,
You know what ? Today Kabir confessed his love for me . Urghh!!! I am so happy that literally I am dancing now . I just wanna libe my life forever with Kabir , I think I have also started falling for him . I knew Papa was right . I knew he will choose someone right for me . It’s been a month I met and I AM IN LOVE !!!!  Can you believe it ?

2nd Nov 2014
Dear Diary,
To my surprise, actually to Kabir’s surprise too ,Our marriage date is finalized !!!And we are getting engagaed. Yay ! Tomorrow is my engagement and Kabir took me for shopping today . We bought rings to exchange for tomorrow and many more stuff . In the mall , a dress catched Kabir’s eye actually it was the color of the dress which attracted him and he wanted me to wear the dress but you know we ran out of time and went away home……

3rd Nov 2014
Dear diary ,
I was sitting in my room lost in my thoughts after our engagement ceremony when Kabir sneaking from everyone entered into the room . He had a packet in his ahnd covered with green gift paper . It catched my eye but I didn’t say anything to him because I knew it was for me and I was eager to open the gift . He came and backhugged me . I don’t know what came to his mind but he started kissing me on my neck which made me shiver.  His every touch just makes me moan his name . I resisted him not to do that and he agreed with a final lingering kiss on my exposed back . You know I was wearing a pink backless and sleeveless lehenga with navel show and he said I was looking HOT . He finally asked me to open the gift .
You want to know what happened next ? I will say you tomorrow, for now I am sleepy …

Precap : Continuition of diary and birthday of Sanchi

Sorry guys ! I postponed the birthday part and thought to add some hints for you to solve the case with guesses ,you just need a critical thinking .

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