Married to Mr.Kapoor (Kanchi) Episode 7

Recap : Kabir was taken aback at the sight of Sanchi and her confession of pain . He remembers the flashback .

Kabir : From that day till today, not a single drop of tear escaped from your eyes . How could you do this ? No, I will not let you die inside . I swear from now I will always keep you happy,Always !

Just then new recruited nurse enters into the cabin(It’s Sanchi’s cabin ) in which he was admitted . The nurse checks his saline and prepares a injection to inject him .  He looks at the injection.

Kabir : Ahem ! Did Dr. Sanchi told to give this injection ?

Nurse : Yes sir !

Kabir : Then tell her that I am not going to take this injection.

Nurse : But sir ! Dr.Sanchi has strictly told to inject you

Kabir : Listen ! If you don’t obey my orders then I will ask Dr. Malhotra to give you morgue duty .

Nurse : No sir ! Sorry sir , I’ll tell Dr.Sanchi

The nurse goes out of the cabin . She goes to Sanchi . Sanchi asks her if she injected Kabir or not .

Sanchi : You have injected him ,know ?

Nurse : Actually Mam , sir refused me to inject him and told me to tell you .

Sanchi : Ok ! You go and attend Mr . Sharma . I will go to him .

Sanchi enters into the cabin and sees Kabir sleeping. She smiles at him and goes near him .

Sanchi: Thank God ! I don’t have to face him . ( injects him .) Now , he would rest for at least 2 hrs . I had called Kusum aunty and told her not to worry about him .

Sanchi was about to go when she heard a mumbling sound that was coming from Kabir .

” They will ….kill me …. they will. ..kill …me ….they will kill me .”

She turned back and look at him mumbling with droplets sweat on his forehead . She thought it must be a nightmare. A concerned Sanchi goes to a mumbling Kabir and cups his face. He holds her hand in his sleep . Kabir woke up with a jerk shouting Sanchi’s name . Sanchi hugged him .

Sanchi : You ok ?

Kabir nods and then comes into the senses and they part away . Sanchi was about to go when Kabir held her hand . She turned back and looked at him .

Kabir : Sanchi ! I know what happened in these last three years can’t be changed neither we can be together according to you but Sanchi atleast we can be friends  . We both need someone to share our feelings with and you know you need a friend badly .. So friends ? (Said while laying on the hospital bed )

Sanchi : No ! We can’t be friends . As I told you , You are only Mr.Kapoor for me . Sorry and please rest ,resting is important for your health and this injury on your head
In mind : Kaise bataun tumhe Kabir ? Agar tumse dosti karli to tumse phir se pyaar ho jayega mujhe ,aur nahi kar sakti mein tumse pyaar …bahut mushkil se apne aap ko tumse dur rakha hai …tumhare thode kareeb aane se mera tumse dur rehna namumkin ho jaayega त

Sanchi left the cabin . After a hour or two she entered the cabin with a bowl of curry and chapatis . She saw Kabir resting with his back supported with pillows and attending a call . (He was allowed to attend calls or do something with phone by Sanchi)

She waited for him to finish the call but the call went long . At last Kabir was free and she could say him that his dinner is this and eat it quickly.

Sanchi : Mr.Kapoor ! Here is your dinner ,please have it .

Kabir : Oh sure ! Sanchi , I will eat it .

Sanchi : It’s Dr.Kapoor for you .

Kabir smiled at her and she left . After sometime she came back and saw Kabir had already eaten and was playing games on his phone . She came to him

Sanchi : Hand me your phone , Mr. Kapoor

Kabir handed over his phone to Sanchi and gave a smile . She gestured him to lay down and helped him . He was happy that she was caring for him .  She then prepared an injection . He looked at the injection .

Kabir : Again injection ? What is your motive ? Do you want to kill me ?

Sanchi : Are you out of your mind ? Why would I kill you ? Its paracetamol injection which will help to reduce the pain .

Kabir : Did you forget I’m a doctor too ? I know what paracetamol does .. but you can give tablet instead 

Sanchi : It will respond fast.

Kabir : What if there is poison ? (Teasingly)

Sanchi: Oh god ! How can I persuade this man ?

Kabir : Take this injection yourself and then inject me .

Sanchi tries a lot to inject Kabir but he in an attempt to tease Sanchi put forward his condition.  So finally called the Nurse and slept on a stretcher which was located next to Kabir .Nurse came and injected her and she closed her eyes in pain.  A tear drop escaped from her eyes .

Kabir : Enough ! Sister, inject me .

The nurse injected him and he slept because of the dosage . Few days passed and Kabir was discharged from the hospital. These days were really hectic and tiring for Kanchi

Precap : Kabir to plan for Sanchi’s birthday

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