Married to Mr.Kapoor (Kanchi) Episode 6 (Flashback Special)

Kabir in his thoughts : Sanchi ! Aaj tumhe aise dekhkar mein yeh to samajh gaya hoon ki ab bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho , jo tum jatana nahi chahti . Mujhe pata hai ki mujhse zyada dard tumne saha hai par ab mein tumhe aur dard nahi sehne dunga , Now I want us to be together . Togaether again like before .Before that incident (he remembers a flashback


Jaya : Come on do it fast ! Come on put it there , I told to bring roses why did you bring these ?

Sunil : Jaya ! Relax , It’s alright and it will be done

Kusum : Yes Samdhan ji ! If you are being tensed in Haldi , then what will happen to you in wedding ?

Jaya : What will I do ? It’s Sanchi’s marriage and I have waited for his day since long and when it came , I (smiles ) By the way where are Kabir and Sanchi ?

Pragya : Aunty ! Don’t ask about them ….would be romancing somewhere

Isha : Yes aunty ! They are just luvee duvee love birds and I just love them as a couple .

Veer : But really where are they ? Unki haldi hai aaj ! Kahan hai dono ?

A beautiful lake is shown far away from the noise of the city . There was magnificent scene with swans and lotuses and lilies . There was an overflow of nature’s beauty which made the place like heaven . In heaven a heavenly pair is definitely required . In the middle of the lake was a boat inside which were standing our Kanchi .

Sanchi : Kabir ! This place is so magical .

Kabir : Hmm ! (Nudging his nose on her shoulder by back hugging her )

Sanchi : Kabir ! Leave it , look at the natural beauty, I feel like staying here for some more time Kabir you have your watch ,then please tell me the time .

Kabir : 11 ….

Sanchi: 11 ? What? It’s already eleven and you haven’t told me , I am gonna kill you , Kabir it’s haldi ,I think we should go .
__________Today’s episode ___________

Sanchi : Your majesty ! Shall we go now ? It’s our haldi ..

Kabir : Oh sure ! Let’s go ..

Kanchi drove to the function spot . Sanchi entered inside with Kabir hand in hand .

Veer : Look at here ! Who came ? Our love birds …

Pragya : Abeo ! Kahan the tum dono ?

Isha : Chod na Pragya ! It must be a thing to maintain privacy … aakhir dono ki shaadi ho rahi hai .. dono kahin bhi jaaye ..

Kusum : Ok ok ! Now both of you go and get ready for Haldi ! Everything is ready ,only you both are not ready . Go quickly

Kabir : Ok maa !

Sanchi in her room got ready in a white kurta wih yellow salwar and dupatta .. She wore flower jewelleries with her hair open . In the mean while Kabir got ready wearing a yellow kurta with white pajama . Both of them come down .

Sanchi was made to sit as well as Kabir . Then the Haldi ritual began . First Jaya applied Haldi on Sanchi then Sunil,kusum ,Ishagya ,Veer and others .

With Kabir first of all Kusum applied Haldi then Jaya ,Sunil,Ishagya ,Veer and others . Then our trio Ishpraveer rushed to the stage .

Veer : Attention ! Attention ! Attention !

Pragya : Since the ritual of Haldi is finished ! Let’s have some fun and that is dance !

Isha : So first of all welcoming us I mean Ishpraveer .

Ishpraveer danced on gallan goodiyaan , chalti he kya 9 se 12 , cheez badi hai mast mast . Then Veer pulled Sanchi and danced with her . Kabir got jealous  . He was fuming . Isha came pulled Kabir and danced with him .

They exchanged and finally Kanchi were dancing . When Kanchi were dancing ,our trio the naughiest went upstairs and started pouring haldi water on them with rose petals . Kanchi tried to separate but realized that they are tied with rope . It was raining haldi water on them and they were enjoying it while trio was laughing upstairs.

After all the Haldi ritual and masti the family gathered .and chatted for some time .

Jaya : Kabir ! Aaj akhri baar Sanchi ko dekh lo ab to shaadi k baad hi dekhne milega ..

Pragya : Hmm ! Sanchi tum bhi dekhlo apne prannath ko  ,kuch karna ya bolna hai to bol lo, phir shaddi ke baad hi dekhna .

Kabir and Sanchi were stealing glances of each other .Sanchi looks at Kabir and he winks at her .

Pragya : Dekhna Dikhana ho gaya ho to chale ?

Sanchi nods positively . Both of them are taken to their respective rooms. Sanchi entered into her room and sits beside the window and looks at the light moon in the evening sky . A beeping sound was heard. She looks at her phone beeping and the screen flashes Kabir . She smiles .She saw her phone . He texted .

**Author’s note : The following dialogues are messages in the phone . Let’s name Kabir as K and Sanchi as S .**

K : What’s up ? Sweet heart !

S: ?

K: I want to meet u ?? baby

S : it’s not been 5 minutes and you want to meet me ???

K : I miss you ? my wife  to be

S: Don’t behave childish !?

K : Aa raha hoon ..

S  : Kya aa raha hun ? Srk ke dialogue maar raho ho
K: ???

S : Bye !

K : Why ? Why r u leaving ?

S : You are irritating me ..

K : Ok fine ! I won’t irritate you now .Btw , you know I’m pissed off by this stupid rule , I want to see you asap .

S : Some one is really desperate 

K : There’s a surprise for you waiting at the door on the count of five  . Tell me how’s my surprise. ..until then bye ..

S : Ok bye !

Sanchi kept her phone and counted upto 5 . Just then Ishagya enters in her room with a big red box .

Pragya : Jiju can’t keep away from you .l

Isha : Hmm ! Take your parcel from Jiju !

Sanchi forwards her hand to take the parcel but Isha snatches it .

Isha : Did you think that we will hand over the parcel so easily ?

Pragya :Give us our fee .

Sanchi : Which fee ?

Pragya : This fee  ! (Showing Sanchi’s mobile )

Sanchi : Pragya give it to me .

Pragya : No ! I want to read Jiju’s messages

Sanchi : Pragya give it

Pragya passes the phone to Isha . Isha was running with it and stopped at a place and started texting 

Sanchi : Isha ! No stop

Finally after texting Isha handed over the phone to Sanchi with a smirk .She also handed over the parcel . Sanchi quickly saw her phone and turned red looking at the message sent by Isha to Kabir-

” My love ;my sweetheart;  my jaanu ; my baby ; my life , I love you . I want you to kiss me . I want you to touch my body . I want you to get proximal with me ”

Sanchi : Urghhh ! ISHAAAAAA ! (SCREAMS )

Just then a her phone rings and it is Kabir’s call . Her face shrinks and she turns red . She hesitantly pick ups the phone .

Sanchi : Hello ? (In a shaky voice )

Kabir : So , love ,sweet heart , jaanu huh ?

Sanchi : Ka… (cut off by him)

Kabir : Your wishes will be fulfilled after our marriage and I take the guarantee of it ..

Sanchi : Urrghh ! Kabir

Kabir: You only messaged me ,know ?

Sanchi : Isha messaged you Kabir in my  phone. How can you think I will write all these ..

Kabir : Oh ok ! By the way did you like the surprise?

Sanchi : No, let me open it first .stay on the line

Sanchi opens the box and finds a black dress with very short length . It had a corset blouse with a v cut between the chest . The skirt was really a mini one starting from the hip with navel show . She lifted the dress with an angry expression . And there was a note which said  ” I want you to get ready with this on our suhaagraat -kK ”

Sanchi : What is this ? (ROARED IN ANGER)

Kabir :What happened ? You didn’t like my surprise

Sanchi : I will kill you with this surprise .. How can you send this ?

Kabir : What’s wrong with it ? I thought you will like it

Sanchi : Like it ? I am gonna throw this one off

Kabir : But why ? I thougt red is your favourite color

Sanchi : Red? Its a black one

Kabir  :Black ?

Just Ishagya enters the laughing loudly with a red saree . Sanchi looks at them in disbelief and clears all the misunderstanding.  They have a hearty laugh .

The next day it was mehendi cum wedding day . Everyone woke up early and was busy in mehendi ritual . Kanchi were not allowed to meet to each other and were under strong supervision of Isha ,Pragya , Veer and Ravi (Kabir’s sister )The preparations and decoration was on full swing . Sanchi was sitting on the sofa and beautician was curving beautiful designs of mehendi on her hand .

Jaya and kusum were gissiping and chatting . They were happy in the happiness of their children . Every thing was going on smoothly . Kabir was not allowed to meet Sanchi . Hence , he was sitting with his little sis and spending time with her . 

Between all these decorations, time flew away so quickly that it
 was finally the time for the wedding . In Sanchi’s room , she was being readied by Isha and Pragya in a full red wedding attire with heavy jwelllery . She was looking extremely beautiful and the mangtika on her forehead was adding to her beauty .

Isha and Pragya looked at her through the mirror and smiled. They went out of the room when Jaya called them . On the other hand Kabir got ready in a dashing white and red wedding sherwani . He was looking damn handsome . Finally his love is going to be his forever .

Everything was going on well . Almost all the relatives from both the sides were invited starting from far away relatives to neighbours and from ex-co workers to new friends . Every one , every single person was invited including all the staff of SDCH.

Ravi was helping Jaya in the kitchen for making necessary arrangements for the marriage . Jaya asked Ravi to cut lemon so that the marriage goes well .Then they go to the florist and bring flowers when they collide with Chintu (Kabir’s  nephew who had eczema) who was playing with a toy gun . Ravi and Jaya were lost in the child’s innocence and played for sometime with him.

Sanchi was sitting alone in her room lost in her thoughts when suddenly someone came from behind her . She looked back and was releived to see her only love Kabir . She stood up and hugged him . He also reciprocated the hug .Both were silent and enjoyed looking at each other when a huffing Pragya,Isha and Veer came to her and bombarded ” Sanchi ! Uncle …woh uncle ko kisine ….woh unhe kisine goli mar diya hai aur uncle …woh”

Sanchi’s whole world spinned . She runs downstairs.  Kabir follows her . She rushes down the stairs and looks at her father in a pool of blood, and sorrowful atmosphere.  She rushes down to her father who had already lost his life . She breaks down there while Kabir consoles her .Sanchi becomes strong and stands up . She wipes her tears .

Sanchi : Kabir ! I want to know who killed him ..

Kabir : Sanchi ! Calm down down

Sanchi : You know what happened ? He is my father and you are saying to cool down ,huh ?

Kabir : Sanchi ! See we will call police and they will investigate the matter and we will send him to forensic lab .

Sanchi : Why are you not understanding  ? It’s not a matter ,it’s the question of my life ,my father ,Kabir .

He could bear her like this and hugs her to console her . Sanchi cries in his embrace .

Sanchi :Why Kabir ? Why only me ? Why my father ?

Kabir : Shhshh ! (He rests his chin on her head )

All the cheerful faces turned into sorrowful ones . The flowers also became gloomy on this happening . There were cry sounds all over the mansion . The only sound heard was the sweep of the wind and sound of sobbing . The police were given the body and the weapon . They took everyone’s finger prints and it was finally the time to collect the reports.  Kabir collected the reports and was shocked .

There were two fingerprints found on the gun which belonged to Jaya and Ravi. Kabir was in a shock . How can it be possible  ? Even everyone in the house was shocked . JAYA !!! RAVI !!! How can it happen ?

Equation = Jaya + Ravi+ Gun + Sunil  = Murder ????

Sanchi puts the blame on Ravi while Kabir puts the blame on Jaya but they could not understand who was the real culprit . The marriage broke up . Every thing fell apart between them .

Kabir sent Ravi faraway in America while Sanchi sent Jaya to faraway relatives house and boycott all the contact with her and only kept a emergency for contact.  Kabir did the same , hence there was no one for Sanchi . For Kabir ,atleast there was Kusum to handle him .

After long three years due to some problems and some professional threats ,they were forced into marriage as of now . (I will reveal the culprit later so that suspense prevails .)
Flashback ends .

Well ! Sorry guys that I could not update earlier as internet speed was so slow ..I read all the sequels and liked all of them . Trisha keep going your new ff is great ..Khamoshi , the goa special was amazing . Rushi pyarasa rishta is again mind blowing and Ashnita tumhara to jawab hi nahi .Tania ,loved your os .Thanks Ruch and Tania for commenting and thanks to all the commentors . Sorry , I could not reply to all of you .
. I am not an efficient writer neither my writing is good . I don’t know why but today I am feeling depressed….. So , I guess I should leave forever and Aditi_1075 also told me that nobody likes my writing. .. so I guess sabko kyun apne gande style se pakao , chali hi jaati hun .It’s my thought ,sorry if I ever hurt you all .

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  1. Riyarocks

    Neha….u r kidding right????? I mean, how can u even think like this….plz yaar don’t just get pissed off by others comments….we love u & ur storyline…plz dear, its a humble request plz plz plz, u r an amazing writer & we really want u to continue ur plot….now coming to the plot, as usual, this was osm yaar………plz continue writing & luv u loads sweetieeeee…….

    1. Neha7873

      ank you Riya ,it is my pleasure that you loved my writings . Actually I was stressed and depressed because of my work load and then I see a negative opinion that too in private message, I do not get easily discouraged but slightly it pulled me dow. Sorry again .. Love you too

  2. Trisha139

    Hey can pls someone get me aditi ! I just wanna shoot her three times !! Infact even u how can u even think of leaving infact
    “No body liked my writing” reading this I was like really !! Acc to me every reader of TU is an equal mad fan of yours ur OS your ff both are just superb mindblowing
    I am really sorry if I became too harsh but that’s what I think ! You are one of my favourite writers on TU
    Consider it as a request nd don’t leave us else totally depends on your dear still I think after all this my nonsense u mint have dropped this stupid idea !!

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you Trisha for motivating me, I was little bit pulled down at the comment, so the thought came into my mind but looking at each and everyone’s comment ,I feel blessed and I’m happy that I have so many admirers

  3. Aisa karne ki bhi sochna mat plzzz….kon hao ye chantomai ladki jisne meri didu ko hurt kiya….tujhe toh anika ki chameli batayegi…..i hate those people to the coree….jo khud toh likhte nahi hai….dusro ka bhi moral down karte hai….leave her didu, come to today episode….wow…amazing…but ye kya pura mystery reveal nahi ki , koi baat nahi…i am waiting…post next one soon & didu never allowed anyone to hurt u….love u soo much….don’t feel depressed & take care.


    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Niyuu ! Love you sweetie .. Thanks a lot for encouraging me , I was a little pissed off at the comment , so yeh soch liya par tum sab ke comments ….I am feeling blessed and good

  4. I will kill u if u again says that ur writing is dislike by all.. U know what,,ur writing is enough 4 someone 2 give him\her happiness,pleasur.. Ur writing is alwys mindblowing,,fbls,,outstnding.. Plz plz plz dn’t stop writing 4 some stupid comments..#.. Lv u a lot..

    1. Neha7873

      Hello Tumpamoni ! Sorry and thank you for encouraging me .. glad to know that my writing gives you pleasure .. Ok ..thank you ..

  5. Khamoshi

    Neha…first of all who is Aditi? I am totally not agreeing with her views..there are many fans of ur ff dear..and top of all ..i will be seen standing at first place in the queue of your fans list. Dear i seriously love ur ff yaar plz don’t do this with us. I always wait for ur ff..
    2ndly YOUR THIS EPISODE WAS TREMENDOUS..the way u shaped up the story and brought the twist was truely markable..
    And dear thanks for mentioning my name in your awsm ff episode dear..i am so glad that u liked really means a lot to me ?

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you Dear ! I am really lucky to have you all . Thank you so much .. I have no words to express my gratitude

  6. Hey,,neha dear i will kill u if u again says that ur writing is not good.. U knw what ur writing is enough 4 give us pleasur and lots of happiness.. Ur writing is alwys outstndind and mindblowing.. Plz don’t stop writing 4 some stupid commentrs..

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks again .. love you

  7. R u made up know what ur awesome excellent super writer and plsss continue ur ff it’s my request

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      1. Hmm love you too dear

  8. It was amazing…. Really loved it….. Updatw the next part soon….. I dont think u should stop writing…. Ur ffs are amazing …. No need to stop writing for some people are always there to discourage you…. And 100 to encourage u

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Amnaa for your encouragement and now I won’t stop writing

  9. Anonymousaa

    What a suspense yaar.Who might be the killer,Ravi or Jaya? I have no idea even to guess who might be the culprit.Ab sab aapke haaton pe hai.
    Who the hell is Aditi_1075 or whatever?( I apologize to Aditi if she felt offended with my remark)Did u ever ask me or any other among us if u were boring us or if ur writings were not good enough.? Then who gave u right to judge or evaluate urself ?? Plz di don’t stop writing.Ur writings always have a kind of charm that keeps us away from missing to read ur ffs. Ur suspense always keeps me hooked to ur ff.So plz plz plz don’t stop writing.I am eagerly waiting for next post of urs.

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you Anonymousaa for such a huge encouragement . I am really motivated and determined towards my work , I am not all depressed . All your comments just vanished it off

  10. Whoever told u tht none likes ur writing,,is a big stupid…she/he dnt knw at all wht is a good ff…!
    It ws a grt epi…post soon…nd ignore haters…

    1. Neha7873

      Hello Sanjukta ! Thanks for the encouragement. . Love you

  11. Neha7873

    Thank you Riya ,it is my pleasure that you loved my writings . Actually I was stressed and depressed because of my work load and then I see a negative opinion that too in private message, I do not get easily discouraged but slightly it pulled me dow. Sorry again .. Love you too

  12. Sajnana900

    Hey neha di
    First of all who is adity
    And for this idiot adity u r leaving this
    I mean uar hadh hi ho gyi for one u ll ignore 1000000s of readers not fair
    Its a humble request to u that plz dont leave writting as ur writting skills are cant been describe
    Im a big fan of ur writting i read each n every os ff fs ss ts alllll
    Ya, i admit that i didnt cmnt on some of ur epis
    Shortage of tym forced me not to cmnt but i luv all of ur epis
    But as its ur epi ur writing so its totally up to u that will u continue or not
    And cmng to the epi that was sprbbbb osssmmm khidhkitod patakha and all in anika’s language ???
    Luv u loads dear
    And T.C

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Sanjana ! Was missing your comment badly …Thank you a lot for the encouragement …love you loads

    2. Neha7873

      Thank you Sanjana for encouraging me

  13. Niyaaa

    Hey neha dear first of all tell mw who is mahaan aditi i will shoot her..jaya ravi ne cunil ko shoot kiya ho ya nahi per m usse kar dungi wo rustom style se teen baar goli markar samjhti kya h apne apko.. Cvs ki writter tabhi itna dimag lagaya hoga… Agar dear tum achchi writter nahi ho to mujhe to chullu bha pani me dub marna chahiye.. Khabardaar jo likhna band kiya to thapad padega wo bhi jor ka phn se sidha nikal kar phir mat bolna ki pehle kyun nahi bola…hehehe..sorry per kya karu mera dimag hamesha garam rehta h mujhe jaldi gussa aa jata h jab koi apni hi burai kare wo jo khubiyaon ka sardaar ho kaise kar skti ho tum u don’t love us tumhe sirf ek aditi ki padi h hamari sab ki nahi…ha ha ab ye mat kahna ki emotional blackmail kar rahi hun per sach bol rahi hun ur ff is fadoo always i loved ur writting apni akhiri saans tak isse padhna chahu..hehehe..kuch jyada ho gaya mera commnt bhi..bye lovv u dherr sara u nd ur ff sachchi muchchi.. Ab jaldi nxt post karo warna mera rudra avataar dekhogi samjhi…hehehe..just kidding post nxt one when u free nd internet devta ki speed sahi chale ye sabki problem ban gaya h..uff.. Sorry again for lengthy crappy commnt

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      Thanks again for the encouragement and comments

  14. Moonlight25

    Now who is this Aditi…i seriously wanna shoot her…dear we love your writings…dont get discouraged…you are one of my favorite writers….we love you and your ffs….they are too good…so don’t worry…haters gonna hate and she is most probably jealous of your amazing work…so don’t worry…love you loads and post ASAP

    1. Neha7873

      Hey Tania ! Tahnks a lot for motivating me . Glad to know that you like my writings you …keep commenting ,

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    Are you kidding me Neha??? We all love your writing dear ??? and who the bl**dy hell is Aditi? ??? Whoever she is, tell her to mind her own business!!! If she doesn’t like your stories then she can quit reading ??? I just can’t believe it di! You’re one of the best authors in TU so how can someone say something like that? ???. I think she has some serious issues she need to work. Maybe Kabir can help ??? he’s a neurologist na? ??? don’t get disheartened by negetive comments sweetie ??? I always look forward to read your stories ??? and as always today’s epi was awesome. Luv u loads ???

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Ruwani … I was really happy to see all your comments .. I love you a lot .. I have a request dear : can you start a new ff ? I miss what kind of love is this ?

  16. Aafiya

    It was interesting

    1. It’s amazing dear

    2. Neha7873

      Thanks Aafiya … was missing your comment

  17. Dhruti

    who is aditi ?…………………….i wanna shoot her how dare she speak like that?……………………… and you, the 2nd great mahan atma (1st mahan atma is aditi) just care about aditi’s opinion not ours opinions(TU family and kanchi family’s opinions)…………………today i’m so much upset with u…………………… a big wali katti with you me and i don’t wanna talk with you !!! ………………….uss mahan atma ko bolo ki we don’t need her opinion about your ff and just mind her own business …………….and…………………. if you stop your ff just because of her……………….you will get a tight slap from me…………….i’m telling you………………….ok………………and i’m still not talking with you………………….
    back to your ff it was amazing, superb, mind blowing but how jaya and reva shoot sunil i think there is something big mystery….let’s see what happen next……………come back with next one can’t wait for it……………………..bye………………

    1. Neha7873


  18. Anee

    Hey Neha Whi is this Aditi Kon hai yeh aditi jo hum se humari amazing wroter ko dur kar rahi hai……Batao…….R u kiding wd us….hmmm……..Neha you superbbb writer dear………… time not speaks like that hmmmmmmmmmmm…..Luv you laods Swettie….

  19. Jessicca

    Neha… You are an amazing writer .. I really love your ff… And this epi was outstanding… Brilliant… Fabulous.. Marvelous… Fantastic .. And don’t you ever think about leaving us or else I’ll kill you… Understood .. And i mean it coz i love you a lot

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