Married to Mr.Kapoor (Kanchi) Episode 5

Sanchi : Kabirrrr! Kabirrrrr!

Sanchi rushes to Kabir. He was in a pool of blood. She lifts his head on her lap . She pats his cheek . He slowly opens his eyes

Sanchi :Keep your eyes open ,ok ? I will not let you happen anything .

Sanchi shouts at two ward boys . They lay down Kabir on the stretcher . Kabir was rushed into the OT and Dr.awasthi was operating upon him .Sanchi was continuously weeping and Ishpraveer were consoling her .

Doctor came out and all rushed to him . Everyone looked at him with teary eyes and gesturing him to say about Kabir .Finally he spoke up .

Doctor: He is no more

Sanchi : You are joking right ?

Veer : Control yourself Sanchi

Pragya : Please Sanchi ! Stop crying .

Sanchi woke up and started shouting (Yes guys ! It was her dream ) She was nearly in tears  . Pragya and Veer come and console her. Just then Dr. Awasthi comes . Sanchi goes to him and inquires about Kabir

Dr.awasthi : You can meet him . He is out of danger now .He will gain consciousness within two hours .

Sanchi feels relieved and enters into the OT . She looks at Kabir and caresses his head  . She smiles at him and comes out . She goes to Dr.awasthi.

Dr.awasthi : Dr.Kapoor ! Here ? Kabir is alright and you don’t worry

Sanchi : Umm ..I am not here to talk about his health ..I am sorry but I wanted to ask if I can shift kabir’s file to my beds and take him under my supervision. .I mean don’t take me wrong but …

Dr.awasthi : It’s  Ok Dr.Kapoor  ! I understand, you can take him under your supervision .

Saanchi goes from there and comes to the OT . She sits beside Kabir . She caresses his forehead . She holds his hand gives it  a light squeeze .

Sanchi : You know what Kabir ? From the day of that incident , I craved to sit beside you and talk to you but from the day everything changed .  Our lives changed Kabir ! I craved to touch you but you never believed me .. everything changed on that day when we were going to be each other’s,  Kabir it’s been 3 years since that  incident and I have been dying to cry in your embrace .

She felt two strong pair of arms wrapped around her . She looked up and saw herself in Kabir’s embrace . She was carried away in the emotions and without thinking anything she reciprocated the hug . She cried her heart out while Kabir was consoling her by patting her back .

Sanchi came into her senses and stands up hastily . She makes Kabir rest with a supporting pillow behind his back . She gave him medicine and was about to go when Kabir held her hand . She looked back .

Kabir : Sanchi ! I know what happened in these 3 years can’t be changed ,You have gone through a lot pain and even I was suffering from pain .. I just want that things be at their right place again .

Sanchi : It’s very late Kabir ! Now ,things have changed now and those days will never come back !never !

Kabir : Sanchi! Everything can be alright again if we get together again and I can’t see you like this all shattered,and I saw that love for me in your eyes .

Sanchi : Love ? There’s nothing left in me Kabir , all you can find is pain and nothing . I am heartless now , if love is to happen then there’s no heart .  So goodbye Kabir forever .You are only Mr .Kapoor for me .

She jerked her hand from his hand and left a Kabir in deep thoughts 

Kabir in his thoughts : Sanchi ! Aaj tumhe aise dekhkar mein yeh to samajh gaya hoon ki ab bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho , jo tum jatana nahi chahti . Mujhe pata hai ki mujhse zyada dard tumne saha hai par ab mein tumhe aur dard nahi sehne dunga , Now I want us to be together . Togaether again like before .Before that incident (he remembers a flashback


Jaya : Come on do it fast ! Come on put it there , I told to bring roses why did you bring these ?

Sunil : Jaya ! Relax , It’s alright and it will be done

Kusum : Yes Samdhan ji ! If you are being tensed in Haldi , then what will happen to you in wedding ?

Jaya : What will I do ? It’s Sanchi’s marriage and I have waited for his day since long and when it came , I (smiles ) By the way where are Kabir and Sanchi ?

Pragya : Aunty ! Don’t ask about them ….would be romancing somewhere

Isha : Yes aunty ! They are just luvee duvee love birds and I just love them as a couple .

Veer : But really where are they ? Unki haldi hai aaj ! Kahan hai dono ?

A beautiful lake is shown far away from the noise of the city . There was magnificent scene with swans and lotuses and lilies . There was an overflow of nature’s beauty which made the place like heaven . In heaven a heavenly pair is definitely required . In the middle of the lake was a boat inside which were standing our Kanchi .

Sanchi : Kabir ! This place is so magical .

Kabir : Hmm ! (Nudging his nose on her shoulder by back hugging her )

Sanchi : Kabir ! Leave it , look at the natural beauty, I feel like staying here for some more time  Kabir you have your watch ,then please tell me the time .

Kabir :  11 ….

Sanchi: 11 ? What? It’s already eleven and you haven’t told me , I am gonna kill you , Kabir it’s haldi ,I think we should go .

Precap : continuition of flashback

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  1. Riyarocks

    neha yaar whats this??not fair…….I’m dying to know their past….can’t wait for the revealation……..plz update nxt one asap…..luv u loads………….

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you so much @riyarocks ! I will update asap ..

  2. Khamoshi

    Neha yaar… don’t leave it incompleted.. first to u don’t post regularly then when u post ..u do this with us..not fair at all.. i am dying to know the past as well as their aise naa tadpaiye hume.
    Plz post next one soon.
    And 1 suggestion.. plz give a small recap of the story bcoz i mostly read every ff sometimes it confused me that where the previous part ended.. just a request dear.
    Lots of love and respect

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you Khamoshi ! Love you

  3. Niyaaa

    Awsome mindblowing epi dear….but Neha ye kya yaar ittu sa epi…hehehe… Sorry but dear kab khatam hogaya pata hi nahi chala nxt time plzz thoda lengthy nd specially past reveal karo jaldi mere pet me gudgudi ho rahi h post nxt asap

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you ! Wil update soon

  4. Anonymousaa

    What yaar u left the flashback back part at middle.I am craving to know about their past.
    This was very emotional epi.Kanchi’s pain was visible through ur words.
    Plz post next epi asap.

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Anonymousaa for your coMMENT ! LOVE YOU …AND YES I will update soon

  5. Firstly sorry for not commenting on ur previous part. It’s amazing mindblowing outstanding awesome superb fantastic and many many more and beyond beyond beyond everything. Love you loads sweetie

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Ashu ! And it’s ok

  6. Short part…. But amazing… Update soon

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      Thanks Amnaa

  7. Dhruti

    lovely ff i just love it and i have no words to praise you so sorry for that ……………..update next one soon…………

  8. Moonlight25

    Neha dear i am extremely sorry for not commenting is some of your previous epi…actually there was no internet for more than a I couldn’t read or write anything.actually todsy I read 30 ffs together…..coming to the epi…it was amazing as always…..i want to know what happened in the past..too much suspense..
    .post ASAP….
    Love you loads.
    I hope you are not angry with me for not commenting..

  9. Amazing

  10. RuCh23

    Awww you stopped just from a good part ??? not fair ??? thank god Kabir isn’t dead like her dream ???

  11. Now,,can’t wait.. Plz update soon.. Epsd was excellent..

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