Married to Mr.Kapoor (Kanchi) Episode 4

 Sanchi was working in the kitchen and in no time dinner was ready . She called everyone for lunch except Kabir who was already there and came to the dining table . Everyone sat down and BD tasted the food .

BD : Wow ! Sanchi ,it’s really tasty and yummy .

Kusum : You know what Bua maa  ? Sanchi just makes yummy food.

Then Kabir tastes his food and spits out his food . He drinks some water

Kabir : Is this food tasty ? Such a awful taste … Dadi and Maa how can you eat this food ?

Kusum : What’s wrong with you Kabir ? It’s really so tasty and it’s your fav cauliflower

BD : Yes Golu ! It’s really nice

Kabir : Dadi , Maa ! Whatever you tell but I can’t eat this awful food , I am going to drink a glass of milk and sleep .

Kabir goes upstairs and here Sanchi straightly went to the kitchen. She makes some parathas and gives curd with sugar in one bowl and hands over the plate to Kusum to give it to Kabir .

Kusum goes to Kabir’s room . Kabir smiles seeing her and takes the plate from her hand .

Kabir : I knew it Maa that you will surely make something for me.

Kusum watches Kabir eat . She smiles at him . Kabir finishes eating and hands over the plate to Kusum .

Kabir : It was really tasty Maa !

Kusum : I have not made this .. Sanchi had sent this for you as you were sleeping hungry .. By the way , for your kind information today you both have to sleep in your room as BD will be staying .

Kabir reluctantly agrees and Kusum goes . Sanchi enters changing into her sleep wear . She just goes and sleeps in the bed and Kabir just looks at her .

Kabir : Mrs Mishra ! For your info ,this is my room and I will sleep in the bed not you ..  go and sleep in the floor.

Sanchi : No Mr .Kapoor ! Aunty has told you to sleep down and me to sleep here .By the way it’s Mrs Kapoor for you .

Kabir : Listen ! Just get down the bed otherwise …

Sanchi : Otherwise?

Kabir : I will push you down .

Sanchi : Oh really ? Mr . KAPOOR

Some one knocks . Sanchi gets up and opens the door . BD comes in , she looks at the mattress at the floor .

BD : You both don’t sleep together ?

Kabir : Yes Dadi !

Sanchi in mind : We don’t even live together , sleeping is far away

BD : Then go and sleep ! From many days ,I have not seen you sleeping peacefuly, tomorrow I will go back to village .

Kabir and Sanchi hesitantly sleep together on bed . BD and Kusum smile on seeing them sleep . It was about midnight when Sanchi was mumbling in her sleep . Kabir woke up and looked at her .

Sanchi : No …she ..did it Kabir … She …killed …him ….believe me ….Please….Kabir (mumbling )

Kabir looked at her . He got teary eyed and thought : Why did not you believe me ? Why are you against her ? She did not kill him . In your sleep also, you are blaming her

Kabir : How many times I have to tell you ? She did not kill him .

He slept and at the morning both Kanchi got ready . BD bid goodbye to them . Kanchi waved at her. They went to Savitri Devi College and Hospital for their duty . After half of their duty duty finished ,Malhotra called them for a conference.

Dr.Malhotra : Have a seat you both ! Now ,let’s the conference begin .

Client : Sir ! What are the reasons I should refer to your hospital?

Dr.Malhotra : Dr.Sanchi

Sanchi : Seriously Mr. Sinha ! You are asking for reasons . Our hospital is in your budget and it provides economic stability ,best hospitality and quick recovery .

Client : Oh sure ! I agree but are the doctors present in SDCH good ?

Dr.Malhotra : Dr.Kabir

Kabir : Good ? They are excellent in fact they are perfect in every field may it be examining tests like ECG ,dialysis etc or a complicated surgery . You can rely on our doctors blindfolded

After a vivid debate and enquiry ,the conference was successful and Kanchi were thanked for it . Then they went to their respective cabins .

Kabir was reading a file in his cabin when he heard a knock . To his surprise Sanchi had come . She banged the door behind her .

Kabir : Is this a way to come to the cabin of a senior doc Dr.Mishra ?
Sanchi : It’s Dr.Kapoor for you . And I am here to say that you are not the only senior doctor here , I am also a senior doc .For your kind information, patient no. 243 has Helicobacter pylori infection .

Kabir : I am also a doctor ! And patient no. 243 has hyper tension only .I have checked hus reports this morning

Sanchi : I am sorry Dr,Kapoor but you were checking patient no. 242 and 245 not 243 .

Kabir : If I am right , then you had lecture this morning and I was checking the patients at that time only ,then how did you know ? Were you spying on me instead of doing your duty ?

Sanchi : Dr . Kapoor ! Spying is not my work and lectures were cancelled ,dr .awasthi took the class. Now ,if your debate is done ,please sign the file and let me go .

Kabir wriggled a sign and Sanchi took the file and went away. After some time a knock was heard and Sanchi gave instruction to come in . It was a ward boy . He had a glass of juice .

Ward boy : Mam !

Sanchi takes the glass of juice . There was a note . She reads the note ” Drink the juice on the count of 10 ” -your well wisher

Sanchi drank the juice . It was already departing time for her . She came out of the hospital and saw Kabir standing

Sanchi : Leave me ! I am not going with you .

Kabir : Ok then ,bye .

Sanchi : Ya !leave me forever .

Kabir was crossing the road when a car came and hit him . Sanchi saw this incident and screamed .She ran towards .

Sanchi : Kabirrrrr! Kabirr!

Precap :
Doctor: He is no more

Sanchi : You are joking right ?

Veer : Control yourself Sanchi

Pragya : Please Sanchi ! Stop crying .
 __________ ___________
Some of my previous commentors like Richa ,Hema,moonlight,Ruch, nutts, QVZRE3M ETC are not commenting , sorry if you are busy with something but please if you are angry with me then do tell me

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  1. Such a terrible precap!!
    No…no…no…Kabir can’t die…
    pls dnt make it a tragic story…
    Bdw this epi is nyc…

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Sanjukta ! Don’t worry you will get to know soon

  2. Dhruti

    amazing ff and BD is awesome but precap is sad……….don’t kill dr.kabi………i guess something miracle will happen and dr.kabir is alive i don’t know what happen next………….update next one soon….love you and a big hug for you……………

    1. Neha7873

      Hey Dhruti. ! Thanks for your comments. ..I can’t reveal that now ..tune in to the next episode

  3. Loved ur writing di!!!….ur silent reader

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Dhruvi ! Feeling blessed and I am on cloud 11 now ..So , please keep commenting

  4. Riyarocks

    too good Neha dear…………but I was really shocked with the precap……….hope nothing goes wrong with kabir……….plz update nxt one asap & luv u loads dear…………

    1. Neha7873

      Hey Riya ! Thank you so much for your sweet comment ,luv u lot and yes tune in onto the next episode

  5. Khamoshi

    Amazing episode Nehar yaar.. hope Kabir will be fine and not like precap part.. plz dont separate them.. why did u finishd BD part so soon? U could add some romance or comedy in that dear..just a suggestion bcoz i love to read romance between them..chemistry is magical..and u maintained it. Lots of love dear

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Khamoshi !I understand BD part ended soon because i didn’t want to the drag the track and yes you will get to know if you tune in to the next episode

  6. vry gud dear
    for not commenting the reason is im a bit no.. vry lazyyyyyy person
    i read all ur epi nd all r awesome
    loved it

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Swetha ! You commented sacrificing your lazyness that’s enough for. Me . Love you

      1. u r vry gud at romantic cenes dear and ur style of writingg nd plot is fab and i love to read from u update asap

      2. romantic scenes**

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Alia

  7. Kabir can’t die………. precap is shocking……….but episode is superb

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Anu ! Love you

  8. RuCh23

    Sorry for not commenting Neha ??? I had an exam and I was very busy with that. Your epis were great as always dear ??? so don’t be sad ok? But if you kill Kabir on next chapie I’ll defineatly be angry with you ??? hahaha just kidding ??? do whatever you want dear but I hope he won’t die just like that ???

    1. Neha7873

      Hey Ruch ! I was not angry wih you , i was asking the reason of your absence . Thanks for the comment

  9. Niyaaa

    Awsome epi dear but plzz don’t kill kabir… Do some miracle nd save him… I know u can did it so m relaxed when u r here then no fear post nxt asap

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Niyaaa

  10. Trisha139

    Awesome amazing superb fantastic fabulous ! Spell bound yr this is going great ! So excited for precap !

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Trisha

  11. Awesome super fabulous fantastic dear but please don’t kill kabir plss

  12. It was amazing…. Dint kill kabir plzz

  13. Jessicca

    It was fabulous… Truly amazing… But the precap ??? Plz don’t kill our Kabir…

    1. Neha7873

      please read the next update …you will get to kniw Everything. .. thanks

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