Married to Mr.Kapoor (Kanchi) Episode 3

It was a blissful and bright morning . Kabir was restless and could not sleep the whole night because of the itchy effect . He woke up and saw red patches on his skin when his mother came and to his surprise with his Bua Dadi . He quickly jumped out of his bed and touched her feet .

**Author’s note: Let’sname Bua Dadi as BD**

BD : God bless you !

Kabir : How did you come here ?

BD : Obviously I came here by my foot ,what type of question are you asking Golu ?

Kabir : No Dadi ! I am asking about who dropped you here ?

BD : Prashant dropped me here . Well ! You tell me about yourself and where is my grand daughter in law ?

Kabir : Umm ,…Dadi she needed something from the room beside, so she went there .

Sanchi enters wearing a yellow saree with full sleeve blouse . She touches the feet of BD .BD hugs her .

BD : What’s your name Beta ?

Sanchi : Sanchi ,Dadiji !

BD : Sanchi ; such a pure name .

Kabir is hell shocked to see Sanchi in saree and all the consequences happening in front of him when he looks at Kusum who makes him understand by gestures of her eyes .

BD : Golu ! What are these red patches in your body ?

Kabir : I Don’t know Dadi ! May be some allergy ,I will do the test in hospital .

BD : No need of tests and all ! Sanchi will go and make Haldi paste . Apply it .

Sanchi : Ji Dadiji ! Here I came .

After a few minutes ,Sanchi came with a bowl of Haldi . She just went straightly and handed it to kabir .

BD : Sanchi ! What are you doing? He is your husband ,why will he work in presence of you ? Go and apply haldi on his body . Golu ! Remove your t shirt . Ek dusre ke kareeb jaane se pyaar badhta hai

Kanchi in mind : Jab pyaar ho tab badhegana , hum to ek dusre se pyaar hi nahi karte ,nahi kabhi karenge .

Kabir removes his shirt and sits on the bed and Sanchi applies Haldi on his back. She smiles .

Flash back

Sanchi is preparing Haldi paste and she adds some chilli powder in the haldi .

Flash back ends .

Sanchi applies the Haldi in Kabir’ s neck and cheek and then forehead . BD departs with Kusum. Kabir gets out of the bed but to the surprise of Sanchi , he straightly went to the bathroom and came out quickly washing the haldi . Sanchi also forgot the incident and went to work .As it was and off in hospital for both Kanchi, kabir was as usual lazying around and Sanchi was working in the kitchen .

BD : Golu ! It’s 10 now ..Go and freshen up .. go

Kabir : Ok Dadi .

Kabir went upstairs to take a shower . BD called Sanchi after sometime . Sanchi went to BD .

BD : Sanchi ! Kabir forgot to take his new shaving kit to the bathroom and if he comes out of the bathroom here will be a river flowing in your room . So , go and give the shaving kit .

Sanchi first of all showed hesistancy but when insisted by BD several times was bound to go to Kabir. She entered into the room where Kabir had his hand out of the bathroom . She simply took the shaving kit and went near to the door.

Sanchi : Take it .

Instead of taking the shaving kit Kabir held Sanchi’s hand and pulled her inside the bathroom and locked the bathroom.  Sanchi had her eyes shut while Kabir one hand was just beside her face on the wall . The water from the shower was making them wet . Sanchi slowly opened her eyes and saw Kabir in a towel with soap from head to tow . Before she could say something he put his finger on her lips .

Kabir : You did your thing by mixing something in the Haldi ,now it’s my turn .

Sanchi : But what will you do ? There is nothing in the bathroom that you could use to hurt me .

Kabir : There is an old saying : Think before you leap and don’t be overconfident  .

Saying this Kabir rubbed his soapy cheeks against her while he was continuously rubbing her arms with his slippery hands . They were too close , that they could even feel each other’s heartbeat and breath . Kabir had a mug of soapy water which he poared on Sanchi’s head while Sanchi winced in the pain of her eyes due to soap water . She tried to walk but slipped while Kabir held her from her waist .

This time instead of showing attitude ,she clutching his arms tightly . Kabir lifted Sanchi up and came out of the bathroom . He was teary eyed .


Kabir : Happy birthday to you ! Happy birthday to dear Sanchi ! Happy birthday to you ! May god bless you , Happy birthday to you !

Sanchi cuts the cake but instead of offering the cake to Kabir she spreads the cake on his cheek and runs away . Kabir also runs after her and finally manages to catch her and back hugs her .

Sanchi : What will you put on my face ? You have no cake .

Kabir instantly rubs his cheeks with hers and then licks her cheek .

Kabir : It was tasty !

Both Kanchi laugh and giggle .

Flashback  ends .

Sanchi comes out of the bathroom wet and sees a vacant room and remembers the same flash back as Kabir . A tear drop rolls down and she goes to work in the kitchen .

Precap : Kabir’s accident . Kanchi SDCH scenes .

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  1. Dhruti

    amazing ff update soon….

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks dhruti ! I will surely update soon

  2. Palak.Sharma

    Such a cute episode, really want to know what exactly happened in the past. Maybe this BD will help them fall in love again. Sweet cute episode can’t wait for the next

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Palak ! Really happy to see your comment

  3. Khamoshi

    Excellent Neha.. it was spell bound.. so amazing.. no words to say more dear.. u nailed it yaar. Precap seems interesting.. hope BD unite them forever.

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Khamoshi ! Glad you like it

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Alia

  4. Niyaaa

    Awsome epi itni nafrat ek dusre se omgg ab to janne k liye bekrar hun ki unke past me kya hua tha post nxt asap neha dear… Can’ wait any more…gud ni8

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  5. Loved it veey much ……. Hope their misunderstandings are cleared soon

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  6. Riyarocks

    too good Neha dear………I enjoyed it a lot…………can’t wait for nxt one………plz update asap…………luv u a lot sweetyyyy……

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  7. Reveal quickly wht happened between kanchi…
    those flaskbacks..wht r those…??
    Bdw,,nice episode…post soon..

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  8. Superrrrr epsd.. Romance in bathroom just outstnding..

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  9. So so awesome episode yaar….. please update soon

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  10. Trisha139

    Superb episode dear but what are these flashbacks is past story revealed or to be done ?
    Can’t wait to read further u nailed it totally

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Trisha ! Love you …and the story will be revealed

  11. You nailed it di…..Amazing….khidkitod update .Do update soon. Lots of love to u di.

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  12. Anuradha123

    Rocking, dhinchaak episode… Faadu tha… Please update fast… Ab aur intezar nahi hota…

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      Thank you so much Anuradha ! Love you and I have posted the next episode ,don’t know when it will be published

  13. Awesome super fabulous fantastic dear and update soon the past

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    Amazing… Outstanding… Marvelous.. Keep going❤

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