Married to Mr.Kapoor (Kanchi) Episode 11

It was a pleasant and memorable night for Kanchi afterall they are together again . Last night they returned home after all the surprises by Kabir . Both of them slept in each other’s arms without any barrier of pillows in their king sized cozy bed  . Today , Sanchi woke up early even though slept late ,and saw Kabir peacefully sleeping with a smile on his face . She also smiled . Being tired , they slept with the same heavy attire .

She quickly went to freshen up and came back wearing white saree with golden details . She was looking angelic and breathtaking.  She stared Kabir for a while and then went near him . She bent to kiss his forehead when a naughty Kabir who was pretending to sleep pulled her and she fell on him .

Now , Sanchi was on top of Kabir with her curls on her face  . Kabir tucked the curls behind her earlobe . She smiled .
Kabir : Happy Birthday Mrs Sanchi Kabir Kapoor ! May this year be graceful and grateful for you . May your wishes come true . May you get everything that your vulnerable heart desires . May you be happy always . I wish you all the love and peace on your birthday . Have a successful year ahead !

Sanchi : Thank you Mr. Hubby ! I love you !!!

She kisses his cheek . They were disturbed by a coughing sound which they find it to be of Kusum’s . They quickly come back to their positions . Sanchi goes and touches Kusum’s feet . She blesses her .

Kusum : Happy birthday Beta ! Sada khush raho .. Vaise tum donon ka romance khatam ho gaya ho to niche breakfast karne chalo … aur haan maine tay kiya hai ki tum dono ki main phir se Shaadi karvaungi dhum dham se …

Kabir : Whatever you want to do , you can do … Now , I am back in a minute after freshening up .. Don’t eat without me ..

Kusum : Ok ! Go now and come soon ..Sanchi let’s go and arrange the plates .

Sanchi : Yes MAA !

Kusum stopped for a while and then smiled . Both of them went downstairs . Kabir came after a while and smiled looking at both of them . The trio had breakfast and Kusum left for her Sister’s house for some emergency. Kabir and Sanchi were alone in the house . Both of them came to their room . Sanchi sat on the bed with Kabir beside her . He held her hands .

Kabir : Sanchi ! You know,  how happy I am ? We are getting together again ? We are getting married again , do you believe it?

Sanchi : Kabir ! I know you are really happy but I am sorry , I may disappoint you but I need some time , just two weeks … will you please  ?

Kabir : Take your time !! There’s no hurry … afterall these I don’t want to lose you now ..( kisses her forehead )

Sanchi : It’s been years since that accident and we still don’t know who is the culprit .. Kabir ! I want to know who is the murderer ,will you help me ?

Kabir : I will help you in every stage of your life , but now you don’t take strain …after our wedding we will see that …ok ?

Sanchi : Hmm Ok !

Kabir : For today is your birthday, should we go somewhere ?

Sanchi : Like for a walk in the beach ?

Kabir : Hmm ! Let’s go …

They spent some quality moments in the sea beach . Kabir felt that Sanchi is still uncomfortable with him , afterall she told she needed time . And he cannot force her .. He knew that it was a bit difficult for her to cope up and he gave her time .

After a day or two , it was a nice ,bright and sunny morning . Sanchi was sleeping peacefully on the bed while Kabir already woke up . Sanchi was actually tired of the previous night and was sleeping ,so Kabir did not wake her up and let her rest .

At the hospital,  Anand Malhotra had organised a conference. Both Sanchi and Kabir attended and conference . Malhotra ordered both Sanchi and Kabir with Praveer  to go for a medical trip with the new interns. They were excited . They were told to depart on two days from now .

Sanchi : Kabir ! Shift’s over , shall we leave now ?

Kabir : Ya sure ! You just go ,I’m coming ..ok ?

Sanchi : Ok

Sanchi went near the parking lot and waited for Kabir . After a while Kabir comes there . Both of them sat in the car and Kabir started drivingIn the mid way , there was an icecream parlour and Sanchi was amazed to see it .

Sanchi : Kabir ! What about having an icecream ,please ?

Kabir : I don’t think so ..

Sanchi : Oh please ! Kabir .(looks at him with a why look )

Kabir : Ok

Sanchi : Choco Caramel Fudge

Kabir returns with two choco caramel fudge cones . Sanchi licks the icecream in delight . Kabir was happy looking at her childishness . It started raining then

Sanchi : I am going outside .. It’s raining and I want to get drenched ..

Kabir : But you will get ill , you know ?

Sanchi : I don’t know why you believe like a typical boring ,champu and khadoos type person ? Huh ! Champu kahinka ..

Kabir : Hey ! I am not champu

Sanchi : Yes you are ! You are boring kapoor not kabir Kapoor … Champu …

Kabir : Hey ! I said shut up ..

Sanchi : You shut up ..

Finally Kabir let her drenched in rain . They both smiled remembering their fight ….

Precap : Big fight amid Kanchi

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  1. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait for next episode

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Divya

  2. Dhruti

    superb ff maja aa gaya……………i love your writing………………..update next one soon………love you……….

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Dhruti …

  3. Riyarocks

    toooooooooooo good Nehu dear….actually even I feel that couples need some time after their luv confession…….thnx for showing that kabir gave sanchi her space………..luv u sweetieeeeeeeee……..

  4. Superb episode dear…. Loved it alot…. But again a fight between them!!! Hope everything will get fine soon! Love u loads…

  5. Finally,,kanchi became one.. Just lv it..

  6. Khamoshi

    Yaar neha it was amazing episode dear.. u nailed it..but precap has a twist…kash sab jaldi sort out ho jaye..fight ..uff
    Plz post soon..suspense bardast nahi ho raha ??

  7. Riru

    Koi itna acha kaise likh sakta hai maybe neha di se sikhkar means u shd give tution on how to write a super cute artical which is fab amazing ans most important dil ko chune wali
    Luv u a lot happy diwali.

  8. Awesome episode yaar……but I am worried about the precap…….. Happy Diwali????

  9. RuCh23

    Awesome epi Neha ??? loved it!!! But the precap ???. Hope all misunderstandings get cleared soon ???

  10. Aafiya

    Awesome and fabulous….

  11. Superb dear. It was awesome episode. Nd u know what after reading “champu” I became very happy. In our class most of the students had nicknames given by us nd one of them was champu. I recalled my schooldays coz I miss my friends very badly. Huh enough of my bak bak .
    Happy diwali nd take care. Pls update soon.

  12. Niyaaa

    Gud mrng frnd…Sorry neha m tgodi busy thiialiye xommnt late kar rahi hun actually tm mila tha padne ka per m aaram se relax hokar padna pasand krti hun all of ur amaz ff agar sdch ka Epi hota to chalte chalte padh leti…hehe.. superb mindblowing Epi dear kanchi scene r so cute but precap is??post nxt one asp bye

  13. Amazing… Loved it

  14. Neha continue write episode pregnancy and cravings

  15. Awesome episode di….love it to the coree…

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