Married to Mr.Kapoor (Kanchi) Episode 10

It was a warm evening . It’s  just the evening before the birthday of Sanchi  ; SANCHI’S GRAND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION PLANNED BY KABIR !!!

Since three consecutive days Sanchi was being irked by this ‘TINA DARLING’ of Kabir . She felt like crushing bones of that bastard Tina ! But their friendship was growing immensely.

“Who is this Tina ? What relation does Kabir share with her ? Are they both dating ? But Kabir is married to me… How can he ? Am I being jealous ? No … never , how can I be jealous … Kabir is just a friend and we don’t share any husband – wife relation …and he has liberty to do everything  … Urghhh God ! ” These words echoed in Sanchi’s mind . 

She was sitting in a coffee shop sipping a cup of latte . She was wearing a off-shoulder bottle green knee length floral piece with black bulldozers . She was sipping her latte when she heard a familiar voice . She looked outside and saw a black mercedes parked . A sweet smile made its way to her lips . She turned back to find Kabir smiling at her .Kabir came to the front and seated on the chair beside her .

Kabir : I knew you must be here !

Sanchi : Oh really ?

Kabir : Urghh ! Let it go, Maa has called and told us to reach home soon …

Sanchi : Ok then ! Let’s go

They reached Kapoor Mansion,both of them entered inside . It was all dark . Sanchi shivered . She looked back saw the main door closing and Kabir nowhere to be found .

Sanchi : Aunty ? Kabir ? Kabir ! Aunty !

Then suddenly a big round of applause was heard following a loud roar of ” SURPRISE !HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE ” She smiled broadly . Kabir , Kusum,Isha ,Pragya,Veer and all the other guests were there . The hall was filled with cheerful people and Sanchi was at cloud nine

Kusum : Ab aise muskurati hi rahogi ya taiyar hoke cake katne bhi aaogi .. chalo mein tumhe tumhare kapde deti hun ..
Kusum, Sanchi and Kabir went upstairs to get ready . Kusum gifted Sanchi a blue lehenga type dress (you can see on my wall) At first Sanchi hesitated to wear the dress because of its style but due to insistance of Kusum and Kabir ,She finally wore the dress . Kabir also wore a blue sherwani specially selected by Kusum matched with Sanchi’s outfit .

Both of them come downstairs. They were looking magestic and royal . Kabir smiled and took her hand in his and they gracefully came downstairs.

Sanchi received numerous gifts ,bouquets ,chocolated and what not !!  It was the most happiest day of her life . She was enjoying Kabir’s company . Many games were played and a real fun was going on . It was around 8 O’ clock now and Kusum came pushing a trolley with a enormous five layered red velvet fondant cake .

They had a grand celebration and it was 10 by now . After a superb celebration and lots of fun ,Sanchi and Kabir came to their room . Sanchi was really happy receiving all the love and affection , now she was busy in unwrapping all the gifts. She was really pleased with the gifts .Kabir was adoring her . He was staring her lovingly .

Kabir in mind : It’s 10:30 now ..soon it will strike 12 and the most awaited day of our life will come . I will change your life from now onwards .

Kabir : Sanchi !

Sanchi : Hmmm !

Kabir : I have not given my gift , so can you please get ready for me so that I can give you my gift …

Sanchi : Sure (gives a broad smile )

Kabir : Wait ! Take this (hands over a package in which their was a outfit (you can see the outfit on my wall))

Sanchi takes the package and goes inside the washroom . Meanwhile Kabir also gets ready in a white outfit and Sanchi comes out wearing the outfit Kabir gave her . She looked quite pretty and angelic . Now, Kabir blindfolded Sanchi with a red ribbon . 

Sanchi : What are you doing Kabir ?

Kabir : Shhh ! Just keep quiet .

He lifts her and carries her in his arms. They have a long drive and finally Kabir holds Sanchi’s hand . He unfolds the ribbon and takes Sanchi inside . Sanchi enters inside and is mesmerised with the magnificent  beauty of the place . It was a resort full of balloons, flowers and scented candles

The atmosphere was like heaven . Sanchi was smiling all her way towards the center of the hall with a circular table . There were rose petals all over the floor and she was utmost happy . Kabir was adoring each and every reaction of her ..He looked at his watch 11: 59 . He rushed to Sanchi and held her hand and wished her happy birthday .

Sanchi: Thank you so much !! But what was the need of doing all these ,we have celebrated my birthday yesterday evening ..

Kabir : Yesterday ,your birthday was not there ,today is your birthday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY .

Sanchi : Thank you so very much Kabir !

Kabir : Now let’s cut the cake (claps )

A waiter appears with a cart with a chocolate cake . He keeps the cake on the table and goes away .. Sanchi smiles broadly and looks at Kabir with tears .She gives Kabir a bone crushing hug . Kabir smiles and rests his chin on her head . She  holds his hand.

Sanchi : Kabir !!!

Kabir : Hmm ?

Sanchi : Can I ask for one more thing, please ?

Kabir : Of course ! You can ask for 100 things …

Sanchi : I… I …. (I love u nahi bolegi guys !?????) I.. ummm..want us ….to be ….together …. again … So is it possible  ?

Kabir : You don’t know what you have given me … Of course …

He lifts Sanchi up and turns round and round . He gives her a peck on her forehead . He was extremely happy and she was happy to see him so happy after so many years . She knew that she couldn’t control so much and finally ended up coming back to her love ,her beloved Kabir . She promised herself that whatever happens ,this time she is not going leave him . Both of them sat on the table hand in hand .. Kabir was continuously kissing Sanchi’s cheek . Finally they are together that too on her birthday.

Kabir : Now ! Shall we cut the cake ?

While Sanchi cuts the cake Kabir hugs her from behind . Sanchi cuts the cake . Kabir take the cake piece and feeds to Sanchi but instead he speads it on her cheek . Sanchi looks at him in disbelief.  He laughs at her . She sits angrily on the table facing the opposite side . He looks at her and kneels in front of her with holding his ears . She turns her face and smiles . He then goes behind her and back hugs her and rubs his cheek so that the cake also get spread on his cheek . She smiles and gets up when Kabir holds her hand and she comes twirling in his arms . He wipes the cream from her cheek with his finger and licks it and smiles at her …

Precap : Kanchi Marriage again …

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