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My married life quiz..


In this hot summer..! chilling quiz..! to make your minds cool..

Don’t search previous episodes for answers
Don’t read other comments and my replies. You can read once after you test is finished.

(hehe, so many of our friends are busy with exams and I understood many are not coming to TU. So, let’s also write an exam here.)

This exam will have four sections. 1st is Q&A, 2nd choose correct answers, 3rd true or false, 4th matching.

**Let’s have fun..!!**


Quiz start…!!

1st question:

What is the full name of Mr. Laksh..?

2nd question
Who is grandmother of Laksh.

When is Ragini’s birthday (according to this ff)

Why did Ragini went out on her engagement day..?

Who is Ragini’s best friend..?

What’s the name of Laksh’s and Sanskar’s secret..?

Why Ragini hates boys..?

Why Ragini never lost in any competitions..?

Did you remember ‘pain of grass’..?

What is the solution for global warming..? (according to Ragini)

So, with here section A completed. Now, in section B…

Choose the correct answers..!!!

Yay..!! let’s go..!!

What Ragini calls her daadi maa..?
Option a) daadi…
b) daadi maa….
c) old woman
d) paaruu..
Where did Laksh’s family go for Sankarnthi holidays..?(ofcourse, story all revolves here only)
a) a village in north India
b) a village in south India
c) went to a city
d) none of the above.
What is Ragini’s cycle name..?
a) cheetah
b) lucky
c) princess
d) ragini.
What dish Ragini learned for Ideal bahu competition..? (but, she happened to prepare double ka meetha)

a) panipuri
b) biryani
c) maggi
d) kheer
What did Ragini exchange for money (for her friend’s dad’s operation)
a) gold chain
b) gold ring
c) her daadi
d) the necklace

What is Ragini afraid of..?
a) thunders
b) laksh
c) Dida..
d) all the above..

Who saved this universe from Ragini..?
a) myself..?
b) you all..!
c) Laksh.
d) Ap maa.

What Ragini likes more..?

a) her sleep.
b) her studies
c) both a and b
d) neither a or b.

What is pain of grass..?
a) it’s a song theam.
b) it’s a rangoli theam.
c) it’s the forest name.
d) none of the above.

According to Ap, what is Ragini..?
a) a form of nuclear bomb
b) radio station
c) missile
d) ak 47.

Now, section C….. true of false.

1. Ragini got ideal bahu trophy(true or false)
2. Laksh don’t love Ragini (t or f)
3. ragini is calm girl
4. Ragini broke tick tick clock
5. Ragini was successful in mustache mission
6. Ragini loves to do Yoga
7. Ragini knows driving the car
8. Ragini took her revenge ok lak..san..
9. Laksh is a smart cute decent boy
10. getting married is Ragini’s dream.

(say true or false to all above statements)

Match the following
All know how to do match the following right. 1.c, 2. D… for example. Like that.

1. magadheera dialogues———————– a) newton 3rd law

2. moti——————————————— b) metallic.

3. pani puri————————————— c) swaragini serial common place

4. Sanskar—————————————- d) sumo fight

5. the bridge————————————— e) Laksh.

6. onion fever————————————– f) revenge on Laksh

7. white poetry———————————— g) gods of Ragini.

8. kavya’s teeth———————————– h) the elephant

9. hey, he man, bat man, super man———- i) Ragini’s drama

10. powerful man——————————— j) the victim of Ragini

============END OF THE TEST=============

So guys, how was the test. Each bit carries one mark, no negative marks, no time limit.. but( no revising of pervious epis)

So… you answer.. I will give the results. No, 1st 2nd or 3rd. or no grading.



Bye guys…

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  1. 1. Veera venkata satya Shiva Prasad laksh maheshwari.
    4. To help her friend
    7.bcoz of princess moti cheetah
    8. Bcoz she never participate in any competition
    9. Theme of rangoli
    10. Sleeping

    Choose correct

    Match the following


    Hey astra I give all what I remember through out your ff I hope my answers are right

    1. Astra

      2nd is dida dear. Lucky, her monkey doll is her bf. 6th in chose correct answers is d. All the above,in matching 9th is g and 10th is e…
      rest all are right khusi… congo…

      You got 35 out of 40. Bcz, u left one question in section a

  2. Dharani

    Section a
    1. venkata satya siva Prasad laksh maheshwari
    2. forgot
    3. on new year 1st jan (actually i didnot remember but dont know i felt it is on that day because laksh comes and wakes her from sleep i got remembered that scene)
    4. forgot
    5. forgot
    6. laskar
    7. because a boy destroyed her cheetah, princess and moti
    8. because she never participated in any competitions
    9. forgot
    10. sleeping
    Section B
    1. (d) paaruu
    2. (b) village in south india
    3. (a) cheetah
    4. (c) maggi
    5. (c) her daadi
    6. (a) thunders
    7. (a) urself
    8. (a) her sleep
    9. (d) none of the above (just a guess)
    10. (c) missile
    Section C
    1. true
    2. false
    3. false
    4. false
    5. true
    6. false
    7. false
    8. true
    9. false
    10. true
    Section 4
    Oh no i forgot many things how can i forget idiot me this is my favourite ff but i forgot this ff huh ok leave it i am going to read it again when i am free and cherish all the fun of this once again but for now sorry that i could not be able to remember all the aspects properly especially the questions in section A hehe remaining all we have choice na i got it. Huh i am angry on my self. And the idea of quiz is just awesome love u astra ur ideas na they are mind blowing.

    1. Astra

      Here are the answers dear,
      4th is for helping frnd
      5th is lucky her monkey doll
      9th is rangoli theam.

      Choose answers are,

      In t/f 4th is true.

      That’s it dear.. rest all are correct….

  3. Sorry I missed true or false

    1. Astra

      All r right khusi…

  4. Asw

    Sec a question 4 is her friend father has a operation question 6 laksar 7 they broke her moti, cheetah, princess dress are formed 10 to sleep solution global warming sec b 1 d 2b 3a 5a 6d 7c 8a 9a 10a sec c 1t 2f 3f 4t 5t 6f 7f 8t 9t 10f sec d c5 2h 9g

    1. Astra

      Hmm in choosing 9th is b, 4th is c…. t/f 10 is true… rest all correct dear….

      1. Asw

        Yippee ??

  5. ??????????????????????……… no mood to give answers………….. ????????????????????????

    1. Astra

      Hahahha…. no problem…

  6. 1 : Vera venkata shiva prasada lakshya maheshwari
    2 : you didn’t tell her name??
    3 : January 1
    4 : forget
    5 : to get the pics of her friend??
    6 : laksar
    7 : because of laksh
    8 : because she is never participate
    9 : it’s her poem…I’m thinking
    10 : forget

    1: Paru she also call her old woman
    2 : vilage in south India
    3 : cheetah
    4 : kheer
    5 : goldchain
    6 : thunder laksh??
    7 : laksh
    8 : neither a or n
    9 : it’s a song theam
    10 : a form of nuclear bomb??

    1: true
    2 : false
    3 : false
    4 : true
    5 : true
    6 : false
    7 : false
    8 : true
    9 : false
    10 : true

    1 : sumo fight
    2 : elephant
    3 : newton 3rd law
    4 : victim of ragini
    5 : swaragini serial common place
    6 : ragini’s drama
    7 : revenge of laksh
    8 : metallic
    9 : gods of ragini
    10 : laksh

    It was like my semester exam??
    Soo many questions….
    Soo tired
    It’s tough next time give easy questions okay? ?

    1. Astra

      Abi… thanks for taking the test… hehe, i know its tough.
      So answers are,
      Laksh’s granny is dida
      Pain of grass is rangoli theam

      4th in choosing is panipuri. 6th all above. 9. Rangoli,

      Tf all correct

      Matching is all correct…

      Congo dear… you got 35 for 40…..

      Distinction in semistar… keep it up….

    2. Section A
      1. Mr. Veera Venkata Satya Siva Lakshaya Maheshwari.
      2. Dida
      3. Don’t Remember.
      4. To help her Friend.
      5. Moti.
      6. Laskar.
      7. Because a boy broke her Moti, Cheetah & Princess.
      8. Because she never participated in any other competition.
      9. Theme of Rangoli
      10. Don’t Remember.

      Section B
      1. Paaruu.
      2. A village in South India.
      3. Cheetah.
      4. Maggi.
      5. Gold Chain or Gold Ring.
      6. Laksh & Dida.
      7. Laksh.
      8. Her Sleep.
      9. It’s a Rangoli Theme.
      10. AK 47.

      Section C
      1. True.
      2. False.
      3. False.
      4. True.
      5. True.
      6. False.
      7. False.
      8. True.
      9. False.
      10. True.

      Section D
      1. Sumo Fight.
      2. The Elephant.
      3. Newton 3RD Law.
      4. The Victim of Ragini.
      5. Swaragini Serial Common Place.
      6. Ragini’s Drama.
      7. Revenge on Laksh.
      8. Metallic.
      9. Gods of Ragini.
      10. Laksh

      I enjoyed the test its fun ? but tired
      Waiting for the result….

      1. Oh Sorry!!! by mistake it posted here….

      2. Laksh full name
        Mr. Veera Venkata Satya Siva Prasada Lakshaya Maheshwari…

  7. Akshata

    1. Mr. Veera Venkata Satya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari
    2. dida shobha
    3. 1. january help her frnd
    5. monkey lucky
    6. laskar
    7. becoz of laksh she lost he lucky cheeta and moti
    8. becoz she never participate.
    9. how can i, i will never forgot the pain of grass, my god i was crying like hell. its ragu’s rangoli and she has expressed the pain of grass.
    10. be lazy and sleep only.

    1. paaru
    2. a village in south india
    3. cheetah
    4. maggi maggi maggi i too love maggi
    5. her gold chain
    6. all
    7. of course her laksh
    8. yeh bhi kuchh puchne ki baat hai her sleep only.
    9. it’s a rangoli theam.
    10. a form of nuclear bomb

    1. true
    2. false
    3. false
    4. true while kissing her love laksh
    5. true she used her excused and pull his mustache
    6. false
    7. false
    8. true, poor sanlak, they had to watched dangerous advertisements and mukesh too poor laksh he as to listened he poems too
    9. false
    10. true

    1. magadheera dialogues———————–d) sumo fight

    2. moti———————————————h) the elephant

    3. pani puri————————————— a) newton 3rd law

    4. Sanskar—————————————- j) the victim of Ragini

    5. the bridge————————————— c) swaragini serial common place

    6. onion fever————————————– i) Ragini’s drama

    7. white poetry———————————— f) revenge on Laksh

    8. kavya’s teeth———————————– b) metallic.

    9. hey, he man, bat man, super man———-g) gods of Ragini.

    10. powerful man———————————e) Laksh.
    finger crossed……..

    1. Astra

      excellent….!!!! amazing…..!!!!!! marvellous….!!!!!! splendid…..!!!!!!!! fantastic.
      …!!!!!!! . you have won the quiz compition successfully….. you got 40/40…!!! Full marks….!!!!!!! keep it up….!!!!
      yoi are awarded best student award for MML…..!!!!! wah, hats off 4 ur memory power yar…….

      1. Akshata

        Oh thank you, thanky you so much, right now i am on the cloud 18 >:D:) ]. Chalo bye.

  8. IQRA222

    astruu di the quiz is really interesting i will answer the questions
    and di sorry for the late comment
    section A
    1) Mr. Veera Venkata Satya Siva Prasada Lakshya Maheshwari
    2) dida means Shobha
    3) 1st january
    4) to save her best friend’s respect
    5) i dont remember
    6) laskar’s secret
    7) because a boy means laksh she lost her moti cheetah and princess
    8) because our ragu the great never participated in any competions
    9) i yes its rage’s rangoli in ideal bahu competition
    10) we should sleep according to our ragu as if we sleep the global warming will be less
    Section B
    1) paruu
    2) a village in south india
    3) cheetah
    4) maggi
    5) gold chain
    6) maybe laksh and dida
    7) laksh
    8) her sleep
    9) rangoli theme
    10) a nuclear bomb
    section C
    1 )true
    2) false
    3) false
    4) true
    5) true
    6) false
    7) false
    8 )true
    9) false
    10) true
    Section D
    magadheera dialogues sumo fight
    moti elephant
    pani puri newton’s 3rd law
    sanskar victim of ragini
    bridge swaragini serial’s common place
    onion fever ragini’s drama
    white poetry revenge on laksh
    kavya’s teeth metallic
    hey, he man……super man gods of ragini
    power full man laksh

    huff finally done
    please give the results soon
    waiting for the next part

    1. Astra

      thanks for participating dear.. u got 38 for 40 points. the 5th answer im section a is lucky her monkey doll and 6th in section b is all the above dear… rest all are correct….

      congratulations dear iqra…… you stood in 2nd place of the compitition….!!!!!! keep it up dear… it’s a splendid performance….

  9. Amore


    1. Veera venkata sathya shiva prasada lakshya maheshwari
    2. dadi
    3. *forgot*
    4. to help her friend
    5. moti cheetah princess
    6. laskar
    7. bcz of laksh (that moti cheetah princess kaand)
    8. coz never participated
    9. *hehehe* yeah her rangoli theme during competition *controlling laugh*
    10. *shit forgot her speech about global warming during competition yaar* *pout*


    1. paruu
    2. Village in S. India
    3. *hehehe* cheetah
    4. Pani Puri
    5. Gold chain
    6. All of the above
    7. Yourself *obvio yaar… warna sab agar Ragini pe chhod dia hota toh aaj mai zinda nai hoti…*
    8. Her sleep *like me*
    9. *hahahahahaha* Rangoli theme
    10. Missile *saayad*


    1. True
    2. False
    3. False
    4. True
    5. True
    6. False
    7. False
    8. True
    9. False
    10. True


    1. a
    2. h
    3. d
    4. j
    5. c
    6. i
    7. f
    8. b
    9. g
    10. e

    yaar it took 7 hrs to complete… mobile se comments likna wo v competition me participate karna is so difficult *pout*… jab v likhne baitho koi naaa koi aa jata hai… Match the following ka no. 1 galat hai kya???

    Qafi saare answers bhool gayi… *crocodile tears*

    Tell me kitni correct hu ….

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