my married life- episode 6

Hey there…. Laksh is here…..

“She is standing at window. She is trying to close windows as huge wind is coming. I entered the room and saw her struggle to close them as wind is very wild…..!! I stood behind her to help her. But suddenly…….

A THUNDER stroke…!!

She shouted a little and hugged me tightly. I was shocked for a while. The thunders keep striking… she clutched me tightly in her arms, her fingers were holding my shirt. She has buried her face in my chest.

‘Are you that afraid of thunders..??’ I asked her. She broke the hug suddenly realizing what she has done.

‘I’m sorry…’ she said and about to go…but suddenly the lights got off. The current is gone…!! Thanks for it. I expected her sudden hug again, but she…

‘Why..why..this current gone now..??’ She asked in staggering voice.

‘Are you afraid of dark too…??’ I was asking searching for torch.

Suddenly her voice changed as voice in ghost movies…

‘I’m not afraid…!!!’ Her haunted voice resonated in room. I was shocked and turned back.

Just her face is visible in half due to light. I was scared and fell back as she is just as ghost.

Then she started laughing. Huff…!! This crazy girl has kept torch light under her chin.

I stood looking at fake anger. She bent her head saying sorry again. I chuckled.

I lit few candles to provide light in room. I looked at her. She was looking out at rain. I have to say, she is looking more beautiful in that candle light. I wanted to grab her waist and do a salsa dance.

Hehe…but I don’t know how to dance…. And, I’m not clear whether she loves me or not…!! But, I’m sure she doesn’t hate me.

The cool wind is still coming from the windows which were opened. Due to that she suddenly sneezed.

He chu… wow… how cutely she sneezed. I wanted to cup her face and kiss her red nose.

I closed other windows also to prevent her from catching cold. She looked at me thanking.

She was still sitting on bed playing with the flowers decorated on bed. I sat on sofa looking at her.

After all…this is our first night… but, I know.. she is not ready to accept this. But I love her a lot… I said it already right..!! But, I didn’t tell her.

She was just rubbing her hands in nervousness.

‘Don’t you sleep…??’ I asked her looking at my mobile to prevent any eye lock… If it’s going to be eye lock.. I know, what I will do next.

‘Umm…I’m not sleepy. I will sleep later…!!’ She said yawning.

A girl who loves a sleep a lot isn’t sleepy..?? I know, she is sleepy..but she is waiting for me to sleep. So, I calmly slept in sofa.

She stood suddenly, “are you going to sleep on sofa…??” She asked in confusion.

‘Ya…you can sleep freely on bed..!!’ I said yawning. She kept looking at me in confused expression. But I didn’t understand why she was confused.

I kept thinking how the marriage was performed. We can say it’s a legend..!! That’s how Ragini’s marriage has to be done..!!

So, it is our marriage day. Our house was busy in all arrangements. My best brother my best friend my darling Sanskar is making me ready. He is not only just brother, but also my love guru..!! He is the one who gave me all ideas to impress Ragini. He is a married man to a nice girl Swara.

‘Laksh…! Be careful, you are going to get married to a dynamite..!!’ He said smirking.

‘Don’t worry..!! I will see it…!!’ I said….

We all reached the marriage place… Ragini’s house. It was just a house for me before… but I was looking at the house and kept thinking… this is the place where my angel has grown up…. and now… I’m going to get married in such heaven.

My heart was pumping very fast… I’m going to see my dream girl as a bride..!! Waiting… waiting for her..!!

Hehe… it is not actually for her… but I’m just amazing what she is gonna do now..? For engagement only she did full hungama… now for marriage…?? And, just imagining heart started pumping fast..!!!

As I expected, shekar uncle sumi aunty dadi and dadji are seemed tensed. They are walking here and there. They have managed my family with some smiling words… but I doubt it so much as I know about that mischief devil..!!

I went near them. They hesitated to tell me first. But dadi broke out…

“Ragini is missing…!”

They are tensed. But I smiled..!! Bcz, I know very well about her…!!

“Don’t worry uncle… I will bring her in muhurtha time..!!”

I challenged as a hero…! And came out… there is half n hour for muhurtha.

But…where did she go…??? I know very well she escapes from window and comes from window..!! I don’t understand one thing… why do she have that important works during these important days…??

I don’t know what was “that important work” than the marriage..??

Hmmm…. I have to act clever now.

I went out asking people outside… at last the way lead me to a house… as I expected, she was getting out from a house jumping a wall. She was holding a laptop.

She has shocked looking at me…. she ran near me…

“Hey stop…!!!” One man shouted.

“Move…!!!” She shouted and sat in driving seat.

She was starting my car…!!

“Hey..!! What ru doing…?” Before I complete my words she has started the car… i opened the back door…. i was half in and half out… the car was going away in fast….

I shouted in fear and got into car…. I was even more shocked to see Sanskar beside me…??

Me: hey bhai…!! When did u come here…???

He: when did we come here…??

Oh.. he came along with me.. I didn’t recognize it. That man was chasing us in his car…

And Ragini is driving as she like… as if she is going to do accident..!!

“What the heck u r doing Ragini..?? Why did you rob this..?? Why is he chasing..??”
I shouted..!

It’s first time in my life that I’m showing any expressions in face.

Rag: oho…! His laptop has my friend’s personal photos. He morphed them and he was blackmailing her to spend a night with him. He just gave her two hours of time. Now, I came to solve..!!!

She said without taking gulp.

She was driving as she like. I came to front seat with lots of struggle. Sanskar was looking at us madly.

His car came beside us.

Rag: laksh…!! Hit him…!!!

Lak: what…??? I don’t know fighting…!!!

Rag: even I don’t know driving..!!! Am I not driving…????

I was shocked and Sanskar even started shouting.

Not only to her words…. but she was going to take car into river…

Where are breaks…??? She shouted.

I applied the breaks suddenly…… and moved the steering so that we may not fall in river…. we just stopped at edge.

Me and she were panting… poor Sanskar already fainted.

That man came out of car and came near us… he was trying to grab laptop from her hand… I was about to hit him…. but my jhansi rani devi, hit his face with laptop…. with that force he fell in river…!!!!!

I was shocked…. even she was shocked. She was at edge of bridge she is about to fall too…. I held her hand and pulled her to me….. the laptop slipped from her hand and it too fell in river and she fell on me….!!!!

It was first time I’m hugging her…. her heart was beating so fast… I can fell it as her chest touched me. Even my heart was beating fast….. our heart beats has met.. they were beating in same rhythm.

She was not ready to break the hug.

Me: are u ok….

She: he will be alright know…

Me: no problem..! He will come out of river safely..! Have u never seen swaragini serial..??

She laughed: thank god…!! Those photos problem solved…!!

Me: think about you sometimes Ragini…..

Ragini took phone and called her friend and became busy in giving her abhayam(no fear words) and i was busy in waking Sanskar..!

Later we reached marriage place in time. We took all vows and i tied mangal sutr in her neck and applied sindoor in her maang.

When applying sindoor i happened to see her lips which are same as in sindoor colour. I wanted to…
Hope, u all understood what i wanted to do…

Like that our marriage was done…! however, later Ragini got scolding from her parents but she didn’t revel what she has done…

I was also somewhat upset on Ragini for doing such a stupid adventure. I understood one thing, when it comes to her friends, she don’t care anything..!

How to control this girl…??

I came out of the thoughts with the message tone in my cell. Ragini was sitting on bed still. I checked the message… It’s my love guru.. my sanky….

‘what’s up..??’ his message…
‘nothing much..’ I replied..!!

‘Who is it Laksh ji… is it ur gf..??’ I heard naughty Ragini’s voice.

I looked at her and smiled. I don’t know what happened to her…she bent her eyes and her cheeks turned red..!!

I closed my eyes looking at her…………….

And for all……thanks for attending the marriage…. and where r ur gifts..??? It’s Ragini’s question…….

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  1. Superb sis… Like always!!!! ?? raglak made a adventures marriage.. Running nd chasing.. Without knowing driving.. She drive a car…?? Wat a thinking sis..?? I’m laughing wid sanskar expression…marriage is awesome… I send u my gifts.. I think u got it?? waiting for ur next part. .. Post it soon sis!!!!

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  2. its awesome actually ragini is awesome plzz give some raglak moment

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  3. plzz guys try to give more raglak ff ts os see Na guys swasan ff are so much and raglak is so less and getting decreasing day by day plzz raglak ff writer or the raglak fan is lesser in swasan fan plzz write more raglak ff ts os as plzz Its a request to all raglak or temish fan

  4. Wooow suprbbbbb ohhh poor snky nd suprbbb dylck hv u nvr sn SwaRagini serial

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  5. Fats

    Amazing update Astra. I loved RagLak’s wedding. It’s craziness made it so unique and fun. And aww Laksh can’t stop having romantic thoughts about Ragini. He is so in love. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

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  6. superb…!! loved it…!! Where is the food for us at marriage???!!- reply to ragini from me…!! 😛

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    Nice quiet interesting keep going

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    Pedda writer garu asalu emani anali mimmalni???
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    Keka ………
    Mattlalev dummu dulepesaaru
    Super duper ragini adventure toh
    Bale adigindi naaku driving raakapoyina nenu cheyyatleda ani
    Papam sanskar ki dimma tirigipoindi
    Nenu gift istanu
    Kakapothe Adi surprise gift
    Ivala lekapothe repu istanu
    Next part tondaraga update cheyyandi
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  10. Enjoyed reading it

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    1. Astra

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  17. Superb part nd u nailed it

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  18. Congratulations Raglak, wish a happy married life.What a beautiful episode dear, it’s really outstanding. I really loved their driving. Poor Sanlak. Sanky fainted, it’s very funny. Loved it a lot

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    Amazing and loved hte laptop scene xx

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  22. Hilarious & Adventurous Marriage…..
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