my married life- episode 4

Hello…Namaste everyone…!

Are you amazing why I’m too polite… because, I’m Veera Venkata Satya Siva Prasada Lakshya maheswari…! and I’m not Ragini…

Moreover, I’m always polite when I talk to people…

I heard, Ragini is telling about her story… if it’s her story, it’s mine also. So, I came to tell story in my point of view…..
If you have missed the previous Ragini’s POV, you may find this link,
Episode 3

She is blabbering a lot..? yes, it’s her habit… she said she will say about marriage directly..? so, i came to tell how we met first….

Aap log sab… plz bear my poetry… bcz, i’m a poet…

I have grown up in an orthodox family. My Mom Annapurna is boss in house. My dad shri durga Prasad ji is also a cat before her…but he is a lion in office..!

And, I’m a camel everywhere. I’m always silent…smooth going….calm…and studious…! I don’t even have much friends. I see my work and come back home.
Waking up early in morning, doing yoga with my family, then going to jogging, eating a breakfast which has low diet. Office… then coming back home, going to a temple…listening to some philosophy class…coming back and going to bed early at 9’O clock.

I don’t have facebook account or any social network sites. I have a basic mobile phone. I’m a studious student who is always first in university…and my wardrobe is filled with gold medals than my cloths. Other medals and awards have occupied place in hall. My mom shows them to all our guests.

My life is going on like a calm boat’s journey in a silent ocean.
Then comes and hits a strong wave called ‘Ragini..!’

When that wave Ragini hit my boat, I have completely fallen in that ocean…
Are you amazing what is that ocean..?
It’s Love Ocean…

*plz, don’t clap hands for my poetry..! I’m blushing..!!*

My mom decided to look for a sanskari bahu who can bear all responsibilities of house hold. So, they have seen a girl called, Ragini. I just looked at her photo. Of course, she is beautiful. I said ok, bcz..I’m never against to my mom. Moreover, I have to get married one day, and it should be my mom’s choice. I just saw her in photo… I don’t know, what she is thinking about me…

The engagement day has come.

After all…I’m going to marry her. How come it would be good if I didn’t even talk with her once..??

But, this veera venkata sathya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari never talked with any girl. Yes..! this is true.. I never speak lies…!

But, I just wanted to talk with her. I don’t know why. But, if I say this my mom will kill me..!

On that day, we went to her house. So, the function didn’t start yet. I took an excuse for wash room and found her room. I made sure, nobody are watching me..!
I chuckled in myself that I’m going to do 1st silly thing in my life…

*is it silly or not..?*

So, I knocked the door. But, the door is opened. I went inside. But, she is nowhere. I should say, her room is a municipality ward..! All the things fell here and there… her clothes are vomiting from her wardrobe. All sorts of cartoon posters were stick to walls. On her bed, the engagement dress I think, it’s on bed only folded very neatly. Accept the jewellery and that dress, everything is messed in her room.

‘Is she is the Sanskari bahu mom said about..?’ I thought.

Then the window of her room opened from out. I was shocked. She was coming from out through window. I looked confused. She was struggling to get in, then I caught her hands and made her come in.

“Thanks…!” she said and got busy in closing window…

*Didn’t she notice me..?*

She looked back suddenly at me.

*I think she noticed me now..!!*

She has shocked… she was stammering… “aapp…’

I was stammering.. “what…is this…?”

Then we heard her dadi ji’s voice. “Ladoo..!!”

“Omg..!! Dadi maa is coming..!!” she rushed and closed the door. She is wearing a pink Capri and white T-shirt. She is completely opposite to sanskari..!

Her dadi maa knocked the door.
Dadi: are you ready ladoo..? open the door..!

She: no dadi maa..! I’m getting ready..!!

Dadi shouts: hey..! are you not ready yet..! the groom family has arrived. Today, is your engagement..! remembered it..??

Rag: dadi maa…! i know, plz go away…

Dadi: what go away..? open the door..! i want to come..!

Rag: no..! I won’t open..!

Dadi: you are becoming over smart day by day..! open the door fisrt..!

Ragini shouted: I just took bath and came. I’m in towel..? shall I open the door..??

I was shocked with her reply. I kept hand on my mouth and closed my ears.

Dadi: shameless girl..! get ready fast and come out. I’m waiting outside. You have to open door in 5 minutes..!

That girl Ragini glared at me. I took a gulp. She came near me and pointed her finger.
“Now, you are inside. My old woman is outside..! How should I get ready..??”
She asked angrily.

I said, “I’m sorry..! i came to talk to you…but..”

She: shh..!! you boys are like this. Chi..chi… that’s why i hate boys. If chance comes, they are ready to peep into girls rooms.

I almost have tears in my eyes. I said with stammering voice,

“See..! I’m not like all other boys. I’m Veera Venkata sathya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari… never ever looked at a girl..!!”

She bulged her eyes with my big name. I face this problem almost from all people.

She: stop that crying..!

She said and suddenly closed my eyes with a cloth.

I panicked: what are you doing..??

She: I should change my dress. How can I change if you are there..!

Then she is tying my hands.

I: now what this..??

She: if you remove the cloth from your eyes..??

She made me sit on a stool and covered me with a bed sheet.

She: this is my punishment for entering in my room..!

Omg..! She has tied me just before the engagement and what she is gonna do with me after marriage..?? I cursed myself for entering her room. These silly things doesn’t suit with me.

My phone started ringing,
Her dadi from out: Ladoo..! who’s phone is that..??

Rag loudly: that’s mine..! (slowly with me) hey..! off that phone..!

Me: my hands are tied..! I think my parents are calling..!!

Yes from out, everyone were talking, ‘where is Laksh…!’

I’m trapped here..!!

She removed bed sheet from me.. and those ropes to hands also.. while she is removing I heard the sounds of her bangles… then she removed cloth tied to my eyes..

Then I saw her in orange lehenga… she is too fast in getting ready… but her hair is still messed up. But, she is so..beautiful..than in photo. She is not completely ready… but, still she is gorgeous.

What is this..?? I’m veera venkata sathya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari is talking about a girl like this..??

She was getting annoyed: shh…bcz of you, I’m touching a boy, first time in my life..!!

She was saying. Her dadi again knocked the door.

Dadi: ladoo….hogaya..??

Rag shouted: dadi maa..!! go and search that groom first..! I won’t come out until you go away..!!

Her dadi was scolding her and went away. We heard her anklets sounds.

She: dadi has gone..! Now you go out.

But, I was eager to know…where she went and why she came from window..! I stood near door and turned back.

Rag: what..??

Me: tell me first where did you go..?

She holding her hands: If I won’t say..??

I’m holding my hands: I’m going to leak this matter to your parents..!!

She panicked.

She: Ok, I will say. But…you shouldn’t say to anyone..!!

I agreed. She showed me a gold chain.

She: I went to exchange this chain with money.

I was shocked with her answer.

She: my friend’s father needs an urgent operation. They are poor. I wanted to help her, but my parents and grandparents denied that my engagement is now. I can’t move out of house and they too can’t give any money as my sorry our marriage is going to come.

*I felt happy when she said ‘Our’*

She continued: So, I went out without knowing to them from this window. I have brought money from this chain and gave those money to her. I still don’t know how was the operation done..?

I almost opened my mouth in shock: but, where did you exchange chain with money..?

She looked at me in confusion: hello Mr. Veera venkata sathya siva prasada Lakshya maheswari..! I’m not a kid. I’m 21 years old girl..! I also have the bill of that gold chain with me. Now, chain in my hands is dummy one.

Me: you are cheating your parents..!!

She annoyed: stop your philosophy classes and go out..!

I smiled very widely with her boldness innocence and selflessness. Actually, I fell in love ocean just then. But, I was a little worried, if her parents know this they will surely punish her. I expressed my doubt.

She bending her head: I’m ready to face anger of my parents. But, I’m not ready to see my friend’s sadness..!!

Now, I was completely dipped in that love ocean. I wanted to take her in my embrace and kiss her. But, I walked out before my mind gets any other silly thought.

Nobody saw me… thank god..!!

I went and sat… later, she was brought by her mom and dadi… she was completely ready now. I just kept my eyes on her..! but, she was bending her eyes.

Later…we are given two rings to exchange. I took her hand. Her hand was very cold and her hand is shivering. I know why..! She is in guilt that she has cheated her parents. Or maybe she is worried about her friend..!

I pressed her hand slightly. She looked at me. Her eyes are red lightly. We had an eye lock…

‘change rings first..! you can stare after marriage..!’

Someone shouted. All laughed.

I smiled. She smiled looking at my smile. We both changed the rings.

Wow..! I smiled..!! I never even smiled when I got gold medal in foot ball competition.

That’s how our engagement is done..!

Hmm… Ragini might have not said about engagement that’s why I think. Hey…don’t tell her that I said this story to you all…

Next day, night I went with cake and bouquet to wish her birthday and new year. But, I didn’t understand why she felt shy looking at me. She is a daring and dashing lioness right..!

When I was going away… I even gave her a flying kiss…but she closed her doors.

Are you thinking, the decent guy Laksh Maheswari…how he did these silly things..??

There is a main person behind me who always inspires me in such things. In fact, he gives me all ideas..!

Shower your beautiful comments to know about that person in next episode…


please note: don’t say to Ragini that I have said about engagement story..!

Veera Venkata Sathya Siva Prasada Lakshya Maheswari…… will meet you again…. bye…..!!!!

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