my married life – episode 17 whirlpool of confusion

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“Plz Ragini… remove your hands from your mouth..”

Ragini still putting hands on her mouth..

“No…I won’t let you kiss me. Until you satisfy my wish..!!”

Laksh scratching head,

“Wish..? What wish..?”

“I have to pluck dadaji’s moustache..!!”

Laksh shocks with her wish..!

“Do people have such wishes..??”

“If you want to kiss me, then make me pluck dadaji ka moustache..!!”

Laksh sighs.

All will return back after going out. Everyone sleep as it was already night. Ragini and Laksh slowly go out.

“If dadaji comes to know this…”

“Laksh… plz….”

Ofo..his wife is making him a first wish ever and that too she called him Laksh instead of calling Veera venkata satya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari…

That too she kept a condition..!!

They are slowly walking in that dark corridor… suddenly, they see dida going somewhere…
they hide behind gunny bags which have mirchi full..!!

Dida goes from there.. with mirchi smell suddenly Laksh sneezes.
Ragini closes his mouth.

Dida: who is it..?

Ragini shouts:: meoww…

Dida:: oh cat ji…

Dida about to go.. “what..? A cat can sneeze like a man??”

Raglak looks at each other in shock. She was about to near gunny bags… she comes at one side and tries to go back.. Ragini and Laksh slowly move to other side.. she comes completely at back… and they both go away silently..

Dida:: there is no cat even..! Then who sneezed??

As Ragini was wearing anklets.. that sound comes. Dida scares.. “what’s that sound..?”

Laksh slowly:: Ragini, I think you have to remove your anklets.

Ragini:: no those are gifted by my dadi… I won’t remove..!!

Dida will be looking around. Ragini comes in front of a candle, and her shadow falls very huge on the floor. Dida looks and shocks. She sees back.. but no one is there.

Laksh will be taking Ragini, the anklets sounds will be still heard by Dida.. she was getting scared.

They are about to go down stairs, they come back again looking at Sanskar who is going somewhere…

Ragini: where Sanskar is going at this time..?

Laksh remembers that it was their LaSkar meeting that day..
Sanskar calls to Laksh and his phone rings in beeeeeeeepp…. beeeeeppp….
as it was in his pocket it sounds weird.

Dida scares listening to that tone, as it was scary.

Ragini: why Sanskar is calling you..??

Laksh lifts the call:: what..?? He asks calmly in phone.

Dida looks at a shadow on stairs. “Oh, so it’s a thief..! He is finished now..! If I shout, he will run away. I will beat him from back..!”

Dida takes a log and slowly starts approaching him…

Laksh cuts the phone. Sanskar switches on the torch… Dida suddenly comes back, he looks at shadow he turns back.. cell light falls on his face and he appears as ghost..

Dida shocks and shouts.

Sanskar suddenly jumps from there. Raglak shocks and hides behind a pillar.

With Dida shout dadaji wakes and will be coming near her. Ragini looks at his moustache..

“Moustache.. moustache..” she says slowly and keeps following dadaji slowly. Laksh won’t observe this and turns back to see Ragini, but she is missing…!!!!

“Ragini…???” He keeps a question marked expression and goes in other way in search of her.

As it was dark no one can see other.

Dadaji goes near dida.

(This dadaji is different from dadi’s husband. This dadaji is dida’s husband)

Dadaji: why did you shout..?

Dida: i saw a ghost..!!

Dadaji:: gone mad..?? Come and sleep…

Then dida sees a white hand is trying to reach to dadaji’s neck. It’s Ragini’s hand.

Dida shouts “aahhh” again..!

Ragini removes her hand and suddenly hides behind wall. Dadaji closes her mouth.

Dadaji: don’t shout.. all are sleeping..!!

Dadaji will be taking away dida… Ragini keeps upset face as chance missed, she is about to follow him again, then she shocks to see Ap maa.

Ragini shocks and hides in dark again.

Ap:: maa, why did you shout??

Dida:: i have seen..

Dadaji closes her mouth.

Dada: your mother has become mad beta, you go and sleep..!!

Ap nods head and about to go.. but she sees at Ragini side..

Ragini shocks, “did she see me..??”

Laksh who was searching Ragini finds her, he is about to come near her but he makes a sound. Ap turns to Laksh side. Laksh hides. Ragini takes breath and runs aside.

She looks at a rice gunny bag she pushes it aside to make place for her to hide. That bag falls aside, but it falls on a hand.

Sanskar’s hand…!!

Sanskar without shouting keeps other hand in between teeth to avoid shouting. He was hiding under the table and bechara, hand was out.. and it was stuck under that rice bag now.

This Ragini again sits on that rice bag, as she feels tired. Now Sanskar’s pain goes to peaks.. he can’t shout. If he shouts everyone will question him. He beats his head with other hand.

“Ap maa.. plz go away…!!” She says out.

Ap who went near Laksh goes away as she found nothing.

Ragini stands and about to proceed then again Dida comes into hall saying that she has seen a ghost.

Ragini runs back and in hurry gets stuck to table leg, with that… nothing happened to Ragini… she ran away aside…

But with that force of momentum the leg of table bends and whole table falls on Sanskar’s head.
Now he shouts…

Ragini was hiding behind a door scratches her head, what’s that sound..??

Ap now comes back listening to that sound. Dida, dadaji, all house comes and lights are on now.

“I’m finished..!!” Sanskar thinks.

“What’s going on..??” Ragini thinks.

“This beauty devil might have done something..!” Laksh thinks.

All comes into hall.. trio are hiding still.

Ap: how did this table fall..??

Dida:: i said know.. ghost..!!

Adarsh: dida, there is nothing like that..!!

They lifts the table and finds Sanskar.

All:: Sanskar…??

Sanskar rubbing his head:: why all are amazing…. ‘sanskar’…???? I came to drink water, bottle cap fell under table, i bent.. i stuck to leg and table fell..!!!

Dida:: we didn’t ask you anything, but you said just like created it now..!!!

Ragini comes there as if nothing happened yawning.

Rag:: what happened..? What are those sounds..??

Laksh laughs with over acting of her. They all talk for sometime, and about to go…

Ragini:: dadaji, there is something on your moustache…!!

Dadaji putting hands on it.. “where..??”

“I will remove..!!” She says and pulls his moustache.

“Ouch..!” Dadaji shouts.

“I’m sorry dada..!” Acts Ragini smart.

All go away, but sanskar is still confused who has thrown bag on him and table..??

All go away… but Ragini was still standing… dida was in front of her facing other side.

“Ok Ragini.. you also go and sleep..”

When Dida is telling so.. suddenly Laksh pulls Ragini aside.

Dida turns back to look for her, but she is missing… dida gets scared again..

Laksh has pulled Ragini into another dark room.

Rag: ‘Laksh, what are you doing..?’

Lak: ‘Hmm, your wish fulfilled, it’s time to make my wish..!’

Rag: ‘But, you didn’t make it right. I did it myself..!

Lak: whoever it is, you have pulled dadaji’s moustache, now…..

Laksh holds her by waist and pull her near. Ragini bends her head. He raises her head….
Both looks into eo eyes… laksh moves closes, ragini keeps hands around his neck… both closes their eyes.. Laksh places his lips on her smooth one’s.

Both are lost in their world, but dida is still inspecting who is left over…

While, both are kissing, Ragini falls back with his push over her and her hand touches the tring tring clock of dida… and it falls down…

Even, that sound hasn’t disturbed them, they were still lost in their kiss…

But, Dida now was shaking in fear, assuming there might be some ghost in that dark room…

A thin light falls on Raglak from the window out, and that light again falls as shadow in front of her on floor…

As, they were moving while kissing, that shadow seemed to be weird for her, now she really scares and faints there only…!!

**hahaha, that’s how this Ragini’s romance should be know..!! whatever she do, that will have some destruction…!!** :-p

At last, they break their kiss, and looks at each other. Ragini’s hand was on his cheek and his hands are around her waist.. they have smile on their lips and at last they hugs each other..

Precap: it’s really scary…!!! are you ready to face…??

Ok…. be ready….

The precap is………

LaSkar secret is out……!!!!!!

But…. who knows it..?? and, about whom…??

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  1. Hahaha it’s funny and amazing
    I’m happy that dida fainted hahaha

    1. Astra

      haha..thank you abi…

  2. Oh wowwwww Astra.Lovedd Raglak romance but want more of their romance in next part pleaseee!!!

    1. Astra

      thank you aim.. sure

  3. Follybraverl

    Cute one….

    1. Astra

      thank you…

  4. omg..finaly raglak kissed each other..bechara sanskar nd dida..they were the pray of ragini’s was an amazing episode dear.nd precap is damn interesting.plz update nxt part soon dear

    1. Astra

      thank you neina…

  5. Ohhhh….wow…awesome …what can i say …u just killed it …..bechara sanky ?…love raglak …loved it to the core…post next part asap..

    1. Astra

      yes..behara sanky.. thank you…

  6. Darshini

    Omg asthu it’s damn awesome…
    Poor sanskar and dida…
    Finally Ragini won in her mission…Mission moustache…hehe…
    RagLak mmnts were so cute…
    Precap is scary yaar…
    Update soon dear…

    1. Astra

      haha… yes, mission moustache…!! thank you darshu..

  7. Sindhura

    Now ragini will kill him may be m9re than that

    1. Sindhu di…. Why u stop it…… Plzzz give us some mercy nd update ur ff….. After some days i have to stop reading ffs… Due to my xams…. Update it… Plz plzzzzzz

    2. Astra

      thank you dear, yes update your ffs yar…

  8. Mintu

    Amazing sis ….its mind blowing dear… Ragini crazy things made me laugh..Its uncontrollable..!!!! It’s only made by u sis…!!!! Waiting for scary episode

    1. Astra

      thank you mintu…

  9. IQRA222

    awesome i am really crying because of laughter my stomach is paining now astra di
    raglak kiss was awesome
    the precap seems scary waiting for it

    1. Astra

      hahah…thank you so much dear…

  10. Hahahahah…. Yaar too much… Really scary…. Beachaari moustache… Mujhe ek purani film ka dialogue yaad aa gya…. Its from Sharaabi film…… Dialogue is… Moonchey ho to nathulal jaisi…… I imagine moustache as him…. N laughing….. Whn she fulfill her wish….. Dida’s scenes r oossmmm….. In which way… U shoen to us… Is marvelous

    1. Astra

      hahaha..that dialogue was awesome..!! thank you bubbly…


    1. Astra

      thank you…

  12. Dharani

    hahaha awesome episode poor sanskar I pity u

    1. Astra

      thank you dear, yes poor sanky…

  13. Asra

    Ohh my goddd astu it’s so hilarious update….i can’t control my laugh dear….my stomach r paining…..and Ohhh my cheek….
    For raglak one kisses Sanky and dida s going to admit in hospital…..Thn what s going to happen to everyone….whn they are going to romance…..OH MY GOD…..whole family vll going to hospital….plz maheswari family stay away from our raglak….bcz it’s dangerous for ur family….haha fun yar….
    poor Sanky and dida feeling bad for them….
    raglak moments r awesome astu…..loved it alot….Ohhh noooo laksar secret out…..waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. Astra

      hahah, yes dear… u r right.. hehehe.. thank you dear…

  14. Lovely7


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  15. A.xx

    AMazing and feel bad for poor sansku,,loved it post soon xx

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  16. What an episode yaar, it’s really outstanding. Raglak kissing scene is beautiful and totally awesome episode. Precap is seem to be interesting and eagerly waiting for it

    1. Astra

      thank you ammu…

  17. mindblowing epi

    1. Astra

      thank you megha..

  18. Jazzy

    haahhahaha amazinggg yaar

    1. Astra

      thank you dear..

  19. Awesome. Haha poor sanky and soda. Hehe can’t wait for the next update

    1. Sorry dida

    2. Astra

      thank you priya…

  20. Ohhh MYY…MYY!!!!! It’s not ‘some’ destruction!!!! It’s…It’s…I don’t know!!! Reached heights in their romance!!!! It’s really unexpected by me!!! Feeling pity for didaa!!!
    Secret is out??!!! They just had a kiss…that too after a lot of mess!!! And you are making poor laksh..face ragini’s anger??!!

    1. Astra

      hehehe…thank you chandu..

  21. Akshata

    it is so damn hilarious……….. hahahaha naughty ragini and poor actually very poor sansku. bore so much in one night. loved raglak part.

    1. Astra

      hehehe… yes..! thank you dear…

    1. Astra

      thank you ammy

  22. Naughty raglak nd superb

    1. Astra

      thank you malu..

  23. Awesome

    1. Astra

      thank you sherin

  24. Wow Astra. You rocked once again. Bechara Sanky lol. Ragu is seriously the cutest and beautiful innocent devil. Wow Raglak romance was awesome. Dida scenes were ROFL. Waiting for LASKAR. OH my poor Lucky.

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot gayu..

  25. Amazing episode

    1. Astra

      thank you anju..

  26. Asw

    Yaar Astra you too much bechara dida fainted due to raglak ? due to Ragini sanskar having so pain ? amazing Dr may be Ragini has find out truth of laksh keep going

    1. Astra

      haha..thanks alot dear..

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