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After a great failure of bahu compition… Ragini has become silent… bcz….
Hahah… guys.. you will know why she became calm.. she is feeling she to face us..!! bcz… read this part…

Ap is about to scold Ragini… Laksh comes.

“Maa, let’s go home and talk” he covers up the situation for then.

Ragini takes a breath of relief. Her superman, powerful man has saved her..!!

After going home, now Ap is about to raise her voice.

Laksh:: maa, you got a phone..!

Ap:: don’t fool me Laksh..! So this girl doesn’t know cooking also. So, you have cheated us on rasoi day..!!

Then someone laughs in T.V. It’s tom laughing on jerry. Ragini too controls her laugh.

Ap:: In our house I have never seen a girl like you. Even boys are very disciplined in our house.

Sanskar and Laksh hides their faces.

Ap:: what have your parents and dadi have thought you..??

Ragini runs to her room. “Ragini…” says Laksh and goes behind her.

Dida:: ap, u wouldn’t have scolded her like that. See…she is hurt..!!

Laksh comes for Ragini thinking that she is crying. But she was talking in phone,

“Haa maa.. I’m fine. How r u and papa..? That old woman my dadi will be fine I know..!!”

Laksh wonders.
“Thinking that your are crying is a 8th wonder Ragini..!” He thinks.

“Paruu…! (Dadi) are you eating much..?? Don’t eat that much.. I will come and finish you. Competition..?? Hahaha…that was a utter flop…!!”
Says Ragini and turns to door and finds Laksh. She drops the phone in shock.

Laksh comes near her and takes the phone. He gives to her hand. Ragini takes it.

Laksh: I thought you were crying..! So, u ran to room bcz u heard call in your mobile..

Ragini: remains calm.

He steps ahead to her.. Ragini gets surprised and she heads back. She stuck to wall at last. Laksh comes closer to her. She bends her head without making any eye contact into him. He raises her head by chin..but she closes her eyes. She has the same feeling of shy added to fear towards veera venkata satya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari from starting. Bcz, he is the only boy whom she doesn’t hate in this whole universe..!

(But, she doesn’t know the fact..he is actual destruction of her moti cheetha princess.)

She understands that his face is nearing her with the touch of his hot breath on her cheeks. She is not sure what’s happening as she is not dare enough to open her eyes. That too in such situation. He is really gonna kiss her.. may be on lips… with that thought only she unknowingly clutches his collar in her hands.

But he simply kisses her cheek. (Shez a bit disappointed)

But…it was their first kiss. Her cheeks turned very red with his act. This was never happened before to her. Now how she can open her eyes..? She was bending her head. She realizes that he has moved far… so she slowly opens her eyes. He was not in front of her.

Then where is he..??

Suddenly she feels a rough hand on her soft exposing waist from saree. She shocks. Before she completes her shock..her back is completely wrapped by that hand and she merged into a rock like chest. Now…she literally opened her eyes big and now she couldn’t close her eyes after making eye contact with his eyes. Both eyes were emerged into each other. Laksh was in decision to propose her.

Then his fingers slowly press her waist..

Ragini shivers:: Laa..laksh,..

Laksh feels very happy. As, this was first time ever she was calling him simply. And she too remembers that only people who love him call like that..

What..? She has fallen in love..?? This soon..??

Love is like all reptiles she hate right..! But, she doesn’t hate reptiles now..!!

Laksh speaks as if melting her heart:: Ragini….

He takes her even more closer and his grip in her waist tightens.

Ragini lowers her tone:: laksh…

Laksh:: I..

Ragini:: you..?

Laksh:: llaa..laaa…(even laksh voice keep drying at that word)

Ragini looks at him to tell it fast…

But Ragini moves closer to him. Laksh closes his eyes. Ragini is about to close her eyes… then she looks at lizard on wall.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she shouts. Laksh leaves her and holds his ears. His ears start resonating… guiiii……

That lizard also runs away with her shout, but poor Laksh couldn’t hear anything still.

She goes near him and says something but he can’t hear. Just then Ap comes. She too tells something. But Laksh can’t hear… Ragini just looks at Ap and nods her head.

Ap goes away.

Then Laksh gets his hearing back again.

Laksh:: ragini…what was that..??

Ragini:: ap maa…and everyone are going out. But, she asked both of us to stay home.

Laksh: not that. Why did you shout..????

Ragini: i was afraid of lizard….

Laksh:: then what is this..??

Ragini:: I’m sorry….

Laksh:: no.. i mean, what maa said..??

Ragini:: just now said know they are going somewhere… to see alliance for uttara…

Raining starts out suddenly.

Laksh:: why did they go in rain..??
He goes to washroom.

He comes out after a while and looks Ragini is not there in room. He goes down.

Guys, I said know… in ancient South Indian houses there is open roof in centre of house. And, down to it… the floor is also down with respect to floor of house. check this link to see such house.

So, now Ragini is sitting there on elevation area and she stretches her legs..which are wetting in rain. Some droplets are falling on her face and neck too.

Laksh looks at her. Her creamy legs are wetting in rain and melting his heart. He kneel downs beside her and takes drops in his hand and sprinkles on her. Ragini feels shy stands and about to go away…but he lifts her in his hands and take her below that open roof.

(Did u remember once, Ragini wanted to dance there)
Both start getting wet in rain.

A thunder strikes.. but, Ragini isn’t afraid this time. She was leaning to Laksh’s front..

Laksh has wrapped his hands around her waist. Her hands are on his hands.

He sings,

‘saanchi saanchi teri nazrein ek darpan

Ragini raises from him, he cups her face..

Dede mann ki yeh khabrein ek pal chin….’

Ragini holds his hand and sings,

Adharon ne kuch na kaha re
Naino ne keh diya….

He sings making her roll around with hand,

Tune toh pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya mora jiya

She falls in his hands,
She sings: Tune bhi pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya more piya

Ragini smiles and runs from there. Laksh follows her. She holds a pillar and looks at him. He gets near pillar and slides his hand on pillar to touch her hand…

She removes her hand and runs… she opens the doors and gets out… she starts playing in rain… Laksh suddenly comes at her back and sings…

Gumsum gummsumm rehne wali humri ek gujariya re
Kal-kal kal-kal behne lagi jaise prem ki nadiya re

(he holds her hand and make a salsa while singing..)

She sings…

Tujh sang preet humne lagai hai
Tab jaake yeh rutt aayi hai
(both hug)

He sings,
Tune toh pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya mora jiya
(and he lifts her in his hands and start taking inside)

She sings….
Tune bhi pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya more piya


Laksh carries her into their room and places her on bed.. he comes over her and bends to kiss her neck… he gives a lovely kiss on her neck.. ragini turns her eyes and looks at him… both hug each other…



Sudden block of signal again….

Enter the Ragini…!!!

*Ragini jumping..**

Guys…nothing happened..!! this astra is very bad..!! did she say everything..?? No.. no..!! there was nothing..!!

Laksh comes suddenly and side hugs her… ‘nothing… hmm..??’
Ragini closes her mouth in her hands and says… ‘nothing..!!’

Laksh removes her hands and…. takes her face near to him… she closes her eyes…
We all know what happens next.. so bye….


Ok guys.. end of today’s part…

Tomorrow be ready to see great adventure of Ragini……

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