my married life – episode 15 Ideal Bahu competition

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I’m very proud to announce that no one has won the try not to laugh challenge…!!!! hahahaha,

But… I’m still, going to give a reward for you.. for making me great…!!
And, A.xx is the winner in the challenge… and now… dear A.xx, be ready to face the consequences. (I mean, be ready to take the reward..!!) hahahahaha…!!

**********Ragini’s story start…*****

“Who Is Ideal Bahu..? Who not only cooks.. who not only stitches.. who not only handles house hold… who is not only a job holder but also one who knows loving..!!”
My head fell of from my hand when I was trying to sleep for that boring speech. It is starting ceremony of the GREAT IDEAL BAHU COMPETITION..!!
And, with Ap maa’s order I have to participate at least in three types.
I selected,
Cooking— somehow we can manage. (Just adding ingredients right..!!)

Rangoli—- just drawing. But we have to draw on floor with colors. Not at all tough..!! (Though, I never made one before)
And..Giving any speech— I’m a good blabbering girl..! I can handle this with left hand..
Haha, pari bhabhi is atleast participating in 7. Kavitha atleast 8.. Ap maa in 10.
Is it possible..!! Seemingly, Maheswari bahus are talented queens..!!

And, me.. I’m a multi talented queen… haha..!!
The competition has started…
And for my luck, today is cooking, Rangoli and speech sessions.
So, first started… ‘Rangoli..!’

What is there in that haa..?? Just drawing on ground right..!!! I sat on ground. Some ladies laughed looking at me. Why..??? I’m I comedy figure..?

Ap maa came: ragu beta, why are you sitting on ground..? see them, they are bending and keeping rangoli. It will only be easy. Come on get up…

I got angry on that VVSSP Laksh maheswari. He would have explained me before coming to the village about this competition right..!! I would have slept with that onion fever.
*taking deep breath in pain*

A back ground music of tragedy is playing in my heart..! I have to make a Rangoli now..?? I even don’t know what to do..??
All ladies are keeping dots..some are drawing lines. But I’m seeing all.

Then..!! I got an idea… I have started drawing with colour powder something. (Don’t ask me what)
I took at least one hour to draw it. All has to stop drawing as bell rang.
Ap maa and Mr. Maheswari came near me and looked at it. Mr. Maheswari never had any face expressions, now also he didn’t have any.

Ap maa: what is this Ragini..??
Ragini: maa.. it’s the pain of grass..!!

Now Maheswari has some change in face expressions.

Ap maa: how..??
Ragini: that green colour square box is grass. And blue colour square box is water. Grass is crying..!!

Ap maa: why…???

Ragini: because there are no cows to eat it…!!

Ap maa has bet her head and Mr. Maheswari has controlled his laugh.

Ap: Laksh, before judges see her. Take her away.

He has held my hand and took me away.

Guys… Is that not a great idea..?? why people don’t appreciate me..?? they are jealous I know..!!

Next competition…! Cooking…! I’m very clever. I have asked about a recipe to my mom yesterday night… and learned it..!!

You know what i learned..??

It’s really tough to prepare..!!!

Know what is it…???



Maggi..maggi.. maagi..

Now… I stood at my table. Very confidently..!!

An announcement came,
“Cook the dish which is written on the sheet on your table”

That means, I’m I not supposed to cook whatever I want…

*suddenly, everything became dark around me..!! I fell on the ground..!
Play tragic violin music… (tee teee teeee teeeeee)

‘Why…!!! why…??? why…????? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….!!!!!!!” I shouted*

That was all going on in myself. I opened the sheet. Very nervously. I didn’t never ever saw my academics results also like this..!!!

And it is… ‘double ka meetha..!!’

Hey… I know what it is. But, do we need bread and milk for it..? they were on my table then..!! so.. people make it with bread..!!

Ummhmm…. I nodded my head in great realization.

After my marriage i have been learning lots of this.

*bending my shoulders in sigh* this has become my another schooling..!!

Ok… what should I do first..?? double kaa meetha is brown in color.. so let me make this bread into brown..!
Oww.. wait a minute.. how to make it brown..??

Ohh..!! i understood. The borders of bread is brown.. may be.. they only make with it..!!
I started cutting only borders. The lady beside me is looking at me like I’m cooking something alien’s food.

I took all the borders. But.. it’s very less. So, why there is ghee and milk..??
I know.. don’t worry..!!

I poured ghee into milk and mixed them. Then i poured that mixture on this border cuts of bread.

Wow..!! that’s it..!! double kaa meetha is finished..!!
But.. it’s not seemed to be eatable.

Mr. VVSSP Laksh maheswari came.

He: what is this..??
Me: what it has to be..!

He: yes..! a new name should be given..!!
Me: it’s double..

Just then judge came and kept a spoon of it in mouth. He made eyes big..!!

Mr. Laksh maheswari held my hand and ran with me from there.

Next..!! the last session speech..!!
Haa..with this.. my problems will be completed…!!

I was going on stage. Ap maa stopped.

Ap: you don’t know Rangoli… don’t know cooking. But.. participated. Just go back.. you need not participate..!

Me: maa, the lioness won’t look back once she looks forward..!!

I started walking on stage proudly.
*Imagine a dynamic music*

Ap maa looked at me with fear.

I stood before mike. The judge gave me topic… ‘Global warming’

I took a deep breath… said in mike.. ‘Global warming.. hmm…!’
I said that in professor style.

All are looking at me that I’m going to tell something.
‘Global warming..!!’ i repeated.

*what the heck i know..??*

I smiled..

“Is a big problem to globe.”

All now started looking at me even more interestingly.

“why the globe is warming..? because of people..!! you, you… you and me..!!!”

Ap maa got smile on her face that i’m saying nice.

“today, we are facing this condition due to vehicles, factories and pollution…!! is there is no stop for this..?? what is the solution for this..??”

I said aggressively. Everyone clapped their hands. I was panting. Ap maa was clapping her hand happily and emotionally.

‘then the solution is….!!!!!’

The solution is.. ‘sleep’

All stopped clapping hands and looked at me amazed. Ap maa has made her mouth big..!

‘In world, the pollution, global warming, wars and many things have not happened if people have slept..! what is more powerful than sleep..?’

Judges blinked their eyes sleepily.

‘so, just sleeping is the solution for many problems.’

I’m in mind… ‘and this faltu ideal bahu program also might have not launched.’

“So, I finish my speech here…!”

When I was about to go, a judge asked… “mrs. Maheswari, tell us what is your biggest achievement in life..!!”

Then i started telling as if remembering something… [email protected]@@@

“I was 5 years old then. I always tried to reach the upper cup board. But, my small legs and small hands never permitted me. I have to stand on stool to reach.
I was feeling sad..that i couldn’t reach it.
After 5 years… I’m 10. Then I reached the cupboard without standing on stool..”

I controlled me tears within me..remembering my great success. A judge removed his glasses and wiped tears.

“That’s my greatest achievement..!!” i said proudly.

All were looking at me with big mouths. I have seen one lady has fallen from her chair also.
Mr. VVSSP Lakssya maheswari is smiling at me… hehe, his smiles are melting me.

But, some hot waves are touching my back. I turned back….

I gulped to see glaring eyes of Ap maa…!!!!

Hey superman, he man, bat man, shaktimaan, spider man….. save me now..!!!


Haaa….in next part break to fun…. bcz…. it’s gonna be romance..!! that too rain romance of raglak..!!

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  1. Hahahaha Grass is crying in pain because cows didnt come to eat it, so funny,loved it

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      thank you ammy..

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  4. Outstanding sis..I laughed like hell.. Its hard to control….!! mind blowing dear.. Wat a imagination????? Hatsoff to u dear??… rangoli , cooking, speech in all ragz rocked it…!!!’ Wat ap is going to do??? Eagerly waiting for it..Post it soon

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  5. IQRA222

    Awesome ragini you really are very intelligent hats of

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  6. omg..i jst love this ragini..she is soo cute

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  9. Shipra

    Damn if I was the judge I would have given Ragini the first prize!! Her idea behind the rangoli was awesome!! It literally showed the true pain of the grass!! And her achievement….she literally reached new heights!!! (pun intended 😛 ) . People just don’t appreciate talented people :'(

    1. Astra

      hahaha..yes dear. agree with you. hehe..

  10. superb, ragini is cute

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  11. Sindhura

    Lol its incrediable grass is crying lol

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  12. Darshini

    Asthu…it’s amazing yaar…
    Fun ovrlded…I love Ragini so much dear…
    That grass crying…cutting the corners of bread..pouring ghee on milk…
    That global warming speech made me lol…
    Waiting for your next update dear…

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  13. Devihaa

    He Dr amazing amazing amazing….
    No words yaar…..
    Ur really a awesome writer …..
    And ragini hahaha…..That grass na…Omg….Just couldn’t control it….
    And sleep……In ur speech…I was scrolling down thinking something big ur going to see… But when I saw the word sleep..
    I bursted out in laughter …..Dr..
    Update next part asap…

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  14. Jazzy

    hahahahahahahaha astra ragini is soooo cool hahahah sooo amazingg ragini u r talented bass sabko nahi pta tumhara talent dikh nahi raha na unhe

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      hahah….haa yar
      .bahut talented hei vo… hehe..thank you dear..

  15. Honestly saying if I was there I would give one prize to ragu baby and another one to you Astra. She was talented to think like that but you are more intelligent to make her think like that…. Ha ha ha. Really very hilarious. ??????

    1. Astra

      haha…thanks a lot sweety…

  16. Dharani

    omg u made me laugh so much i am holding my stomach it is paining yaar grass crying, global warming solution is awesome ‘sleeping’ i hope scientists get to know this and i am going to tell my mom also that sleeping is solution to reduce global warming whenever she asks me to wake up it what say great idea and greatest achievement oh god reaching the upper cupboard without stool then it is mine too and the lioness won’t look back once she looks forward awesome awesome awesome infinite times awesome

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      hahaha…thanks a lot dear… I’m so haapy you enjoyed it. so… sleep well..ok..

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  19. Waah…waah…ragini!!! Leave about ideal bahu…but you are a unique bahu potrayed by an ideal writer astra…!! I am sooo jealous of you!!! 😛 😛 After listening your global warming speech…I decided to sleep….instead of preparing for my exams!!! By the way…congratulations for your achievement…!! 😉

    Lastly…I lost your previous episode challenge astra…!!

    1. Astra

      you also lost… so happy chandu… everyone lost the challenge… and it’s my success. hurray…!! thank yoi so much dear..

  20. Asusual verryyyy nice dear……….I loved it…..May I know nuvvu akkada vuntavo I mean which state dear ……… (if u don’t mine) eagerly waiting for next episode……

    1. Astra

      thank you shona dear.. I’m from TS dear…

  21. Fairy

    Oh god!!!astra hahahhahahahahah kya kahu….????hehehhehehe meri rags to hai he no.1 ??????????yo yo ragini rockssssss????….astra devi ji….hatts offf to ur creativity……..lotz n lotz of love..umaaah????keeep writng n entertaing us…..u r a blesssed writer dr ..keeep smilng n stay blessed???love u?

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      haha..thanks a lot fairy dear….

  22. Ragini is unbelievable dear and outstanding episode. All competitions are interesting because of Ragini. Ragini’s Rangoli and speech is amazing. Waiting for Raglak rain dance

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      thanks a lot ammu..

  23. Akshata

    hahahahahhaha, let me laugh first, omg,…. what was that???? the pain of grass???? seriously ragu???? lolz grass is in pain becoz no cow is there the eat??? i thought if cow eats that grass then it will be painful to grass, i mean biting and chewing…..

    lets go to cooking competition, omg you have learnt how to prepare maggi????? its so very hard to prepare it you know. i thought you will cook something very easy dish like biryani? great efforts… yaar what is double ka meetha??? i also dont know.

    solution to stop global warming is sleep, how simple and convenient to every one, guys stop using vehicle, just do one thing go tot your bed and sleep, we all will live long lives.

    And the best part is her biggest acheivement in life, omg you struggled a lot my laado, i am with you, you made my vision blur. love you so much you are truly an inspiration.
    slow claps for you……..

    1. Astra

      hehehehe….. thank you so much jahapana.. you have analyzed everything bit by bit… hehe.. her biggest achievement is once mine also… haha… thanks a lot dear…

  24. Ragu dear dont worry. You are the cutest bahu anyone would get. Your hitler saasu ma herself will realise it soon. And don’t worry darling. Your super man he man power man will definitely save you. So Mr. VVSP Laksh Maheshwari help our cutie else we will leak your LASKAR secrets. Astra once again hats off for your writing dear.

    1. Astra

      yes gayu.. u r right.. she will realize. if she won’t realize naa.. our ragi make her realize… hehe.. thanks a lot dear..

  25. Asra

    omg astu what can I say yar… laughing like a hell….my stomach paining yar….i read thz update in travelling….passengers r looking me like a mental asylum patient…ohh my Newton(thz s also ur dialogue)….
    Ohhh my ragu grass crying hahaha….global warming speech…..hahaha it’s too funny….ohh my cute ragu u r not only ideal bahu dear…u r unique piece sry unique bahu….love u lot dear…..Ohhh power man super man ragu man…..Help her yar….waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….

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      oh my newtonnnn..!!! thanks a ton for remembering it yar..!! and yaa.. she is unique piece..!! thanks a lot dear….

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