my married life – episode 13 Interview with Sanky

Namaskar my dear friends,

Amazing why the welcome is so formal and respectful, because this is Veera Venkata satya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari here. Not our Gadodiya ka Ragini.

I’m today here to interview Mr. Sanskar Maheswari.

Hey….don’t go away.. in this interview many shocking secrets will be revealed. So stay tuned….!!!!

Mr. Sanskar please come..!!!

*Sanskar entry….!!!
Kayun banega crorepati music.*

Sanskar:: lucky..! This is not amithabachan program..!

Laksh:: I know, this is ‘LASKAR’ program..!!

*Both laugh vigorously…*

Sanskar looking at camera:: don’t scared guys..!! Laskar means not terrorist group…

Laksh:: it’s Laksh and Sanskar together..!! La from laksh..

Sanskar:: ‘skar’ from Sanskar…!!

Laskar together:: we are Laskar…. dangerous than terrorists..!!!

*Both laughing vigorously again…!!!*

Sanskar:: lucky, don’t give all shocks now itself…

Laksh:: ya, let me take your interview.

@@@@ INTERVIEW [email protected]@@@

Laksh:: so, Sanskar my first question, how much do you love Lucky aka me..?

Sanskar:: i love my lucky aka you sooo much. You are the best bro in the universe..!!

*Both give hifi*

Sanskar:: and I do anything for my bro…and same thing he does..!!

Laksh:: you are my love guru…!!

Sanskar laughing holding stomach:: who is love guru to whom…??

Laksh smirks..

Sanskar:: you helped me in swara falling for me..

Laksh:: and now you are helping Ragini falling for me..!!

Sanskar:: for that only know, I poured the oil and made Ragini skid and fall on you… both shared a romantic moment…haa…aaa…aaa

Laksh:: thanks for that plan bro…. I was like zoobi doobi zoobi doobi…..

Sanskar:: but the thing is I love swara for true…

Laksh:: ahan, is mine is false then…? Mine also bitter true..!!!

Sanskar:: Ragini is not very easy like Swara.

Laksh:: she is the dynamite..!

San:: she is demon queen…!!

Laksh:: hey..! Don’t talk about Ragini. I have only right on her..!!

San:: I love u r possessiveness bro….proceed to ur next question.

Laksh:: what help did Laksh ask you..??

San:: We got alliance of Ragini then. You fell in love with her as soon as saw in photo. Then you asked me to how to make her fall in love…

Laksh:: only you and our Dida knows that I’m a crazy boy.

San:: so, i said u to act as smart boy before her..!! As per Ragini’s character..she is already a naughty girl…so she likes smart boys only.., that’s why I said you to act like that…

*Laksh removing spects*

Laksh:: it’s really hard to act as a smart boy being a bad boy..!

Laksh looks at camera… “guys, don’t tell this to Ragini..!”

Sanskar:: they won’t tell Laksh, they are our friends.

Laksh:: sanky, Ragini has said at last why she hates boys..!

San:: why..??

Lak:: it’s a moti Cheetah princess flashback.

San:: haa…??

Lak:: and, you know the Mickey mouse ben 10 guy who bumped into her thrice..

San:: don’t tell me, that’s you..!!

Lak: it’s not me. It’s Veera Venkata Satya Siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari.

San:: hehehe… now this should be a big secret between us again. If she knows that’s you….

Lak:: I will get the situation which moti and cheetah got..,

San:: hmm, we have to hide lot more from her then…!! Ok, ask next question.

Lak:: why Laksh is acting as smart boy in house and why he is bad boy out..

San:: for name it’s my interview, but people are knowing about you..!

Lak:: great people won’t tell their greatness. That’s why, you are telling about me. Now answer the question.

*Sanskar looks at camera, camera zooms to him..*

Sanky:: Even I’m son of Sujatha, Ap maa is badi maa of the house. Me, my mom, my dad, lucky, adarsh bhai, Dp papa all listen to her. She is hitler of the house. From paint to big decisions of house all run according to badi maa rule. And, mine and lucky’s lives were run in her decision. We studied in school she decided, we wear the dresses she say, we eat what she decide, everything was in her hands. But, still we love our badi maa. We love to follow her decisions. But Lucky was frustrated for a while…

Laksh coughs:: even u, I think…

Sanky:: hehe, yes. We were frustrated little. And we started going to pubs for relaxing. Just dancing and coming back.

*sanlak stands and dances a bit*

Laksh:: but we never touched drink or cigar.

Sanskar:: we never had girl friends too..!!

Laksh:: don’t lie. Forget not about kavitha..!!!

*Sanskar holds Laksh face in hands* “stop the camera..!” He shouts.

Sanskar slowly:: lucky, don’t get that out now. I will tell about kavya then..!!

Laksh:: idiot, camera is running…!!

*Sanskar shocks and sets himself.*

San and Lak turning away their eyes…

Laksh:: bhai… who is kavya..??

Sanskar:: I don’t know…who is Kavitha then,.??

*They both shake hands* “shh…! It’s a man’s secret” they both say.

Sanskar continues:: so, just for relaxation we go to pub every weekend and just dance for DJ and come back.

Laksh:: once dida caught us..!

Sanskar:: so, only she knows about us..!

Sanlak together:: it’s a Laskar secret…!!! Hahahahahaha….

*left eye of Laksh trembles for a while*

Laksh:: bro, my left eye is trembling, will some bad happens..??

San:: what will be more bad than Ragini knowing our secret..!!

*They both imagines Ragini chasing them both with reversed broom.*

Lak:: if Mom also knows…(laksh adds)

*They both imagines Ap and Ragini together are chasing them reversed brooms.*

They both gulps.

San:: no no. It’s a super secret.

Lak:: yes. Yes. No one will know this.

*Laksh shuts camera.*

*voice from behind screen..*

“Guys, do you want to know what happened to that tringggggggg clock flied from Ragini’s hands…. then follow MML in next episode…. bye byeeeeeeeeee….”

Access the previous part here if you missed,
Episode 12

*A boy’s voice is heard, ‘sir, i have brought drink..’
‘Stop..!’ LaSkar shouts… *


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  1. lakshya is so naughty we don’t know plzz next part soon don’t be late plzz

    1. Astra

      yes he is.. I will try nikky…thank you…

  2. what to do crazy fan Temish and hurt with partiality of CVS who didn’t give full rights of tejesswi who played character grey shade so awesome that now many famous actresses playing passionate lover role see Jennifer so For me real reason of swaragini popularity is different story of raglak not swasan which is common in all show but raglak no show have such story like the way rag turned shy girl to passionate lover and than dokha the main difference of swaragini popularity is tejesswi acting and then when ragini get his love than CVS did injustice with jabardasti Ka swasan track in raglak track like raglak unite so sudden and faltu swara memory loss lost the charm of swaragini
    raglak didnt get fan support what happened to raglak writer and their love bcoz now swasan ff is increaseing and raglak ff is one or two in no plzzzzzzz try to give more ff plzzzzz now its so less in number plzz try to write more bcoz now days raglak ff is decreasing as compare to swasan bcoz raglak ff os ss ts plzz give more and don’t stop in bcoz many writer are stop in middle and some end sudden plzzz guys prove that raglak fandom is not less plzz guys give some new one try to regular plzz give some new raglak ff and yaa plzz write more at least 100 episode bcoz many swasan ff reached 100 but none raglak ff reach plzz write more guys for raglak its a request by raglak fan

    1. Astra

      true…! i agree with u nikky…

  3. Sindhura

    So small.update
    And damm
    Laksh wS that boy cool

    1. Astra

      yes yar..small one. i will try to give big one nxt.. I’m missing ur kiddo…

  4. Asw

    Yaar laksh also naughty boy we also don’t know dr amazing keep going

    1. Astra

      haha..thank you dear…

  5. Darshini

    Asthu…it’s super duper cool dear…
    How dear this typ of ideas comes to you only…
    Lovd it…
    Micky ben 10 guy is laksh uh…ha ha?? how mean he is?
    He he he…

    1. Astra

      hehe…thanks a lot darshu….

  6. I really to wish to reveal all these things to ragu, than ragu becomes Maha kaali


    1. Astra

      hahaha…then sanlak are finished..!! thanks lovely…

  7. Oh my god this episode is hilarious some body plz pinch I am in shock I can’t Waite yaar more for next epi what happen will ragini come to know this.

    1. Astra

      hahaha..just wait and see khushi…thank you..

  8. Amazing sis … Its unexpected… Lucky is cool and naughty.. I guess that laksh is micky ben guy….somewhat it becomes correct..!!!! Don’t expect laksh and sanky another side… Its interesting dear..!!!! Can’t wait to read ur next part.. Post it soon dear

    1. Astra

      hehe..and ur expectation became true…! thank you mintu..

  9. Ahhh!!!!!!!!ye kaise ke woh laksh thaa….????? Super yaar…..aap tho great ho……laskar name is so funny…..what if astra told these secrets to ragini…….(thinking)’……bechara laksh tho marjayega ragini ke haath me…….

    1. Astra

      ham nahi kahengi iss secrets ko… thum bhi math kaho… samji..!! hehe thanx dear

  10. Akshata

    Lakshaaaaa………. you are a bad boy, how dare you??????? you have cheated on my ragu, you are the one who bumped to her that to thrice. you are such a devil hurt my ragu, beocz of you she doesnt like boys, who is kavya??? your ex??? then abt my ragu……now i am gonna tell this to ragini. she will definitely kill you.

    1. Astra

      u will tell her haa..?? tell her..? ok..tell. i will alert laksh… hehehe…

  11. Devihaa

    Haha…it was amazing dr..
    Laskar what a fearful name…..* hahaha* …
    So many secrets revealed…
    What happens to that clock….??
    And u r the boy y Ragini hates boys. !??
    And what if I tell this to ragini * winking* ….!!
    Don’t worry …..I won’t tell….
    But for that I need something in return….
    Don’t worry it won’t b big..
    All u have to do is ask Astra to update next part asap…
    Ok dr bye…

    1. Astra

      sure dear… i will post soon… but don’t say to ragu…ok na.. bcz…,, I’m gonna tell her..!!! hahahaha…thank you dear…

  12. Ha ha ha outstanding episode and sanlak scenes are amazing. Crazy laskar

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot ammu..

  13. Dharani

    awesome laskar u both are so amazing and laksh u are that boy who is the reason for ragini hating boys oh no i cant believe u are acting is awesome

    1. Astra

      haha…he is smart cum bad boy…thank you dear..

  14. Super funny astra……I really loved the episode .

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot ashnoor…

  15. Rasha

    more than still the pending is thr left anything… I never thought about this laksh but always amazed how can a man on this generation can b this obedient atleast he proved bad boy..

    1. Astra

      hahaha..yup. he has acted as very smart boy..

  16. It’s outstanding!!!!!!! Every interview question is like a bomb to me…!!! Just a few days back…I compared and found similarity in your both ff’s characters…!! And this episode is a complete reverse gear of my mind!!! I am still not out of shock yaarr!!!

    OMG!!!OMG!!!Laksh??!!!! I have broom in my hand right now for you!!!! Kavya…??!!!drinks??!!! OOHH GOD!!!! Don’t tell me…you have an apple iphone…instead of dabba phone too…!! My marriage gift is really a waste…!!

    kaun banega karodpati music…!! Laskar!!! Astra…You creativity in this whole episode is at peaks…!!! I really don’t know…how much it will take for me to come out of this shocking episode…!!!

    1. Astra

      wow…….wow….chanduuuuuu… I’m so.much overwhelmed with ur comment…. million tons of thankssssss….. yes…!! I’m successful in making my readers shocked…!! yay…!!!

  17. super hilirarious

    1. Astra

      thank you saranya…

  18. Sanswa

    Loved it’s rly so amazing..I hvnt read something lyk dis ever..its very beautifully ritten

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear…

  19. Lol I’m shocked with the revelations laksh is a bad boy haha.. What will happen when ragini comes to know the truth..

    Awesome update Astra..

    1. Astra

      hehe…Let’s wait for her reaction… thanks dear…

  20. that was hillarious. my god. my naughty raglaksan. missing them

    1. Astra

      thank you gayu.. yes yar..missing them.. alot..

  21. Lakshya and sanskar don’t fly so high cuz i had heard everything and m gonna tells ragini m her jabra fan na
    Hehe good one astra

    1. Astra

      haha..don’t do that lisa…poor guys..they have to face ragini…! haha..thank you dear..

  22. IQRA222

    loved this laskar interview
    i already had a doubt that the boy whom ragoo hates is laksh and it turned out to be

    1. Astra

      haha, and ur doubt became true… thank you dear

  23. superb.both brothers are naughty and laksh your acting is awesome keep it up bro.dont worry we are not going to tell your truth to ragini

    1. Astra

      thank you ammy..ya ya.. don’t tell..hehe..

  24. Hahahaha…. Awsmmmm……… Astra dont telll that to Ragini……… Their secrets…

    1. Astra

      thank you bubbly…yaa…I won’t tell..! shhhh, it’s a secret

  25. Fairy

    Hayyy!!!astra..u r a talent ki queeennn yaaar…uff!!!i always wants to praise u more n more after readng ur updates….such an unique story n d way u write it….uff!!cant xpress in words…SIMPLY MINDBLOWNGGGG????? hehheeh laksh’s name is sooo awesome….?? hehe bad boy lucky? wait i”ll complain about it to my ragz baby??? u know na m a raginiholic n i cnt keep secret from her??..hehehe update ws fabulous dr…waitng for nxt part eagerlyyy…keeep rockng n stay blesssed ????love u sweetypie?

    1. Astra

      omgggg….!! tons of tons of thanks to you fairy dear…… noo…don’t tell to ragini… poor guys..they will die… haha

  26. Fats

    An amazing update like always. I loved the interview. Laksh and Sanskar make a funny and cool duo. And omg, lots of things were unraveled. Can’t believe that Laksh is actually a bit of a bad boy. He sure does go to huge lengths to impress Ragini. So much that he acts like a good/ smart guy ?. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Astra

      haha..u r right. thank you fats…

  27. Asra

    omg astu what’s thz yar….my head s spinning….Someone pinch me yar am not dreaming na…..astu u give me a big shock….Our laksh s also bad boy…..omg if ragini know about thz I can’t imagine what she’s do….important thing s if she know about Mickey mouse ben 10 guy s our laksh…..ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo if she know that surely laksh going to die in our ragu hand…..she already told she hate boys exclude u….but now she didn’t hate boys she only hate u…..laksh…who’s kavya dear…..anyways am not going to tell thz to ragu…..but she is genius na….she already once hack our astu account….if she hack ur interview na what you can do…plz give more security to ur interview….
    and Sanky u love guru u r one who spilt oil in floor for ur bro romance…..good dear….laskar moments superbbb dear…..
    what happen to clock….bitting my nail and finger crossed….waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….

    1. Astra

      hehe…she may hack yar..! we can’t trust her.. hehe. let’s ask sanlak to take care. haha, thank you so much dear…………

  28. Shubhangi

    I was actually not going to comment as i have no words to explain what i experience while reading ur ff god scratch the crap i was laughing like a maniac, papa was like “she’s gone mad :/” I’m still laughing and annoying mumma though.but commented because i know a writer’s pain I’m not getting enough comments *blowing nose,lets cry together e.laksh being a bad boy and lasak jodi was like bomb, totally unexpected.and ya when i said I’ll share link i meant in whatsaap i have many friends from TU who are in whatsaap,and ya don’t write sooooooooo beautifuly or else there’ll be someone head over heels in love with your writing whether you like it or not *already i started flirting ;p

    1. Astra

      hey.. you have to have to have to comment always ok…. it’s a rule..! it’s a must..! hahaha…. *i will cry without ur comment yar..* hehe, thanks a lot dear…!!

  29. Amazing
    U naughty boy V.V.S.S.P Lakshya Maheswari ?
    I am imagining what will happens to u when ragini comes to know about ur secret. Hehehe

    1. Astra

      hahah..thank you…

  30. Sry fr let osmmmmmm epii

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      thank you pooja…

  31. such a fabulous and hilarious epi dr

    1. Astra

      thank you megha..

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