my married life – episode 11 why she hates boys??

The world seemed to be so calm…..

The winds are soft….

Why….???? Why this change…..???

Is it only because Ragini has not come yet…..????


Now, she has come…!!!!
Get ready to face me…!!!!!

Sunamis…!!! Earthquakes…!! Volcanoes equal to..==== RAGINI…!!!


Read the previous episode if you missed::
Episode 10

Dare not to enter in this episode until you read it….if you have missed it..!!!

I was standing in dark…

I heard laughs of AP maa.

I turned to her and found my LUCKY in her hands.

“Lucky…!!” I screamed. She laughed and threw Lucky at other side. Other old woman caught it. (Assume her as Shobha. Dida in SR)

“Lucky…” i was saying. That old lady threw lucky away…

“LUCKY…..!!!!!” I screamed to peaks.

“What happened Ragini…??” I heard his voice. I opened my eyes.

Oh…!! It was just a dream..!!!

I turned to back seat to find my lucky.

“Who is lucky…?” He asked. Who asked..? It is none other than, mr. Veera venkata satya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari.

I looked at him for the strange question he asked.

What..?? He don’t know who Lucky is…??

Hai guys, even you don’t know right…!!!!

Look, I will show you now.

I jumped to back seat from front seat. He shouted, “Ragini, have you gone mad? What are you doing?”

I’m not free to answer him. I have to see my Lucky. I opened my duffle bag.

Oh…..!!! My lucky… you are safe there..!!!
I kissed her. It’s my monkey doll. ????

He looked at me confused expression and then looked at road.
“So, he is lucky..!” He said.

“It’s not he. It’s she..!! I hate doing friendships with boys..!! I hate boys..!!!” I said in attitude.

I didn’t understand what is the meaning of his face expression but he was looking silently at road. Did he hurt that I said him I hate boys.

I hate boys, but you are exemption to that… I wanted to tell him that. But I didn’t say.


Why did I think..?? That means, I don’t hate him..???

But… I don’t love him..!!

“Did you say anything..??” He asked again.

Me moving my head in panic… “I mean…I hate only some boys not all…plz don’t mind…!!” I was trying to explain him. He stopped the car as railway gate has come. They closed the door till train comes.

“Why do you hate boys,.??” He asked just looking at road.

I should tell him…?? Should I tell him that painful flashback..!!!

It’s very painful..!!! How he can understand my pain being a boy…????

I was just thinking he cleared his throat asking me to tell..!!

Oh ho…!!! He is so demanding…!!! He won’t leave until what he gets…?!!!

Are you amazing how I know about this in him…???

*I will tell that later… remember…!!! Bcz, I will forget..!!*

So… I started telling my filmy dialogues…

“A tree grows up..why..???
To give shelter and fruits…

*he looked me through front mirror. I can see only his eyes.
Guys…*whispering secret ..* his eyes are looking me so romantically… aww..I felt shy..!!!*shh..secret..!!!*

I dropped my eyes down as he is looking. Why…?? I said just now..!! I don’t know he is looking still or not.. but… I continued..

Me:: A tree grows up..why..??

Him:: to give shelter and fruits. What’s next..??

Hmm…he is getting more anxious to know the flash back….


Me:: a river flows all the way..
To mix into ocean..

*I think he scratched his head*

Me:: a sun shines..why..??
To give light to earth..

Him:: Ragini…!! Stop the examples and tell the reason..!! Why do you hate boys..??

Me upset:: you have to listen whatever I say..!! Bcz, this is my story..!! If I don’t put dialogues I can’t tell story with a feel..!! Now, I will tell all dialogues from first..!!

He kept his head on steering getting exhausted I think.

*hehe..!! He deserves this torture for asking me flash back..!!! It’s a crime…!!! Haaa..!!”

Me started telling…from first again…

“A tree grows why…??
To give shelter and fruits..!!

A river flows why..??
To mix in ocean..!!

A sun shines why..??
To give light to earth..!!

Ragini hates boys why..??
You have to listen this story..!!”

“Haaaa..!!” He took a long breath and leaned back to seat again…that at last I’m going to tell story…

I was sitting in back seat…my eyes lost somewhere…to tell that painful tragic saddy heart breaking tears shedding grief flashback in brief…

Flash back……

@@@@ tin tin tin tin tin tin,…[email protected]@@@@@@@@@
Tin tin tin tin tin tin…… @@@@@


Me standing on the road holding my favorite doll moti… the elephant.

Moti is so cute blue bubbly I love it’s lovely trunk. More than mamma pappa dadi dadaji, I love my moti..!! ?

We are going somewhere. My dad is taking the car out.

I was talking with moti….

Then he came… a boy with Mickey mouse mask…and Mickey Mouse shirt…. he was running and bumped into me…. I fell down… my moti fell in mud water…but that guy ran away..!!!


I lost my moti…!!!

*crying and blowing my nose..!!!*

Mr. V.V.S.SP.L Maheswari just looked at me once and again looked at road.

I continued….

That is my first grudge over boys..!!

Now 2nd flash back…. @@@@tin…

Sp.L Maheswari :: hhaa, ragini… u can say that tin tin later say 2nd one soon…

I continued…

After 5 years…. I’m 13 years old…8 th class…!!

I was going to school on Cheetah..!!! ?

Mr. Maheswari amazed::: cheetah..???

Me:: it’s my cycle…!!! ? tring tring..!!

Mr. Maheswari scratched his head again.

I was going on my cycle happily to school… then other boy came again..!! On a cycle. A red pant and white shirt..!! Some school uniform it is…!!

He came and dashed my cycle with his cycle..!!!


I shouted loudly shocking mr. Maheswari.

Him:: what ragini..?? Did anything happened to you then..??

Me:: no..!! My cycle got scratches. And my dadi ordered I would never go on Cheetah again to school..!! They locked Cheetah in store room from then…!!!

*crying and blowing nose again…!!!*

Mr.Maheswari is looking at me in sad expression,

I raised my voice…. ‘From then…!! From then…!! I started hating boys…!!!”

The train came and crossed. Koooooooooo chuk chuk chuk chuk….??
The gates have opened. He started moving car….

He sighed. “Ragini, if some two boys has done something which is just accident, for that do you need to hate all boys…??”
He started telling philosophy.

Me:: mr.veera venkata satya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari…… you don’t understand how important moti and Cheetah are for me..!!

And, when I was 16 years old….. I was wearing princess dress on my birthday and one boy again in ben 10 shirt…. who bumped into me again…and ice cream fell over me and the princess dress spoiled..!!!

That’s why…!!! I HATE BOYS….!!!!

I continued my curses on boys…he continued his drive…


Hahahahahahaha…… *evil laugh…!!*

Guys, now did you understand why I hate boys.

This is my painful tragic saddy heart breaking tears shedding grief flash back…..
The moti Cheetah princess flash back….!!!! ????

Don’t cry guys..!! Don’t cry..!! If any boys are reading…hehehe…. it’s your own problem…eeehahahaha…..

Finished with this part….
friends…astra said me, that you were not liking this ff…??

What….??? ??

It’s not true..!!

You all can live without oxygen, without water…without food…!!!

But not My married life ff right…!!!!

If yes then tell me…?


I will kill you….. ???⚔️?????

/*JUST FOR FUN..!! Sorry if anyone are hurt*/

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  1. i jst love this ff yar..ragini is realy crazy..poor laksh..plz give some romantic moments btwn them yar

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot neina..ya sure.. after a little time..

    1. Astra

      just nice…?? ragini is expecting something biggggg…. haha..thanks dear. plz update kiddo and ragsan ffs.

      1. Sindhura

        Ha ha
        And i update just now both stories

  2. So funny

    1. Astra

      thank you..

  3. Superb, Ragini is so crazy

    1. Astra

      thank you ammy…

  4. Asw

    Nice keep going

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      thank you..

  5. Jaan


    1. Astra

      thank you

  6. Akshata

    but i dared already, actually i dont know if i missed any of this update but yes i know didnt comment on this, sorry…..
    n i love that ragini’s filmy yet impactfull dialogues. oh my god, i am crying, what a painful story, i cant digest the fact that how can one suffered in her whole life, facing so many tragedies. my sympathy and empathy with her only…….

    1. Astra

      u dared to read..!! ok.ok ragini won’t leave u..haha. yes yar. it’s very painful. we have to digest…

  7. just in love with this ff.

    1. Astra

      thank you gayu

  8. It’s amazing sis… How can u think that we don’t like it..???? It’s very sad….we all loved it….ragini fb is remembering my childhood incident…thanq for that sis..☺☺And waiting for ur next update dear…

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear..

  9. Now it has been a long.Please give some romance now & Long updates.Please

    1. Astra

      thank you aim..ya..sure..

  10. Ragini u r unbelievable and interesting flash back dear, it’s very emotional. Superb episode

    1. Astra

      thank you so much ammu..

  11. superb superb

    1. Astra

      thank you saranya..

  12. Woww awesome ragini is just amazing

    1. Astra

      thank you vk…

  13. Jazzy

    amazingggv i m just in love with this ragini

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear..

  14. Devihaa

    Hey ragini….I missed u like hell….yaar…
    And ur tragic story……my poor child… sad……
    And I think u have fallen in love with ur veera venkata sathya Siva prasada laksh maheswari………
    And Astra….( to u):…
    Dr the ff is amazing yaar…u know….
    At first I felt that this ff is different from others….
    But later I understood that…this ff is UNIQUE……
    I feel ….much relaxed….enjoying while reading ur ff….
    The way u describe… The story….
    I mean as ragini, as laksh, and as Astra…..I fall in love this ff more and more…..
    I know these words r really less to describe what I feel for ur ff….
    But if u read this comment with much intensity in ur voice….
    U may understand what I actually feel….
    Hope u will understand…. Dr…..

    1. Astra

      my dear…. yes..!! i have felt it dear… i have felt intensity in your words… my lips are curving in smile while reading ur comment… so many tons of thanks to you dear… and ur words aren’t less.. they are showing how much u love my ff and I’m very glad for it….. thanks a lot dear….

  15. Dharani

    hey who said u that i am not liking this ff ha it is just a fantastic ff ok and ha ragini feeling sad for ur moti, cheetah and princess dress ask astra na she will bring u new one for them dont hate boys yaar how will our handsome laksh feel when u say u hate boys he will get hurt na ok bye take care for now meet u in next episode

    1. Astra

      haha…thank you so much dear…sure sure i will give her..but u have to sponsor… ?

  16. You all can live without oxygen, without water…without food…!!!But not My married life ff right…!!!!
    ☝☝☝☝It’s universal truth
    I can live without food but not your ff
    Today’s part is marvellous and funny
    Why you took time to post???

    1. Astra

      thank you so much abi…actually getting busy these days..that’s why late… i will try to post nxt one soon…

  17. Darshini

    Asthu…it’s super duper amazing da…
    Y u said to Ragini that v r NT liking it…a tight pinch from ur sis….i loved it to the core…tell Ragini that am loving her…
    And poor laksh…ha ha ha…
    Tin tin tin and the dialogues were too good…
    Post next part soon dear…

    1. Astra

      ouch…ur punch hit me hard…hehe thank you so much darshu dear…

  18. Full of fun

    1. Astra

      thank you tani..

  19. Asra

    fabulous astu dear…oh my god what a sad flashback….am really crying ragini…seriously yar…ragu u really have a strong reason for hate boys….feeling bad for ur princess dress and moti cheetah dear…ohh laksh how would u digest the big truth of ur ragu….u r really brave yar….
    astu how would u say to ragini that we are not liking thz ff…ragu baby astu lie to u dear…don’t believe her in thz matter…We really love thz ff soo much dear….
    and u r correct dear… we all can live without oxygen, without water…without food…but not ur married life ff dear…
    astu *secret* don’t tell to ragu we are not liking her ff…. surely she vll kill all of us…plz save all of us yar…*secret shh don’t tell to ragu*….
    takecare ragu baby and astu dear….

    1. Astra

      haha..sure’s a secrect..!! shh..!! thanku thanku so muchhhiiiii dearrrr….

  20. Osmmmmm

    1. Astra

      thank you pooja…

  21. Always read all d updates…bt nvr cmnt….bcoz m always late lateef….hahaha….dont kill me……save me …awww……awsm fabu..marveluuuu…tkoomuch oossyyy

    1. Astra

      haha..ya..i will save you…. thanks a lot cctv… I’m glad u like it..

  22. IQRA222

    what a tragic story ragoo just crying
    ad i love this ff who said we are not lovig it

    1. Astra

      haha..yes yar. so sad stry…thanks a lot dear..

  23. A.xx

    fab and carzy rags xx

    1. Astra

      thank you…

  24. Malika

    astraaaa !! reading this painful flashback i really feel pityy for ragini !! poor girl she suffered a lotss because of boys!! * lol* astraaa i was eating an ice cream and was reading this stroy !! hahahhaha you don’t know i was soo concentrated in your story that my ice cream melts and thst too my fav one only the stick was on my hand and the icw cream which was melted dropped on my dress !! * cries* … seriously i didn’t expect that you are the writer of this story as its completely different from your other story i am saying about your writing skill!!.. !! ragooo is soooooooooooooooooooooooo wounderful in your story !! bechari ragoo apniii cheetah aur moti koh nahi bacha payi!! laksh hahahhahah i really wanna see laksh expression after listening to ragini sad story !! hahahhahahhhhh!! both raglakkk rockssss!!! areee merii behenaaaaaaaaaaaa yehh story main pheli baaar parr rahi hunnn !! aur tumhe patah hai mujhe bahout mazahh hayaaaa !! mai pagliii kiii tarahhh hasss rahii thiii !! hahhahahh !! dont you dare to say we dont love this story i will tell ragini to take your class otherwise!! its brilliant and outstanding !!! eppppp!! tinn tinn tinnnn hahhaha that dialogue was lol i was laughing like mad !! i was soo shocked when i saw who write this stoey truly sister !! hahhahahahah i got double shocks … first is ragini character which is really funny second is you * pout face* !! dont beat me hahahha okkk * hiding behind ragini with innocent face * update sooonn behenaaaa !! its daaammm lovely !! keep smiling and stay blessed !! love you lotsss * wink* of course my ragoooo

    and you* hahhahahhhh!!

    1. Astra

      omggg….my sissy….hahaha..!!! a ton of…to of…million millon thanks and hugs…!!! where is ice cream for me….???? hehe… I’m so so sooooo happy that my dearest sisss liked my story… yay..!! *dancing madly..* love you dear….

  25. Fats

    Amazing update. Looool poor Ragini, she had to have such tragic encounters with boys in her life ?. All her stories were really amusing and I loved reading them. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

    1. Astra

      haha..thanks a lot fats.. I’m glad you liked it…

  26. Ragz_teju


    1. Astra

      Thank you..

  27. Astra…..!!!!! _/\_ _/\_ _/\_
    She hates boys because of her moti,cheetah and princess dress!!!! Ragini…is really an epic!!! How come you got ideas of keeping weird names of ‘moti’, ‘cheetah’ and ‘lucky’??!! Hehehe !!!! I never read any ff of this type…!! Superb!!!

    1. Astra

      haha..thanks a lot chandu…

  28. Shubhangi

    This ff is seriously epic I’ve never read something like this seriously ur my guru yaar I’ve to take ff writing tutions from you, looks like Ragini’s my cousin or something like that this is the only raglak ff I read and *proudly I’m gonna share its link, and ur style of writing, uff, roumbha super, what else can I say *pranam guru ji

    1. Astra

      Haha..thank you so much dear…..

    2. Astra

      hai dear…can u tell me the site where u shared this part… thank you…

  29. Nice plz next part soo n

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      thank you

  30. Don’t say that we don’t like ur ff infact we loved this ff a lot….
    Soo Funny…. Amazing….
    Crazy Ragini ? & Poor Laksh ?…..
    Sorry for late comment….

    1. Astra

      thank you so much….

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